Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1886 Type 3 Gold Dollar
PCI Proof-60

1886 Type 3 Gold Dollar in PCI Proof-60

Proof mintage = 1,016
Business strike mintage = 5,000

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          This is about as inexpensive as Proof gold gets. This dollar has some hairlining in the fields preventing a higher grade, but it has decent eye appeal. Total mintage for the date is 6,016 pieces which consists of 5,000 business strikes and 1,016 Proofs. Large numbers were produced as apparently a fad had developed for using gold dollars in jewelry. Many pieces were impaired due to poor handling policies at the mint (they were simply thrown into a drawer for purchase at the mint) along with indifference by the purchasers who often were not coin collectors and therefore had minimal concern for condition.

Priced at $2300.00

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