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    Why do we likePre-1917 (Classic) Proof coins so much? There are three reasons:
    and Value!


   Their beauty is the result of being struck twice on specially prepared planchets, handled carefully at the mint, then being taken special care of by collectors through the decades that followed. Their fragile surfaces encourage the development of spectacular toning.

    Their scarcity was built in right from the start. No classic Proof coin has a mintage of over 6783 pieces, and time has reduced their numbers to the limited quantities that survive today. In fact, the total number of Proof coins minted in all 59 years from 1858 through 1916, in all 9 denominations from cents through dollars, all combined together, is only 489,000 pieces, about the same as the 1909-S VDB cent!

    Their value comes from being ignored. While it may seem counter-intuitive to collect coins that few others are interested in, it allows the collector to acquire coins that are far rarer than he or she could ever afford in a popular series.

    Pre-1917 Proof coins are my specialty, and I hope they are, or will become an area of interest to you too! Take a few minutes to look around the site and enjoy the pictures of these beautiful coins, and I think you will be hooked!

Happy collecting!


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Pre-1917 Proof Coins
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