Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1863 Seated Liberty Quarter
NGC Proof-65

1863 Seated Liberty Quarter in NGC Proof-65 obverse

Proof mintage = 460
Business strike mintage = 191,600

1863 Seated Liberty Quarter in NGC Proof-65 reverse

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          Here is a very low mintage coin, with an original production of a mere 460 pieces. Grossly undervalued in comparison to many other coins. The scan came out awful. The overall toning level is medium, with the obverse being grayish in the central areas and gold near the rim. The reverse is similar with the addition of a greenish tint to the gold near the rim. It is not immediately obvious, but the design elements are lightly frosted under the toning, giving some cameo contrast.

Priced at $4900.00

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