Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1862 Half Dime
NGC Proof-65

1862 Half Dime in NGC Proof-65 obverse

Proof mintage = 550
Business strike mintage = 1,492,000

1862 Half Dime in NGC Proof-65 reverse

Click here for a 300 dpi image of the whole slab

Click here for a 1200 dpi image of the coin only

     Here is a nicely toned half dime for the collector that likes toned coins. The scan above just does not show the colors as they are, no matter what I try. The right obverse field is mostly blue while the right obverse field is more of a gold color. The reverse is mostly blue, but becomes more golden as you approach the rim. The toning is much more even than it appears in the images above.
      The 1862 is a somewhat lower mintage date among the Proof half dimes with the legend on the obverse. Imagine what a Kennedy half dollar would cost if it had a mintage of 550 pieces!

Priced at $1700.00

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