Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1876 Indian Head Cent
PCI Proof-66 Brown

1876 Indian Head Cent in PCI Proof-66 Brown obverse

Proof mintage = 1150
Business strike mintage = 7,944,000

1876 Indian Head Cent in PCI Proof-66 Brown reverse

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          Centennial year Indian cent in gem Proof condition. Production of Proof cents was higher this year than it was in the earlier years of the 1870's. This was due in large part to the sales at the centennial celebrations. However, the number of survivors is similar to the dates of the earlier 1870's, probably because lots of the coins were sold to non-collectors who did not take good care of them or simply decided to spend them, or maybe even did not realize that there was anything special about the Proofs. Whatever the case, this specimen obviously was sold to a true collector who took excellent care of it right from the start.
          The surfaces are pristine, with not a mark visible anywhere. The only imperfections keeping this cent from a higher grade are two flyspecks well hidden by the N in UNITED. Due to the color of the coin, the two specks are nearly invisible. The obverse is an olive golden-green color over a reverse that is golden brown with hints of pink and purple.

Priced at $600.00

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