Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1855 Half Cent
NGC Proof-64 Brown

1855 half cent in NGC Proof-64 brown obverse

Proof mintage = 40
Business strike mintage = 56,500

1855 half cent in NGC Proof-64 brown reverse

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          A fine example of a Proof half cent! A tiny original mintage of 40 pieces, which you could easily hold in one hand. The coin itself is a fairly even brown color, though under a light source it will show off some very pretty greens and pinks. Adding to the appeal of this coin is a relatively low business strike mintage of 56,500 pieces, although a fair number of Uncirculated specimens survived. There is a wide gap in quality between the business strikes of the year and the Proofs. Business strikes from 1855 almost universally show weakness around the periphery, in the form of weak and mushy denticles and poor detailing within the stars. On the other hand, the Proofs of 1855 show sharp detailing throughout. Only one die was used to make the Proof half cents this year so there are no varieties.

Priced at $4200.00

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