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 1883 Hawaii Dime ANACS EF-45

1883 Hawaii Dime ANACS EF-45
Price: $300.00

Description: Not much to say about this one. It is a nice coin, properly graded, and in an affordable grade that is very much in demand. An AU-50 will cost you 3 to 4 times as much as this piece.

  Click here for 300 dpi image of the whole slab.

  Click here for 1200 dpi image of the coin only.

Slab Dimes/10c 1883 ANACS-EF45.jpg

 Peru Coin Box

Peru Coin Box
Price: $29.00

Description: Kind of unusual wooden box 2 by 2 inches by about 1 inch deep. There is a compartment almost half dollar sized and about 2/3 inch deep, lined with dark blue velvet in the bottom. There is a dollar sized Peruvian coin securely attached to the top. The silver dollar sized coin swivels freely to access or close the compartment. Attached photo shows the box in an open position.

images/Peru Box.jpg

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