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Known Criminals operating in the Numismatic Community


        Here is my listing of individuals that have ripped me off in the past. I want to make this information as public as possible so that others are hopefully less likely to get taken by these disgusting creatures.


Martha Oakes, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Full Contact Information:

Martha Oakes
439 Texas St. NE #c
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Telephone: 505-261-0459

E-mail:, now disconnected.

The following order was placed as normal through the Alaska Coin Exchange website:
(Please note that these coins are now considered stolen property)

Date 1/19/2007
Time 07:45 AM
**Alaska Coin Exchange Order Confirmation **
Order No: 003194

Shipping Information
 First Name : Martha
 Last Name  : Oakes
 Address    : 439 Texas St. NE  #C
 Address 2  :
 City       : Albuquerque
 State      : NM
 Zip        : 87108
 Phone      : 505-261-0459
 E-mail     :

 Payment Method    : Check/Money Order
 Comment           : 

 Qty  Name                                                  Price   Total  
 ---  ----------------------------------------------------  ------  ------ 
   1  1878-S Morgan Silver Dollar EF-40 Bit Ugly            $16.00  $16.00 
   1  1879 Morgan Silver Dollar VG-8                        $14.00  $14.00 
   1  1880 Morgan Silver Dollar VF-20 #c                    $16.00  $16.00 
   1  1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar VG-8 Cleaned              $12.50  $12.50 
   1  1882-O Morgan Silver Dollar VG-8                      $14.00  $14.00 
   1  1883-O Morgan Silver Dollar VF-30 Cleaned #c          $14.00  $14.00 
   1  1884 Morgan Silver Dollar F-15                        $15.50  $15.50 
   1  1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar AU-50 Cleaned Retoned #c  $15.00  $15.00 
   1  1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar VG-8 #a                   $14.25  $14.25 
   1  1887-O Morgan Silver Dollar VG-10 #a                  $14.50  $14.50 
   1  1888 Morgan Silver Dollar AU-50 Cleaned #a            $15.25  $15.25 
   1  1889-O Morgan Silver Dollar VF-20 Dipped #c           $13.75  $13.75 
   1  1890-S Morgan Silver Dollar EF-40 Cleaned #j          $13.50  $13.50 
   1  1891 Morgan Silver Dollar F-12 Light Porosity #b      $13.25  $13.25 
   1  1894-O Morgan Silver Dollar AG-3                      $22.00  $22.00 
   1  1896 Morgan Silver Dollar EF-40 Cleaned #u            $13.75  $13.75 
   1  1897-O Morgan Silver Dollar F-12 Cleaned #b           $13.00  $13.00 
   1  1898 Morgan Silver Dollar VF-20 #a                    $15.50  $15.50 
   1  1899-O Morgan Silver Dollar F-12 Cleaned Retoned #d   $13.25  $13.25 
   1  1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar F-12 Rim Ding #f          $13.00  $13.00 
   1  1901-O Morgan Silver Dollar G-4 #b                    $13.50  $13.50 
   1  1902 Morgan Silver Dollar VG-8 #b                     $15.00  $15.00 
   1  1921 Morgan Silver Dollar VF-20 #                     $14.25  $14.25 
   1  1922 Peace Silver Dollar EF-45                        $14.50  $14.50 
   1  1923-S Peace Silver Dollar VF-20 #a                   $14.25  $14.25 
   1  1924 Peace Silver Dollar MS-63 #f                     $26.00  $26.00 
   1  1925 Peace Silver Dollar VF-30 #b                     $14.35  $14.35 
   1  1926-S Peace Silver Dollar VF-20 Cleaned Dings #d     $13.00  $13.00 

Sub Total         : $416.85
Shipping Type     : Priority Mail
Shipping          :   $4.25
                  :   $0.00
Grand Total       : $421.10

The check sent was from an account which had been closed for one year.

Check information:

Bank of America
Routing number: 107000327
Account number: 004275924027

A search of the internet shows that she is continuing to write checks from this account, ordering merchandise from a variety of websites.


Michael J. Petak

Last known contact information:

Michael J. Petak
26 Parkhurst St.
Milforo, MA 01757

Michael J. Petak
1257 Worcester Road #317
Framingham, MA 01701

He operates on eBay and probably other websites usually using a name similar to his supposed occupation as a fireman, such as fyrefighter.

This individual is running a smooth operation in which he contacts a seller of coins and makes a reasonably large purchase, in about the $250 range. The transaction is completed without any problem. He then requests to have coins shipped on account, now that he has established himself as a reputable buyer. As you have probably already guessed, coins get shipped on account and payment is never sent. I had a group of about $350 worth of Roosevelt Dimes stolen in this way. He then sells the coins on eBay and probably through other means as well.


Michael (Mike) Greer, present location unknown


A very dangerous operator because he is very knowledgeable about coins, the minting process, and especially errors and varieties. His way of operating is to gain your trust, which he does quite easily, then purchase coins from you with a bad check. Everybody is a target, and he especially preys on young numismatists, buying coins from kids with bad checks. Again, he is very knowledgeable about coins, and uses that to win your confidence.

Mike started out here as a young numismatist in our local Anchorage Coin Club, and was even president of the club for a year. With our assistance he won YN of the year from the ANA and a scholarship to the Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs. He really was an excellent YN with a bright future until he turned to a life of crime.

Update August 2010: Mr. Greer has been operating in the Portland, Oregon area, ripping off dealers and others in that area. If seen, do not approach him, just call 911 immediately.

Update September 2010: Mr. Greer has arrest warrants in Colorado and possibly Oregon. Again, call 911 if he is seen.


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