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From the September 2009 issue of ACCent, the newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club:


Pictures from the July 4, 2009 Anchorage Coin Club Picnic

By Mike Nourse


For the second year in a row, the Anchorage Coin Club's summer picnic was held at the Abbott Loop Community Park off of Elmore Street. The weather this year was hot, sunny, and hazy, with a temperature in the 70 degrees area. We took a gamble by having the picnic on the holiday, but it seems to have worked out, with about 50 people in attendance.


Preparing the auction lots.


The auction lot table.


Auction lot viewing begins.


Looking at a three piece set of Anchorage Coin Club medallions.


Larry is preparing to accept bids on our donation lots.


Everybody is calm before the bidding begins.


The auction has begun, with Carl calling the lots.


Larry is recording who has won each lot, and how much was bid. All money raised in the auction goes directly to the club.


The auction has ended, and lots are being given to the winning bidders.


Stacks of numismatic books on the end table are available for purchase at $1 each. There is also a box of magazines out of view to the right available for 10 cents each.


It is time for the raffle drawing. The prize is a nice circulated $500 bill.


Here it is: the $500 bill!


Reaching into the bag to find a winner of the $500 bill.


Reading out the lucky winner's name...


The lucky winner of the $500 bill. How many tickets did he buy?? Just one!!!


The shocked winner admiring his prize. Shortly after this picture was taken, a bidding war ensued among two other club members. The top offer was $1000 for this note. Our lucky winner turned down this offer though he was quite tempted.


See you all at the 2010 Anchorage Coin Club picnic!


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