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From the September 2007 issue of ACCent, the newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club:


Pictures from the 2007 Anchorage Coin Club Picnic

By Mike Nourse


We were lucky... the rain held out and the day was merely overcast. There was a slight breeze and the temperature was in the mid 60's.

Kincaid Park

The entrance to Kincaid Park, where the coin club picnic was held this year. It has been several years since we have held the picnic here, and it seems to be about a perfect location.


General look around

A general look around as the picnic is just getting started.


John selling raffle tickets

John is selling tickets for our raffle prize, a very nice 1899 Black Eagle $1 note.


Steve cooking

Steve is taking care of cooking duties, and doing a great job of it!


Last call for raffle tickets

Last call for tickets for the drawing to be held shortly for the 1899 Black Eagle $1 note.


Overview of activities

A good overview of some of the food and activities taking place.


Drawing the winning ticket

All the tickets have been sold and now it is time for the drawing to see who won the 1899 Black Eagle $1 note.


Larry wins the 1899 Black Eagle note

Larry just won the 1899 Black Eagle note!


Larry holding the 1899 Black Eagle note

The proud new owner of the 1899 Black Eagle $1 note won in the coin club's raffle.


Preparing lots for auction

Preparing lots for the coin club's donation auction.


5th 10th and 15th anniversary coin club medallions

A group of 5th, 10th, and 15th anniversary Anchorage Coin Club medallions. There are two sets available from each anniversary.


Anchorage Coin Club donation auction

The Anchorage Coin Club's donation auction begins, with Carl taking the helm as auctioneer.


Larry tracking the bidding

Larry is keeping track of who won each lot and the final bid.


Carl auctioning lots from Bill Fivaz

Carl continues the auction, holding up a group of coins donated by member Bill Fivaz.


Club President Loren

Club president Loren looks on as the auction nears an end.


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