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From the August 2006 issue of ACCent, the newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club:


On The Subject of Copper

By Mike Nourse


    While we are discussing the copper rush that happened nearly a century ago in Alaska, there is another sort of copper rush going on right now. It involves BU rolls of Lincoln cents minted before 1982.
        In a recent edition of the Greysheet, it was noted in the commentary about rolls that dealer bid prices have gone up to a minimum of $1 per roll for these 95% copper cents. Very interesting, and fun to watch if the bullion value of copper continues to edge higher. We'll see where the prices of these cent rolls go to if copper happens to break through the $4 barrier or even $5. The real question is: is it time to stash a few bags of pre-1982 Lincoln cents in hopes of a further increase in the minimum bid price? Nobody knows, but it could focus attention on a group of coins that were way off anybody's radar screen just a year ago.


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