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From the January 2005 issue of ACCent, the newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club:


Pictures From The December 9, 2004 Anchorage Coin Club Christmas Potluck

By Mike Nourse


Loren is preparing and logging in lots for the auction to be held later this evening.


Here is a general view of the facility where we hold the event each year.


Group of club members looking over the lots that will be auctioned off later tonight.


Robert taking a close up look at one of the lots submitted by club member Bill Fivaz, from Dunwoody, Georgia.


Here is Bill preparing some slabs for inclusion in tonight's auction. Bill is the owner of Loose Change Coin Company.


An overhead view of the early action surrounding the auction lot viewing.


Larry is moderating a round table discussion.


Larry slicing into one of the excellent hams that we enjoyed that night.


A look at the buffet.


You can't keep Roy away from the women!


There were plenty of calories available to ingest.


Everybody enjoying their meal.


Roy won one of the many door prizes.


John won the raffle prize, a beautiful Crisp Uncirculated 1923 $1 bill.


Carl calling the auction, with an assistant to show the lots. Carl did an excellent job calling the auction, running all 75 lots in 45 minutes. About 80 percent of the lots sold that night.


The auction continues. In the background, Loren is keeping the lots organized and Larry is at the table recording who wins each lot.


Another view of the auction. Note the 2005 Anchorage Coin Club calendars on the table in front of Larry.


Robert intently studying the auction lot listing during the auction, planning his next bid.


Overhead view of the auction in progress.


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