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This first article is quite long, and is still incomplete, but it deals with my specialty of Pre-1917 United States Proof coinage:

Collecting Classic Proof Coins of the 1817 to 1916 Era

The rest of these articles are ones that I wrote for our Anchorage Coin Club's newsletter, ACCent. Unfortunately, about 30 of my older articles from the mid-1990's through Summer 2001 have been lost to cyber oblivion, and only exist in printed form. The articles that I do have are dated from July 2001 to present and are listed by issue date and name of the article. Some articles are out of date, but I left them here just for fun. Enjoy!

July 2001    Half Cents

July 2001    Hoarding Buffalo Nickels

September 2001    Bust Halves - Why Are Varieties Popular?

September 2001    1823 Capped Bust Half Dollar Varieties

September 2001    The 1839 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

October 2001    Indian Cent Books

November 2001    Pinholes In Your 2X2's

January 2002    Collect Lincoln Cents (Before they are discontinued)

March 2002    The 1916 Double Die Obverse Buffalo Nickel (Overvalued)

April 2002    Medium Cents (Pattern Cents of 1854 - 1855)

June 2002    Proof Indian Cents 1865 to 1876

August 2002    Gold $3 Pieces

November 2002    You Never Know (Finding Old Books)

December 2002    Gobrecht Journal Collective - Book Review

January 2003    Expensive Die Varieties - Are They Worth It?

March 2003    Carrying Coins In Your Pocket To Improve Them

April 2003    Packing And Shipping Coins

June 2003    The 1861 Proof Set

June 2003    New Book on California Fractional Gold

July 2003    The Year 2009 Is Coming... You Better Be Ready! (Lincoln Cents)

August 2003    The 1950-D Jefferson Nickel: Worth A Second Look

September 2003    Collecting Liberty Head $2.50 Quarter Eagles

December 2003    Undervalued Washington Key Date Coins

February 2004     Coin Bargains: 1917 to 1924 Standing Liberty Quarters In Extra Fine

April 2004    The Most Mis-Attributed Nickel Of All: The 1883/2 Shield Nickel

July 2004    Building A Set Of Seated Liberty Half Dollars

September 2004    It's Amazing They Survived!: Early Proof Coin Survival

September 2004    Early Capped Bust Half Dollars Undervalued Relative To Later Dates

October 2004     A Chance Encounter With The Kalmar Nyckel

November 2004    Book Review: The Ultimate Guide To U. S. Three Cent Nickels by Allan Gifford

December 2004     Beware of Those Pesky 1909 Barber Half Dollars

January 2005     Pictures From The December 9, 2004 Anchorage Coin Club Christmas Potluck

April 2005     Some Thoughts On The Alaska State Quarter

April 2005     Pictures From The March 5th & 6th Coin Show at the Northway Mall in Anchorage

July 2005     Looking For Some Fun Reading? (Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine)

September 2005     A Visit to the Alaska Raptor Center

October 2005     New Commemoratives On The Horizon (in 1937)

November 2005     Trivia Question

Picture of Carlos III

January 2006     R I P Sacagawea

Where was Alaska Coin Exchange from April 15 through May 18?

May 2006     A Visit to Alaska Rare Coins in Fairbanks

July - August 2006     The Great Alaska Copper Rush!

August 2006     On The Subject of Copper

October 2006    Classic Commemorative... Stamps?

December 2006     A Crystal Ball From 1937

January 2007     Two Golden Encyclopedias

March 2007     What's Up With The Cents of 1909? Their Prices!

September 2007     Anchorage Coin Club 2007 Summer Picnic

August 2008     Anchorage Coin Club

August 2009     Anchorage Coin Club 2008 Summer Picnic

September 2010     Guest Author     Is a Global Currency a Realistic Possibility?


The articles here may be copied or linked to for use on your numismatic or history related website. I ask only two things in return:

1) Let me know - I enjoy seeing how my articles are being used.

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Also, if you have written an article related to numismatics in any way, or even just history in general, and would like to have it published here, just send it to me by email and I will be happy to review it for possible inclusion on this page.

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