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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 28, Number 6


June 2015


June Membership Meeting

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM


Membership Meeting June 2nd at 7pm

  • The June 2nd club meeting will be Chili Dog Night! - please bring a side dish, or dessert to augment the chili dogs

  • Larry Nakata will be giving a presentation on "The U.S. Quarter" with Loren Lucason bringing in his quarter collection as part of the presentation.

  • The Raffle "Coin" will be a 1928 $1 Silver Certificate PCGS 66PPQ

  • Coin Auction

The Presidents Column

The Club purchased a trailer to store the tables and display cases in that are used for coin shows. The trailer will be parked in Stewart's hanger.

Club Storage Trailer

The Annual Summer Picnic will be on July 25th. The club is accepting donation coins/lots for the picnic auction. You can get any donation coins to Carl at his business location at the University Center.

I will be setting up a table on behalf of the Coin Club at the Mat-Su Dirtfishers 3rd Annual Metal Detecting Hunt & BBQ at The Alaska State Fairgrounds Equestrian Center which will be held on Sunday, June 21st. Anyone interested in participating, please let me know.

Also, check out the club's new website at A big Thank You to Dean Sawyer for setting it up and administrating it!

Allen Nichols / President - (907) 357-2414

Recap of the May 5th Anchorage Coin Club Membership Meeting


Membership meeting called to order at 7:15 pm by Club President Allen Nichols.

Door Prizes:

Allen Nichols: As stated in our last club newsletter, the club is on the lookout for a closed trailer (with hitch) for storage of our club tables, cases, and items used for our club coin shows. If anyone in our club has such an item for sale, please get back with either himself (Allen) or our Club Vice President Stewart Smith.

Details on how the club will be conducting its auction (effective our June 2nd membership meeting) was then announced and discussed.

Among changes:

No old business.

Under new business:

Larry with his gold pan

Allen Nichols then gave a presentation on "U.S. Commemorative Coins 1893-1954".

Following the presentation, the monthly raffle coin, a 1937 Buffalo Nickel PCSG MS-66 was won by Stewart Smith.

Monthly coin auction followed with meeting concluded by 8:45 PM........

-Larry Nakata/Secretary

Recap of the May 20th
Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting

Board meeting called to order at 6:58 PM by Club President Allen Nichols. Meeting held at the Turnagain BBQ Restaurant located near the University Center.

Following review of correspondence, update briefing by Allen Nichols on matter of storage trailer:

On the matter of coin shows, already held were two weekend coin shows over the Fur Rondy Event held at the Sears Mall in February/March. Two more are planned for 2015:

For 2015, Stan and Ruth Mead plan to do the Girl Scout Jamboree in which coin seminars are conducted for merit badge certifications in the area of coin collecting (Numismatics).

Discussed was doing coin displays at events in the Anchorage and Matsu Valley. There is an event on June 21 at the Alaska State Fairgrounds in which our club has an opportunity to setup a display. Allen Nichols will work with some of the Board members on this matter. As a result of the appeal for "giveaway" coins at our club's April 7th membership meeting, we now have lots of coins to give away for these display events and coin shows. Thanks go to our club members for their coin donations.

With the club's Summer Picnic to be held at the Abbott Community Park on Saturday, July 25th, an announcement to be made in this month's newsletter that the key event will be the club's yearly Donation Coin Auction. Members are asked to submit coins (as donations) with the proceeds from this auction benefiting our club programs. Coins and numismatic lots can be brought in at our next club meeting on June 2nd or can be dropped off at Carl's business location at the University Center (prior to the July 25th Summer picnic date). Otherwise, members can bring in donation items at the Summer Picnic event.

For membership meeting on June 2nd

As there was no further business to discuss, Board meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Larry Nakata/Secretary


List of Coins Submitted for June 2nd Live Auction

From Bill Fivaz:

1. Lincoln Cent Comparative Grading Set (MS-65 to AG) Minimum Bid (MB) 25

2. Washington 25c Comparative Grading Set (MS-65 to AG) Note: This also includes examples of an added "D" 1932-D, a polished and a cleaned coin, and a "B Rev." coin for a total of 13 coins in the Comparative Grading Set. MB 125

3. Civil War Army Heroes First Day Covers album (104 pieces)- mostly dated (similar to the one last month) MB 25

4. 1878 7/8 TFVAM-33 ICG MS-64 MB 175

5. 1960-P 25c "B" Rev. (FS-901) PCGS MS-64 (Toned) See April Gray Sheet summary on these coins MB 25

From Debbie's Old Coins:

6. 2008 Error Proof Set. Sent with Presidential Dollar Holder! MB 35

7. 1963 Proof Set (Opened) MB 25

8. 1964 Proof Set (Unopened) MB 25

9. 1851 Large Cent VF MB 26

List of Coins Submitted for June 2nd Silent Auction

From Bill Fivaz:

1. Bill Fivaz's Pocket Counterfeit Detection Guide (new, autographed) No Minimum

2. Five (5) Proof Silver 2006-S/2007-S State Quarters NGC PF-69/70 No Minimum

3. 1883 (NC) "Racketeer Nickel" EF/AU MB 10

4. 1921-P Buffalo 5c "2-Feather" (FS-401) Fine MB 15

5. 1854 (w/ Arrows) U.S. Half Dime (Date imbedded in Rock) V-1 (R-4) VG MB 19

From Debbie's Old Coins:

6. 1916 One Shilling

7. 1962 Proof Set

8. 1948 Franklin Half

9. Donation: Roll of Canadian Cents and a Bag of Nickels.

Points of Numismatic Light Program



June 2nd RAFFLE

Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for $40.

Purchase and Drawing at the May 5th meeting.

1928 $1 Silver Certificate graded PCGS 66 PPQ





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