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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 28, Number 5


May 2015


May Membership Meeting

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM


Membership Meeting May 5th at 7pm

  • The May 5th club meeting will be a Potluck Night - please bring a main dish, side dish, salad, or dessert.

  • Club President Allen Nichols will be giving a presentation on "U.S. Commemorative Coins 1892-1954"

  • The May Raffle Coin will be a 1937 Buffalo Nickel graded PCGS MS-66.

  • Coin Auction

The Presidents Column

The club is proposing to change up the auctions a bit, putting a limit on how many items will be in the regular auction, and adding a silent auction for for other items, as well as rotating auctioneers. Read Larry's notes from the April 15th board meeting for more details.

We are looking for a 4' by 8' trailer to store the tables and display cases in that are used for coin shows.

Also, there will be a special announcement at the May 5th club meeting.

See you there!

Allen Nichols / President

Recap of the April 7th Anchorage Coin Club Membership Meeting


Membership meeting called to order at 7:15 pm by Club President Allen Nichols.

Door Prizes:

1963-P Roosevelt Dime (Silver) INB Certified Proof 70, won by Scott Wisdom.

1955-S Roosevelt Dime (Silver) INB Certified MS-70, won by Cash Mujagic.

Allen Nichols: The Club needs more "giveaway coins" and numismatic items for upcoming coin shows later this year. As a result of the Sears Mall Coin Show held during the last two weekends of the Fur Rondy event, we are now out of "giveaway coins:" We need to replenish supplies. If any member can donate items.....that will help.

Announcement: Club member Bill Hamilton is trying to organize a coin show at the main shopping center mall in Soldotna for a weekend in mid-May. Dates are flexible. Tables would cost $30/table.... price includes electricity to the table. If an ad is desired, figure on $214 in the local newspaper in Soldotna (an extra cost). Interested members can get with Bill Hamilton (907)242-7391.

No old or new business to discuss.

Monthly Raffle Prize: 1887-P Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63 won by Steve Mayer.

Larry Nakata then gave his presentation on the subject of "The U.S. Dime".

The monthly club coin auction followed.

Following the coin auction, meeting subsequently concluded at 8:45PM

-Larry Nakata/Secretary

Recap of the April 15th
Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting

Board meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Club President Allen Nichols. Meeting held at Sushi Yaki Japanese Restaurant located near the University Center.

Correspondence reviewed. ANA has sent our club an award "Point of Light- Numismatic Program".... for the club programs conducted this past year.

John Larson: May 5th club meeting will feature a 1937 Buffalo 5c PCGS MS-66 as the raffle coin.

Discussion on club tables, cases, and items used for coin shows by the Anchorage Coin Club. These items are presently at club VP Stewart Smith's hangar.

Carl: Continued storage of these items at the University Center will become more problematic. It may only be a matter of time before the University Center management asks us to relocate our items.
Decision by group: Check with our members to see if one of them may have a closed trailer (with hitch) that can store these items for sale. Several of the board members are willing to have this trailer stored at their property location.
Agreement: This solution would solve the storage issue and also allow for a quick means to deliver the tables, cases, and club items to a coin show location.
This will be on the club agenda for our May 5th meeting. Members can contact Club President Allen Nichols (907)357-2414 or Club VP Stewart Smith (907)727-8686 if they have a trailer/hitch for sale.
If no member has one for sale, then we will look for one.

Discussion followed on how we can improve the club auctions. Issues were brought up at last meeting by several members that:

We should look at ways to limit the number of lots on the live auction so that the club meeting can finish at a reasonable time. Decision: Limit auction to no more than 50 lots for the live auction. Also, look at having alternate auctioneers take turns to do the live auction (Carl, Stewart, Jon Morse) each month... with the auctioneer from the previous month helping out with the auction lots.
Make it fair so that people can submit their lots to fill out the limit for the live auction and also place more emphasis on the silent auction lots. Decision: No more than 10 lots to be submitted by an individual. Of those lots, limit of 5 lots to the live auction with a minimum bid value of $25 for each lot submitted. Other 5 lots can go into the Silent Auction with no minimum (Minimum Bid for silent auction can be any amount since the individual is expected to decide which 5 lots go to the live auction).
A means by which club members can get their coins posted (for the live auction) in the club newsletter prior to the meeting. Decision: Club members can submit their lots via email to the club's email address: Items must be submitted by no later than the 20th of each month with description and minimum bid (which must be $25 or more).
In lieu of a % fee for each auction coin, donation coins are encouraged. Decision: Board agreed. The top 5 donation coins will be part of the live auction. This should then allow up to 9 members the ability to submit coins for the live auction.
The Silent auction to conclude shortly after the live auction.
This will be an agenda item for our club meeting on May 5th.... with the intent of implementing this change in our auction by our June 2nd club meeting.

For our May 5 club meeting, Club President Allen Nichols will be doing a presentation on "U.S. Commemorative Coins 1892-1954". Members are asked to bring potluck items as refreshments for this club meeting. The Club will provided sodas and chips.

As there was no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Larry Nakata/Secretary

Article by Allen Nichols:
Early U.S. Commemoratives 1892-1954: "A Menagerie with a Surprise Ring Master"

Stone Mountain Obverse

        This is a fascinating coinage series to study, it runs the gamut from the truly artistic and beautiful, and historically significant to the most mundane and unimportant events in U.S. history. I would like to focus on what I consider some of the most interesting and beautiful of the series and specifically those with some type of fauna included in the design, these include mammals (non human), birds, shellfish and I will add mythical creatures as well. Many issues used the same creatures in different poses. These include the Eagle, which is no surprise as number one with 12 variations, number two is a tie between horses and cattle with 4, number three and the only other animal used multiple times is the grizzly bear with 3 varieties, and there are 9 more creatures used that include the hippocampus, which is a mythical half horse half sea monster, owl, moose, mountain lion, whale, mermaid, beaver, scallop, and badger for a total of 13 different. As you can see I did not include humans of which there were 101! This included men, women, and children. As you can see this is a very diverse series to collect and study with far more history than any other coinage in the U.S. and for that matter anywhere in the world as far as I can see from my research.

        I'd like to now rank my top 10 favorites just on the creature depicted inset, starting with #10, the 1920 Maine Centennial with a tiny Bull Moose laying under a tree on the Obverse, very easy to overlook! #9 the 1926-1938 Oregon Trail Memorial with a pair of Oxen pulling a wagon on the obverse, #8 the 1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centennial with a Badger on the obverse, #7 the 1921 Alabama Centennial with an Eagle on the obverse, #6 the 1936 Albany N.Y. 250th anniversary with a Beaver on the obverse, #5 the 1934-1938 Texas Centennial with an Eagle on the obverse, #4 the 1938 New Rochelle N.Y. 250th anniversary with a Calf on the obverse, #3 the 1925 Stone Mountain with a pair of horses on the obverse, #2 the 1925 Californian Diamond Jubilee with a Grizzly Bear on the reverse, and my #1 favorite animal depicted is the Mountain Lion on the reverse of the 1927 Vermont-Bennington Sesquicentennial.

        In closing, I would like to suggest maybe taking a closer look at this series and think about starting a collection or maybe looking through a good book at all of the varieties and see if something catches your eye, and picking out one or two to add to your collection. Oh, I didn't forget about the surprise Ring Master, any guesses as to who it might be? Well who better to take control of all of these different animals than the only human I will add, the man depicted on the obverse of the 1936 Bridgeport Connecticut Centennial, Mr. P.T. Barnum and Bailey Circus!

        The following is a list of all coins in the series that depict animals and a few more statistics:

  1. 1900 Lafayette Dollar, Horse Reverse

  2. 1915 Panama Pacific Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse

  3. 1915 Panama Pacific 2.5 Dollar Gold, Hippocampus Obverse, Eagle Reverse

  4. 1915 Panama Pacific 50 Dollar Gold, Owl Reverse

  5. 1918 Illinois Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse

  6. 1920 Maine Half Dollar, Moose Obverse

  7. Alabama Centennial Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse *two varieties both same Reverse

  8. 1925 California Half Dollar, Grizzly Bear Reverse

  9. 1925 Stone Mountain 2 Horses Obverse, Eagle Reverse

  10. 1926-38, 7 years same Oregon Half Dollar, Pair of Oxen Obverse

  11. 1927 Vermont Half Dollar, Mountain Lion Reverse

  12. 1934-38, 5 years same Texas Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse

  13. 1935 Connecticut Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse

  14. 1935 Hudson Half Dollar, Whale and Mermaid Reverse

  15. 1935 Spanish Trail Half Dollar, Long Horned Steer Head Obverse

  16. 1935-36 San Diego Half Dollar, Grizzly Bear Obverse

  17. 1935-39 Arkansas Half Dollar, Eagle Obverse

  18. 1936 Albany Half Dollar, Beaver Obverse

  19. 1936 Arkansas Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse

  20. 1936 Bridgeport Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse

  21. 1936 Bridgeport Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse, P.T. Barnum Obverse

  22. 1936 Norfolk Half Dollar, 2 Scallops Obverse

  23. 1936 San Francisco Half Dollar, Grizzly Bear Obverse

  24. 1936 Wisconsin Half Dollar, Badger Obverse

  25. 1936 York Half Dollar, Horse Obverse

  26. 1938 New Rochelle Half Dollar, Calf Obverse

  27. 1946 Iowa Half Dollar, Eagle Reverse

As you can see there is only one with 2 different creatures together, the 1935 Hudson, and 2 with creatures front and back, the 1915 $2 1/2 Gold and the 1925 Stone Mountain.

-Allen Nichols/President


List of Coins Submitted by Bill Fivaz for April 7th Membership Meeting

1. 1946-S Lincoln Cent Reverse cud error (tough on "S" Mint) VF Minimum Bid (MB) $11

2. 1950-D Jefferson 5c MS-64 Full Steps No Minimum

3. 1926-D Buffalo 5c VG MB 9

4. 1948-S/S Roosevelt 10c RPM (West) MS-66 MB 19

5. 1950-S Roosevelt 10c MS-65 MB 28

6. 1956 Franklin 50c MS-65 MB 19

7. Store Card Token - W.A. Gildenfenny (Pittsburg)/ Books/Papers & Stationery/ 45 Fifth St. 765-5a/1192 Reeded Edge R-7 MB 28

8. Love Token ("Eunice") on 1907 Barber 10c MB 14

9. Complete Set (in Dansco album) Roosevelt 10c (1946-1999) including Proof only issues (155 coins, including 1992-S Silver Proof). MB 150

10. Morgan $1 Comparative Grading Set (12 coins, Good through MS-65). MB 475 (without PCGS MS-65) OR MB 595 with PCGS coin.

11. 116 First Day covers of Civil War Army Heroes in album, mostly Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, all postmarked in 1937 on Lee/Jackson 4c stamps. Really neat! No Minimum

12. Donation Coin from Bill Fivaz: 2007 Geo. Washington Presidential $1 with no edge lettering NGC MS-65.



May 5th RAFFLE

Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for $40.

Purchase and Drawing at the April 7th meeting.

1937 Buffalo Nickel graded PCGS MS66





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