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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 28, Number 4


April 2015


April Membership Meeting

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM


Membership Meeting April 7th at 7pm

  • The April 7th club meeting will be Pizza Night! - please bring a side dish, salad, or dessert to supplement the Pizza.

  • Larry Nakata will be giving a presentation on "The U.S. Dime"

  • The April Raffle Coin will be a 1887-P US Morgan Dollar graded PCGS MS63.

  • Coin Auction

The Presidents Column

The Fur Rondy Coin Show at the Mall at Sears was a huge success! Ten new members were signed up, 7 regular and 3 YN's (Young Numismatists). Wynetta sold 56 raffle tickets and a large amount of cash changed hands! Over 100 coins were given away to young folks as well!

Special thanks to those folks that volunteered during their lunch hours to move the tables and display cases from the University Center to the Sears Mall and help set up!

Also, vendor advertising in the Newletter has off set the annual cost of publishing and mailing the newsletter!

Also, thanks to Bill Fivaz, Debbie (of Debbie's Old Coins), Greg Allen of Uncommon Cents, and Jim Long of J.E.L. Coins for all the donations for the club!

Allen Nichols / President

Recap of the March 3rd Anchorage Coin Club Membership Meeting


Membership meeting called to order at 7:15 pm by Club President Allen Nichols.

No door prizes that evening for the meeting.

First order of business was election of officers for the Anchorage Coin Club. Elected were:

Allen Nichols then briefed membership on how the first weekend of our club's Fur Rondy Coin Show (at the Sears Mall) went. Overall consensus by those members having tables at the show was that it was great. The Coin Show will continue over the March 7th/8th weekend.

Update on club's webpage: Club member Dean Sawyer is putting together the club's new webpage and expects to have it "up and running" by our April 7th membership meeting.

Monthly Raffle Prize: 1927-P U.S. Peace Dollar in AU condition won by Jim Sabrowski.

Monthly club coin auction followed.

Following auction, club then went into the Buy/ Sell/ Trade Session (agenda for that evening).

Meeting subsequently concluded at 8:45 PM........

Larry Nakata/ Secretary

Recap of the March 18th
Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting

Board meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Club President Allen Nichols. Meeting held at Johnny Chicago Restaurant located near the University Center.

Correspondence reviewed.

With John Larson now elected as Treasurer, it will be necessary to make authorization changes in the club's checking account. At this time, bank records still show both Stan Mead/former Treasurer and Larry Nakata/Secretary with authorization to sign checks. John and Larry will get with Stan and get authorization changes made as soon as possible.

Results of Fur Rondy Sears Mall Coin show discussed. Ten (10) new members were added to the club's membership as a result of this show (7 adults/ 3 YNs). The consensus was that it was a very successful show. Some 56 raffle tickets were sold for the $2 & 1/2 U.S. Gold piece that will be raffled out at our club's Summer Picnic in July.

Board addressed inquiry by club member Bill Hamilton regarding interest in doing a coin show in mid-May at the main shopping center in Soldotna. Larry Nakata will check with Bill Hamilton on specifics for the coin show. At the April 7th membership meeting, details can then be made to members who may wish to get tables at that show.

John Larson: The April 7th raffle coin will be a 1887-P U.S. Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63 with rainbow toning on edge of coin. Price of raffle tickets: $5 per ticket, 5 Tickets for $20, 11 Tickets for $40.

Allen Nichols: All of the club's available "give away coins" and numismatic items were given away (at the club's table) during the Sears Mall Coin Show. We need to replenish supplies. Allen will ask members at April 7th club meeting to see if they can donate items to replenish (for future shows). Board then discussed and approved up to $200 for purchase of additional coins, numismatic items as needed.

For Tuesday, April 7th club membership meeting:

Next Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting (on April 15th) to be held at 6:30 PM at the Sushi Yako Japanese Restaurant (formerly called the Yamato Ya Japanese Restaurant) located near the University Center.

As there was no further business to discuss, Board meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM......

Larry Nakata/Secretary

Article: (Well, mostly pictures)
The Coin Club Fur Rondy Coin Show was a huge success!

It was a busy two weekends at The Mall at Sears for the Fur Rondy Coin Show! 10 new members signed up, Wynetta sold 56 raffle tickets, and sellers were very pleased with the amount of business! Dan and Bud discovered some really good popcorn right next door! (Just thought I would throw that in). Anyway, here are some pictures that I posted on our Face Book page from the coin show.

-Dan Barnhart

2015 Fur Rondy Coin Show 1

2015 Fur Rondy Coin Show 2

2015 Fur Rondy Coin Show 3

2015 Fur Rondy Coin Show 4

2015 Fur Rondy Coin Show 5

2015 Fur Rondy Coin Show 6


List of Coins Submitted by Bill Fivaz for April 7th Membership Meeting

1. 1874 and 1875 Indian 1c (2 coins) AG No Minimum

2. 1912-S Lincoln 1c Fine Minimum Bid (MB) $ 15

3. 1883 (No Cents) Liberty 5c AU No Minimum

4. 1918-S Buffalo 5c Lg. Rev. Die Crack through FIVE CENTS Fine+ MB $ 29

5. 1930-S Buffalo 5c PCGS MS-64 MB $140

6. 1830 Bust 10c Good MB $ 20

7. 1934-P Washington 25c Light Motto FS-401 PCGS MS-63 MB $95

8. 1962-P Washington 25c ("B" Rev.) SEGS MS-64 Prooflike! MB $ 75 (Note: 1962 is the 3rd rarest "B" Rev. in series)

9. 1912-S Barber 50c Good MB $ 10

10. 1948-P Franklin 50c MS-64 FBL MB $ 25

11. 1949-P Franklin 50c BU No Minimum

12. 1949-S Franklin 50c MS-64 (very nice!) MB $75

13. 2007 George Washington $1 No Edge Lettering NGC MS-65 MB $ 35

14. 2014 U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set MB $ 60

15. Walking Liberty 50c Comparative Grading Set MB $ 305 without the 1945-S PCGS MS-65. Otherwise, $ 405 with the slab.

16. Five (5) Consecutive 2003 $1 FRN Star Notes CU No Minimum

17. Sixteen (16) 1963 B $1 FRN Barr Notes CU No Minimum

18. Donation Coin from Bill Fivaz: 2000 Liberia $20 One (1) oz., .999 Silver



April 7th RAFFLE

Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for $40.

Purchase and Drawing at the April 7th meeting.

1887-P Morgan Dollar graded PCGS MS-63 With nice rainbow edge toning!





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