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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 27, Number 9


September 2014


September Membership Meeting

Tuesday September 2, 2014

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM


Membership Meeting September 2, 7pm

  • Election for new Club President (Volunteers Needed) and Farewell to Outgoing President Glen Dean

  • Live and Silent Auction and BUY-SELL-TRADE - Bring your coins and cash

  • Chili Dogs - please bring a side dish or dessert

  • Raffle: 1887 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63+ (donated by VP Stewart Smith)


August 2nd Coin Club Picnic and Membership Meeting


We could not have picked a better date for the Anchorage Coin Club main coin auction at the Abbott Loop Community Park. The weather was a perfect 65/70 degree day with no wind or rain and not a cloud in site. For the 25 + members who showed up for the good times and food, and all the members who donated generously on the raffle item and donated auction items - Thank you.

With 55 donated Items up for auction, a few which were the 1885's $5 Liberty gold piece donated by Bill Fivaz, the 1908-S Indian cent donated by Robert Hall, and the 2004'D Wisconsin graded MS 62 Low & High leaf Variety Quarter set donated by Larry Campbell, one only had to bid in order to receive their coins of desire whether it was gold, silver, proof set, rolls of Wheaties or Lincolns, Canadian Proof sets, Prestige sets or Buffalo nickels. The Coin Club thanks all for their generosity.

Let's not forget the main Raffle ticket item, the 1925-D 2 1/2 Gold Indian piece grade by NGC AU-55. Maribel won the coin, only to donate it back to the Coin Club for the main auction. What a nice gesture that helps enormously in raising the needed funds for the year.

Thanks to Bud for manning the grill, Glen for being the auctioneer and to the members who helped set up and clean up the picnic area, you made a big difference today!

After adding up the proceeds, a whopping $1,428 dollars was raised. This is enough to offset the costs of the 4 major bills for the year with a little left over for food and YN costs. Thank you again.

I personally would like to thank all members with their generosity that is instrumental in keeping the cost of dues low and the Coin Club operating in a healthy manner.

Stan Mead

August 20th Anchorage Coin Club
Board Meeting

Board meeting called to order at 7 PM by Club President Glen Dean. Meeting held at the Turnagain BBQ Restaurant (located next to the University Center). Correspondence reviewed and distributed.

Glen Dean announced to Board that he will be relocating to the East Coast in early September. Accordingly, Glen will be stepping down as club president. Following discussion with the Board, there will be nominations and election for a new club president at our next club meeting on Tuesday, Sept 2nd. Glen plans to be at the Sept 2nd meeting for his farewells to the club members.

The Board then addressed the issue of a permanent location to house our club tables (14 of them) and club display cases (used for our coin shows). At this time, these items are temporarily being stored with Vice President Stewart Smith's hangar and needs to be moved. Carl indicated that the cases can be stored at his location at the University Center. However, arrangements will need to be made for a permanent location for the 14 tables (6 foot tables). Tables can be temporarily stored with Carl for now. At the Sept 2nd meeting, this will be brought up as an agenda item to see if one of our club members has space for these 14 tables.. If no one is willing to do this, then the Board will have no choice but to rent space for storage of the tables (at a storage facility). Could be pricey. Arrangements were subsequently made to have the tables/cases moved over to the University Center by the end of this week.

Stan Mead gave Board a briefing on the August 2nd ACC Summer picnic event. Very successful. Our donation auction raised $1428 for the club programs. Thanks go to all who donated coins for this event. Stan will be following up with an article in this month's club newsletter on this event.

Discussed was next year's Summer picnic in 2015. Stan Mead will be checking with City Parks on securing the location... since reservations need to be made one year in advance for the better parks. We will be looking at late July 2015 for the next Summer picnic event.

Club's next coin show: With the permanent dividend checks going out on October 2nd...... Carl will be checking the University Center for a Friday/Saturday Coin Show event as close to October 2nd (as possible). More to follow.

For our next club meeting on September 2nd, 7 pm,

Board meeting concluded at about 8:00 PM with the Board members enjoying the evening (Note: It was a nice day)

Larry Nakata/ Secretary


A Message From the President

My fellow club members,

Life is interesting with all the choices we make each day. These choices can take us in many different directions. Had I not chosen to be a member of the Anchorage Coin Club five years ago, I would have given that time to some other activity and never would have continued my numismatic education. Lucky for me however, I met someone who extended me an invitation to come to a meeting. From that time to now, I only missed meetings when I was out of state. I came to look forward to the fellowship, companionship and educational opportunities these meetings offer. I couldn't see being a member of this club and not having an active part. I jumped in as vice-president and now serve as your president. My primary goal has been to get more people into active roles. I believe we are on the way to make that happen and I encourage all members to step forward and ask, "What can I do?" There are plenty of things we can all do to make this club stronger and grow in many directions. What choice are you going to make?

Having said this, I have the unfortunate choice I have to make in leaving my position as president to take on a new adventure. My wife and I must move on to take on the responsibility of taking care of elderly parents. I will miss Alaska, the Coin Club, my friends and all the adventurous opportunities just waiting to happen. I have enjoyed the opportunity to be a leader in the club but now it is time for one of you to make that choice to take that active role. The club is only as strong as the efforts we make to build good leadership. Take a step forward in building this club into the kind of place where people want to come see what we are all about.

Good Luck. Best wishes to all. I hope you find that coin you are looking for.

Your Out-going President, Glen Dean


Young Numismatists

The Anchorage Coin club is always looking for the young numismatists who are interesting in helping the club pass out raffle tickets, set up chairs and tables, help out at the summer picnic and give a 10 minute presentation on coin collecting. By helping the Anchorage Coin Club, you can earn the YN Bucks. Currently the club has $45 available to help you buy raffle tickets, coins or other numismatic materials that are of an interest to you.

The Anchorage Coin Club is looking for volunteers to lead the YN program into a new direction and enroll new young members. The YN program is designed to offer young numismatics the opportunity to learn more about the hobby and be more involved in the discussion and decisions of future YN meetings.


Bill Vivaz (Life Member) Auction Coins:

1. 1940-D/D Lincoln Cent RPM #2 MS-63 Red Minimum Bid (MB) $10

2. 1961-D/Horiz. D Lincoln Cent (FS-501) BU MB $7

3. 1969-D Lincoln Cent. Struck through long string on obverse. AU MB $ 23

4. 1971 -D Lincoln Cent. Struck on split (Before striking) planchet. 47% light UNC MB $ 15

5. 1972-P Lincoln Cent Doub. Die Obv. #2 (FS-102) MS-65 BN MB $30

6. 1972-D Lincoln Cent Base of Bust Cud Toned UNC MB $6

7. 1974-D Lincoln Cent Struck thru Capped Die UNC MB $12

8. 1978-P Wash Quarter BU Off Center MB $15

9. 1971-D Kennedy Half Clip MB $5

10. 1886 Liberty 5c (Key Date) AG MB $75

11. 1950-D Jeff Nickel MS-65 Full Steps (toned). No Min.

12. 1916-D Mercury Dime VG with edge nicks (Net AG) KEY $295

13. 1924-P Mercury Dime MS-63 FSB MB $25

14. 1926-P Mercury Dime MS-64+ FSB MB $ 75

15. 1930-P Mercury Dime MS-64 SB MB $30

16. 1920 Maine 50c EF MB $ 48

17. 1922 Grant 50c AU-55 MB $63

18. 1924 Huguenot 50c AU-58 MB $70

19. 2014-D Silver Proof Set (14 coins) Cameo Proofs MB $60

20. 2014-D BU Baseball 50c / 2014-S DCAM PF 50c (set of 2) MB $40

21. Donation coin: 1948-P Washington Quarter MS-65


"Buyers lined up, purchasing gold Kennedys"
Article posted August 5,2014 on Numismatic News Website

The story of the first proof gold Kennedy half dollar to be sold at the American Numismatic Association's World's Fair of Money Aug. 5 in Rosemont, IL, likely will be widely shared on the cable TV show called the "Coin Vault."

Dealer David Hendrickson of SilverTowne revealed his tentative plans as the owners of the first six coins were submitting them on his behalf to the graders at the Professional Coin Grading Service table on the bourse floor of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

What price they might bring is still an open question.

Hendrickson had been working the front of the line just before 7 a.m. to negotiate the purchase of the coins from the first six people standing in line.

The first four people were part of the same group. The buyer of the first coin sold was Nick Yadgarov of Los Angeles, who came to the show with his girlfriend, Callie Hohlfeld, his sister, Rina Maya, and his brother, Daniel Yadgarov.

Hendrickson agreed to buy the four coins for $20,000 plus supply replacement gold Kennedy coins sold later in the sequence.

After Yadgarov and the others were admitted into the convention center, they were taken to a holding area that resembled a TSA security line at the airport. A total of 510 people were allowed in to wait their turn for 500 tickets that would allow them to purchase the gold coins at the U.S. Mint booth at 11 a.m. Central Time.

Looking like an airport security line, 510 lucky individuals wait for the distribution of tickets that will allow them to purchase a gold Kennedy half dollar. The final 10 persons understood that if no one in front of them dropped out of the line, they would be out of luck.

A few minutes before 11 a.m., Adam Stump of the Mint began giving out the tickets to those waiting. They looked like ordinary raffle tickets, but Stump said the back side carried some sort of security marks or devices that would allow the Mint to spot fake tickets. The ticket colors will be changed each of the five days the gold Kennedy halves will be on sale.

Gold Kennedy

Yadgarov and 19 others were the first group to get their tickets and they were then escorted to the Mint booth, where he went to the front of the line at the cash register.

There was one lighter moment as there was a person at the register ahead of him. When the cashier asked him what he wanted, he said a gold Kennedy. He was politely told that without a ticket he could not buy one.

Then Yadgarov stepped forward, counted out $1,240 in cash and handed it to the cashier, who recounted the money. Yadgarov was then taken to a nearby table where he was given a coin.

After the first six buyers were taken through the process, they showed off their coins to news reporters. TV reporter Frank Mamies of WLS, Channel 7, was present to interview Yadgarov.

After talking to the news media, the first six buyers were escorted by a PCGS representative to the PCGS table. Once there, they were asked to sign the certificates of authenticity to add further historical context to the day's events.

What kind of prices these coins will eventually fetch on the secondary market is anyone's guess, but we won't have long to wait now.

- See more at:


Alaska Medallion Contest


Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for $40.

Purchase and Drawing at the next meeting.

1887 Morgan $1 PCGS MS-63





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