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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 27, Number 6


June 2014


June Membership Meeting

Tuesday June 3, 2014

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM


Membership Meeting Tuesday June 3:

  • Coin Swap Meet and Silent Auction

  • Please bring coins and a side dish

Mark Your Calendars for the Club's Summer Picnic

  • Saturday August 2 at Abbott Loop Community Park


May 6th Membership Meeting


Club meeting called to order at 7:15 pm by President Glenn Dean.

Announcement by Glen that at our next membership meeting (on June 3rd), we will have a "swap meet" in which club members are asked to bring coins and numismatic items for the purpose of buying, selling, and trading with each other. In lieu of a live auction, a silent auction (with minimum bids... no limit) will be conducted. If this "swap meet" goes well, we will look at conducting more "swap meets" every 4 months.

Glen then announced that Board Member Tim Burke (and his wife Ann) will be relocating to California in a few weeks. As Tim and Ann were in attendance, club members thanked Tim and Ann for their contributions to the club. We will miss them.

Volunteers were then requested to participate in four (4) committees that were established to handle key function of the club:

  1. Refreshment Committee chaired by Larry Nakata.

    • a. Volunteers: Dusan Kovak and Bruce Collins.

    • b. Function: Provide refreshments each month, setup prior to meeting, and clean up following the meeting.

  2. Membership Committee chaired by Stewart Smith.

    • a. Volunteers: Bud Billoon and Bill Rodeck.

    • b. Function: Greeting of members at meeting, distribution of name tags, recruitment for new members, calls to membership (when needed), community ads promoting our meetings.

  3. Community Outreach Committee chaired by Stan Mead.

    • a. Volunteers: Carl. Note: Need a second volunteer for this committee.

    • b. Function: Promotion of Numismatics (coin collecting) to groups and public via education programs..... and our club's coin shows.

  4. Community Outreach Committee chaired by Stan Mead.

    • a. Volunteers: Lyman Meacham. Note: Need a second volunteer for this committee.

    • b. Function: Club's Raffle Program, Summer Picnic and Christmas Party planning, club flyers, assistance to other committees (as needed).

Tom Dalrymple presented on the story behind the mintage of the collector coin sets commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Kenai Peninsula College (KPC)... the Kenai Borough.. ..and the Kenai School District.

Note: Collector sets are available and advertised in the club's newsletter.

Raffle Prize: 1935-P Peace Dollar in AU55 condition won by Maribel Nakata.

Following raffle prize drawing, monthly coin auction followed. A Silent Auction was also conducted for members to bid on coins ($9 or less).

Following the auction, meeting concluded at 8:30 PM

May 21st Anchorage Coin Club
Board Meeting

ACC Board meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by President Glen Dean. Meeting held at the Turnagain BBQ Restaurant (located next to the University Center).

Distribution and review of correspondence by Board. Stewart Smith briefed the club that he and Tim Burke moved the club tables, cases, and chairs from Tim's house to Stewart's hangar for the time being.

Note: As of the club's Board meeting, Tim and Ann Burke were driving to California. The Board and Club wants to thank Tim and Ann for their support over these past years and wish them well as they settle down in California.

Discussion then ensued on a permanent location to store these club items. Stewart looked into a 5 ft x 10 ft storage unit.... which will cost the club $50/month with one year's payment in advance. Since cost became an issue, President Glen Dean will work with Carl on seeing if a club member can have these items stored at their home. Meantime, OK to keep items at Stewart's hangar for the time being.

For our club's June 3rd membership meeting:

As there was no further business to discuss, the Board meeting concluded at 8:00 PM

Larry Nakata/ Secretary


Coins from Bill Fivaz - June 3 Coin Auction

1. 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent MS-60 Brown Minimum Bid (MB) $10

2. 1931-D Lincoln Cent Fine No Minimum

3. 1942-P Mercury Dime MS-64+ FSB MB 10

4. 1942-S Mercury Dime MS-65 SB MB 15

5. 1959-P Roosevelt Dime MS-65 Toned No Minimum

6. 1953-D Franklin Half MS-64 FBL MB 15

7. 1921 Alabama Commemorative Half Good MB 20

8. 1925 Stone Mt Commemorative Half EF MB 20

9. Army/Navy Civil War Token EF MB 18

10. 1863 Civil War Token (R-3) MB 18

11. Donation Coin: 1917-S (Obv) Walking Liberty Half AG No Minimum



Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for $40.

Purchase and Drawing at the next meeting.

To Be Announced

Stay tuned for Summer 2014 Raffle



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