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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 26, Number 9


September 2013


September Membership Meeting

Tuesday September 3, 2013

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM



August 3rd Anchorage Coin Club
Summer Picnic and Membership Meeting


The club's Summer picnic event was very well attended with the event starting at noon time at the Abbott Community Park on Elmore Road in Anchorage. The event ran through the afternoon.

Also attending was Bill Stratemeyer and his wife, Mitzi.... from the Baltimore Coin Club. Bill is also a member of the Anchorage Coin Club. Bill and his wife had timed their vacation plans to coincide with our club's August 3rd picnic. While there.... Bill handed out 40th Year Commemorative medallions from the Baltimore Coin Club to all that attended.

There was lots of food and good company at this event. Highlight of the event was the coin club's Donation Auction... in which members of the club donate coins and numismatic items with the proceeds benefiting our programs. Thanks go to all of our members who donated items that ranged from a set of early date Lincoln Cents to a U.S. Liberty Head $10 Gold piece. Our club raised over $1800 towards our programs.


August 23rd Anchorage Coin Club
Board Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Club President Carl at 6:30 pm on August 23rd. Meeting held at the Yamato Ya Japanese Restaurant which is located close to the University Center in Anchorage.

There was a review of all correspondence by the Board members in attendance.

The Board then discussed the Summer picnic event held on August 3rd and considered the event to be very successful.

The Board went on to discuss the final two upcoming coin shows for the calendar year. President Carl will check with the University Center for a coin show in October (concurrent with the distribution of Permanent Dividend checks). Carl will also look for a good date in December for a Christmas coin show. By our next September Board meeting... we should have dates identified.

John Larson: The raffle coin of the month will be an error/variety coin:

For our next membership coin club meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd (7 PM at the Central Lutheran Church downstairs meeting hall):

As there was no further business to discuss, the Board meeting concluded at 7:30 PM.

Larry Nakata / Secretary


Lots Submitted by Bill Fivaz for September 3rd (Tuesday) Membership Meeting

1. 1934 to 1945-S Mercury Dime Capital Custom Holder Min Bid (MB): $15

2. 1943-P Walking Half Dollar ANACS MS-64 MB 65

3. 1972-S Brown Ike Dollar PF-67 Cameo No Minimum

4. 1941 -1945-S Mercury Dime Set (All MS-65 or better, some FB) MB 295

5. 1881-S Morgan Dollar Hallmark MS-63 (on grade) MB 45

6. 2003 $1 Star Note CU MB 3

7. 1953 A $5 Red Seal VG MB 4

8. 1934 C $10 (NY) VF MB 13

9. 1934 $20 (Phil.) VF MB 24

10. 1934 $50 (Cleve.) F MB 55

11. 1934 $100 (NY) VF MB 110

12. 1995-P Lincoln Cent Doubled die obverse MS-65 Red MB 25

13. 1940-S Washington Quarter BU MB 23

14. 1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half AU-58 MB 32

15. 1837 Large Cent VF MB 25

16. Donation coin: 1942-D Washington Quarter Doubled die reverse (FS-801) in Good condition.

17. Donation coin: 1909-S VDB Cent 100% Off Center in AU condition. Note: Interesting coin... you have to see it to believe it.

18. Donation coin: 1924-D Lincoln Cent - damaged.

Also, Donation item from Stan Mead:


A Message from the President

A very special thanks to everyone that donated and attended our annual summer picnic and auction. A good time was had by all and was a great success. And best of all, it did not rain!

A special thanks to Richard Jozefiak, Volunteer District Representative for the ANA, who sent us a packet and presentation of "Official State of Alaska Silver Proof Medallions - Animals of the Last Frontier on Medals." It is very well done and very informative view on Alaska state medallions. He hails from the Madison County Coin Club of Huntsville Alabama. These interesting materials will be available for browsing at the September 3 meeting.




Anchorage Coin Club needs your articles for its newsletter. Please submit your original numismatic related articles (in Text or Word format) to and if your article is chosen to be published you will receive as a prize collector coins from the club. We are looking forward to seeing your articles.


Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for $40. Purchase and Drawing at the August 3 Picnic.



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