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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 26, Number 6


June 2013


June Membership Meeting

Tuesday June 4, 2013

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM



The regularly scheduled meeting date
has been changed to the
first Tuesday of every month,
with the next meeting to be on June 4.
It is a POTLUCK,
so please bring a food item,
preferably side dishes and / or salads.



May 7th Anchorage Coin Club
Membership Meeting


Door Prize: 1944-P Washington Quarter in BU Condition. Won by Larry Nakata.

Membership Prize: 1970 35th Anniversary Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Alaskan Token. Won by Bud Billoon.

Both Larry Nakata and Bud Billoon donated both coins back to the coin club for the club's monthly auction. Thanks go to Larry and Bud for the donations.

Stan Mead showed members the club's 25th Anniversary coins (Silver, Bronze, and Nickel) that he received as the first mintage from the Alaska Mint. There were 25 Bronze and 25 Nickel coins that were available for $15/each or a set of Bronze/Nickel coins for $25.

Orders were placed by members with pricing as outlined in the club's May 2013 newsletter.

Stan Mead gave a presentation on "The State of Silver and Gold".

The club's monthly raffle prize was won by Mr. Bill:

Following the raffle prize drawing, the club's monthly coin auction was held.

Membership meeting concluded following the auction.

May 15th Anchorage Coin Club
Board Meeting

Meeting held at the Yamato Ya Japanese Restaurant. Called to order at 6:30 PM by club president Carl Mujagic.

Following a review of correspondence, John Larson announced that the raffle coins for our club's June 4th membership meeting will be:

Raffle tickets will be sold at meeting at $5/per ticket or 5 tickets for $20.

The main agenda items for the Board meeting centered around the number of sets/coins that will need to be ordered for our members (who have placed orders)... and to determine the number of extra sets/coins that the club will order (for posterity).

At this time, we have better than 20 bronze and 20 nickel coins for the club. After some discussion, decision was to purchase 10 full sets of Silver/Bronze/Nickel coins and 7 Silver coins.

Accordingly, Alaska Mint will be minting 31 full sets (Silver/Bronze/Nickel) and 11 Silver coins with the sets/coins to be ready by our club's membership meeting on Tuesday, June 4th. Note: Additional orders can still be placed. Figure on one more mintage of final sets/coins.

For the June 4th (Tuesday) membership meeting:

As there was no further business to discuss, the Board meeting concluded at 7:30 PM.

Next ACC Board meeting will be on June 19th (6:30 PM) at the Chang Mai Thai Restaurant (located next to the University Center)..... Larry Nakata / Secretary

Lots Submitted by Bill Fivaz for June 4th (Tuesday) Membership Meeting

1. 1910-S Lincoln Cent Fine Minimum Bid (MB) 15

2. 1864 U.S. Two Cent VF (180 degree rotated reverse) MB 20

3. 1833 Bust Dime VF MB 50

4. 1914-S Barber Dime EF45 MB 22

5. 1875-S U.S. Twenty Cent VG MB 85

6. 1877-S Seated Liberty Quarter EF45 MB 45

7. 1929-P Liberty Standing Quarter EF45 MB 18

8. 1834 Bust Half Dollar Fine MB 52

9. 1859-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar VF35 MB 63

10. 1959-P Franklin Half Dollar MS-65 MB 25

11. 1959-D Franklin Half Dollar MS-65 MB 25

12. 1922 Grant U.S. Commemorative Half Dollar MS-64 MB 165

13. 1894-P Morgan Dollar ICG VF-35 (Scratch on reverse) MB 825

14. 1928-A $1 Silver Certificate VF MB 20

15. 1994 World Cup Collector's Set (50c/$1) Proof 67 MB 30

16. Donation coin: 1994 U.S. Silver Eagle MS-66 Toned No Minimum.

The West Point Mint - Making History... Collectible
The Following is an excerpt from http://www.

The West Point Mint, the newest US branch mint, is located on an historic bit of American historic real estate dating from the early days of the Revolution.

West Point Mint

2000 Library of Congress Commemorative Ten Dollar coin images courtesy of Goldberg Coins and Collectibles

Historic Overview

West Point, for nearly everyone, means the United States Military Academy (USMA).

Established in 1802, it's an impressive place - 4,000 cadets on a campus of 25 square miles, supplying one quarter of the Army's new officers each year.

The US Army's first connection with West Point pre-dates the academy. In 1775, only a month into the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress discussed the need to secure the Hudson River.

The Continental Army's forces were deployed on both sides of the river in some depth. Capture of the Hudson by the British would split the Americans to their great detriment.

General Washington correctly identified the heights of West Point as the "key to the continent". He dispatched Thaddeus Kosciuszko, a senior officer, to assume control of this strategic place. Fortifications were built, and a 50 ton, 500 yard chain was installed spanning the river to repel any British attempt to navigate it. They never did.

Some years later, Washington proposed that a military school be established on the heights overlooking the Hudson. Critics of the military school idea worried that it would become an elitist institution, creating an aristocratic officer class such as existed in Europe.

The military academy was approved when it was made clear that persons from all walks of life could be eligible to attend. Land was purchased for the USMA in 1790.

The first class at West Point graduated 10 cadets.

Bullion Depository

During the 1930's the Federal Government felt the need for a silver bullion depository, similar in concept to the gold depository at Fort Knox. With a nearby military detachment, and elaborate security measures - for example, concrete walls three feet thick, machine guns, and barbed wire - West Point filled the bill

Unofficial Mint

In the 1970's a penny shortage loomed. Coin presses were added at West Point, and millions of additional coins, with no mint mark, were added to the nation's coinage inventory. There is no way to distinguish these pieces from those of the Philadelphia Mint.

And Finally - A US Mint - Officially

Since 1988, West Point has been an official US Mint - with a mint mark of "W".

The West Point Mint has an important role in present day US Mint retail marketing. It produces all of the modern bullion coins, both gold and silver.

All modern gold commemorative coins and some of the silver commemorative pieces are made at the West Point Mint. In 1997 platinum coins were added to the mix. There is no doubt that many new coin collectors have started with products of the W-Mint.

The West Point Mint is still a bullion depository -now for gold. All other metals are stocked only in the quantities needed for the coinage programs.

Because of its extremely high security, the West Point facility does not offer public tours.


Annual Summer Picnic

The Annual Summer picnic is scheduled for Aug. 3, 2013 from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm at Abbott Loop Community Park on Elmore Street, it is a very nice covered pavilion and we encourage all members and their families to attend.

The Anchorage Coin Club is seeking donation items to be auctioned off during the picnic. This Auction is the main fund raiser for the club and is the main reason "dues" have never been increased. The money raised also pays for most of the food items, soda and chips throughout the year. Please donate today!


Girl Scouts of Alaska

"Encampment 2013"

Girl Scouts of Alaska is having their "Biennial Encampment 2013" at the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer on June 6-9 2013. Over 1000 girls age 8-17 from all across Alaska along with troups from the lower 48 will be attending. The Anchorage Coin Club is asking for donations of State Quarters, Stare Park Quarters, wheat cents, foreign coins/currency, 2"X2" holders, old magnifying glasses, etc. to assist them with "hands on" experience achieving the "Collecting" Hobbies patch: The Art and History Collection patch and the "Fun with Money" patch.

Stan and Ruth Mead will be in charge of this undertaking and are asking for volunteers to assist for the two days open for this workshop. Please inquire at the June 4 membership meeting.




Anchorage Coin Club needs your articles for its newsletter. Please submit your original numismatic related articles to and if your article is chosen to be published you will receive as a prize collector coins from the club. We are looking forward to seeing your articles.


Official Anchorage Coin Club
25th Anniversary Coin Order Form

25th Anniversary Coin


These coins commemorating our club's 25th anniversary are now available for a limited time. Only a very limited number will be made. This is your last opportunity to order (approximately two more weeks) and then the die will be retired. Orders should be ready by the August 3 annual BBQ picnic. Please bring this order form to the June 4 membership meeting or send payment to:

Anchorage Coin Club
P.O. Box 230169
Anchorage, Alaska 99523-0169






25th Anniversary Coin Type Price Quantity Price X Qty
Set of two Silver and Bronze coins in a presentation box. Also includes a nickel coin in mylar flip. $95
Silver coin encapsulated $75
Bronze coin in mylar flip $15
Nickel coin in mylar flip $15
Total $


Contact Number:___________________________________________

Email Address:_____________________________________________






ADDRESS :_________________________________________________

CITY:________________________ STATE:_______ ZIP:___________

TELEPHONE (HOME):________________________________


MY COLLECTING INTERESTS ARE:________________________________




SIGNATURE:________________________________   DATE:_______________


          $25 / Year Regular Membership

          $10 / Year Youngsters & School Aged Kids up to Grade 12

          $10 / Year for Seniors, Handicapped Members,
                    and Associate Members Living Outside Anchorage

Send application and dues to :

Anchorage Coin Club
P.O. Box 230169
Anchorage, Alaska 99523



Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for

$40. Purchase and Drawing at the May 7 meeting.

Set of two Morgan Dollars VG+: 1885-O & 1886-O



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