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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 26, Number 4


April 2013


April Membership Meeting

Tuesday April 2, 2013

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

7:00 PM



The regularly scheduled meeting date
has been changed to the
first Tuesday of every month,
with the next meeting to be on June 4.
It is a POTLUCK,
so please bring a food item,
preferably side dishes and / or salads.



March 5th Anchorage Coin Club
Membership Meeting


Meeting called to order by Club President Carl at 7:15pm.

First item: Membership meetings are now held the first Tuesday of each month. Conflicts on scheduling at the church resulted in this change.

Door Prize: 1964-D Kennedy Half AU50 won by Carl's son (Cash).

Membership Prize: 1907 Barber Dime VF won by Margaret Wright.

Officer elections held. Elected were:

    President Carl Mujagic

    Vice President Glen Dean

    Secretary Larry Nakata

    Treasurer Stan Mead

    Board Seat #1 Loren Lucason

    Board Seat #2 John Larson

Note: The 3rd Board seat is filled by the past club president per by-laws of the club.

Update by Carl on the club's 25th Anniversary Coin set:

Arrangements for the die have been made with the Alaska Mint. Design of the die is underway and should be ready for review and approval by the time of our Board Officers meeting on March 20th.

Cost of the die is estimated between $1000 to $1500. No firm cost at this time.

Cost of coin sets will then be established shortly after we know the cost of the die.

We are hopeful to get a specimen coin set ready for inspection by either our April Board meeting on May membership meeting.. Orders can then be taken at that time.

    Announcement: Stan Mead (head of our club's YN Program) will be setting up a table at the back area of our meeting room for a Silent Auction of numismatic items (each month at our membership meetings). Purpose is to raise moneys for the YN Program. Members asked to be generous.

    As there was no other business to discuss, the meeting then proceeded to a discussion of the Fur Rondy Coin Shows recently held the past two weekends (at the University Center). Members who had tables commented the show did very well. Bullion coins moved well as well as numismatic coins. People who came to the coin show bought coins to fill out their coin books.

    Question was asked about our next club coin shows. There will be two more for the rest of the year. We are looking at a Fall Coin Show and a Holiday Season Coin Show.

    Following the discussion, the club's raffle coin (an 1880-S Morgan Dollar in BU DMPL condition) was won by Larry Rentschler.

Monthly coin auction was then conducted with meeting adjourned shortly after.


March 19th Anchorage Coin Club
Board Meeting


    Board meeting called to order at 6:30 pm by President Carl. Meeting held at the Chang Mai Thai Restaurant (located next to the University Center).

    Following a review of correspondence, Carl gave a briefing on latest status of 25th Anniversary Coin Set. Proof design of the die submitted several days earlier by the Alaska Mint. The Board, including the winner of the coin's design (Stan Mead), reviewed the design. Design to be shown to the club membership at the April 2nd (Tuesday) meeting. Overall impression by Board was that it looked very good.

    Briefing by Stan Mead on club's Summer picnic event. Summer picnic will be held on August 3rd (Saturday) at the Abbott Community Park (same location as last year). Stan was able to secure this as the best available date.

    Stan then went on to brief the Board on the YN Program. The silent auction table (set up at our membership meeting) has been doing very well -thanks to the support of our members. Portions of the moneys are going towards a "YN Bucks" program in which YNs can earn YN Bucks and use them for purchase of coins at our monthly club auctions. Ways hi which YNs can earn these YN Bucks is by helping out at our club meetings and club events.

    Update: Members have been donating coins and numismatic items in preparation for the upcoming "Girl Scout Jamboree" in June. Club members are encouraged to volunteer to help conduct seminars for a merit badge program. Members who would like to help out are asked to get with Stan Mead.

    For April 2nd membership meeting, Larry Nakata will be giving a presentation on the "U.S. Peace Dollar". Refreshments will be chili dogs, chips, sodas provided by the club. Members can bring potluck items to augment these refreshments.

John Larson: The April 2nd membership meeting raffle will feature two coins:

1838 Liberty Seated Dime F to F+ condition

High relief medal of a walrus. Gold plated 1 oz sterling silver coin by Longines Jewelry Art Studio.

Winning ticket wins both coins. $5/ticket.

As there was no further business, meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm... Larry Nakata / Secretary.

Lots Submitted by Bill Fivaz for April 2nd (Tuesday) Membership Meeting

1. 1921-P Mercury 10c VG MB $40

2. 1921-D Mercury 10c VG MB $60

3. 1927-P Mercury 10c MS-64 FSB MB $50

4. 1921-P Walking Liberty 50c AG MB $ 50

5. 1942-P Walking Liberty 50c AU-58 MB $10

6. 1880-P 8/7 VAM-6 (Top 100) Morgan Dollar VF MB $65

7. 1897-P VAM-6 A Pit. Rev. (Top 100) Morgan Dollar AU-58 MB $65

8. 1901 -O Morgan Dollar MS-63+ Toned MB $60

9. 1976-S Proof Set (3 Piece) MB $23

10. 1979-S Proof Set All coins except the Lincoln Cent are T-2. (Susan B. Anthony Dollar is Key Coin) MB $45

11. 1935A Hawaii (Brown Seal) $1 VG MB $20

12. 1934 $1 Silver Certificate ("Funny Back") VF MB $19

13. 1935E $1 Silver Certificate CU MB $5

14. 1957A $1 Silver Certificate CU MB $5

15. 1957B $1 Silver Certificate CU MB $5

16. DONATION LOT: 1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half EF No Minimum


Young Numismatics
(YN Corner)

    Tuesday April 2, 2013 - Meeting will be held at the Lutheran Church @ 6:40 pm, 20 minutes before the scheduled general meeting on April 2,2013. The YN program will be designed to offer young numismatics the opportunity to learn more about the hobby by being more involved hi the discussion and decisions of future YN meetings. This months meeting will be on Alaska Mint medals and tokens.

    The first phase of the silent Auction to raise money for the "YN Bucks" program was very successful. Enough money was raised to pay off the initial outlet of funds to get the program up and running. The Coin Club has (10 - $1) & (25 - $2) YN Bucks to distribute to any deserving YN. The Girl Scouts of Alaska is having their "Biennial Encampment 2013" at the Alaska State fairground in palmer on June 6-9, 2013. Over 1000 girls ages 8-17 from all across Alaska along with troops from the lower 48 will be attending this encampment. Volunteers are needed to assist the girl scouts with "hands on" experience on achieving the "Collecting Hobbies" patch, the "Art and History Collection" patch and the "Fun with Money" patch.

    The YN Program is in need of book donations and coin/currency related merchandise for the silent auction to support the YN program and the Girl Scout Encampment 2013 program. Any donation is appreciated for these 2 deserving programs.


American Numismatic Association
(ANA) News

    A special thank you is in order for the ANA organization for the donations of 200 Foreign Coins, 100 "Cent/blank" combination packages, 200 book markers and information on US Mint items that might be available for the upcoming Girl Scout event.

    Celebrate the 90th Annual National Coin Week, April 21-27.

    "Buffalo Nickel Centennial: Black Diamond Shines Again" is the theme. Prizes for the treasure hunt and club challenge include a 2001 American Buffalo Commemorative silver dollar, 1999 Yellowstone Nation Park Commemorative silver dollar and other great prizes. For more information on the 2013 National Coin Week go to:



Annual Summer Picnic

    The Annual Summer picnic is scheduled for Aug. 3, 2013 from 11:00 - 3:00 pm. Food will be served starting at 12:00 pm. The Anchorage Coin Club is seeking donation items to be auctioned off during the picnic. This Auction is the main fund raiser for the club and is the main reason "dues" have never been increased. The money raised also pays for most of the food items, soda and chips throughout the year. So please, if you have any items that can help raise the needed funds, donate. More information will be forthcoming in the next few months.




25th Anneversary Medallion

The official design for the Anchorage Coin Club 2013 25th anniversary medallion.

    Medallions will be available in silver and bronze. They will be struck at the Alaska Mint and in brilliant prooflike condition with a limited edition mintage.

    Pre-orders will be taken at the April 2 membership meeting. Mintage details, pricing and ordering instructions will be available in the next newsletter.




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          $25 / Year Regular Membership

          $10 / Year Youngsters & School Aged Kids up to Grade 12

          $10 / Year for Seniors, Handicapped Members,
                    and Associate Members Living Outside Anchorage

Send application and dues to :

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President: Carl Mujagic

Vice President: Glenn Dean

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Seat #1: Loren Lucason

Board Seat #2: John Larson

Board Seat #3: Tim Burke

ACCent Editor: Carl Mujagic