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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 25, Number 12


December 2012


December Christmas Party

Thurs., December 13, 2012

Central Lutheran Church, 15th & Cordova

6:15 PM


Minutes for the November 7th Membership Meeting

Door Prize: 1981 U.S. Proof Set won by Sebastian Reed.

Membership Prize: 1983 U.S. Proof Set won by Carl's son (Cash).

    Briefing by Carl on the club's Christmas party/Christmas Coin Auction on Thursday evening (December 13th) at the Central Lutheran Church. The Dec 13th Christmas Party will be our club's official meeting date. Accordingly, there will be no club meeting on Wednesday, December 5th. Club members told not to show up on December 5th.

    Turkey/Ham/Mash Potatoes/Gravy to be provided by volunteers for the party. Need potluck dishes from our members to augment the turkey and ham dishes:

    • Bring a salad if your last name starts with A-H,

    • Bring a side dish if your last name starts with I-P,

    • Bring a dessert if your last name starts with Q-Z. Club will supply everything else.

Start time will be 6:15 PM in the downstairs meeting area of the Central Lutheran Church.

    Key event will the club's annual Christmas Coin Auction. You can submit your list of auction lots (just the list) so that we can post it in the next club newsletter. Just drop off the list with Carl at his business location at the University Center. Bring the coins in on December 13th.

    Briefing by Carl on the next coin club show at the University Center on December 8th/9th (Saturday and Sunday). Coin club tables will be as usual ($10/table for the weekend). Reserve your tables if you wish to sell coins at this coin show.

    As there was no other business, presentation given by club member Larry Nakata on the subject of the "History of U.S. Proof Coinage".

    Following the presentation, the club's monthly mini-auction was held. Upon conclusion of the auction, membership meeting adjourned.


Minutes of the November 21st Board Meeting

    Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM by Club President Carl Mujagic. Meeting held at the Chang Mai Thai Restaurant located next to the University Center.

    Correspondence reviewed and bills paid. Among the bills paid was renewal of the club's Liability Insurance ($320) for the next year (2013), reimbursement to Larry Nakata for the printing costs for this past month's newsletter ($96.77).

    Treasurer Stan Mead will get with the Central Lutheran Church parish administrator (Kathy Freeman) and settle up for next year's use of the Central Lutheran Church's facilities ($30 per meeting-estimated at $330).

    Gaming check in the amount of $ 586 made out to Anchorage Coin Club as proceeds from last year's raffle coins. Moneys to be used to buy coins for next year's raffle. John Larson will checking at the Dec 8th/9th coin show to see what coins can be used for next year's raffle.

    December 8th/9th University Center Coin Show. Carl has asked that volunteers show up at 6 PM on Friday, December 7th to help set up the coin tables. Same start times on Saturday (Dec 8th) and Sunday (Dec 9th). Table fees set at $10/table. We will be advertising through Craig's List, posters at the University Center, and the Anchorage Daily News Community Calendar. Tim Burke sent an e-mail stating that thus-far, we have reservation for 8 tables for the show. There are still tables available. Interested members wishing tables should contact Carl (#561-2275) to reserve tables. If members have not yet done this, now is the time.

December 13th Christmas Party then discussed.

• Larry Nakata: Only twenty (20) lots have been submitted as a list as of the Board meeting (from Bill Fivaz). Those coins will be listed in the club's next newsletter. Carl has not yet received any lists at his location, but plans to add some coins and have them in the next newsletter. Other board members will submit a list to Carl prior to the newsletter going out (week of Nov 26th... no later than Wednesday of that week).

• Stan Mead: Will be purchasing plates, forks, spoons, knives, chips, dips, fruit juices, and other items for the club's Christmas Party.

• Carl will be putting together about 50 door prizes for the Christmas party.

• Raffle prizes to go at the December 13th Christmas party. Need our club members to buy lots of tickets for the raffle.

• Thanks go to member Bud Billoon for providing the turkey, Larry Nakata (for the hams), and Carl (for the mash potatoes/gravy).

Raffle prizes for next year (2013). Discussed was a revised plan for our club raffle next year.

• Instead of going with two big raffles each year, we will be moving towards a one (or two coin) raffle every two months,

• First raffle drawing at our Feb 2013 meeting. Raffle drawing every two months thereafter (April, June, August-Summer picnic, October, and December-Christmas Party).

Club's 25th Anniversary Coin Set Design:

• Carl: So-far we have about 10 designs submitted.

• Club members were told at last meeting to bring in any final designs at our club's Christmas party (December 13th).

• Board will review the designs and choose at the December 19th Board meeting (to be held at the Yamato Ya Japanese Restaurant located at the end of Old Seward Highway by the University Center).

    Final item discussed was announcement by Stan Mead that he will head up the YN Program with the first YN Meeting for 2013 to be held at 6:45 PM (at the Central Lutheran Church) on January 2nd . Shortly after the YNs conclude their meeting, the main membership meeting will start. Stan can use more donation items for the club's YN Program.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM...... Larry Nakata / Secretary.


Submissions for the December Auction

Bill Fivaz Coin Lots

1. 1910-S Lincoln Cent Fine $15

2. 1911-S Lincoln Cent Fine $40

3. 1915-S Lincoln Cent Fine $ 18

4. 1922-D Lincoln Cent Fine $15

5. 1924-D Lincoln Cent VG $28

6. 1917-S Buffalo Nickel 2-Feather (FS-401) G $25

7. 1932-S Washington Quarter VG $75

8. 1942-D Washington 25c Doubled Die Rev (FS-801) G $15

9. 1921-P Walking Liberty Half Dollar AG $50

10. 1879-S Morgan Dollar Rev '78 VAM-9 VF $32

11. 1899-O Morgan Dollar Micro o VAM-4 VG $25

12. 1903-S Morgan Dollar F+ $75

13. 1908 $2 1/2 U.S. Gold VF MB Price to be announced at auction

14. 1893 $10 U.S. Gold MS-62 MB Price to be announced at auction

15. 1908 No Motto $20 U. S. Gold MS-62 MB Price to be announced at auction

16. 1972-S Brown Ike $1 PF-66 No Minimum

17. 1981-S Proof Set (all coins T-2) $195

18. 1986-S Proof American Eagle Silver $1 (in box) $55

19. BU Roll of 1955 Frank 50c (top 3 are Bugs Bunny) $275

20. 1888 Indian Cent in Lucky Holder (old) $7

21. Donation Lot: BU Roll of 1937-S Lincoln Cents No Minimum

Note: TBD (To Be Determined). Because of the bullion value of the gold coins, Bill Fivaz will provide the minimum bid (MB) pricing several days prior to the Dec 13th club meeting.

Other Lots

1. U.S. Presidential $5 coins struck in Liberia 37 coin set

2. BU set of 18 Canadian silver dollars 1935 - 1982

3. Complete set of 16 U.S. Westward Nickel collection BU and Proofs

4. 1806 Silver 8 Reales XF+

5. 1997 Mars Pathfinder silver coin proof

6. 1 864 U.S. Two Cents VF+

7. U.S. New Hampshire quarter set of 5

8. 1 786 Copper Dutch Duit New York penny

9. 1918 France Two Francs silver AN ACS VF20

10. 1985 U.S. Philadelphia Mint Set

11. 1879 S U.S. Morgan silver dollar ANACS MS65

12. 1964 U.S. Kennedy Half Dollar rainbow tone JFK Center Washington DC

Donation Lots

1 . Mint Plate Block of Four U.S. Coin ten cent stamps

2. 1976 S U.S. Jefferson nickel proof 66 ultra deep cameo

3. 1978 S U.S. Lincoln cent gem cameo proof



    The Anchorage Coin Club is seeking designs for its anniversary medallion program. The club will celebrate its 25th year in March 2013. Design concepts should be submitted to the club (or to a club officer) by our Thursday, December 13 potluck meeting. Stay tuned for more information on the production and availability of these highly collectable commemorative sets.


A Condensed History on U. S. Proof Coins
By Larry Nakata (Life Member #3)

    With the development of the screw press during the Renaissance period in Europe (around the 15th Century)...... came coin presses which replaced the older technique of hammered coins. With the advent of these coin presses, it made possible mintage of much higher quality coins.

    It then only took a matter of time for someone to figure out that polishing the dies and blank planchets (a planchet being a round piece of metal used to make coins).... and by doing multiple strikes on the planchet.... this would result in a superior coin of proof quality.

    The earliest known proof coin was minted around 1651 in England... which was the Commonwealth Half Crown. By the 18th Century, the British mints began to distinguish proof coins from business strike coins.

    In colonial American, there were coins minted for use in the British controlled sectors. However these coins were minted in England. Among these coins were the William Wood Rosa Americana and the Hibernia pieces which are featured in the RED BOOK. The first known colonial proof coins, which were patterns, come from the British minter, William Wood, around 1722.... and are considered extremely rare.

    So...... the first proof coins in America were essentially pattern coins minted out of England and France.

    By 1792, we see the establishment of the U.S. Mint. There were proof coins made by the U.S. Mint from 1792-1816, which were patterns or presentation coins for some dignitary. From 1817 to 1833, one sees development of presentation proof sets by the U.S. Mint for dignitaries and the occasional collector.

    With the U.S. Mint going to steam presses in the 1830's, this allowed for raised rims on coins and improved dies. With such improvements, the first true quality U.S. proof coins become possible starting with the proof half cent in 1831. It is also during this time that the U.S. Mint found that proof coins could be struck with fewer strikes if you went to a reeded edge coin.

    The fabled 1804 Silver Dollar was part of the proof set minted in 1834. The first complete yearly proof set was made in 1843, a 10 coin set consisting of the proof half cent up to the $10 gold piece. There is one such set at the Smithsonian today. For your information, this set was offered in 1843 at a cost of $22.50.

    Starting in 1858, the U.S. Mint began offering proof sets to the general public and even went to the effort of advertising sales of such sets. The initial price offering was $46. Ironically, this price discouraged the general public from purchasing this proof set as $46 was a lot of money back then for the average wage earner.

Despite this problem, public offerings of proof sets continued.

    1907 saw experimentation begun on matte proof coinage. The French came up with this concept using a "sandblast" proof finish on the dies.... giving the proof coin a granular appearance vs. the mirror-like finishes we are used to seeing on a proof coin.

    From 1906-1916, there were at least a dozen variations of matte proof coins.... first with gold coins and then on copper alloyed coins. There were a few silver coins (such as the 1921 and 1922 Silver Dollars) that were matte proof type, but such coins were never publically sold. Such dies were treated with acid to provide such a matte finish. Matte proof coins from this period of time are tough to find and command high prices. Matte proof coins did not meet with acceptance by the general public and was subsequently discontinued in 1916.

1957 Proof Set


    From 1917 to 1935, with the exception of two coins, no proof coins were publically sold. Those proofs made during this period were largely meant for dignitaries. The two proof coins made for the general public were:

• The 1921 Morgan Dollars, and

• The 1928 Hawaiian Commemorative Half Dollar.

    In 1936, proof sets for public sale resumed.... this time only brilliant mirror-like proofs. With the exception of 1943-1949, such proof sets were sold through 1964.

    In 1965, we see the introduction of "clad coinage" by the U.S. Mint. From 1965-1967, no proof coins were minted by the U.S. Mint. In those three years, the U.S. Mint made Special Mint Sets instead.

    It resumed again in 1968 and continues to this day. Today we see both clad and silver proof sets minted by the U.S. Mint for public sale... with the silver proof sets being introduced in 1992.

Some points of interest:

• Although matte proof coins were effectively discontinued in 1916, there have been some recent matte proof coins minted as recognized in the Red Book. Among them is the 1998S matte proof Kennedy half dollar. In making this matte proof coin, the U.S. Mint treated the dies by sandblasting them with glass beads and aluminum oxide.. .prior to hardening of the dies. This particular coins commands a pretty good price.

• Do not mistake the special frosted 1994 and 1997 Jefferson nickels as matte proof. The Red Book refers to these coins as special frosted uncirculated pieces that resemble matte proof coins.

• The Red Book also has a reference to a third type of proof coin.... the "Frosted Proof" which has a frosted design against a mirror-like field.

• There are two types of frosted proofs: The present U.S. proof coins we see today where the dies are treated to provide this effect. The second type is the "Cameo Proof" .... Coins minted in the 1950-1970 era. Such cameo proofs were the result of the first initial strikes from the proof dies that gave that effect...and are highly prized by the collector.

    Grading proof coins is much like grading regular coinage. There were proof coins that, for some reason, saw circulation in public, and are referred to as "impaired proofs". These are graded using the Sheldon 70 point system. In the uncirculated grades, proof coins are graded primarily on the basis of eye appeal.

2009 Proof Set


    As a coin collector, I made it a point to collect U.S. Proof Sets as part of my collection. It is affordable and have the eye appeal that a collector likes to see. The best of the best......Larry Nakata.


Upcoming Events

• Saturday & Sunday December 8 & 9 - Coin Show at University Center (tables available, call Carl 561-2275)

• Thursday December 13 6pm-Coin Club annual holiday potluck meeting, auction and raffle drawing. NOTE: There will be no meeting on Wednesday December 5!



United States Mint Press Release:
"National Park Service Officially Launches
Denali National Park and Preserve Quarter"

    HEALY, Alaska - The United States Mint joined National Park Service officials in Healy today for the official launch of the America the Beautiful Quartersฎ Program coin honoring Denali National Park and Preserve. The coin's reverse (tails side) design features a Dall sheep with Mount McKinley rising in the background with the inscriptions DENALI, ALASKA, 2012, and E PLURIBUS UNUM.

    "A national site that features Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, as well as grizzly bears, caribou, Dall sheep and moose, makes Denali National Park and Preserve a perfect choice for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program," David Croft, Plant Manager at the United States Mint at Denver, told the crowd.

    Several representatives of the Denali National Park and Preserve joined Croft to celebrate the coin's release, including Acting Superintendent Jeff Mow; Assistant Superintendent for Operations Elwood Lynn; and Jane Bryant, the site's historian. Following the ceremony, members of the public exchanged their currency for $10 rolls of newly minted Denali National Park and Preserve quarters. Croft also hosted a coin forum the evening of November 14, where local residents gathered to discuss U.S. coinage and learn about United States Mint coin programs and initiatives.

    The Denali National Park and Preserve quarter is the 15th released in the United States Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters Program, authorized by Public Law 110-456. Each year, the public will see five new quarters with reverse designs representing select national sites, with one final coin released in 2021. The United States Mint will issue these quarters in the order in which the honored site was first established as a national site.

    Circulating quality Denali National Park and Preserve quarters are available for purchase directly from the United States Mint in 100-coin bags and in two-roll sets (40 coins per roll) containing one roll each from the United States Mint facilities at Philadelphia and Denver. The bureau is also offering product options containing circulating quality Denali National Park and Preserve quarters struck at the United States Mint at San Francisco. The Denali National Park and Preserve "S" mint mark quarters are available in 100-coin bags and single 40-coin rolls. Unlike the "P" and "D" mint mark quarters, those with the "S" mint mark will not be released into circulation. The two-roll sets ("P" and "D" mint marks) are $32.95; the single rolls ("S" mint mark) are $18.95; and the 100-coin bags are $34.95. Orders are being accepted at the bureau's online catalog at: and at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

    The United States Mint was created by Congress in 1792. This year marks the bureau's 220th anniversary. The United States Mint is the Nation's sole manufacturer of legal tender coinage and is responsible for producing circulating coinage for the Nation to conduct its trade and commerce. The United States Mint also produces numismatic products including proof, uncirculated and commemorative coins; Congressional Gold Medals; and silver and gold bullion coins. The United States Mint's numismatic programs are self-sustaining and operate at no cost to the taxpayer.

Denali Quarter




    Our next event will be a coin show on Saturday and Sunday December 8 & 9 at the University Center. A few tables are still available and a great deal at $10 so reserve them now if you are interested (call Carl at 561-2275). This is a great place to buy and sell for everyone.

    2012 is coming to an end. Another great year of collecting has passed. I hope everyone is looking forward to a fun and enjoyable year ahead.

    Just another reminder to invite all members, family and friends to the Anchorage Coin Club's annual holiday potluck party on Thursday December 13 at 6:15 pm. The club will be providing ham, turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. We encourage people attending to please bring a side dish or dessert.

    The featured event will be a Coin Auction so if you are submitting coins and numismatic items to sell, bring your coins to the December 13th Holiday Party. The club is need of coins to be donated and for members to actively sell raffle tickets so the club can continue on with great events like this one. The club is looking to increase membership and participation to restart the Young Numismatist program.

Please take a moment to visit and "Like" our Facebook page -
Currently, we have thirteen "likes" and would like to build this as a place to notify folks about events and numismatic news relevant to the club.

    We are currently looking for someone to help with editing the newsletter and/or update the Facebook page. These are very easy tasks and all members in the club would appreciate the assistance to continue the newsletter and the growth of the Anchorage Coin Club. As always we encourage all positive feedback, ideas, articles and materials to be submitted for the newsletter (email

Your Friend in Numismatics, Carl




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          $25 / Year Regular Membership

          $10 / Year Youngsters & School Aged Kids up to Grade 12

          $10 / Year for Seniors, Handicapped Members,
                    and Associate Members Living Outside Anchorage

Send application and dues to :

Anchorage Coin Club
P.O. Box 230169
Anchorage, Alaska 99523


Tickets $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, or 11 tickets for $40. Purchase at a meeting or from Carl's University Center 1pm - 6pm Tuesday -Saturday

• First Prize: 1926 $2 & 1/2 U.S. Gold Indian PCGS AU55

• Second Prize: 1899 U.S. $1 Silver Certificate (Black Eagle) PCGS F12

• Third Prize: 1944-S Mercury Dime Certified ICG MS-65

Drawing will be at our Dec 13th Christmas Party


President: Carl Mujagic

Vice President: Robert Hughes

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Seat #1: Loren Lucason

Board Seat #2: John Larson

Board Seat #3: Tim Burke

ACCent Editor: Carl Mujagic