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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

July 2012

Vol. 25  No. 7


The 2012 State of the Club Address
President Carl Mujagic

    Greetings fellow club members, numismatists, and coin collectors. I finally got around to putting an article in the newsletter. We have been extremely busy ever since Roy's coin shop closed down. My goals and agenda as president will be simple. More or less a back to basics approach to keeping the hobby alive.

    First, we will try to increase club membership and attendance at meetings and events. Second, we will work on reinvigorating and creating a successful Young Numismatist (YN) program and to increase YN membership and attendance at club meetings and events.

Fifty Dollar Slug

    Eventually, we will also be offering the newsletter in electronic format so please be sure to send us your email address. Also, make sure to "Like" us on Facebook - Anchorage Coin Club. We will be working to develop our Facebook page to share information and advertise about upcoming events.

    A reminder that our annual July picnic and donation auction is only a few weeks away. It will be Saturday at noon July 7 at the Abbott Loop Community Park on Elmore Street a few blocks north of Abbott Road. We hope to see everyone there. Please bring your friends and family because it is always a great event with many auction bargains. It is a donation auction and we are still seeking numismatic items to sell. Please help support the club and donate your items. Items can be dropped off at Carl's University Center Tuesday through Friday noon to 6pm. The club will also be drawing the three winning tickets for the raffle prizes. We still have tickets left to sell so please be sure to get yours as we will be giving away the prizes at the July 7 picnic (you need not be present to win).

2010 Silver Eagle

    At our last few coin club meetings we have had approximately 50 - 60 auction lots with many items selling at bargain prices. We encourage everyone to bring their friends and family to take advantage of these great numismatic deals.

    Our 25th anniversary of the Anchorage Coin Club is soon approaching. The club encourages all members to submit designs for our 25th anniversary coin. Designs, drawings, artwork and concepts can be submitted directly to the club.

    The club is also in need of anyone who would like to give a short presentation at any future meetings. Topics may include series or types of coin collecting, currency, tokens, toning, grading, etc.

    Please bring your ideas to a coin club meeting. We are open to all good ideas and always willing to learn something new.

We hope to see everyone at the July 7 meeting summer picnic BBQ and auction.

Sincerely, Your President Carl.


June 6th Membership Meeting

Two prizes given out:

    * Door prize of a 1998-P Washington Quarter ANACS MS-61,and

    * Membership prize of 1880 Indian Cent graded NGC Fine.

    Reminder to everyone that we have our July 7th (Saturday afternoon) club picnic. This summer picnic will serve as our club's July meeting date. Accordingly, there will be no club meeting on Wednesday, July 4th.

    The Summer picnic will start at 12 noon that Saturday at the Abbott Community Park pavilion (located on Elmore Street just before you get to Abbott Loop Road). The picnic will run through the afternoon. We have the pavilion reserved for our club's use.

    We are asking that if your last name starts with the letters A-M, bring a salad or dessert. If you last name starts with N-Z bring a side dish. The club will supply the hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, dips, soda pop, plates, forks, spoons, napkins, and knives.

    The highlight of the picnic will be the club's yearly Donation Coin Auction in which members donate coins and numismatic items that we auction off. Proceeds from the donation auction benefit the club's programs. Members were encouraged to donate coins and bring them in at the picnic for the Donation Coin Auction.

    At the picnic our club's raffle coins will be raffled with three luck winners that day. Final raffle tickets will be sold that day ($ 5/each ticket).

    Presentation by Stan Mead on his trip and experience at the ANA Convention in Colorado Springs. Among the locations visited were the U.S. Mint and ANA Museum while at the convention.

Following presentation, club's monthly coin auction was conducted.

Meeting ended following the coin auction.

June 20th Board Meeting

    With six members in attendance the meeting began a 7 pm. After review John gave us a report on the sales of raffle tickets. The conclusion was the we needed more to exceed the break even point.

    Stan summed up the food situation for the picnic. We will be good if you bring your side dish. Stan will pick up more sodas for the event.

    YN education plans using money gained from the upcoming auction was discussed. A club coin collection to be put on display before and after coin presentations was suggested but care taking of the collection was going to be a problem.





Last: FREELAD - federal: government related.



Lots Donated for the Donation Coin Auction

1. Fifteen (15) Lincoln cents. Various Dates from 1929-1964. One proof cent in group. Rest of the cents are mostly BU grade.

2. 1943-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar in XF condition.

3. 1959-D Franklin Half Dollar in VF condition.

4. 1963-D Franklin Half Dollar in VF condition.

5. 1922 Peace Dollar in BU condition.

6. BU Roll of 2011-P Presidential Dollars (Ulysses Grant).

7. BU Roll of 2011-D Presidential Dollars (Ulysses Grant).

8. 1913 Lincoln Cent XF 40 condition.

9. 1938-S Washington Quarter in XF condition.

10. 1922-D Peace Dollar in Good condition.

11. Silver Round: American Mint "Birth of our Nation" 20 gram silver.

12. 1974 Canadian $10 Silver commemorating the 21st Olympics.

13. Year 2000 American Silver Eagle BU condition.

14. 1921-S Morgan Dollar in VF condition.

15. Year 2003 Silver Round 1 oz. featuring a Buffalo and Indian.

16. Year 1993 American Silver Eagle BU condition.

17. Year 2003 American Silver Eagle BU condition.

18. 1974 Canadian $10 Silver commemorating the 21st Olympics.

19. 1989 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf $5 denomination in BU condition.

20. 1921-S Morgan Dollar in Fine condition.

21. Sixteen (16) Lincoln cents. Various dates 1940-1963. All uncirculated.

22. Silver Round. 1 oz. (Featuring Pat Garrett).

23. Silver Round 1 oz. (Featuring Chief Washakie).

24. 1921-D Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64

25. 1926 Peace Dollar PCGS MS64

26. 1 oz. Copper Round (Featuring Lincoln) in BU condition.

27. 1977 British Petroleum Commemorative honoring Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee.

28. Set of 1937-1965 British Half Pennies in circulated grades (F- VF) The set is only missing the 1961 Half Penny.





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DUES: Regular; Full membership for those living in Anchorage $25

          Sponsored membership - first year $15

          Senior, Handicap, & Associates outside Anchorage area $10

          Junior; those under the age of 17 $5

          Life membership $250

Send application and dues to :

Anchorage Coin Club
P.O. Box 230169
Anchorage, Alaska 99523

E-mail Address:





1886 Quarter Eagle

$2 1/2 Gold

TICKETS: $5 each or 5 for $20.00



President: Carl Mujagic

Vice President: Robert Hughes

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Seat #1: Loren Lucason

Board Seat #2: John Larson

Board Seat #3: Tim Burke

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason