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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

December 2011

Vol. 24  No. 12



    Paper was invented two thousand years ago in China. It was not long before they used it to print money. They developed inks ands seals to make it hard to counterfeit. But paper money was not durable.

    Ming Dynasty notes are rare and paper money before the Ming Dynasty is almost unheard of. So some think it was an error to use paper for money.


    Modern paper money has errors in two groups: paper errors and ink errors. The quality and composition of the paper is key to counterfeit protection so it is very rare to find flaws in the paper itself. But paper is run through the presses so fast that folding, tearing, and cutting errors arise. If the paper is not all there when it goes under the print roller then ink will be transferred and printed on the wrong side of the next note.



    Ink errors also arise from clogged print heads, ink smears, and misaligned seals.

    Some people think that an economy based on the use of paper money for day to day commerce is an error. Paper money typically suffers loss of value over time and in some cases, with a stroke of a pen, entire issues of paper money are declared valueless (i.e. Biafran notes and broken bank notes). But the USA has a strong economy; one that goes beyond the small notes in your pocket.

    Now a new realm of paper money errors is found in our counterfeit protection measures. Now we have color changing inks, microprinting, watermarks, and a plastic thread running through the paper that has the denomination printed on it. Any one of these could (and will) go wrong. If you have expanded your note collection to include errors now, with wrong thread denominations missing watermarks fuzzy microprinting and off color inks, your collection may need more paper money error notes.





If your trip to Chicago to visit your cousin was the same time as the World Money Show...

You are probably a numismatist...

And you should belong to the Anchorage Coin Club.



November 2nd Membership Meeting

    Door Prize: 1982-S Roosevelt 10c INB Graded Cameo Gem Proof. Won by: Howard Wright. Membership Prize: 1973-S Washington 25c INB Graded Gem Proof. Won by John Larson.

    Briefing by club president Tim Burke on Anchorage Coin Club's Christmas Party to be held Thursday evening, December 8th at Central Lutheran Church. Accordingly, there will be no First Wednesday of the month meeting (on December 7th) at Central Lutheran Church.... as the club's Christmas party has traditionally been our official December club meeting date.

    Club will provide the chips, dips, beverages, plates, forks, spoons, knives, and table cloths. We have volunteers that will be doing the main dishes: Turkey and Ham.

Club members asked to bring potluck dishes to augment the Turkey and Ham.

Start time of the party will be 6 PM. If you show up about 5:30 PM, give us a hand in setting up for the party.

    Highlight of the Christmas party will be our coin club's Christmas Coin Auction. Check the club's newsletter on auction lots submitted at time of newsletter. Bring your coins to the December 8* auction and we will log them in.

    Raffle prizes will also be drawn at our club's Christmas party. We have three very nice prizes with the top prize being a 1910-D $10 U.S. Indian gold conservatively graded in MS-60 condition in 1986 by former ANA President Barry Stuppler. Raffle tickets are available at $5 per ticket.

    President Tim Burke also talked on the Christmas Coin Show (our club's final one for the calendar year) to be held at the University Center on Saturday (December 17th 10am - 6pm) and Sunday (December 18th 11am- 5pm). Cost of a table will be $10 for the weekend with tables/cases still available. (Note: Members wanting tables can contact Tim. His ad and phone number is shown in this club's newsletter).

Following announcements, Loren Lucason gave his presentation on the subject of "Paper Money Errors".

    Coin auction followed Loren's presentation with membership meeting concluded after auction.

Next meeting Christmas Party Dec. 8th.





Last: GEELA - Eagle, a symbol of American resolve.



November 16th Board Meeting

Anchorage Coin Club Board meeting came to order at 6:30 pm at the New Cauldron Restaurant/ University Center.

Following distribution of correspondence, Board members in attendance approved:

Renewal of Anchorage Coin Club's insurance policy for Year 2012. Cost: $320.

Donation of $ 360 to Central Lutheran Church for use of the church for our club meetings in Year 2012.

Gaming check in the amount of $ 314 was made out to the Anchorage Coin Club-proceeds from last year's raffles.

Board then went into details for the club's upcoming Christmas party on December 8th. Key issues addressed;

Start event at 6 pm. Eat dinner at 6:30 pm.

Some of the board members will be there at approximately 5 pm to set up.

Wrapped door prizes (approximately 40 of them) to be provided by Carl. Board approved $200 towards door prizes.

    John reported that Roy's Coins has a number of display cases available for sale at $20/case. Cases include bourse trays. There could be as many as 12 such cases available for sale. Board approved purchase of the cases / bourse trays to be used for future coin shows.

    Final discussion item: following our club's December 8th raffle drawing, the Board will be looking for raffle coins to purchase for next year's club raffles. We will be selecting coins at the Christmas Coin Show at 2 PM on Saturday, December 17th. Members in attendance can participate in the selection. If any members wish to offer coins for selection, have them available at that time. Board meeting concluded at 7:30 pm

...... Larry Nakata/Secretary.

Next board meeting Dec. 21st.



Coins Submitted (to date) for December 8th Christmas Coin Auction:

From Bill Fivaz:

1 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent AU-58 No minimum

2 1874 3 Cent Nickel VF No minimum

3 1930-P Buffalo Nickel MS64 $55

4 1835 Bust Dime AU55 (P/L) V-5 (EDS) $195

5 1939-P Mercury Dime MS65 Toned 15

6 1945-P Mercury Dime MS65 Toned (Part Bands - Rare as such) $75

7 1902-O Barber Quarter AU Detail (polished) Net VF $45

8 1939-S Washington Quarter MS-63 $75

9 1938-D Walking Liberty 50c Fine $50

10 1941-S Walking Liberty 50c AU58+ $20

11 1884-CC $1 VAM-2 (Double 18) MS63 $175

12 1926-S Peace $1 MS62 $45

13 1893 Isabella 25c AU55 $295

14 1893 Columbian 50c AU (Orig. Toning) $19

15 1923-S Monroe 50c AU $35

16 Venezuela Gold coin (.0460 AGW) BU $65

17 1951 Proof Set $395

18 Donation: 1964 Proof Set

19 1883-CC GSA $1 NGC MS-66 (Nice!!)$695

20 1856 small date Liberty Seated 10c MS-60 $120

21 1898-O Barber 10cEF-45 (Scarce date) $115

22 1884-P Morgan $ 1 VAM-3 Lg. Dots (Top 100) AU-55 $70

23 U.S. Commemorative: 1937 Roanoke 50c PCGS MS-65 $195

From Tim Burke:

24 1914-D Lincoln Cent PCGS VF25 $200

From Loren Lucason:

25 High quality binocular microscope Donation to the Club $25

26 1913-S Buffalo Nickel T-l fine $40

27 1925 Stone Mountain commemorative half $40

28 1999-P broad stuck dime BU $10

29 1877-CC Quarter used $5

30 $1 Players Island casino token AU $3





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CITY:________________________ STATE:_______ ZIP:___________

TELEPHONE (HOME):________________________________


DUES: Regular; Full membership for those living in Anchorage $25

          Sponsored membership - first year $15

          Senior, Handicap, & Associates outside Anchorage area $10

          Junior; those under the age of 17 $5

          Life membership $250

Send application and dues to :

Anchorage Coin Club
P.O. Box 230169
Anchorage, Alaska 99523

E-mail Address:





special Christmas prize

1879 MORGAN $1 NGC MS-64

TICKETS: $5 each or 5 for $20




President: Tim Burke

Vice President: Carl

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Robert

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason