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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 24  No. 10


5 Peso McKinley



    William McKinley was president of the United States from 1897 to 1901. He was the last veteran of the Civil War in the White House. He dealt with the country's financial problems that had peaked with the panic of 1893. He put the dollar on the gold standard and raised import tariffs.


McKinley's portrait was featured on the $10 bank notes of 1902.

    A Gold McKinley memorial dollar bearing his portrait was struck in 1916 and 1917. It is reported that only half of the 30.000 coins struck escaped the melting pot.


    McKinley's portrait was put on $500 notes in 1928 and 1934. With the depression going on a $500 note was a very high denomination note.

    William Dickey, a gold prospector from the states, is credited with the 1896 naming of Alaska's mountain, the tallest mountain on the continent, Mount McKinley. It is said it was in honor of William McKinley's support of the gold standard. Even though local Alaska natives called it Denali (the high one) the name McKinley was made official after McKinley became president. Now it looks like the design on the "America The Beautiful" Alaska Slate quarter will have Mount McKinley in the background.

    After the end of the Spanish-American war in 1899 the U.S. took control of the Philippines and when republicans gained political power in Washington in 1921 the plans to grant self government to the Philippines were stopped.

    That's when a note, printed in the U.S. for circulation in the Philippines, was issued bearing the portrait of McKinley and the value of 5 pesos.





    The Roy Brown Donation Auction raised a very impressive $1565.

    This money will be offered to the current owner of Roy's Coin Shop, Ann Brown (Roy's widow), if she has no need for ii then it will become the start of a fund to support the promotion of coin collecting in Alaska.

    We would like to send out a thank you to every one of you who donated lo this auction.

    Out here on edge of the planet news of how amazing coins are lakes a while to get around. With your help and this fund we will be able to get the word out to more people.


If you store your collection of crisp uncirculated notes in Mylar envelopes...

You are probably a numismatist...

And you should belong to the Anchorage Coin Club.



September 7th Membership Meeting


    Door Prize: "The 20th Century's Greatest Coins- The End of an Era Collection" display set. Won by: Loren Lucason.

    Membership Prize: "Authentic Native American Arrowhead and Coin Collection " display set. Won by: Margaret Wright.

    Announcement by club president Tim Burke on October 15th and 16th coin show at the University Center. There are 10 table available with coin cases. Club members can reserve tables for the show. Contact Tim Burke or register with Carl at his shop.

    As there was no further business to discuss, John Larson gave a presentation on "Foreign Currency-Philippine Bank Notes ".

    Following the presentation, the Roy Brown Memorial Coin Auction was conducted. Club members donated coins with the proceeds going to the Roy Brown Memorial Fund.


September 21st Board Meeting


    Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by club president Tim Burke at the New Cauldron Restaurant / University Center.

    Larry Nakata stated that the Roy Brown Memorial Coin Auction (held September 7th at the coin club meeting) resulted in $1565 raised for the Roy Brown Memorial Fund. The club will get with Ann Brown on disposition of the fund.

We have one more raffle to go for Year 2011. Board discussed and chose three coins for this raffle:

1. U.S. $10 Indian Gold piece.

2. 1934 $10 Silver Certificate PCGS 64PPQ

3. 1879 Morgan $1 NGC MS64

    The coins will be shown at our club's October 5th membership meeting. Raffle tickets to be sold effective that date with the drawing to be held at our coin club's December Christmas party.

    October 15th and 16th Coin Show at the University Center: At this time five of the ten available tables have been taken. Members can still have an opportunity to secure tables for the show. Cost for a table has been determined at $10/table. Club president Tim Burke wilt also contact the Collectables group to see if they would like to join us at the show. Like previous shows held, the Collectables group provide their own tables and pay for table space at our shows. Setup of tables: Time Burke will announce at our next club meeting that those having tables show up at 6 PM on Friday, October 14th to help setup. Coin show hours will be 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday (October 15th) and 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday (October 16th).

    Carl will arrange for advertising in the Anchorage Daily News. Advertisement will include a coupon that can be used for a free coin at the show.

    For October 5th membership meeting, Carl will be giving a presentation on "U.S. Gold Coins".

    Food for the October 5th membership meeting will be a politick in which club members will be asked to bring a main dish, salad, or dessert.

Board meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm......Larry Nakata/Secretary.





Last: SNECT - Cents, the smallest denomination coins currently in circulation in America.






    OK this is it! Post the announcement of the upcoming coin show in your favorite public place. The more people we can get to these shows the better the shows will be and that will lead to better coins at the shows.

    The shows represent our club. We meet potential new members, find more coins, and lean. You could even become a coin dealer.

October 5th Bullet Coin Auction

Lots submitted by Bill Fivaz:

1. 1960 D/D RPM #1 (Strong) Lincoln Cent MS-63 No minimum bid

2. 1858 Silver Three Cent VF-35 Minimum Bid (MB) 35

3. 1914/3-P Buffalo 5c SEGS VF-35 MB 125

4. 1915-P Buffalo 5c AU58+ MB 35

5. 1916-S Mercury l0c MS64 FSB MB 125

6. 1951 Proof Roosevelt 10c MB 23

7. 1917-S (TI) Liberty Standing 25c MS61 MB 195

8. 1916-P Liberty Standing Half Dollar Good condition MB 35

9. 1928-P Peace Dollar (Die #1) Fine MB 305

10. 1920 U.S. Commemorative Pilgrim Half Dollar MS-63 MB 75

11. 1925 U.S. Commemorative Stone Mt. Half Dollar MS-63 MB 45

12. Six (6) Red Seal $2 Notes EF/AU No minimum bid

13. 1934A $5 Silver Certificate (Blue Seal) AU condition No minimum bid.

14. Confederate $100 Note Feb 17th 1864 AU. Portrait of Lucy Pickens MB 55

15. Sets 1 & 2 Sunoco Antique Car Collection Tokens (from the 1970s?). Fifty tokens in the collection. No minimum bid.

16. 2002 Hawaiian Missionaries Stamps (of 1851-52) Souvenir Sheet From US Postal Service. No minimum bid.








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TELEPHONE (HOME):________________________________


DUES: Regular; Full membership for those living in Anchorage $25

          Sponsored membership - first year $15

          Senior, Handicap, & Associates outside Anchorage area $10

          Junior; those under the age of 17 $5

          Life membership $250

Send application and dues to :

Anchorage Coin Club
P.O. Box 230169
Anchorage, Alaska 99523

E-mail Address:








1879 MORGAN $1 NGC MS-64

special Christmas 3rd prize


TICKETS: $5 each or 5 for $20



President: Tim Burke

Vice President: Carl

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Robert

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason


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