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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 23  No. 8



    This year is truly the time of Lincoln. The cent, that started as a hundredth year commemorative in 1909, got a new set of reverses to commemorate Abraham Lincoln's two-hundredth birthday in 2009 then settled into a simple shield reverse for 2010. And even though the circulating cents are copper coated zinc (and have been since 1982) the proof cents are the original copper.


    But it does not end there. This is such a long Lincoln time that it stretches late into 2010. At the end of this year the mint will be releasing into circulation the President Lincoln one dollar coin. You can already get one of these coins in the mint set put on sale July 15th or you can get a proof one from the set put out July 22nd.


    Those of us who took part in the fund-raising raffle will remember this as the year there was a bronze plaque featuring the same portrait of Lincoln as on the Lincoln cent for third prize and an Illinois 1918 commemorative half featuring a portrait of Lincoln for second prize. We will also remember that this was the year we had 2 chances to win the Lincoln half dollar.



    Thank you everyone who donated to our annual summer auction. There was a lot of cool stuff at the auction. There was a cool BU off-center, cup shaped silver error from the Alaska Mint. There was a "miscut" note that you may think might not be cool if you were at the membership meeting the month before. There was an unopened 1958 proof set in the auction that may have cool frosted proofs in it. A cool frosted proof silver eagle was in the auction. George W. Bush was cool enough to have his face on a $10 Liberian coin and one was in the auction. There was a cool framed picture of two hands drawing $10 notes in the auction and if you won the auction lot book about U.S. coinage laws you could find out why it was hot. Larry won the Lincoln half dollar in the raffle but his wife was only interested in the $10 gold piece so he donated the half back to the auction - that was cool.



    Some of the hotdogs were very hot but the potato salad was cool. The teriyaki beef was not cool but it tasted very good. The red, white, & blue cupcakes were cool. It was the day before independence day but we were in the middle of the city so we were cool and did not set off fireworks. We had one chilly rain cloud sail over but we were dry under the pavilion. The air was cool but we are used to that -we are Alaskans. It was good to visit with friends and their families. A cool time was had by all.

    Bottom line: we raised a cool $1000 for our pizza party meetings, coin show program, and the coin education drive.

Next membership meeting Aug. 4th.


    The next club coin show here in Anchorage will be Aug, 14th and 15th at the University Center on Old Seward. A table is $10 and they are available to all coin dealers. The club has tables and showcases.

    Hours of the show will be the hours of the mall. There are two restaurants and a coffee bar with a teller machine in the mall.

Call Carl #561-2275 for reservations.




If your most cherished Christmas present ever is a 1909-S VDB Penny...

You are probably a numismatist...

And you should belong to the Anchorage Coin Club.




July 21st Board Meeting

    Meeting called to order by club secretary Larry Nakata at 6:45 pm. at New Cauldron Restaurant in the University Center.

    Board reviewed correspondence. Nothing of interest to report other than a bill for our club's post office box... which was approved and will be paid by our club treasurer.

    Carl's Briefing on August Coin Show. We need help setting up Friday the 13th. Mike Nourse is still looking for club members who might have back issues of our club's newsletter prior to 1993. Mike has already posted all of our newsletters from 1993 to present on his webpage. Mike wants to borrow those back issues to scan and will return them back to the owner... once scanned. He will then post those back issues.

    Per John Larson, for our final raffle event of the year.. ..we have three prizes that will be drawn at our club's Christmas party event in December:

1922 Gold Certificate Note. Certified graded VF-25 by the Currency Grading & Authentication, Inc.

1901 Bison Note in VF condition.

1884 CC Morgan Dollar in GSA holder graded NGC-62.

For our August 4th Club meeting, Larry Nakata will be giving a presentation on U.S. Gold notes.

As there was no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

....Larry Nakata / Secretary.

Next Board Meeting - Aug. 18th.





Last: SPRIC - CRISP: A superlative of the condition of an unused note ie. CRISP UNCIRCULATED. Note: if you got Isabella from a previous jumble you get a chance to win the door prize at the next membership meeting.





The Alaska State Quarter's grizzly bear catching a salmon in the river was the design chosen by Sarah Palin, the rogue former governor of Alaska. Now coin people in Alaska have gone rogue and enhanced the bear with a layer of gold. This is real gold on a real Alaskan quarter. The gold has been carefully applied to just the bear. The salmon in the bear's mouth is still silver. To protect the beauty of this enhanced quarter it has been packaged in a 2X2 flip with an extra sheet of coin-safe plastic on the gold side. The quarter can be removed from its packaging and combined with the other state quarters to make a special set. Buy one.

Limited Quantities:


See Loren







TICKETS: $5 each or 5 for $20



President: Tim Burke

Vice President: Carl

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Robert

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason


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#110 Bill Fivaz: e-mail

#210 Tom Cederlind: