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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Usually Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 22  No. 12



    After this year's four commemorative cents the Lincoln cent is not going to be the same. The obverse portrait of Lincoln will be the same as the original created by Victor David Brenner in 1909. But the reverse will be radically different.

    According to: section 303 of the Presidential $1 act of 2005, page 119 stat. 2664. Public law 109-145 from the 109th congress: "the design on the reverse of the 1-cent coins issued after December 31, 2009, shall bear an image emblematic of President Lincoln's preservation of the United States of America as a single and united country".

    In other words they are getting rid of the Memorial on the back of the cent. There were a lot of design proposals. Most were of a shield, the flag, or the capital building. On November 13th, 2009 the mint unveiled:


2010 Shield Lincon Cent


    "The reverse features a union shield with a scroll draped across it bearing the inscription E PLURIBUS UNUM. The 13 vertical stripes of the shield represent the states joined in one compact union to support the Federal government, represented by the horizontal bar above," the Mint said in a statement.

This will make Monticello cents the new collectable of an old type - so start collecting.


If you ordered your Lincoln Chronicles Set from the mint within half an hour of them going on sale...

You are probably a numismatist

...and you should belong to the Anchorage Coin Club.





    OUNCES is the final word on the commemorative state quarter program. We think of Delaware's Caesar Rodney on a horse on a 1990 Washington quarter dollar as the start of the program

1999 Delaware State Quarter Reverse


but a coin design for each state goes all the way back to ancient Greek city-states about 500 BC. The design for Athens was an owl and die boy riding a dolphin was for Taras.


Boy On Dolphin Greek Ancient Coin


    The founding father of the Greek empire was Alexander the Great and they issued coins with his image for 200 years.

    Romans put the reigning Caesar on their coins. They put a god on the reverse as a sort of a state of the empire (PAX meant "We are at peace"). They also used coins for announcements of victories in far off places (JUDEA CAPTA" meant "We have captured Jerusalem").

    In the dark ages the only people who had silver were traders in the middle east and they mostly issued coins without symbols. Then silver was found in Bohemia (now Czechoslovakia) in the late 1400's and Europe was rich again. They started issuing the large silver thaler (pronounced taller).

    The name thaler came from Joachimsthal, went through taler, daler, daalder, and came to America as the dollar. Our quarter dollars went through a series of Liberties and settled on our founding father; Washington - the face on the front of our commemorative state quarters. But that is all ancient history. More recently in 1992 the Canadians issued a set of quarters commemorating all 12 of their provinces. A few years later they issued other special quarter sets. The Canadian quarters were very popular.

    In 1999 we started our own program; releasing 5 new quarters a year. It was to take 10 years ending with the final state: Hawaii.

2008 Hawaii Quarter Reverse


    But that was not the final word on state quarters. There was the District of Columbia (not really a state but close enough) and the 5 soon-to-be-states: the territories. So six more quarters were released in one year. And that was to be the final word on state quarters. But coin collecting was at an all time high; fostering American history study and getting people to save at least some money.

    So to keep it going president Bush signed HR6184 into law on december 23, 2008. Called America the Beautiful Quarters act it calls for 56 more quarters to be struck; one for each state and territory as well as one for the District of Columbia. Designs will mostly be state parks but some will be national historic sites. The places have already been chosen and the quarters will be released in the order they became a park or historic site.

    It starts in 2010 with Arkansas' Hot Springs nation park. Mount McKinley was chosen for the Alaska park quarter to be released in 2012. The final quarter in the series will be the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site issued for Alabama in 2021.

    But even that is not the final word on state quarters. The law has an open end for the possibility of another series to be started after the parks ... state capitals maybe?

    But even that is not the final word on state quarters. HR6184 calls for large silver bullion coins to be issued with those same state quarter designs. And (here it comes) those 3 inch diameter stale quarter bullion coins will weigh 5 OUNCES.



CHAPLENT __________

Last: BABSLED - SLABBED; past tense of having a coin encased in plastic by a grading company. Or - DABBLES if are an investor trying your hand at trading in the rare coin market.




    We gave Joyce a silver medallion for the door prize and Stan another silver medallion for the membership prize. Club members were reminded that the December membership meeting is our Christmas Dinner December 10th.

    It was announced that our club has the opportunity to conduct its next coin show at the University Center during Fur Rendezvous. The membership subsequently voted the approval to purchase 10 new tables for the event. These new tables to replace the old, heavy ones.

    Storage space for our club's tables and cases was next discussed. Thanks go to member Frank Jasper for storing our club's tables and to Tim Burke for storing our club's cases.

    A presentation was given by Loren on the subject of the final word on state quarters. Members in attendance were given a chance to see some important coins relating to the discussion. The final word has already been given in this newsletter.

    Following the presentation a short auction was held and then the meeting was wrapped up.



    Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by club president Jack Vinson at the New Cauldron Restaurant. Following distribution of correspondence the board went over details of the Christmas dinner and auction.

    The dinner will be a potluck. Sever of the members will be providing the turkey and ham main dishes. The club will prove the plates, silverware, sodas, bowls, table clothes, chips, and dips. Members are asked to bring a potluck side dish based on your last name:

    For A thru H: Bring an hor D'oeurve
    For I thru P: Bring a salad
    For Q thru Z: Bring a dessert

    Start showing up about 6PM . Dinner will start about 6: PM. Door prizes will be given out. The auction will start after the raffle prizes are drawn. BRING THE FAMILY & HAVE A GOOD TIME!




1. 1809 Half Cent G Mint Error Rotated Die 210 deg. rev. 25.00

2. 1828 US Half Cent (13 stars) F 45.00

3. 1866 Shield Nickel F Lg. Die Crack Obv. 35.00

4. 1936-P Buffalo Nickel MS-63 20.00

5. 1937-P Buffalo Nickel MS-65 42.00

6. 1819 Bust Half Dollar (O-108) VF/EF R-3 95.00

7. 1944-P Walking Half Dollar PCGS MS-65 125.00

8. 1878-CC Morgan Dollar MS-62 165.00

9. 1881-O Morgan Dollar ICG MS-65 750.00

10. 1899-P Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64 285.00

11. 2007 Proof Presidential Set Cameo 15.00

12. 2008-P Proof Bald Eagle $1 28.00

13. Standing Liberty 1 oz. .999 Silver Round 15.00

14. $5 Indian 1 oz. .999 Silver Round 15.00

15. WW II Large German Pin 20.00

16. BU Roll(25 coins) 2007-D Washington Presidential $'s 25.00

17. BU Roll(25 coins) 2007-D Washington Presidential $'s 25.00

18. BU Roll(25 coins) 2007-D Washington Presidential $'s 25.00

19. BU Roll(25 coins) 2007-D John Adams Presidential S's 25.00

20. BU Roll(25 coins) 2007-D John Adams Presidential $'s 25.00

21. BU Roll(25 coins) 2007-D John Adams Presidential $'s 25.00

22. BU Roll (25 coins) Sacajawea / 3 sisters Dollars 25.00

23. BU Roll(25 coins) Sacajawea / 3 sisters Dollars 25.00

24. BU Roll (25 coins) Sacajawea / 3 sisters Dollars 25.00

25. 1888 Morgan Dollar BU Amy & Tim Burke DONATION COIN

26. 1885-O Morgan Dollar PCGS green MS-65 140.00

27. 1883-CC GSA Morgan $ NGC MS-63 DMPL 350.00

28. 1941 Walking Half Dollar PCGS green MS-65 150.00

29. 1944 Walking Half Dollar PCGS green MS-65 150.00

30. 1846 Hamburg Germany 3 drei tiny silver 3.00

31. Lincoln Proof Commemorative Dollar 36.00

32. Lincoln BU Commemorative Dollar 35.00

33. BU 1/2 roll + 1 Alaska Quarters in bag 6.00

34. 1870 Nickel 3 Cents F 15.00

35. 1865 2 cents VF 20.00

36. 1871 Seated Half Dollar AU 200.00

37. 1898-S Barber Quarter F 40.00

38. Canadian Poppy Quarter slabbed 6.00

39. Viet-Nam 50 Dong Crisp BU 3.00

40. 1999 Delaware night ride of Caesar Quarter 1.00

41. 1768 Mexican Pillar 2 Reales VF 30.00

42. 2008 Silver Proof Quarter Set with Gold Alaska Bear 40.00

43. Alaska Quarter Replica Gold Embossed Silver Medallion 50.00


Bring the coins you want to sell to the dinner and we will log them in there.



One Dollar Legal Tender Note



tickets: $5/each
5 tickets/$20
27 tickets/$100

ticket good for second prize too


President: Jack Vinson

Vice President: Ed Vey

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Bill Hamilton

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason

#91 Mike Orr:

#110 Bill Fivaz: e-mail

#210 Tom Cederlind: