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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 22  No. 8



    The 2009 clad proof sets are being delivered and they are the biggest proof sets the U.S. mint has ever made. There are the four president dollars in one case, the miscellaneous coins (Sac. dollar, Ken. half, Ros. dime, and Jef. nickel) in another, the six quarters (DC and 5 territories) in a third and the four Lincoln cents in a fourth case. That's 18 coins making a stack of plastic cases four times the size of a 1998 proof set.


2009 Proof Sets


    Now the silver proof sets of 18 coins are available for order. But there is still time for more. They might realize that a set of proof commemorative Lincoln cents struck in real copper instead of that copper coated zinc would make a great addition to this years collectables. Maybe they could do that for Christmas.

    It might be confusing for bank tellers but this is a great time to be a numismatist. There are so many new coins out there to collect. And we know what to look for.



    We are not the only ones who celebrate independence from England and minted coins to commemorate the event. India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bahamas, Ghana and others all have an independence day and minted coins to celebrate it. Belize celebrates for two weeks starting with the Battle of St. George's Caye Day (September 10th) and going through Independence Day (September 21st). Whereas Canada never quite got completely separated from England they do celebrate Canada Day on the 1st of July commemorating a union of provinces.

    The Anchorage Coin Club's independence day celebration was in the park on a sunny 4th of July. We ate great food were given rare coins. Dennis came to the picnic, bought one $5 ticket, and won the raffle prize; a $500 bill! Winning tickets for two other raffle prizes were also drawn. One for a BU 1880-O Morgan dollar and one for the mystery prize. She did not need to be there to win so Maribel does not yet know that she won a small Indian gold coin.

    We were in the city and couldn't shoot any fireworks so the main event for the afternoon was the club's big annual numismatic donation auction. There was a wide variety of items in the auction this year ranging from a shiny new coin die from the Alaska Mint to important coin reference books from Roy Brown. We raised just over $900 from the auction. This money will go to supporting the club's planned comprehensive coin show program.

1976 Bicentennial Half Dollar Reverse




    Thanks go to all who made this a great coin collector independence day celebration picnic. Thank you all who brought salads, desserts, and snack food. And special thanks to Roy, Mike, Carl, Jack, and the rest of you who donated coins for the auction. The money you helped raise will go to educating the public, making more coins available for sale locally, and drawing more members into our club.

    Thanks also go to those who helped set up tables and such. And, finally, Safe Harbor the organization that helps displaced families gives us all thanks for the food we gave them when we left the park.




Last: BULLION - Coins minted and sold for their intrinsic metal value.




    We were planning to get together at the picnic for a quick discussion of the progress on fostering good relations with the UAA and getting the final word on a time for a coin show at the university center. The best we could do was when six of us were standing at the dessert table at the same time but then only thing we discussed was the coins in the auction.

Next membership meeting August 5th


If your name is on the waiting list with the publisher for a copy of the new World Coins 1501-1600...

You are probably a numismatist.




    Meeting called to order at 7:25 PM by club president Jack Vinson. Meeting held at the New Cauldron Restaurant at the University Center. In reviewing club correspondence the Board got a first look at a group of coins sent to us by good member Bill Fivaz.

    We then discussed the July 4th picnic event. It was a very successful event in which everyone had a good time. Discussed was holding the summer picnic at the same time next year. The Board would like to thank all of those members who donated coins and numismatic material for the July 4th Numismatic Auction.

    Congratulations to club member Dennis Williams on winning the $500 U.S. Note as the raffle prize. Discussed was the next raffle prize.... with the drawing to be held at our club's December Christmas Party. Next raffle prize to be announced at our club's August 5th meeting.

    For the August 5th meeting, Larry Nakata will be giving a presentation on "Indian Head Cents". Stan Mead will be giving a presentation on the subject of "Toning" at our club's September 2nd meeting.

    Loren Lucason will check with Carl on scheduling a local coin show at the University Center for Saturday (October 17th) and Sunday (October 18th).... or on a weekend close to these dates. Once the dates are "locked down" the announcement to be made at our August 5th club meeting.

    It's official..... Stan Mead (formerly our club's ANA representative) will be stepping up as the ANA Alaska State representative. Club member John Larson will become our club's ANA representative.

As there was no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM.

Next board meeting August 19th.

(Hint about the next raffle prize:

there will actually be two prizes for the Christmas party

and one of them will be an American coin spent overseas)


Coin Submitted by Bill Fivaz

1. 1864-L Indian Cent Fine (damaged) No Min.

2. 1866 Indian Cent AG. No Min.

3. 1922 No D Lincoln Cent PCGS VF - Genuine Strong Reverse Min. Bid $765

4. 1938-S Lincoln Cent BU No Min.

5. Set of Lincoln Cents (Average Grade VF) missing 1909-SVDB, 1909-S, 1911-S, 1914-D, 1931-S. Set in album (overall nice set). Min. Bid $245

6. 1914-D Buffalo Nickel MS-63+ Min. Bid $355

7. 1875-S U.S. Twenty Cents VF Min. Bid $130

8. 1916 Barber 25c NGC MS-62 Min. Bid $205

9. 1828 Bust 50c EF Min. Bid $115

10. 1880-CC Morgan Dollar EF-40 Min. Bid $ 195

11. 1920 Pilgrim 50c (U.S. Commemorative) PCGS MS-64 Minimum Bid $75

12. 1882-CC Morgan Dollar MS-64 MB $185









Come see this note.
It could become the biggest denomination in your collection.

tickets: $5/each, 5 tickets/$20



President: Jack Vinson

Vice President: Ed Vey

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Bill Hamilton

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason

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#110 Bill Fivaz: e-mail

#210 Tom Cederlind: