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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 22  No. 5

May 6th: Stan Mead's Early Half Dollars



    Even in these economic limes it is easy lo put aside a cent or two for your collection and the latest cent is an important one to put aside. February 12th of this year was Abraham Lincoln's two hundredth birthday. To celebrate the U.S. mint is issuing 4 different cents this year. They follow Lincoln's life from his childhood to his presidency. The first cent has a log cabin on the reverse to show where he started.

2009 Lincoln Log Cabin Cent


    The trouble is we know that to live here in Alaska is to live on the outer edge of the planet. We know this is the last place the new coins make it to. So the search is on lo find the new cents. The mint offered two-roll sets (P&D) for sale on their web site but they sold out right away. My bank says they do not order bags of cents they just get by with the ones that come in with the customers.

    So you need somebody from the lower forty-eight to bring you some or you need to go there. They are selling on the web for upwards of ten dollars a roll. That's a lot for a fifty cent roll of coins. Every year the mint strikes millions and millions and millions of cents. But this year there will be four different designs so they will only strike millions and millions of each one so you should put aside a couple.

    Already the second cent should be released into circulation. It has Lincoln sitting on a log. In the fall the mint will offer a set of the cents in special packaging. They will definitely cost more than just the few cents that will be in the set but it might make a nice little birthday present.

2009 Lincoln Reading On a Log Cent




    In the late 1800's there was a movement to modernize American money. There was a feeling that our coins in particular were uninspiring. The Europeans were all getting new designs and we should too. Then when Teddy Roosevelt became president the changes started.

    One of the first changes and the start of the current coin series, was President Lincoln's face on the 1909 cent. But before that Washington was on the 1900 Lafayette commemorative dollar. And in the late 1800's up into the early 1900's a myriad of banks issued circulating notes with various presidents on them. McKinley was even on a banknote from Chicago. During the Civil War fractional currency was issued and the first president on the five cent note was Jefferson.

    After the revolutionary war Jefferson made it clear that America needed to strike it's own money (we were using other country's - mostly Spanish). A fad in England at the lime was to collect privately minted copper coins (now called Conder tokens). George III did not like his image struck on copper coins. He thought it was a crude metal. Ii would probably be thought appropriate to put the leader of those rabble rousing colonist from across the pond (Washington) on those 'crude' copper tokens.


Rosa Americana Copper


    There was a shortage of small change in America so some tokens came over here and were spent as cents. Including the ones with Washington on them. So in a way Washington really was the first president on American money.

    Now we have the Presidents Dollar Coin series with past presidents on the obverse. These coins, like the state quarters, will be released in sequence with George Washington on the first dollar. Even though when Washington agreed that we should strike our own money he did not want his face on it - he thought that would seem too imperial.


If you went to the Smithsonian Institution and the only thing you saw was the coin collection....

You are probably a numismatist.



April 1st Coin Club Meeting

    We gave out a $5 New Zealand note for the door prize and a $10 one for the membership prize. Then we went into a discussion with the membership about having a coin show on the University Of Alaska campus. Vice President Ed Vey gave us a briefing and told us about the possibilities for this summer.

    The presentation for the evening was the second half of John's "Foreign Paper Currency". He showed us tie concentration camp notes that had been used to pay prisoners for labor. They had been in his family since the second world war. He said it was what got him started studying foreign paper money.

    Food that evening was based on a chili theme. We had chili and hotdogs that evening for the meeting. It was good to see our membership eating good food. The meeting wrapped up with the monthly coin auction.

Next membership meeting May 6th.




Last: YOMEN - Money: the root of all evil and what numismatics is all about.



April 15th Board Meeting

    Meeting called to order at 7 PM by club President Jack Vinson. Following a review of correspondence the board looked into the May 6th meeting agenda. Stan volunteered to do a presentation on "Early U.S. Half Dollars 1794-1834". Larry will be bringing his early half dollar collection to the meeting and Loren will be bringing his half dollar type set. Refreshments for the May 6th meeting will be on the theme of "Pizza Night". Stan will arrange for the pizzas that evening. Discussion followed on the progress of the raffle prize ticket sales on the $500 U.S. Note. This will be raffled off at our club's July summer picnic. Progress appears to be good at this point.

    On the matter of the July Summer picnic, Stan will visit the City Parks office and arrange for the Abbott Loop Community Park on Elmore Street. This is the same location held at last summer's picnic. Stan will see about getting that park for a July 4th picnic.

    For the July Summer picnic, the main event will be the YN Numismatic Donation Auction. Club members are asked to bring in coins and numismatic donations for this event.

    Discussion then moved onto the matter of a coin show for this year. Because of the logistics involved in a coin show at the University of Alaska campus it was decided to defer such an event until next year (2010). In it's place we will look into a coin show at one of the malls. Carl suggested the University Mall (where we hold our Board meetings). Carl will look into this matter. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM. Next meeting May 20th.


May Auction Lot of The Month

    An original Hobo Nickel from good member Bill Fivaz. This will be auction lot #13 from a group of coins sent up by Bill for our auction. Bill is a member of OHNS the Original Hobo Nickel Society. He is a great source of these fine pieces of American history. Other highlights of the lots he sent us include an NGC-65 1946-D Half, a 1920 Pilgrim Commemorative Half, as well as the MS-64 lustrous 1881-S Morgan dollar BU donated to the club.

Summer picnic:



on Elmore Street

-same place as last year-


    Barbeque with the club providing hotdogs, hamburgers, soda pop, chips, and dip. Members are asked to bring a side dish... salad, desert, vegetables, hors d'oeurves...

    The main event is the YN Donation Auction. It is our club's yearly tradition to donate coins and numismatic items for the event. Donations are now being accepted and we ask that our club members be generous.





Come see this note.
It could become the biggest denomination in your collection.

tickets: $5/each, 5 tickets/$20



President: Jack Vinson

Vice President: Ed Vey

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Bill Hamilton

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason

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