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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 22  No. 4

April 1st: John Larson's World Paper Money Part II



    People seem to be getting overwhelmed by the huge variety of coins that are just now coming into circulation. We just went through ten years of new state quarters and people got used to that but it is not going to end there. Now we are looking at a DC quarter showing up soon then a series of national parks on regular circulating quarters. Some people may have trouble believing these are real U.S. coins and that they can spend them - if they want to.

New Coins of 2009


    The Sacagawea dollar is catching on (well accepted anyway) because of its distinctly gold "Loonie" look. The president dollar coins are OK because the only people who mess with dollar coins can see that they are enough like Sac. dollars and they might be cool to collect. But now there is a Sac. dollar with a woman planting seeds on the back. Many people think it must be a special 'collector' coin or that it is not even a real coin. Maybe it is one of those special 24 carat gold layered coins made in very limited quantities and only available to the first few lucky people who called in during the very short time they are available to the general public. People might think they cannot afford to spend money on a pretty little trinket that is just going to sit in the drawer.

    We have not even seen the 'log cabin' Lincoln cent yet. That's going to be hard to pass off as real. At least it is not much money to worry about. For us collectors this is a great time. There is a lot to collect and a tot of history recorded in coins that we can get in uncirculated condition from the bank. But be prepared to put some work into convincing non-collectors that they are real coins.



    I would like to tell all of you about how the Anchorage Coin Club's election campaigns broke down into a fight between the paper party and the coin party. How the meeting room split up. With coin collectors on one side waving flags saying "Gold King" and "Coins Forever". And on the other side note collectors waving flags: "Cash Paper" and "Note History". The metal men were yelling Rags! at the paper people and they were yelling back Tokens! and Small Change! A Bolivian 10 peso paper airplane was tossed and some pennies were dropped on the floor. Many of our members collect a variety of forms of numismatics and they would be caught in the middle if a full war broke out. The club's current president had taken a jet out of state so keeping the crowd under control would have been left to our vice president and he has had no experience in such things.

    I would like to tell you all about that but the truth is Jack was visiting friends in the lower -48 and Larry told us that the current roster of officers agreed to stay in office. He then read off the names of officers, a motion was made to accept the roster, and a vote was taken. There was only one "nay" vote but no one heard me and the elections were over for one more year.

There were no acceptance speeches.


If you have a crisp uncirculated Barr Note in an acid free envelope in your collection....

You are probably a numismatist.



Membership Meeting on March 4th


    It was "spaghetti night" for the members at the meeting. We gave John Larson a gold plated Kennedy Half dollar for the door prize and Amy Burke won a Gold Plated year 2000 U.S. coin set for the membership prize. Election of the officers at meeting went quickly. Resulting in the same officers as last year:

    We then discussed new Business: a possible coin show this year. The idea was well received and a "steering committee" consisting of Tim Burke, Ed Vey, Stan Mead, and Loren Lucason was created.

    We gathered around John Larson who handed us foreign notes and gave a presentation on the subject of "World Paper Currency". Due to the large number of interesting lots in the bullet auction the presentation was stopped short. John will finish his presentation at our club's next meeting (April 1st).

    The bullet auction of 37 lots followed. Along with the blazing white Franklin half dollars there was a Morgan dollar with luster you could see from across the room and a quite unique Hobo nickel from Bill Fivaz. After the auction we settled up for what we won and negotiated for what did not sell.

    If you were not at the march membership meeting you missed out on a chance to pick up some of the latest coins at face value. Ed had just come back from Hawaii with some fresh roles of Hawaiian quarters. And Dennis had the new Sacagawea dollars. The ones with and Indian girl on the reverse planting seeds.

The meeting finished out around 9 am.


Board Meeting on March 18th


Board meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM by Vice President Ed Vey.

Following review of correspondence, discussion ensued on a possible coin show for this year:

Two Possibilities:

Small com show at a location such as the Sears Mall.

Larger coin show (in late Summer) on the University campus. Assumption being that interest is there from coin dealers in the lower 48.

The steering committee (Tim Burke, Ed Vey, Stan Mead, and Loren Lucason) will look into costs and logistics of both possibilities.....and report back.

April 1st membership meeting will see a continuation of the presentation by John Larson on "World Paper Currency".

Food theme for April meeting will be "Chili and Hotdog night. Members are asked to bring potluck items in support of this theme.

Board meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.


1924 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle




Last: GUNSTEADS - ST GAUDENS - Augustus St Gaudens designed and engraved what is considered to be the most beautiful American coin every created: the Walking Liberty $20 Gold Piece.





     Nice, smooth chocolate brown coin with an Indian Head obverse and a man on a horse reverse. "UNION MUST BE PRESERVED" inscription. Ref. F-54/179A. Min. bid $110.



    One of our club members, Mike Gentry, is in need of a ride to and from our coin club meetings and events. Mike lives at 7225 Bearfoot Drive Apt. #3 (Ph# 243-6297)... in the Raspberry/Strawberry Road section of town (off Northwood Drive). If any member living in that section of town can provide Mike with necessary transportation give Mike a call.






Come see this note.
It could become the biggest denomination in your collection.

tickets: $5/each, 5 tickets/$20



President: Jack Vinson

Vice President: Ed Vey

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Bill Hamilton

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason

#91 Mike Orr:

#110 Bill Fivaz: e-mail

#210 Tom Cederlind: