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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting usually 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 21  No. 12





Susan Gamble

    Raise your hands all of you who knew the Alaska's commemorative slate quarter design contest was actually a survey. I can't count your hands but the state counted your design idea submissions as votes for what you thought should be on our quarter. The actual designer of our quarter with the bear catching a fish in the river was a woman from Arlington Virginia. Some might say that we have many fine artists here in Alaska why should she win? Well, because she is a master designer with twenty years experience and is in the mint's Artistic Infusion Program (AIP).

    Some might say the falls look a little too tall for a salmon to jump up. Some might say the water is a bit rough for a river just before the falls. Perhaps we are thinking of a scene more like McNeil river. It is almost as if she has never been to Alaska. If that is true she should be awarded a trip to Alaska for her winning design. Maybe even a trip to Katmai to see grizzlies catching salmon.

    It is a great design with no negative elements. No reminder of the polar bear that is becoming an endangered species. No image of those poor dogs strapped to that heavily loaded sled. Just a big happy bear standing in the river with a fish in its mouth.

    It does make for a great circulating quarter. When the design is struck into the coin fine grooves get cut into the die by the flow of metal. These fine grooves give the coin luster and the curving luster on Alaska's commemorative stale quarter is beautiful. This design is a winner. One strange coincidence is that the designer's name is Susan Gamble and everybody in Alaska knows that you can't hardly visit Anchorage Alaska without driving down Gamble Street.


Membership Meeting November 5th


    Door prize, a Pearl Harbor 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin from Australia, was won by Jim Sabrowski. Membership prize, 1999 Gold Plated State Quarter Set, was won by Jack Vinson.

    At our meeting were representatives from Boy Scout Troop 104. The Troop leader requested help from our coin club in setting up a coin show on Wednesday, November 19th as part of their merit badge program on "Coins and Coin Collecting". Coin Show to be held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church on Huffman Road starting at 7 PM that evening. The coin club's Board and other club members volunteered to bring their coins for display at that coin show.

    Larry Nakata gave a presentation on the "Morgan Dollar". On display was Larry's Morgan Dollar set which consisted of high grade circulated and uncirculated Morgans he collected over many years.

    Members were reminded of the Christmas dinner and auction and were invited to bring along some coins to sell. This will not be a donation auction; you keep the money. But the club could use some donations to help pay for this catered dinner. A bullet auction rounded out the evening. Books in the auction were donations to the club.

If that old, used 1921 dime you got for Christmas brings more joy to your heart than that brand new blackberry...

You are probably a numismatist


Board Meeting November 19th


    The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM at the New Cauldron Restaurant. The Board conducted the meeting early in order to be at the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in time for the 7 PM coin show for Boy Scout Troop 104.

    First order of business was to make sure everything is in order for our club's December 11th Christmas Party/ Christmas Numismatic Auction. In keeping with our club's tradition it will be our official meeting date. Our members are asked to arrive at 6:30 PM with their salads, desserts, or other side dishes. Stan Mead has arranged for the catered food from Sourdough Restaurant to arrive at 6 PM..... so it could be prepared for dinner dinner at 6:30. A list of coins submitted so far for the auction is posted in this newsletter. As there was no further business. The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM with the Board going directly over to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church.




    Jack had a major fire at his house. The house is a loss, his coin collection is gone, and his pets did not make it but his family is just fine. Roy went into the hospital with breathing problems but now has checked himself out and is at home. Willow had her baby and now Carl has a daughter. Loren broke his collar bone and now it is healed.

    There is a new coin shop in the valley but we have not heard from them about joining the club and getting listed in our newsletter. And the new convention center has opened. We will looking into having coin shows there.



Last: LARDOL - DOLLAR - the standard denomination upon which American money is based.





1. 1935-P Double Struck Lincoln Cent in AU condition.

2. 1883 Shield Nickel with Planchet Lamination MS 65

3. 1945-S Micro "s" Mercury Dime BU

4. Set of three Nickels:

    1935-P Buffalo Nickel (Defective Planchet) EF
    1944-P Jefferson Nickel (Ragged Clip) BU
    1960-P Jefferson Nickel (Ragged Clip) BU

5. Set of three Dimes:

    1907-P Baiber Dime (Ragged Clip) in Good condition
    1945-P Mercury Dime (Clip) in VF condition
    1946-P Roosevelt Dime (Ragged Clip) in BU condition

6. 1863 Store Card Token (NYC) in EF condition.

7. 1921-P Peace Dollar in VG condition.

8. 1943-D Walking Liberty Half Dbl. Die Obv. PCI MS64

9.Three (3) $1 Star Ban Notes EF/AU

10. 1880-CC GSA Morgan Dollar MS63

11. 1881-CC GSA Morgan Dollar MS63

12. 1882-CC GSA Morgan Dollar MS63

13. 1883-CC GSA Morgan Dollar MS63

14. 1884-CC GSA Morgan Dollar MS63

15. 1885-CC GSA Morgan Dollar MS63

16. Dolley Madison 1st Spouse 2007 W $10 PCGS MS68

        -1/2 Ounce Gold Comm.

17. Lincoln 1c 2 Coin Set 2008 P & D PCGS MS68RD

18. 16 Coin President Set Bluebox 2008 P&D PCGS MS68

19. Capped Bust Half Dime 1831 PCGS AU53

20. Andrew Jackson FDI 4 coin Set 2008 PCGS MS 65/66

21. Unc US Mint Set - 28 Coin 2007 P& DUnopened

22. 5 coin 24Kt Gold Plated Mint Set 2000

23. Silver Eagle gold embossed & Colorized 2005 W

24. Beginner Collector Set US 2005 PDS 1C, IOC, 50C

        "2005 S PF Kennedy, blank cent planchet"

25. US Capital Silver Dollar Archil. Hstry. 1994 S PROOF $28

26. 10 Coin Slate Quarter Set 2008 P&D PCGS Flag Label $36

27. Series H Chihuahua Mexico Note 1915 5 Pesos Unc $2

28. Silver Eagle 2007 W PCGS MS69 FIRST STRIKE $30

29. Morgan Dollar 1879 P ANACS AU58 -Tougher Year $25

30. St. Gauden's Gold Double Eagle 1915 S PCGS MS65 $1,850

        -only 172 at MS66 (the highest grade)

31.3 Fantasy notes Palin, McCain, AK quarter >$5

32. 1924 Huguenot silver commemorative half PCGS MS63 $140

33. Morgan Dollar 1921 P GEC MS67 $25

34. Bankroll Alaska Quarters UNC 2008 P -Philadelphia $12

35. Silver Eagle Proof Dollar +Box +COA 2008 W $60

36. Peace Dollar 1922 P ANACS MS63 $24

37. Pope John Paul Vatican Coin Set L20, L50, L50, L100 $15

        -Comm. Silver, Bronze, Alum., Stnls. Steel Lira


* Come to the party and see more coins from Carl, and Roy, and Mike at the Alaska Mint





tickets: $5/each, 5 tickets/$20


President: Jack Vinson

Vice President: Ed Vey

Secretary: Larry Nakata

Treasurer: Stan Mead

Board Member: John Larson

Board Member: Bill Hamilton

ACCent Editor: Loren Lucason

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#110 Bill Fivaz: e-mail

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