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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 21  No. 4




The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is celebrating national coin week (April 20-26) with a coin treasure hunt. The theme for this year is "Money Makes The World Go Round". Each participant needs to find:

1. A coin with an animal

2. The oldest coin you can find

3. A coin from a different country

4. A coin from the year you were born

5. A coin that is not a coin (e.g. a token or a medal).

Everyone who completes this treasure hunt will receive a world coin and be entered into the Anchorage Coin Club drawing for a 2008 State Quarter Proof Set; the set that includes the Alaska State Commemorative Quarter! In addition successful treasure hunters will be entered into the ANA drawing for a U.S. 1/2 Ounce Gold Coin.

The treasure hunt is open to everyone interested in discovering the joy of collecting. Once you have completed your set of five contact one of the coin dealers listed in this newsletter, an ACC board member, or bring them to a coin club meeting.

1936 Hobo Nickel

1936 Hobo Nickel

If you are 72 years old, live in Alaska, and can find this Philadelphia minted 1936 HOBO nickel token you could be in the drawing for the 1/2 ounce gold coin.

This "Money Makes The World Go Round" treasure hunt is fully supported by ANA. More information about it can be found on their web site:

Get your friends involved. Get help from the coin shops, the library, even the mint down town on 4th. Remember national coin week is April 20th through 26th. The drawings will be done right after that.




At the next membership meeting in April we will be taking orders on sets in boxes of silver and bronze coins with your membership number on the edge.

2008 Anchorage Coin Club Medallion Obverse

Silver coins in a boxes with your number and nickel coins with a reeded edge are also available. If payment is made by the May membership meeting you will get pre-order membership savings. After that you will have to buy them at the retail price. And silver is going up.

Bring your money to the next meeting and order your sets now. You do not want to miss out on this locally minted commemorative of our milestone in numismatic club history.

Other metals are available on special order with the Alaska Mint. This commemorative in gold would weigh 1.25 ounces and be very expensive but you can get one.

THANKS Go to Stan and his wife for inspiring this great polar bear design. And to Roy for supporting this selection. And to Loren for finishing the design and putting the club's name on it.

If you have happy thoughts about the recession of the 20's and 30's
because you have their low mintage coins then...
You are probably a numismatist.



Cameo is usually refers to proof coins. It is where the background field on a coin has a mirror shiny finish and the devices have a frosty matte finish. There are cameo coins struck for circulation (notably Morgan dollars) but they are usually from fresh dies just put in the press.

When a die is made the design is cut into the metal in reverse with the fields being the high points. That way it comes out right when the coin is struck. In the final steps the dies are sandblasted to remove any tool marks then buff polished. Since the fields are the high points they get the most polishing and the devices of the design are left with the sandblasted matte finish. Cameo coins are definitely more attractive. To make them more salable the mint has now mandated that proof coins be struck with a cameo finish. Though there are some matte proofs struck by the mint and almost all early proofs are full mirror.

In the final steps sometimes the high points of the design on the die (which would be low points of the design on the coin) get a little buff polishing. This makes for a coin that has some frost missing.

Coin dealers like to point out how much cameo effect is on a coin. Deep cameo refers to a lot of frost in the recesses of the design. Some of the grading companies have picked up on this terminology and put it on their slabs. Others call it ultra-cameo. There is some variation in how frosty the design is on a cameo coin but this terminology can be taken too far. What is Ultra-Deep Cameo? A coin with a white sticker over the design?

It is just dramatic words used in marketing to sell a coin. Cameo looks nice that is all that matters.





The first federal coinage authorized by congress after the revolutionary war. The Fugio cent has been attributed to Ben Franklin


ACC Membership Meeting on March 5th

Briefing by President Loren Lucason on status of 20th Year Club Sets. Alaska Mint provided Loren and the club with a sample 20th Anniversary Silver Club Coin for all to see.

Door prize: 1967 Alaskan 50 cent token- North Pole Enterprises/ Anchorage. Won by John Larson.

Membership prize: 1994 Great Britain 2 Pence Graded NGC 68 Red. Won by Mike Gentry.

Elections held. Gavel passed following elections.

As new business, Stan Mead gave a briefing on the latest ANA Program for National Coin Week. National Treasure Hunt built around the theme, "Money Makes the World Go Round". From now until April 26th (National Coin Week) coin clubs are encouraged to distribute special bookmarks to schools, libraries, civic centers, etc. The bookmarks list five numismatic objects needed to complete the treasure hunt: The bookmarks have directions on who to contact and what to do. Each person completing the treasure hunt wins a world coin and is entered into a local grand prize drawing, held by the local coin club, for a 2008 State Quarter Proof Set. ANA to provide the prizes to the club. Clubs can also offer other numismatic prizes (coins, free membership, etc.). Across the country, everyone who completes the treasure hunt will be entered into the ANA's grand prize drawing for a 1 ounce gold coin and other prizes.

Committee consisting of Bill Hamilton, Joyce Zorick, and John Pastes will be coordinating this effort for our club. Raffle coin announced by John Larson: U.S. 1857 Liberty Seated Half Dollar in XF condition. Tickets are for sale at $5/each or 5 tickets/$20. Bullet Auction held.

Stan Mead gave presentation on "Proof and Proof-like Coinage".



ACC Board Meeting March 19th

Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM by President Jack Vinson. Correspondence reviewed. No bills to pay.

First Subject: 20th Year Anchorage Coin Club sets. Board looked at costs

Decision: President Jack Vinson will visit Mike Robuck at the Alaska Mint to discuss and determine costs for these sets and coins. Once those costs are determined, President Jack Vinson will make recommendations at our club's next meeting on April 2nd. At that time, people can place their pre-orders for the coins (at a pre-order price) and pay for them at the April 2nd and May 7th membership meetings. There will also be an announcement in the April newsletter with an opportunity for members (who cannot attend the club's meetings) to also place pre-orders by mail and provide their payment.

Stan Mead gave a briefing on the status of the ANA's National Coin Week Treasure Hunt. Things are going well at this point with the committee (Bill Hamilton, Joyce Zorick, and John Pastos).

Discussion of Summer picnic location. Carl will look at picnic locations for Saturday July 12th and Saturday July 19th. Once locations are determined. Carl will query the Board on best location to secure. OK given by Board to coincide the YN Numismatic Donation Auction for the same Summer picnic timeframe.

For April 2nd meeting... presentation will be on "U.S. Low Mintage Coins- From Recession Times". Moderator will be our new President Jack Vinson. April 2nd meeting will also be a Potluck event. Members are asked to bring in potluck dishes (hors d'oeuvres, salads, main dishes, and desserts). Club to supply soda pop. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Come to the next

meeting and meet the

new officers