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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Membership Meeting (usually) 1st Wed. each month, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova

Vol. 20  No. 12



Year 2008 State Quarters

Year 2008 State Quarters


Alaska State Quarter reverse

Alaska State Quarter reverse

This is how our Alaska state quarter stacks up against the other state quarters to be released in 2008; the last year of this wildly popular commemorative state quarter program. This is an interesting bunch of quarter designs; with a bird, a mythic symbol, scenery, and the ruler of a foreign country. Our bear with a fish in its mouth fits right in.

The Alaska state quarter will be released for general circulation in September of 2008. Of course numismatists know where to get them early.



When the word got out that gold was found in California the rush was on. They battled Indians all the way out to the west. On the way some gold was found in Nevada. As the story goes the mining operations set up to harvest gold in Nevada had trouble with a sticky gray mud that was gumming up the machinery. It was sent out to be analyzed and found to be a very rich silver ore. In fact there was so much silver around that some operations switched to harvesting it instead.

To be properly put into circulation the silver (and gold) needed to be struck into coins. The nearest mint was in San Francisco. Thus wagons loaded with precious metal bars had to be sent out across the desert. By the time these operations got going the Indians were pretty much under control in the south west. So besides the normal dangers of traveling long distances in wagons in the old west the only things they had to worry about were sixgun-toting bandits and desperadoes on horseback.

After a lot of political maneuvering congress decided in 1863 to establish a mint in Nevada and, finally, in 1870 the small Carson City mint started minting coins. Both gold and silver coins came out of the Carson City mint. It was never a large mint, however, so their mintages were always less than what the other mints could do. It was just the little mint in the small country town way out in the west.

1878-CC Morgan Dollar Obverse

1878-CC Morgan Dollar Obverse

Because of fluctuations in silver values the minting of silver dollars for circulation was suspended in 1873 and the Carson City mint was relegated to putting out a few gold coins, some small change, and dollars for overseas trade. Then in 1878 Congressmen Bland and Allison got a bill passed that brought back the silver dollar. The Carson City mint was saved from obscurity and the Morgan silver dollar was born. The little mint's 1878-CC Morgan dollar remains an icon of American silver coinage of the old west. It is what cowboys played poker with. It's what jingled in their pockets.

1878-CC Morgan Dollar Reverse

1878-CC Morgan Dollar Reverse



This is Christmas. This is when we have our biggest coin auction of the year and good member Bill Fivaz sent us up some nice coins for the auction. Including historic US coins in high grade as well as obscure varieties and a hobo nickel. We previewed and discussed these coins at our November membership meeting. We have also gathered up door prize coins for almost everyone attending the party. Even a gold coin from Roy is among the door prizes. The winning ticket will be drawn at the party for the raffle prize; a choice quarter-eagle Indian gold piece. This year nobody has to bake anything. We are having the party catered by Sourdough Mining Company. There will be plenty of food for everyone. You can bring a dessert - our membership seems to be big on sugar.

Next year is our twentieth year as a coin club here in Anchorage. This is a momentous event I know of no other coin club that has been here this long. To celebrate this we will be having our friends at the Alaska Mint strike a commemorative. This is your chance to become a famous coin designer. Think up the design for our double-decade commemorative. You do not have to be Leonardo. Art is not necessary. All you need to do is give us your idea of a design that represents the Anchorage Coin Club. So far "a hand coming out of the sky bringing a coin to Anchorage" and "a sea otter floating on the water in cook inlet" have been suggested. Bring your suggestions to the meeting or e-mail them to a club officer.

In September of next year the Alaska commemorative state quarter will be released to the general public. A coin show and celebration would be appropriate for this occasion Possible venues for this event include the new convention center, the museum downtown, the University of Alaska at Anchorage, or even the Egan sports arena.

We have a lot of fun things going on for now and for the future. Get involved.

If you can tell a "Bart" from a "Josh" Hobo nickel with just a glance...

You are probably a numismatist.




The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by president Loren Lucason. There were five board members in attendance Final preparations for the Christmas dinner/coin auction was the agenda for the meeting. It was decided to have beef brisket, BBQ chicken, and corn fritters catered for the parry. Carl will be wrapping door prizes and Larry will be bringing Christmas music. The food will arrive at the Central Lutheran Church at 6pm. It will be a buffet style dinner and we will be responsible for cleaning up afterwards.

To finish off the year a check for $628 was cut to cash out the club's gaming account. The meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

The next board meeting will be January 16th at 7pm.





Last month's answer: CAMEO: The very desirable effect you get on a proof (or PL) coin that has frosted devices and mirror fields.




Mayor Begich was at the mint in November to strike new Fur Rondy coins. The artist for the coin was also there. Cake was served by Gloria. Each year the Alaska Mint hosts 3 or 4 meritorious events here in downtown Anchorage.



A late addition to the Christmas auction is a coin die from the Alaska Mint. It is in perfect condition with the design completely intact. The minimum bid is $100,

There is an auction list included with this newsletter but there will be last minute additions. We will be accepting lots for sale right up to the start of the auction on the 13th.

Come to the parry to see them all.




Bring a coin to sell.

Buy a coin for Christmas.

Bring dessert if you want to.

Bring the family!



Submitted by Bill Fivaz

1 1866 Indian Cent VF/EF MB=$95

2 1869/9 Indian Cent G MB- 85

3 1908-S Indian Cent EF MB-115

4 1905 Liberty Nickel MS-64 MB- 160

5 1917-P Mercury Dime MS-64 FSB MB-60

6 1925-P Mercury Dime MS-64 FSB MB- 125

7 1875-S U.S. 20c ("5" in dentils) VG MB- 80

8 1934-P Washington 25c MS-64 MB=25

9 1934-D Washington 25c AU-58 MB-100

10 1856/6-O Liberty Seated 50c RPD EF MB-83

11 1939-D Liberty Walking 50c AU-58 MB= 15

12 1943-D Liberty Walking 50c MS-64 MB- 55

13 1878-CC Morgan Dollar MS-63+ MB= 305

14 1884-O Morgan Dollar MS-64 Toned MB= 60

15 1889-O Morgan Dollar MS-63 MB- 295

16 1921 Peace Dollar EF MB- 115

17 1878-S Trade Dollar F MB- 75

18 1920 Maine 50c MS-63 MB= 120

19 1926 Sesquicentennial 50c MS-63 MB-110

20 1925 Stone Mountain 50c (DDO) AU MB- 45

21 1934-D Oregon 50c MS-64 MB- 175

22 1937 Roanoke 50c MS-64 MB-235

23 1936-P Lincoln Cent DDO #1 F MB-30

24 1944-D/S Lincoln Cent OMM #1 VF MB-100

25 1943 Lincoln Steel Blank Planchet (T-l) BU MB- 25

26 1876-CC Liberty Seated Dime DDO VF MB-75

27 1872 Liberty Seated Dime MPD ("2" in Rock) EF/AU MB-50

28 1950-S/D Washington 25c EF MB- 175

29 1947-Plc Hobo Penny F MB-17

30 Hobo Nickel ("Bart") MB- 50

Donated Lots for Anchorage Coin Club no MB

31 Coin Albums

Deluxe Dansco: Lincoln Cents (include Proofs).

Deluxe Whitman: Jefferson Nickels

Deluxe Dansco: Washington Statehood Quarters

Various Whitman tri-fold coin albums.

32 1994 Standard Catalog of World Coins 21st Edition.

33 1994 Standard Catalog of World Coins 21st Edition.

34 Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Vol. 3 Modern Issues 1961-1996

35 Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Vol. 2 General Issues 7th Edition

36 Lot of 17 Auction Catalogs

37 Std. Cat. of World Paper Money Modern Issues 1961-Pres. 12th.Edition

38 Set of Tokens- 50 State Collection.

Submitted by Bill Hamilton

39 1948 Washington Quarter ICG MS-66 MB-48

40 1884-S Morgan Dollar SEGS AU-50 MB- 85

41 2001 -S Sacagawea Dollar ICG PR-68 DCAM MB= 95

42 Complete Walker Half Dollar Set 1916-1947 AG-AU MB-1100

Submitted by Bill Fivaz

43 1925 Canadian Cent (key date) F/VF MB- 35

Submitted by Loren Lucason

44 Full Coin Library: Red Book, ANA Grading Guide, World coins 1800-, World coins 1900-, Coin World Almanac, Atlas of World History. (6 Books) MB=10

45 Ultraviolet Florescent Note Viewer. MB=10

46 Vatican City 5 Lire choice BU silver 1939 Pope Pius XII. MB-10