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Membership Meeting June 6th, 7 PM, Central Lutheran Church, 15th and Cordova, public welcome.
Board Meeting June 20th University Center, members welcome

Vol. 20  No. 6




Governor Palin chose the grizzly bear in a rushing river with a salmon in its mouth. A far cry from any grizzly image associated with California. Some say the bear looks like it is eating the salmon that jumped out of the water on the Washington quarter.

Alaska State Quarter Design Chosen

Alaska State Quarter Design Chosen

There is only one main character in this image; that is important on a one inch diameter coin. And, with proper die cutting, this will make a beautiful frosted proof quarter. It should have a frosted bear and white caps on the waves in the river.

The problems with the other AK quarter design choices varied from the cheesy rays of the setting sun to dogs cruelly strapped to the sled. The bear choice gives us a modern, realistic design that shows that Alaska truly is the great land.............

        Loren Lucason



Besides the clunky Ike dollar series there are 3 series of modern dollar coins:

(1) The Susan B. Anthony Dollar featuring the American women's civil rights leader. It was a short lived series minted between 1979 and 1981.... and again in 1999. While this $1 coin was smaller in size and easier to carry it proved to be unpopular with the public. Its similarity in size and appearance to a U.S. quarter led to its demise.

Sacagawea Dollar Obverse

Sacagawea Dollar Obverse

(2) The Sacagawea Dollar featuring the Shoshone Indian girl who accompanied Lewis and Clack on their journey to the pacific. First minted in the year 2000, it has a smooth rim (similar to the U.S. nickel) and a gold color that distinguishes it from the U.S. quarter. But, despite a promotional blitz by the U.S. government, the Sacagawea Dollar still has not gained popularity.

(3) The Presidential Dollar coins are now being minted and put into circulation. They feature a U.S. president on the obverse and the statue of Liberty on the reverse. They also have lettering on the rim; the U.S. mottos "In God We Trust" and "E, Pluribus Unum", as well as the date and the mint mark. This makes the new Presidential dollars stand out from other U.S. coins.

If you can spot a counterfeit "no-lettering" presidential dollar with just a glance....
you are probably a numismatist.

This year is the start of the Presidential Dollar Coin Program. Each year four different Presidential $1 coins will be issued in the chronological order they served in office. With George W. Bush being the 43rd President of the United Stales, this program will run for at least 11 years.

Interestingly the Sacagawea $1 will continue to be minted during and after this 11 year period. When the U.S. Congress passed the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, the act stipulated that at least 1/3 of the total $1 coins minted shall be Sacagawea dollars. The act went on to require that Sacagawea dollar coin minting shall continue after the Presidential program ends.

Back in the year 2000 the U.S. General Accounting Office estimated that $522 million per year could be saved if the $1 paper bill was eliminated and replaced by the $1 coin. The rationale was that a coin lasts longer than a paper bill. Years later the U.S. $1 coin still has not replace the $1 bill. The reasons are:

+ Lack of acceptance by the U.S. public on the use of the $1 coin over the $1 bill.

+ Lobbying in Congress to put a provision in $1 Coin Act (Public Law 105-124) resulting in $1 U.S. paper currency not being eliminated nor phased out.

Still.... it appears our government wishes to continue the $1 coin program with the hope that the $1 coin may yet prevail. As coin collectors this provides us with lots of opportunities in collecting both $1 paper currencies and $1 coins.... especially the modem U.S. dollar coins. For years I have been collecting uncirculated examples of $1 bills and $1 modern coins. The way I figure it, if the $1 coin does prevail, my paper bill collection will accordingly go up in numismatic value. At the least, I would recommend you put together an uncirculated set of each $1 series by date and mintmark.

I have seen collectors put together high grade Registry Sets of these type coins with the Professional Grading Services.

You can also collect uncirculated rolls of these $1 coins by date and mintmark. I've been doing that for years.... and am still trying to get a number of the uncirculated "Ike" rolls. I'm finding the Ikes a tough set to put together as a BU roll collection.

So..... whether or not the U.S. $ 1 coin prevails, there are lots of collecting opportunities for you. While it would be great to collect an uncirculated series of U.S. Silver Dollars, you will find that to be an expensive proposition. Collecting the modem U.S. $1 coin is a different story...........................

        Larry Nakata


From The President

The summer picnic is coming up and we will be having our annual fund raising donation auction. The money will go towards building our YN program up again now that so many have gone off to college. Bill Fivaz has donated a BU set of Susan B. Anthony dollar that will be in the auction. Bring what you can to the June 6th meeting so we can list them in the newsletter.

At our May membership meeting a set of Venezuelan coins was given to Brandon Sawyer for the door prize and his father. Dean was given a Canadian 1979 (Griffin) dollar for the membership prize. The raffle coin, a 1921 High Relief Peace Dollar, was won by Vice President Carl. The next raffle prize is a VF 1899 one dollar silver certificate the "The Black Eagle".

Thanks go to member Jack Vinson for volunteering to take care of club supplies as well as volunteering to store display cases and tables at his new house. After a break we had the bullet auction and then Larry gave us an eye-opening presentation on the modern U.S. dollar coins and showed us what we need to do to complete a collection



Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM at the Natural Pantry in the University Center. The first order of business was a letter telling us that a book, "Obsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States 1782-1866" by Q. David Bowers was being given to us by ANA courtesy of Whitman Publishing and John Albanese (numismatist and benefactor). It was decided to put this valuable, informative book in the Loussac Public Library.

There were short discussions concerning the sponsoring coin shows and the location for our monthly board meetings. As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.





Last month's answer:

DENARIUS, an ancient Roman silver coin about the diameter of a dime.



Alaska Mint News

Alaska Mint Land Of The Midnight Sun Reverse

Alaska Mint Land Of The Midnight Sun Reverse

The "LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN" is a new reverse design available on coins struck down town here in Anchorage. It is an elegant image of the Alaska landscape without the clutter of the State Seal.


ANA Events

Open Your Eyes To The World Of Numismatics

Become An Expert Summer Seminar 2007

Colorado Springs, CO

Session 1 Sunday June 24 - Friday June 29
Session 2 Saturday June 30 - Friday July 6

For more information please contact ANA Education Department at

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