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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 15, Number 11

November 2002

November Membership Meeting
Wed., Nov 6th, 2002 Central Lutheran Church

7:00 Open, 7:30 PM Meeting



You missed the Gold Coin Seminar where Mary Sauvain taught us how to grade American gold and how to tell real coins from counterfeits. Then you missed Larry's summary of the seminar where we got impressions from those who attended and some important points to learn from that seminar. Do not miss the chance to get the book, "United States Gold Coins: An Illustrated History" by Q. David Bowers. A great book filled with color pictures and the interesting history of U.S. gold coinage. The book is one of our raffle prizes. Tickets are $2/each.

The other raffle prize is the high grade set of Peace Dollars valued at well over a thousand dollars. The Peace dollars are all BU and AU with a couple XF's packaged in a coinsafe album. Tickets for this prize are $5 with a twenty dollar bill buying five tickets. The set is now at Roy's and will soon be at Bill's for viewing and purchase of tickets.

The winning ticket for each of these prizes will be drawn at our Christmas Party/potluck dinner at the Central Lutheran Church on the 12th of December. Also at the Christmas party will be our biggest numismatic auction of the year. So far we have approximately 50 quality, interesting lots including every thing from an ancient Greek tetradrachm to a bicentennial quarter shaped tin of mints. You do not want to miss this event.

Robert Hall's coin show in Wasilla was well attended. Many people picked up coin information at the club table. Dean Pulver's daughter came by to find out about auction houses for Dean's coins. Dean passed away recently.

The next coin show will be on November 16th and 17th at the Northway Mall put together by Don Thurber and Mike McKinnon. Coin tables are available at $40 per table. Contact Don Thurber at #338-7488 for tables.

Don and Marilyn Stubblefield have arranged a YN table for the Northway Mall coin show. The YNs will be selling some numismatic products that they put together as part of a YN meeting event earlier in the year. The proceeds from the sale of these products will go into the YN Program. So please support that program by buying their products.

Back at the meeting you missed, we gave Jim an Alaska Mint 2002 Salt Lake City Commemorative for the door prize and Carl a 1976 Bicentennial 3 Coin Silver Uncirculated Mint Set for the membership prize.

Bill Hamilton gave an update on the pull-tab endeavor. After a break, we sold the 8 coin lots in the bullet auction.

We ate all the pizza we wanted, drank all the soda we wanted, and bought all the coins we wanted. Then the meeting was over and we went home.

Another numismatic day done. We hope you do not miss the next one.....Your Editors.



Schedule of Events for the Month of November:

  1. Monthly Membership Meeting : November 6th (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members and general public welcome. There will be a presentation by Club President Richard Bilak on "Chinese Cash Coinage". A bullet auction of no more than 15 coin lots will occur. Members wishing to submit coins for the bullet auction can bring them to the meeting.
  2. YN (Young Numismatists) Meeting: November 9th (Saturday) at 10 AM at the Alaska Mint located at 429 W. 4th Avenue. YNs, club members, and the general public are welcomed. Club member and owner, Mike Robuck, and his staff will be giving a tour of their mint and how they design and mint their coins. It should be a great event.
  3. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: November 20th (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.
  4. Coin Show: Northway Mall November 16th (Saturday) and November 17th (Sunday).

Minutes of the October 16th Board Meeting

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by Vice President John Larson.

First order of business was a review of correspondence and bills to be paid.

The Board then reviewed issues regarding old business.

Larry Nakata gave an update regarding his efforts in amending the club's gaming license to include pull-tabs. Larry pointed out that at our club's October 2nd membership meeting, Bill Hamilton gave a report stating that he (Bill) is in the process of filing for an operator's license with the Dept. of Revenue/ Gaming Section. The process requires a test be taken and that a bond be posted. Upon passage of the test, he can then file for such a license. At the October 2nd meeting, Bill anticipated a timeframe for implementation of January.

Based upon this information, Larry Nakata then contacted the Dept. of Revenue/ Gaming Section on when our club should amend its license. The concern that Larry had was that our club will need to renew the club's license by December 15th. Larry had noted that the renewal application does allow for amending the license... but requires specific information on who the club will be doing business with and the operator's license number. Since this information will not be available until January, Larry asked for recommendations. The recommendations from the Dept. of Revenue/ Gaming Section is that the club renew the club's license for raffles only at this time. When the operator's license is granted to Bill, then the club can amend it's license to include pull-tabs at that time.

The Board then went over details for the club's Christmas Party scheduled for Thursday evening, December 12th. Details of the Christmas Party will be posted as an article in the newsletter.

The itinerary for the remainder of the year was also reviewed by the Board. The club membership meeting will see a change in the presentation on November 6th. Originally, Greg Samorajski was to give a presentation on "20th Century Type Coins". Greg will not be able to attend the November 6th meeting. Club President Richard Bilak will give a presentation that evening on "Chinese Cash Coinage".

There will be a YN meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 9th at the Alaska Mint. (See YN Corner article).

The month of December will see one meeting...our club's Christmas Party/ Christmas Coin Auction on Thursday evening, December 12th at the Central Lutheran Church. The club's membership meeting and YN meeting will be consolidated into this single event.

Board meetings will continue to be held on November 20th and December 18th.

The final order of business was a discussion of new business for next year, 2003. Larry Nakata pointed out that next year will see the club reaching it's 15th year. There was a discussion of different programs that should be considered for next year. Among the programs discussed was to have the club put out a 15th year set of medallions commemorating this event. It was agreed that the Board give some thought to projects and goals that we would like to achieve for next year. This matter will be addressed in the November and December Board meetings as a follow-up agenda item.

As there was no further business to discuss, the Board meeting concluded at 8:30 PM.



What do broadstruck, clamshell lamination, clips, mules, and cracked obverse coins have in common? These were just a few of the examples that Carl used for his presentation on "Errors" at the October 9th YN meeting. There were 8 YNs and guests in attendance, starting off the evening with pizza, soda, and chips. Carl gave a very informative and interesting presentation with an extensive assortment of all kinds of error coins. Thank you, Carl, for your excellent presentation.

Our November meeting will not be at the normal scheduled time, but we will be meeting on Saturday, November 9th at 10 AM to tour through the Alaska Mint located at 429 W. 4th Avenue.

On November 16th and 17th, the YNs will be having a table at the Northway Mall in conjunction with the coin show. We will be selling shredded money in vials that were put together as a YN project earlier this year. The YNs will also be providing information to the public about our coin club and YN Program. For those YNs and adults interested in manning the table, please let us know if you are interested in helping out. We can be reached at 345-6171. brings us to the subject of earning YN Bucks. Over the years, the Anchorage Coin Club YN Program has given YNs the ability to earn YN Bucks that can be used to bid on coins at the coin club's Christmas Auction. This year the Christmas Party will be held on Thursday evening (6 PM- 9 PM), December 12th at the Central Lutheran Church.

YNs can earn YN Bucks in the following ways:

YN Bucks will be awarded to YNs at the December 12th Christmas Party prior to the start of the Christmas Coin Auction. We encourage YNs to participate. Up to $200 will be awarded in YN

Bucks...which can bid on quite a few of the coins that will be auctioned that evening.

Beginning in January 10th......the YNs will start meeting on the second Friday of every month.....instead of the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We will continue to start the meetings at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church.

Looking forward to seeing you in the near future and good luck on earning those YN Bucks.....Don and Marilyn Stubblefield.


by Mike Nourse (Life Member #1)

You never know what you might find if you look hard enough! I just returned from a very enjoyable two week vacation, which was spent sailing off the coast of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with my Dad and his wife. Our visits to shore were few and far between, as we generally spent our days sailing out among the numerous rocky islands that populate the coast of northern New England. At night we would simply drop anchor in one of the countless small coves that exist along the coast.

However, even living on a boat, it is still necessary to go ashore from time to time to re-provision our supplies, get fuel, do laundry, etc. Sometimes our trip to shore has a bit more of a sense of urgency attached to it, such as the approach of Hurricane Gustave. We had planned to stop in Marblehead, Massachusetts for the usual chores and had even planned to spend a few hours walking around the area.

Marblehead is an exceedingly old settlement, located on the coast just a short distance from Salem. Most of the houses display a wooden plaque on their exterior stating the date of construction along with the name and occupation of the original owner. These are fairly good sized houses, generally constructed for ships captains or local merchants. In Marblehead, a 200 year old house actually is considered to be 'new construction'!

The majority of the houses here were built long before the first mint was established in Philadelphia. A rough guesstimate is that about 20% of the houses are from the 1600's, 60% from the 1700's, and the remaining 20% from the 1800's. The streets never seem to go in a straight line for a distance greater than three houses, and 'blocks' as we know them today are nonexistent - no problem in a day when your transportation is on the back of a horse. Undoubtedly a great deal of colonial coinage has passed through this town - at face value!

As we were going to be here about 24 hours longer than expected (due to Gustave's 40 knot winds), I decided that the used bookstore would be top on my list of places to burn some time. As many of you know, I have a fairly substantial numismatic library, both new and old books, but I am always on the lookout for new acquisitions.

Whenever I enter an old bookstore, I tend to seek out the numismatic books first, with some bizarre sense that some other coin collector might just be about to walk through the door and beat me to a real prize. Anyhow, I found the coin books, which are almost invariably found together with books about stamps, antiques, and other collectables. There were only three numismatic books, two of which were not very old, nor particularly interesting. The third (which I purchased) was entitled "The Coinages Of The World Ancient And Modern" by George D. Matthews, issued by Scott & Company, New York, in the year 1876. It is a medium sized book, over 300 pages in length, with somewhat worn leather bound covers. The pages inside have yellowed with age, particularly near the edges, but the type is very clear and easy to read. The price was $20, plus 5% tax.

Certainly not a great bargain, but I was happy just to find something numismatically related in this store, as I usually (almost always actually) come out empty handed. Once I had thoroughly cased the two shelves of books in the antiques and collectables categories (making sure there were no misfiled numismatic books), I toured around the rest of the well stocked bookstore, but made no other purchases. The closest runner-up was an old copy of the diary of Samuel Pepys, a Naval clerk who lived in London during the 1660's, during which time he kept a very detailed diary. He recorded his travels to quite a few of the London taverns of the day, giving details about these taverns of which little else is known, other than that they existed. This information is of great interest to collectors of London tokens, which were issued in copious numbers centuries ago. An article on the subject, well worth reading, is published in the August 2002 issue of "The Numismatist", beginning on page 890. I would have liked to purchase this diary, but it was a fairly large book and I had to watch my budget.

The moral of all this is that you never know where you may find coins or numismatic books. Some of the antique shops that I explored in Marblehead had a few scattered coins, usually Peace dollars and 1921 Morgans, available at full premium prices. But you should check even these! Who knows when you may stumble across a 1921 or 1928 Peace dollar, or even a 1934-S or one of the scarce dates of the early to mid 1890's Morgan series. Odds are that the proprietor of the store knows little about the coins in the display, and probably does not even have a current Redbook. I have not been so lucky (yet), but I will keep searching. So far my best find is in the category of books, in which I was able to pick up an excellent condition copy of the 400 page 1911 Mint Directors Report, an attractive black hardbound book.

Keep your eyes open when you travel around, both near and far. Yard sales can even be productive and turn up old Redbooks priced at 50 cents. Used bookstores are always worth a look, as are antique stores and even thrift stores. Your good finds will be few and very far between, but can be rather exciting when you are successful.....Mike Nourse.



Come one and all to the Anchorage Coin Club's Christmas Party on Thursday evening, December 12th at the Central Lutheran Church. The party is scheduled to start around 6 PM with a dinner buffet at 6:30 PM.

Following dinner, there will be award presentations followed by our club's annual Christmas Coin Auction. We ask that members wishing to submit coins for the auction bring their list to the next club meeting or contact Larry Nakata (home ph# 563-1729).

Auction lots for this event will be listed in this newsletter and will be updated in next month's newsletter.

There will be lots of door prizes given away that evening.

There will also be two raffle prizes drawn that evening:

A complete set of US Peace Dollars, XF or better condition. Raffle tickets at $5/ticket or $20 for 5 tickets.

Book: "United States Gold Coins: An Illustrated History" by Q. David Bowers. Raffle tickets at $2/ticket.

Dinner will be a buffet in which members are asked to bring a "potluck item" such as a salad, hors d'oeuvres, dessert, or a main dish. The club will provide plates, forks, spoons, knives, chips, dips, continents, soda pop, and coffee. Roy Brown will be contacting members on what potluck items will be brought for the dinner and to get a "headcount" of people attending the Christmas Party....for purposes of planning the Christmas Party.

Club members, their families, and friends are encouraged to attend. If there are any questions, contact Roy Brown at Roy's Coins (ph# 563-6708).









1902-O PCGS MS-63 Morgan Dollar
1885-O Morgan Dollar BU Condition
1941 Liberty Standing Half Dollar AU
1954-D Franklin Half Dollar AU
Set of three BU Roosevelt Silver Dimes 1953-S, 1954-D, 1957
1882 $10 Liberty Gold XF Condition
Set of 30 Pre 1940's Lincoln Cents in Circulated condition (Good or better)
1989 Marshall Island $5 Commemorative BU condition
1973 Panama 20 Balboas coin (Sterling Sterling Proof - 1/4 pound weight)
1979 Russian Mint Set / Leningrad Mint
Franklin Mint - Flags of the United Nations. Mini-ingot collection
     (Set of sterling silver flags of UN countries)
Set of 1999 Gold plated Statehood Quarters
Set of 1967 Coins of Great Britain
     (Half penny, penny, three pence, six pence, florin, half crown)
Set of Spanish (Mexico City) Portrait / Pillar / Liberty Cap silver coins in holder.
     18th and 19th century coinage labeled "America's first complete coin collection"
1970 Royal Mint / Great Britain Proof Set
1971 Royal Mint / Great Britain Proof Set
1977 Royal Mint / Great Britain Proof Set
Set of 35 Japanese coins in holder labeled "Coins of Japan"
     (Various Rin / Sen / Yen denominations) 1764 - 1947
1981 Prince Charles / Princess Diana Great Britain commemorative
     in BU condition.
1913 $2 1/2 US Indian Gold AU
1971-S Proof Ike Dollar
1972-S Proof Ike Dollar
1974-S Proof Ike Dollar
1977-S Proof Ike Dollar
1974-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
1980-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
1967 Canada Proof-like Goose Dollar
1922-D US Peace Dollar AU Toned
1922 US Peace Dollar AU
1879-S US Morgan Dollar BU Toned
1944-D Lincoln Cent NGC MS-66 Red
1972-S Jefferson Nickel ICG Proof-69 Deep Cameo
1944-D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS-67
1944-S Jefferson Nickel NGC MS-67
1954-S Roosevelt Dime NGC MS-66
1990-S Washington Quarter NGC Proof-69 Ultra Cameo
2000-S Massachusetts State Quarter PCGS Proof-68 Cameo
1955 Franklin Half Dollar ANACS MS-63 FBL Bugs Bunny variety
1958 Franklin Half Dollar ICG MS-65
1962 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS Proof-66
Book: "20th Century World Coins" 794 Pages
Book: "1998 World Coins" 1792 pages
Book: "1988 World Coins 1801 - 1987"
T-shirt "Anchorage Coin Club" Size Medium
Bicentennial Quarter shaped tin of mints
Booker T. Washington Commemorative Half Dollar AU
Spanish Silver Half Reale 1738
Roman Judea Capta denarius (est. date 120 AD)
Greek tetradrachm, Thasos (est. date 250 BC)
Buffalo nickel  starter set of 22 coins. Includes the 1926-S.









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The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

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