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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 15, Number 5

May 2002

May Membership Meeting
Wed., May 1st, 2002 Central Lutheran Church

7:15 PM Meeting




Chief Editor's Note: Apologies from your Chief Editor this month on the lateness of this newsletter. An unfortunate water heater incident at your Chief Editor's house caused major disruptions that resulted in this situation. This disruption also affected the date of our club's YN Donation Coin Auction, which has been rescheduled for our club's June 5th membership meeting....since the coin lots were at your Chief Editor's house at the time. Luckily, the lots were in a safe location away from the water damaged areas. Things are now getting back into perspective and we should be back to a normal routine shortly. So.. .onto the newsletter:

To expo or not to expo? Is it nobler for the club to sponsor a grand coin show with dealers from far reaches or think smaller? Slowly educating the membership in the ways of organizing a national show and exposing the wonder of Alaska in summer to a few dealers at a time. This was the quandary we discussed at the April membership meeting.

Bill D'Atri expounded at length as to how many dealers, when to have it, who would work it, and why are we thinking of sponsoring a show like this in the first place. Robert Hall read comments from ANA members dealers and they came off sounding like people who need to visit Alaska before they judge. We were not expecting to get an answer to this now; there is more the member should know. And time to learn. Anyone wishing to express their view on the subject to the full membership is encouraged to write it down and submit it to Larry Nakata for posting in the newsletter.

In the meantime Corey Rennell will be going to the ANA Summer Conference in Colorado Springs on scholarship provided by the ANA. We will be looking forward to a detailed report of the adventures at Numismatic Boot Camp.

Here at home we gave John Larson a 1971 Proof Set for the membership prize and Mike Gentry an 1827 Bust Dime in VG8 condition for the door prize. Our ANA club representative, Stanley Mead, reported that ANA's National Coin Week theme for this year is "Faces In Time". Bill Hamilton and Loren Lucason put in a coin display in the lobby of the First National Bank on the 4th as our club's way of celebrating National Coin Week. Bank employees report a very positive reaction to the display.

The next meeting is coming up the 1st of May and Bill suggested we put a classified ad in the Anchorage Daily News under Collectables the first part of that week to announce our meeting on Wednesday. Bill also mentioned that he has sets of EUROS for sale at his coin shop (Loose Change Coins).......Your Editors.



Schedule of Events for the Months of May and June

  1. Monthly Membership Meeting: May 1st (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members and general public welcome Corey Rennell and Loren Lucason will be giving a joint presentation on "Ancient Coins: Greek and Roman Denomination Coins" A bullet auction of no more than 15 coin lots will occur at the May 1st meeting. Members wishing to submit coins for the bullet auction can bring them to the meeting. The June 5th membership meeting will see the YN Donation Coin Auction. Members wishing to donate coins and numismatic lots can still do so by bringing them to the June 5th meeting.

  2. Kids Day Event: May 4th at the Egan Center. Starting at 10 am.
  3. YN (Young Numismatist) Meeting: May 8th (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. YN meetings are now be scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month. YNs, club members, and general public welcomed. There will be a session by Greg Samorajski on "The Basic Elements of Coin Collecting".
  4. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: May 15th (Wednesday) 7:00 PM and June 19th (Wednesday) 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.


Minutes of the April 17th Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by Vice President John Larson.

First order of business was to review coin club bills and correspondence. Larry Nakata then gave the Board an update on the September Coin Seminar.

The results of our membership poll showed a desire to have the seminar focus on gold as the topic. Larry recommended that the topics of the seminar be a composite of subjects on grading of gold coins, counterfeit detection of gold coins, US gold coins, foreign gold cobs, treasure gold coins, ancient gold coins, and investment in gold coins. As a result of the FUN convention in Florida, we did get a number of experts who have expressed interest in coming up as the instructor for this seminar. Since Roy Brown knows a number of these people, it was decided that Roy contact them, select one, and work as the liaison with the instructor. Meantime, Larry Nakata will be contacting those members who have expressed interest in attending this seminar to confirm their attendance. At this time we have about 15 people who have interest in this seminar. We need five more people to make the seminar cost effective.

Larry also gave an update on the YN Donation Coin Auction. As of the April 17th Board meeting, Larry expressed a concern that more donated coins and numismatic items needed to occur if we are going ahead with the May 1st coin auction. A number of board members will be donating material and contacting other club members on this matter. (Chief Editor's Note: Since this Board meeting, I had the water heater incident occur....but good news, we now have 41 lots for the auction).

Discussion then moved forward on the matter of the 2003 Coin Show and our club's funding issues. Bill Hamilton pointed out that our club's yearly membership dues are just about covering our club expenses...with the help of some club donations provided by some of our members. Bill has noted that our club membership is beginning to decline as we go into our 14th year. Bill raised a concern that if we do not address this problem, the club may go into a period of stagnation. Bill also pointed out the club needs to establish some meaningful programs over the next few years to get more members and promote numismatics (our club's mission). The 2003 Coin Show is one way in which we can meet that goal.

There was a discussion by the Board of types of programs such as advertising, smaller coins shows in nice locations sponsored by the club, and more seminars that could be attended by the possible programs. All agreed that such programs would entail costs to the club that is outside of the scope of our club's budget at this time.

Bill D'Atri, at the April 3rd membership meeting, asked that the club consider expanding it's gaming license from raffle prizes (which we use for our club's raffle coins) to include pull-tabs....a move that would allow for additional moneys that could be used for improved club programs.

This matter was discussed by the Board at this meeting. The Board would like this decision made by the membership on the matter of expansion of the club's gaming license to include pull-tabs. It is important that the membership understands these issues.

Accordingly, beginning with the May newsletter, there will be series of articles on the logistics involved in putting together a coin show like the 2003 proposed event and pro/con articles by club members on the issue of expansion of our club's gaming license to pull-tabs. Such articles are intended to inform our club members of the issues. Our members will then be sent a vote ballot...probably later this then make the decision. The decision will then dictate the course of direction for our club and Board.

Bill Hamilton and Loren Lucason then gave an update on the May 4th "Kids Day Event" at the Egan Convention Center. Lots of numismatic material and coins have been donated for the event. The club has purchased a table for the event and the logistics are in place. Bill will be asking for volunteers to man the table on May 4lh. It is expected the "Kids Day Event" will be well attended....with an expectation of increasing our YN membership (and possibly our adult membership as well).

The meeting concluded at 8:30 PM.


by Richard Bilak (Member #176)


Greetings Fellow Numismatists,

After all the election hoopla of March, and numerous recounts, I am proud to say that I have been elected as President of the Anchorage Coin Club. First, for those who don't know me, I am Richard Bilak, a member of the coin since 1995. At the time my daughter was interested in coins. There was a coin show at the Northway Mall, and the they say... is history. I collected the usual coins as a kid and now my daughter has rekindled my interest. As an adult I now collect Ancients, Medieval Islamic, and Central Asian coins. I also have a fondness for foreign banknotes and banknotes from the time period and countries involved in World War One. Now you know a little about me.

Time for the business part of the letter. I would like to address some topics and goals of interest to myself and hopefully my fellow club members.

  1. This one is important. The club's program to increase membership by 20%. In real numbers this means 20 people. As a club we have to remember that new members are our lifeblood. What does this mean? New ideas, new programs, new coins. This is in the club's best interest. Let's try hard to make this happen.

  2. The coin seminar in September. It looks like the subject will be "Gold". This should be quite popular. We need a commitment of 20 people minimum for this to happen. Here is an outstanding way to support your club and to educate yourself.

  3. "Ye Ole Editor" is always in need of articles for our club's newsletter, ACCent. Our newsletter has won numerous awards from the ANA. Why? Because many members out there have written articles for our newsletter. The articles do not have to be long and don't worry about "is my article not good enough?" It is...that is how and why the newsletter has won awards. If something sparks your numismatic interest, share it with other people via our newsletter. YNs....we could use some articles from you.

  4. Speaking of sharing your interests. Consider giving a program to the YNs. It's very rewarding and a whole lot of fun. I know since I have done it a few times.

  5. Coin Shows. What can I say about these... other than everybody loves going to them, but no one likes to do the "grunt work" involved with them that makes a show successful. This is an area where you, the club member, needs to be involved. The club could use more help in this area.

  6. This year make it a point to read a numismatic book. I am not talking about just the "Red Book" either. Educate yourself about your favorite area or branch out into something different. Remember numismatics is more than price guides and spread sheets.

  7. Last but not least, and a favorite of meeting programs. "What do you want to see?" Everyone has a favorite, what is it? The ANA has several interesting programs. I have a listing of programs that I think would be interesting to present. If you would like to do a presentation, that would be great. It's another way to be involved with your club. Let's see what you are interested in.

Well, that's it for now from me. Now it's your turn to get involved. Please contact me, Rick Bilak, at or 343-6160 between 6 PM and midnight with your ideas and suggestions. Help support the club's booth at the Kids Day Event.

Remember, Numismatics is not just a's an obsession.

Have Fun.......Rick.


from Don and Marilyn Stubblefield (Member #318)

The Young Numismatists (YNs) met on Wednesday, April 10th at 7 PM. There were five YNs in attendance. Pizza, soda, and good company was the precursor to the evening presentation. The history of several of the mints was the topic of discussion. There was a short digression involving the incident at the Philadelphia Mint back in the 1800s.

The Chief Assayer had stolen $100,000 in gold. This was accomplished by smuggling gold out of his pants via special suspenders. Miners were also cheated out of payment by discrepancies in under assaying of gold and silver brought to the Mint. Additional bars of gold were thrown up over the rafters to a place that would only be found years in the future during renovation.

The next meeting will be at 7 PM on May 8th at the Central Lutheran Church. Greg Samorajski will be giving a presentation on "The Basic Elements of Coin Collecting". YNs are requested to bring some of their coin collection to show their field of interest.

On a different note, the annual Kids Day Event will be held on Saturday, May 4th at the Egan Convention Center between 10 am and 5 pm. All sorts of clubs , as well as businesses in the community, will have booths and activities available. The Anchorage Coin Club will have a booth with information concerning the Anchorage Coin Club activities, as well as giveaways for the youngsters. We encourage the YNs to let their friends know about both the Kids Day and our May meeting.

Looking forward to May.....Don and Marilyn Stubblefield.


Glenn Meyers, Past FUN President


Editors Note: Member Robert Hall provided us with this article on coin shows. It's a very informative article put out by the FUN Convention people in Florida. For your information, the FUN Convention is the first major coin show held in January each year in Florida. It is attended by major coin dealers, numerous members of the ANA, and many coin collectors from around the country. This article is being reprinted and was written in Summer of 2001 by Glenn Meyers.

I have been Bourse Chairman for a local coin show for the last 12 years. You would think putting on a small coin show for the local coin club wouldn't be so tough. Well, think again! I'm going to share with you some of the details that go into putting on a successful show and some of the pitfalls that hopefully you or your club can avoid.

You've heard the old adage time and time again. This holds true for coin shows although there are other equally important concerns, as you will discover. Let's talk about location for a moment. First, you have to hold your show where it is convenient for the dealers. If you hold your show in a community center or armory that is off the beaten track with no accommodations within miles, you may have a problem. Of course, the more local dealers you have the less of a concern, but for the most part your show location has to be easy for your dealers to get to especially if the show is over two or three days. Next, you must consider the location for your collectors and the public at large. You know your club members and serious collectors will seek you out, but what about the general public? Once they hear about your show, they need to be able to get there easily and have adequate parking.

Now you have a place picked out that is convenient for your dealers and their customers. The next question is can you afford it? Does the bourse fees cover the costs associated with putting on the show?

The costs I'm going to discuss now will be fairly complete and your show may differ, but the last thing you want to do is forget a cost in the planning stages of your show. It will mean the difference between success and failure not only for the show, but your club as well.

The rent of a facility is just the beginning. Coin shows have power requirements not necessarily associated with other trade shows. You must contract with an electrician to have electrical outlets available to all tables or booths. Most facilities will have a list of "approved" contractors you must use. In my case this cost is approximately 40% of what the hall rental is by itself. Next you must have security. If your show is a multi-day event this runs into serious money. Again, for our show, this is the highest expense of putting on the show. In most cases the facility will mandate whom you can use for security. Gone are the days in which you can have a couple of club members stay in the hall overnight and just have a security guard during the day. You must provide the best security reasonably possible. This is for the protection of your dealers and their inventory as well as the public. It is also for the protection of your club. If the unthinkable occurs, your security arrangement will be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb. You must show you have provided the best security reasonably possible. The facility we use requires us to use the local police. This certainly isn't cheap, but is the best security I can reasonably provide. Private security firms are a viable option if permitted by your facility. They will usually have an arrangement with the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in your location. If they don't, 1 would suggest looking elsewhere for your security.

What else? Well, you need insurance. You club may already be required to carry some type of policy for your meetings and such. You may need a separate rider to cover shows sponsored by the club. You definitely want to discuss this with your insurance agent or carrier. Most facilities will require proof of insurance before they will lease the space.

How about advertising? This is probably one of the most controversial areas of putting on a show. Where to advertise? How to get the biggest bang for your buck? Your geographical and demographical specifics will govern these decisions, but there are some places you need to advertise. I will mention the ones we always use; Coin World, Numismatic News, and Fun Topics. You need to run the ads in the two newspaper calendar sections at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your show. I usually run an ad in Fun Topics 3 of the 4 quarterly issues and the Annual Convention Program. I have found over the years that these publications will reach 90 per cent of collectors. The public at large is the wild card. How to reach them? Depending on your location, local newspapers can be successful, as can certain TV ads. General newspaper ads and television ads cost. They are effective, but you can blow your budget on one or two ads and still not reach your target market. I would look into radio ads. Many stations will do community service ads. Flyers that can be produced without a lot of cost and distributed by club members can be very successful. Get these flyers out to other shows, community centers, local coin shops, shopping centers, anywhere that will allow you to post. As always cost will be your driving factor on advertising. You can't advertise too much, but your budget will only go so far.

OK, you have rented the hall, contracted the electrician, arranged for security, planned your advertising campaign; you're ready to go. Let's think some more, what else? Well, you're going to need a registration table staffed to welcome your attendees. You are also going to need people to help the dealers unload and load. How about cases and lights? Are you going to provide them or do you have a supplier who will rent them to dealers? Also, a nice touch would be coffee and donuts in the morning for dealers. Anything that will make their stay at your show comfortable and successful. This will determine whether they come to the next show or whether they will recommend your show to other dealers. They can be your most cost-effective advertising.

I hope this has helped you see what goes into planning a coin show. Wait! Did you check to see if you were going to conflict with another show? Remember the pitfalls I mentioned at the beginning of the article? Well, perhaps another time.

Good luck with your show!



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