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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 14, Number 12

December 2001

December Membership Meeting /
YN Meeting / Xmas Party
Thurs., December 13, 2001 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



Its the holidays! If you are like me you have already gained weight as well as started thinking about all those hard-to-buy-for people on your list. The birth year proof set is always good. But if you have already done that, a nice proof foreign coin with a cuddly animal on it is a pretty choice for a girl and a big silver foreign coin that can not be spent on electronic games is a good investment for a boy. Your kids may have other coins in mind and you probably already know what coins your adult friends like. For tools, toys, and clothes you will have to look elsewhere for advice.

We are well into the coin show season. Don Thurber's 2 shows at the Northway Mall featured a club table manned by members Larry Nakata and Loren Lucason as well as some help from the Samorajski boys. And Robert Hall's show at the Cotton wood Creek Mall featured a club table set up and manned by Stanley Mead. They were good opportunities to get the club's name out there and good opportunities for members to pick up that key coin they needed for their set or the Buffalo dollar they missed at the mint.

The next big event of the holiday season is the annual Christmas party/ potluck dinner/ numismatic auction December 13th. John Larson will be wrapping up presents - coins given to the club as payment for newsletter advertising. Santa will be giving out dozens of these presents at the party. This will be a good time (o get together with good friends, get a little more winter insulation from good food, get a good coin at the auction, and maybe (if you are good) get a coin from Santa.

1862 US Federal $1 Note

1862 US Federal $1 Note

The raffle prize, two US notes consisting of a US Federal 1862 $1 Note and a US Series 1917 $2 Note, will be raffled offal the Christmas Party. Your last chance to get raffle tickets at $5 / ticket will be at the Christmas Party.

Stanley Mead will be taking over as the club's ANA representative. He will be communicating with the ANA people to bring us up some interesting and educational material for our club meetings. If you are interested in a particular subject contact Stanley to have him check on the availability of ANA materials. Robert Hall will still be the liaison with ANA concerning the 2003 coin show event.

It is time for us to start planning for a coin seminar for next year. The first stage is deciding on a seminar subject. We are looking to you club members for recommendations. We will be bringing experts up from the slates to give you the latest on whatever numismatic subject you want. Maybe grading coins, grading paper money, commemorative coins, colonial coins, gold coins, coins as an investment, or the history of coins...whatever you want. The club will consider it and find experts on the subject.

See you at the club's Christmas Party on December 13th 6 PM / Central Lutheran Church.... Your Editors.



Schedule of Events for the Month of December:

1. Christmas Party/ Christmas Coin Auction/ Monthly Membership Meeting / YN Meeting: December 13th (Thursday) starting at 6:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members, YNs, their families, and general public welcome. Dinner will start around 6:30 PM. Coin Auction to start around 7:30 PM. Door prizes galore.

2. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: December 19th (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.

US Series 1917 $2 Note

US Series 1917 $2 Note


Minutes of the November 21st Board Meeting:

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

First order of business was the club's gaining account. A check for $456.85 was cut from the gaming account to the Anchorage Coin Club's YN Program. The $456.85 represented moneys made from our club's raffle prizes. The Board wishes to thank all members for their support of the club's raffle prize program over the years.

The next agenda item was the selection of the club's Numismatist of the Year. The presentation of the award will be made at our club's December 13th Christmas Party/ Membership Meeting/ YN Meeting. Also selected was our club's Young Numismatist of the Year. The presentation for the YN award will be made at our club's Christmas Party.

The Board then approved an expenditure of $327 for the club's liability insurance for next year.

In the category of new business, Roy Brown brought up the issue of having a seminar for next year (2002). Roy pointed out that is has been about 2-3 years since our last seminar. The Board approved the plan for a seminar for next year. In the next several months, members will be asked about ideas for seminar topics and a committee will be put together for planning of the event.

The remainder of the Board meeting went over final details for the December 13th Christmas Party. John Larson will be wrapping up a number of numismatic coins and items as prizes for the Christmas Party. Lots of prizes are expected to be given out that evening. Loren Lucason and Larry Nakata will be picking up the items for the Christmas Party (dips, chips, utensils, soda pop, ice, etc.). Roy Brown will be calling our members on potluck items to bring for the party. There will be a Christmas Party Numismatic Auction planned as the evening's highlight event. A list of the lots will be posted on this month's newsletter prior to the auction. Our club's raffle prize, two U.S. Notes: a 1917 $2 Note in CU condition and a 1862 Federal $1 Note in VG/F condition will be raffled off at our club's Christmas Party. People are asked to show up at 6 PM. Location: Central Lutheran Church / downstairs area. It should be a great event.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.


by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

Our topic for the YN meeting on November 9th was a "Show and Tell" event in which YNs were asked to bring aspects of their coin collection and to give a presentation on the coins they collect.

Four of our YNs gave presentations that evening. Justin Samorajski talked about collecting 20th Century type coins and Lincoln cents. His brother, Jonathan, had a presentation prepared on the State Quarter Program and his Washington Quarter collection. Krystal Stubblefield talked about her small cent collection and had put together a very nice display of her cent collection. Krystal's brother, Michael, had a display of Japanese Occupation Notes.

Very fine presentations were given by all Of the YNs who participated. Each YN will receive valuable YN Bucks for their presentations. These YN bucks will be used by our YNs at our club's December 13th Christmas Party coin auction to bid on lots.

As of the release of this newsletter, $100 in YN Bucks have been earned by the Young Numismatists (YNs). I will shortly be writing letters to each of the YNs who have earned these bucks that can be used to bid on coins at our December 13th Christmas Coin Auction. The lots have been posted in this month's newsletter for all YNs to review.

There is still time to earn final YN Bucks. I have yet to see articles written by YNs on the subject of coins, paper currency, or any subject on numismatics. YNs still have lime to write articles and submit them to me prior to our December 13th Christmas Party / Coin Auction. I will give YNs until the end of this month to submit articles for the newsletter. YNs can submit articles by mailing them to our club's post office box, whose address is listed in this newsletter. YNs can also give their articles to any of the coin dealers who have advertisements in our newsletter.

Finally, the YN door prize of the evening.... a Alaska Mint Silver Proof Eagle Medallion...was won by YN Jonathan Samorajski. Each YN was also given an Alaska Token (courtesy of Roy Brown)

Our next YN meeting will be at our club's Christmas Party scheduled for Thursday/ December 13th, starting at 6 PM over at the Central Lutheran Church. As in previous years, we hold the Christmas Party in the downstairs meeting area of the church... where the kitchen and meeting room are located. There will be lots of good food lo eat, lots of door prizes given out, and lots of coins auctioned off.

Hope to see all of our YNs and their families at this party. It will be a great event......

        Larry Nakata.



by Richard Bilak (Member #176)

As most of you know, I collect a wide variety of ancient and medieval coins. In the past, I have done articles on Islamic, Crusader, and Chinese coinage.

This article is about another area of the world that has great numismatic interest for me, India.

The coins of India offer a diverse and interesting numismatic study. One type of coinage of great interest for me are the tiny gold fanams.

Gold Fanam Vira Raya 1600-1793 AD Obverse

Gold Fanam Vira Raya 1600-1793 AD Obverse

Gold fanams are small coins, usually 8 to 11 millimeters in diameter and weighing about 0.3 to 0.5 grains with the purity held over the years between 14k to 17k. The weight rather than the purity dropped. The value of the fanam is 1/10 of a pagoda, and thus 1/40 of a mohur.

The term fanam, or according to its Dakhini form Falam is supposed to be derived from the Sanskrit (or possible Dravidian) pana, a piece of copper equal in weight to that of the manjadi seed.

From my personal observations, conversations, web site cruising, and old fashioned dealer lists I have ascertained that there are three common types with a huge amount of variety. These are:

Kanthiraya (New Canteroy type)

Tipu Sultan type

Vira Raya

The earliest issue was probably struck for King Kantaivara Narasa Raja Wodeyar (1638-1659) of Mysore. These fanams may have been known as "Kanthiraya Fanams", later called "Canteroy or New Canteroy" by the British. These were very popular in South India and were struck by various dynasties. After the death of Tipu Sultan in 1799, similar coins were struck by the Diwan Purnaiya regent for Krishna Raja Wodeyar. Reportedly these may have been struck at Mysore up to 1850. This type of fanam was also struck by the Nayaks or Sira and also imitated by the British at Madras, the Dutch at Pulicat, Negapatnam, and Tuticom.

The obverse of the Canteroy fanam shows the figure of Narashirna, the god with the human body and lion face. He is regarded as the 4th reincarnation of Vishnu. The reverse shows part of a degenerated legend, which originally should have read the name "Shri Kamthirava". As this type of fanam was struck over a long period of time by various dynasties and trade companies, it is virtually impossible to attribute them with 100% certainty.

The second type of common fanam is the one minted by Tipu Sultan. It is nothing short of amazing that a coin 8 mm across on the obverse has the mint name (not mint mark) and year. On the reverse is a stylized "He" in memory of his father, Haidar AM. There are 4 common mints for this coin. An interesting side note...Tipu Sultan (thus the country of India) was the first to recognize US independence from Great Britain.

The third type of common fanam is the Vira Raya. The design of the Vira Raya fanam was reproduced over a period of 5 centuries along the Malabar coast. The obverse has a stylized Lion (Sardula) standing right with a large crescent above. The reverse is a stylistic boar.

Gold Fanam Vira Raya 1600-1793 AD Reverse

Gold Fanam Vira Raya 1600-1793 AD Reverse

The Malabar coast is located on the western side of the southern tip of India. Two of the slates issued this type of fanam...Cochin and Coorg. The fanams of Cochin may have been also issued by the British as Cochin was under British protection from 1791-1947.

The state of Coorg was under the control of the Changalva Rajas....which at times became feudatories to the Cholas, the Hoysalas, or to the rulers of Vijayanager. The East India Company annexed the state in 1834 and it was administered by the chief commissioner of Mysore from 1881-1947. The coinage bears no ascription nor date. This coinage may also have been imitated by the British.

A good point brought up by Steve Album, regarding paper by Jan Heesterman, is that fanams were issued not by the government but by the temples. This idea is based on some passages in works from the 17th and 18th well as a well known principal in Southern India that the temple complexes were the market centers. Temples were safe and secure places to store valuables, thus appealing to merchants. In the West, we are accustomed to thinking of coinage as a government monopoly, but there is considerable evidence to think that the situation in Southern India was otherwise.

I would like to thank the following people for answering questions and giving freely of their expert opinions both on and off line: Steve Album, Shailendra Bhandare, Jan Lingen, Manual X. Rajesh, Scoth Semans, Alan VanArsdale, and the South Asia Coin Group, These "conversations" took place online between August and September, 2000........

        Richard Bilak.


"The Standard Guide to South Asia Coins and Paper Money Since 1556 AD" by Krause Publications, 1981.

"The Coins of Tipu Sultan" by George Taylor, 1914.



by Mike Robuck (Life Member #6)

I think that we all felt the devastation of the September 11th attacks. We, at the Alaska Mint, wanted to do something to help the victims of this terrible event. We decided to mint a medallion celebrating America's spirit in the aftermath of the devastation. Michele and I donated 200 ounces of silver, all of the packaging, and all of the labor for this project. It was aired on the news that Friday evening, and by the end of the day on Saturday, all 2000 had been sold.

"Today our family is working for 5000 other families", I told our boys. We donated the entire $50,000 from that project to the American Red Cross. The demand was so overwhelming that we decided to make a gold relief edition. When all 2001 medallions are sold, an additional $60,030 will be donated to the American Red Cross.....

        Mike Robuck.


We have hundreds of Airtite capsules available for free. These are slightly blemished holders for 39 mm rounds (US silver dollars fit in them nicely). Club members interested in picking up these free Airtties can come by our shop at the Alaska Mint......

        Mike Robuck.

Teamwork!! Mike, Gunnar, and Hunter Robuck hard at work at the coining press

Teamwork!! Mike, Gunnar, and Hunter Robuck hard at work at the coining press.




Christmas Auction Lots / December 13th, 2001

1. Set of 2000 Statehood Quarters P&D Mints / 10 coins  / BU condition.

2. Set of 2001 Statehood Quarters P & D Mints / 10 coins / BU condition.

3. 1863 Indian Cent. VF-20. Minimum Bid $15.

4. 1945 Jefferson Nickel MS-63.

5. 1943-S Mercury Dime MS-60.

6. 1947-D Liberty Walking Half Dollar. Minimum Bid $10.

7. 1962-D Franklin Half Dollar.

8. 1861 Confederate $10 Note. Minimum Bid $15.

9. 1851 Large Cent VF-20. Minimum Bid $17.

10. One (1) each 1/10 ounce Gold Eagle. Minimum Bid $25.

11. 1875 Indian Cent with misplaced date AU55. Minimum Bid $135.

12. 1926-D Mercury Dime. MS-64 with full split bands. Minimum Bid $350.

13. 1937-P Mercury Dime. Slabbed ICG MS-66 full split bands. Minimum Bid $40.

14. 1847 Seated Liberty Half Dollar, AU-55. Minimum Bid $135.

15. 1952-S Franklin Half Dollar. PCGS MS-65. Minimum Bid $50.

16. 1957-D Franklin Half Dollar. NGC MS-65. Minimum Bid $35.

17. 1859 Canadian Large Cent / Off center. AU condition. Minimum Bid $25.

18. 1965 Canadian Dollar/ Broadstruck with rare railroad rim. BU condition. Minimum Bid $115.

19. 1806 or 1807 Great Britain Halfpenny. Satirical token on Obverse and Reverse. Fine. Minimum Bid $15.

20. 1949 Third Edition Redbook in Fine condition. Rare. Minimum Bid $95.

The following 10 lots were donated by Carl (Life Member #2) to the coin club. Proceeds from these lots go to the club. Thanks go to Carl for the donation.

21. Replica of the famed 1913 Liberty Nickel by The Morgan Mint.

22. Set of two (2) Liberty Walking Half dollars consisting of one (1) each 1943-P slabbed SEGS AU50 with obverse scratch and one (1) each 1943-D in Fine / VF condition.

23. Set of two (2) Buffalo nickels consisting of one (1) each 1926-P in good condition and one (1) 1937-P in fine condition.

24. 1975-P BU Roll of Lincoln Cents.

25. 1971 Bailiwick of Guernsey Mint Set from the Royal Mint.

26. 1944 Swiss 2 franc. Slabbed NGC MS-64.

27. 1898 Great Britain 3 schilling in Fine condition.

28. 1876 German 2 pfennig in VG/Fine condition.

29. Approximately fifteen (15) capital holders for single coins- $2 & 1/2, $5, $10, $20 Gold denominations.

30. Surprise grab bag lot of various foreign and US token type coins. Other Lots from members:

31. Ancient Roman Republic Denarius coin. 90 BC.

32. Ancient Roman Denarius coin. Trajan. 114 AD,

33. Washington Quarter 1943-D in XF condition.

34. Washington Quarter 1936-P in VF condition.

35. Ancient Roman Denarius coin. Julia Domna 211 AD.

36. Ancient Roman Denarius coin. Septimius Severus 196 AD.

37. Ancient Roman Bronze coin, circa 250 AD.

38. 1927 Standing Liberty Quarter in Good condition.

39. One (1) each 2000 Silver Eagle in BU condition. Minimum Bid $5.

40. Ancient Roman Bronze coin. Constantine I. 303-337 AD.

41. Religious Brass Medallion in Proof condition.

42. Foreign coin. 1996 Korea. 100 won. XF / AU condition.

43. Dansco Album consisting of Ike Dollars: 1971, 1971-S Proof, 1972-S Proof, 1973-D, 1974-S Proof, 1976-D Type I, 1978-S Proof. All coins BU or Proof.

44. 1899 $2 Silver Certificate F249, Lyons/ Roberts. VF condition. Minimum Bid $195.

45.South Africa Bank Note Set of 5 Notes: Minimum Bid $95.

1 Rand / P103a / DeKock / 1961 in EF condition,

2 Rands / P105a / DeKock / 1961 in EF+ condition,

5 Rands / P92b / DeKock / 1958 in VF+ condition,

10 Rands / P107b / DeKock / 1961 in VF condition,

20 Rands / P108/ DeKock / 1961-62 in VF condition.

46. ZAR South African Lot: Minimum Bid $400.

1d. 1892(EF)

3d. 1896(AU)

6d. 1896(EF)

1s. 1895(VF30)

2s. 1896 (VF)

2&1/2s 1896 (EF-45)

5s. 1892 (EF) single shaft

Gold 1/2 Pd. 1895 (VF) single shaft

1900 Anglo Boer War Government Note (1st Issue / Pretoria) / F+ / One Pound / A536

47. 2001-S State Silver Proof Quarter Lot / ICG Proof-69 DCAM consisting of Vermont, Kentucky, New York, Rhode Island, and North Carolina quarters. Minimum Bid $115.

48. South African George VI Lot: Minimum Bid $35.

1/4d. 1952 (Ch Unc)

1/2d. 1950 (VF)

1d. 1952 (AU)

3d. 1952 (Unc) toned

6d. 1951 (VF)

Is. 1951 (EF) toned

2s. 1940 (EF)

2& 1/2s 1941 (AU)

5s. 1952 (Unc)

49. Susan B. Anthony Proof Dollar Lot (6 coins): Minimum Bid $530.

1979-S T1 PCGS Pr-69 DCAM

1979-S T2 ICG Pr-69 DCAM

1980-S ICG Pr-69 DCAM

1981-S T1 NGC Pr69 Ultra CAM

1981-S T2 ANACS Pr-68 Heavy Cameo

1999-P ANACS Pr-68 Heavy Cameo

50. 1907 St. Gaudens $20 Gold. "No Motto" in AU-55 condition. Minimum Bid $465.

51. 1937-D Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar MS-64, Minimum Bid $165.

52. 1922 Grant Commemorative Half Dollar AU-50. Minimum Bid $75.

53. Kennedy Proof Half Dollar Lot: Minimum Bid $200.

1968-S NGC Proof-67 Ultra Cameo

1969-S NGC Proof-67 Ultra Cameo

1970-S ICG Proof-68 DCAM.

54. Greek, Macedon, Alexander the Great, 336-323 BC, Babylon Mint, AR tetradrachm, Lifetime issue, Minimum Bid $300.

55. Greek, Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochos III, 223-187 BC, Sear 6945, AE 19. Minimum Bid $30.

56. Rome, Augustus, 27 BC-14 AD, AE As, VF, RIC 382. Minimum Bid $200.

57. Rome, Augustus & Agrippa, Neamausus Mint, Gaul; Heads of Augustus and Agrippa back to back, Crocodile, chained to palm tree, AE Dupondius, VG. Minimum Bid $60.

58. Rome, Caligula, 37-41 AD, AE As, VF, RIC 38. Minimum Bid $300.

59. Rome, Septimus Severus, 193-211 AD, AR Denarius, RSC 222, Rev: Indulgentia. Aug. Dea. Caelestis, VF. Minimum Bid $45.

60. Septimus Severus, 193-211 AD, AE As, Moesia Inferior, Rev: Coiled Serpent, F. Minimum Bid $20.

61. Barbaric Imitation, Antoninus Pius, 138-161 AD, AE As, Mint in Britain by Celts (?). Minimum Bid $20.

62. Crusader, Roger of Salerno 1112-1119 AD, AE Follis, Antioch Mint, over struck on a Tancred follies, VF. Minimum Bid $75.

63. Crusader, Tancred 1104- 1112 AD, AE Follis, Antioch Mint, First type. Met. 60. Minimum Bid $60.

64. Crusader, Bohmond IV, Billion Denier, Antioch Mint, VF. Minimum Bid $25.

65. Crusader, Bohmond III 1149-1163 AD, Billion Denier, VF, Met. 341-57. Minimum Bid $15.

66. Crusader, Henry III, IV, V 1039-1125 AD, Billion Denier, XF, Met. 11. Minimum Bid $35.

67. Crusader, Anonymous Bishop 1157-1276 AD, AR Denier, VF, France. This coin comes from the Renowned Slocum collection, Met. 28-30. Minimum Bid $25.

68. Crusader, Latin Rulers of Constantinople 1204-1261 AD, AE trachea, VF, Met. 824-37. Minimum Bid $25.

69. Kings of Normumbria, Aethelred 854-862 AD, AE Sceat, VF. Minimum Bid $15.

70. England, Edward III 1327-1377 AD, AR Penny, London Mint, VF. Minimum Bid $30.

71. India, Magadha , 2nd BC, AR Punched marked unit, Imperial type, VF. Minimum Bid $8.

72. India, Magadha, 3rd- 2nd BC, AR Punched marked unit, VF. Minimum Bid $8.

73. India, Chola, Raja Raja 850 AD, AETanka, VF. Minimum Bid $6.

74. India, Mysore, Tipu Sultan 1782-1799 AD, AU Fanam, Pattan Mint. Minimum Bid $15.

75. India, Kushans, Kaniska, 1st AD, AE Tetradrachm, VG. Minimum Bid $5.

76. Indo-Greek, Western Kshatrapas, Rudrasena I, 1st BC, AR unit. Minimum Bid $15.

77. 1995 Silver Eagle in BU condition.

78. 1996 Silver Eagle in BU condition.

79. 1997 Silver Eagle in BU condition.

80. 2001-D Clad Half Dollar in BU condition.

81. 1964 Canadian Silver Dollar in BU condition.

82. 1965 Canadian Silver Dollar in BU condition.

83. 1966 Canadian Sliver Dollar in BU condition.

84. Buffalo Silver Round.

85. 1996 Mint Set.

86. Set of Gold Plated 2000 Statehood Quarters.

Members wishing to submit coins or numismatic items for the Christmas Coin Auction should contact either Larry Nakata (eves: 563-1729) or Loren Lucason (eves: 272-3700).



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