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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 13, Number 5

May 2000

May Membership Meeting
Wed., May 3, 2000 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



The membership meeting started with YN Justin Samorajski winning the door prize; a Canadian commemorative set featuring the $2 Canadian note and the $2 coin that replaced it. The membership prize, a BU 1954-D Franklin Half dollar, was won by Don Thurber- the member most responsible for the two successful coin shows we had at the Northway Mall.

The coin show sponsored by Bill Hamilton al the Ship Creek Center (formerly known as the Post Office Mall) was also a success in that we had another chance to buy coins and we got our coin club's name out there. On that Saturday Larry Nakata sponsored a coin buying competition for the YNs at the coin show. II went very well (see the YN Corner article for details).

Another event that was successful in getting our name out there was the display at the Loussac Library. According to the librarians, a number of people were drawn to the display and of the 20 newsletters set out.... only one was left after the show. Thanks go to Corey Rennell, Steve Keyes, Larry Nakata, Mark Nagy, Roy Brown, Carl, the Samorajskis, and our YNs for your help in pulling together this display ("Changing Money").

Back at the meeting we chose 15 lots for the bullet auction. Some were submitted by Young Numismatists (YNs). Several of those lots were bought up by members, notably Mark Nagy and Bill D'Atri. Those lots were donated back to the YN Donation Auction.

The YN Donation Numismatic Auction raises funds to pay for books such as the Red Book and the ANA Grading Guide, which are given as free books to new YNs. We also finance activities for the young numismatists such as our scholarship program for YNs to go to Colorado Springs for the ANA Summer Conference. And we provide numismatic collectables for the YNs at each YN meeting. The future of numismatics lives in the Young Numismatists of today.

They will become the keepers of the history in coins. We need the financing to keep that history alive.

1896 $1 U.S. Educational Note

1896 $1 U.S. Educational Note

The May 3rd membership meeting will be taken up with the YN Donation Numismatic Auction for the most part. We have over 90 lots including some very interesting items from members both in and out of state. There are several silver dollars and several quarters including a quarter with a striking error as well as several informative books. There is a double die 1955 cent worth taking a look at, some gold, an ancient Greek bronze with nice toning, and a commemorative spoon from our sister club in Tasmania.

We will be accepting lots for the auction right up to the night of May 3rd. We hope to get over 100 lots. The latest lists will be available at the meeting. We hope to see you there......... Your Editors.



Schedule of Events for the Month of May:

1. Monthly Membership Meeting: May 3rd (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members and general public welcome. The meeting will feature our coin club's YN Numismatic Coin Auction. Lois for this auction are listed in this newsletter. Members can still donate coins and numismatic items for this auction by bringing them to the May 3rd meeting.

2. YN (Young Numismatists) Meeting: May 12th (Friday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. YNs, club members, and general public welcomed. This session will be on "Collecting Alaskan Tokens

3. "Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: May 17th (Wednesday) 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.

1863 $1 Confederate Note

1863 $1 Confederate Note

Minutes of the April 19th Board Meeting:

The Board meeting was called to order by President Bill Hamilton at 7:00 PM.

First order of business was to review and award YN scholarships to the ANA Summer Conference in Colorado Springs. The Board made the decision to award scholarships to YNs Corey Rennell and Sarah Bilak. The scholarships will cover round trip travel arrangements to Colorado Springs, room & board during the conference, and evening tours / events scheduled for YNs during the Summer Conference scheduled for the week of July 8-14.

Sarah will be attending this year's Summer Conference. Since Corey has a scheduling conflict with his Boy Scout summer activities, the Board made the decision to allow Corey to attend next year's ANA Summer Conference under this scholarship.

The scholarships are being provided by the Anchorage Coin Club and by Mike & Michelle Robuck (owners of the Alaska Mint).

Congratulations to both Corey and Sarah from your Anchorage Coin Club Board.

The Board then reviewed plans for the coming months.

Our club's May 3rd meeting will feature our YN Numismatic Donation Auction. Larry Nakata, organizer of this event, stated that some 80 items had been donated thus far. Larry went on to say that donations can still be made right up to the night of the auction.

Bill Hamilton will be looking for a presentation subject for our club's June 7th membership meeting.

Larry Nakata will have YN meetings scheduled for May 12th (Subject: Collecting Alaskan Tokens) and June 9th (subject to be determined), The months of July and August will not see YN meetings. Since summer will be soon upon us, it is traditional to have the YNs enjoy their summertime.

Our club will plan a summer picnic to be scheduled for a date on either the 2nd or 3rd weekend of July. Bill Hamilton will be looking for a location to hold our club's summer picnic. A determination of the summer picnic date will be made at the next Board meeting.

As there was no further business to discuss, the Board meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.


by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

There was a good turnout of YNs (i.e., Young Numismatists) and adults at the Alaska Mint on our special Saturday afternoon meeting (April 15th).

The Alaska Mint's chief minter (and former YN), Robin Sisler, showed us how medallions are minted from the design of the die to the actual miming of the coin. Robin showed us how errors can occur during the minting process and showed us various examples of such error coins.

We concluded the YN meeting with Robin doing a special mintage of 17 bronze medallions for the group. Since these medallions were intended to be minted in silver only, this was a one of a kind mintage. Special thanks go to Robin Sisler and Alaska Mint owners Mike and Michelle Robuck for the great time shown to our group.

Following the meeting, we held a special contest for the YNs. Each YN was given $10 and directed to the Ship Creek Center Coin Show, which happened to be located two buildings away from the Alaska Mint. The contest called for each YN to negotiate the best deals at the show with the $10 provided. Congratulations go to YN Eric Land for winning this contest. His $10 purchased a 1912 "V" nickel, a bicentennial medallion, a 1958-D Franklin half dollar, an assortment of 19 wheat cents in circulated condition, a silver Canadian quarter, a 1953 Great Britain half penny, a 1995 BU roll of Lincoln cents, a 1961 Canadian half dollar, and an assortment of miscellaneous coins. Our Anchorage Coin Club Board made the selection of the winner. Eric will receive a nice numismatic prize at our next May 12th YN meeting.

By the way.... each YN did get to keep the coins they purchased with their $10.

Our next YN meeting on May 12th will be on the subject of "Collecting Alaskan Tokens", There are very interesting stories behind Alaskan tokens. We hope to see a good turnout of YNs and parents at this meeting.

Meantime, do not forget about our regular membership meeting on May 3rd. This meeting will feature our club's YN Numismatic Donation Auction. Proceeds from this auction goes to the YN program.

One final thing.... congratulations go out to YNs Corey Rennell and Sarah Bilak for winning scholarships to go to the ANA Summer Conference in Colorado Springs. They are two very deserving YNs who have participated in many of our club's activities over the years. Our Anchorage Coin Club Board selected both Corey and Sarah for scholarships. Congratulations again.....

Hope to see a lot of you YNs (and your parents) at our club's May 3rd coin auction......

        Larry Nakata.



by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

While reading the newspaper several days ago, I came across an article that our U.S. Congress is being lobbied to do away with the $1 bill. It seems the introduction of the $1 (Sacagawea) coin is bringing to question the continued need for paper currency in the $1 denomination. The article went on to say that the vending machine companies are behind this lobbying effort.

While, admittedly, a lot of Sacagawea $1 coins are being saved as collectables by the typical American family, it is only a matter of time before a whole lot of these coins will be circulating in the American economy.

Ever since I heard the U.S. Mint would be minting a $1 coin, I have been preaching to our Anchorage Coin Club members and YNs (Young Numismatists) that it would be a good idea to collect U.S. $1 notes. After all, the rest of the world has been transitioning their lower denomination paper currencies to coins for years.

State Bank Note of Michigan

State Bank Note of Michigan

From my perspective, why should the U.S. be any different?!

While this lobbying effort may not succeed with Congress, I still believe it will only be a matter of time before the $1 note becomes obsolete.

So.... the time is probably good for you to collect such notes, The question then arises as to what are the different ways one can collect $1 notes.

For myself, I like collecting the different $1 type notes from today's Federal Reserve notes all the way back to our Continental Currency (which was issued during the Revolutionary War). Included among the categories of U.S. $1 notes that can be collected are:

Federal currency (issued from 1862-present).

Confederate currency (issued during the Civil War by the South).

State Bank notes (which were issued by private banks in the early 19th century up to the end of the Civil War).

Try collecting one of each specimen. It makes for a great collection. In fact my favorite note is the 1896 $1 U.S. Silver Certificate (otherwise known as the Education Series $1 note).

For the YNs, I would recommend you try collecting $1 notes by the signatures of the Treasurer of the United States and the Secretary of Treasury. Start with the most current Federal Reserve Notes and work your way back by date. A good source of information on what notes can be collected is the "Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Money" (otherwise known as the Black Book). It comes our every year, only costs $7, and can be purchased from your local coin shop. I would recommend the YN collect these $1 notes in CU (crisp uncirculated) condition. Banks and your local coin shops are good sources for these type notes.

Still another way would be to collect $1 error notes. Like error and variety coins, the same holds true for U.S. paper currency. Among the different types of error notes are:

Notes with mismatched serial numbers.

Inverted overprint notes in which the Treasury Seal, District Seal, Serial Numbers, and District Numbers are inverted on the note.

Notes with faulty alignment problems.

Double impression notes (similar to doubled die coins).

Again....look to the "Black Book" for details of these various error notes. I might point out that error notes tend to command premium prices.

Give some thought to collecting $1 notes. I believe it's only a matter of time before it goes away. When it does those $1 notes in your collection will significantly increase in price and collectability.....

        Larry Nakata.



by Greg Samorajski (Member #287)

Eisenhower (or Ike) dollars were minted from 1971 to 1978. The purpose of the coin was to commemorate President Eisenhower and the landing on the moon by the United States. The obverse of the coin is a portrait of Eisenhower, the reverse is an Eagle over the Sea of Tranquility with the Earth in the sky in the background. Because Eisenhower authorized the start of the space program, the blending of the two themes is appropriate.

1978-S Eisenhower Proof Dollar obverse

1978-S Eisenhower Proof Dollar obverse

There are a number of reasons to consider an Eisenhower dollar collection. The set is reasonably short with 32 total coins in business strike and proof. These include 16 clad and 5 silver business strike coins..... and 6 clad and 5 silver proof coins. Along with fewer issues, prices in most grades for most dates are reasonable. This makes it very possible to assemble a BU or MS-65 set for a beginner or YN. For advanced collectors the clad part of the series is very challenging in MS-66 and MS-67. Because many IKEs, particularly the P coins, were poorly struck, very few examples exist in these lofty grades. A set completed in MS-66 would be source of great pride.

IKEs have the potential for good appreciation. As a continuation of thc U.S. dollar coin series (Bust, Seated, Morgan, Trade, Peace), IKEs have a great pedigree. Our newest dollar coin may well increase interest in these coins. Also, this is the first year IKEs will be included in the PCGS set registry. Once in the registry many sophisticated collectors will begin lo play. Here is truly a change lo get in on the ground floor.

IKEs also have a lot to offer to variety collectors. The 1972-P has the famous Type 1, 2, and 3 reverses. The Type 2 being the most rare, followed by the Type 1, and Type 3. There is the curious 1971 "peg leg" proof, and a number of doubled die possibilities. The best source for understanding all the varieties is the Wexler and Flynn book on Eisenhower dollars.

Of great interest is the hoard of Peacock IKEs. Apparently, in the 70s a bank in the West bought and packaged several thousand IKEs for a promotion. The cardboard packaging produced some of the most remarkable toned coins. They were only discovered a few years ago when the bank sold it's long forgotten surplus stock. The coins were an immediate hit raising in price from about $50 to $500 to $5000 (today). Peacocks exist in most of the dates. The goal of every serious IKE collector is to own one or two of these marvelous pieces. Finally, several 1974-D and 1977-D were accidentally struck in silver. Owning one of these would be a prize indeed.

The thirty two coins in the series are broken down as follows. Each year the mint produced a P and D business strike in the standard copper/nickel clad. These sixteen coins are the basic set. The 1975 business strike clads were dated 1976 and had the bicentennial reverse using thick letters. These are called the 1976 Type I coins.

1978-S Eisenhower Proof Dollar reverse

1978-S Eisenhower Proof Dollar reverse

By 1976, the reverses were changed and used thin lettering. These are called the 1976 Type 2 coins. The Type 1 coins are more scarce. By 1977, the normal eagle reverse resumed. From 1971 to 1975 the San Francisco Mint produced 5 silver business strikes for collectors. They came in special blue packages, and were known as blue pack IKEs. The 75s were of course dated 1976 and had the bicentennial reverse. The 1976s came in a red pack. So, 21 coins comprise the business strike coins. Also from 1971 to 1976, the mint produced silver proofs. The first four came in brown boxes and are called brown pack IKEs. The 1975, dated 1976 came in a felt collector case. Finally, from 1973 to 1978, the San Francisco Mint produced regular clad IKEs for 6 additional pieces. Altogether there are 32 IKEs to collect.

Collecting IKEs is truly a rewarding activity with something for everyone. Happy collecting......

        Greg Samorajski.



Donated by Robert Hall (Member #1)

1. Four (4) books: "The Strange Career of Dr. Wilkins- A Numismatic Inquiry" c. 1987 by Q. David Bowers. "Coinage Laws of the United States 1792-1894" c. 1990 by Bowers and Merena with a forward by David L. Ganz. "Coins and Collectors" c. 1988 by Q. David Bowers. "The Compleat Collector" c. 1985 by Q. David Bowers.

2. Same as Lot #1.

3. Three (3) books: "The Standard Catalogue of Encased Postage Stamps" c. 1989 by Michael J. Hodder and Q. David Bowers. "Coins and Collectors" c. 1988 by Q. David Bowers. "The Compleat Collector" c. 1985 by Q. David Bowers.

4. Same as Lot #3.

5. Same as Lot #3.

Donated by the Anchorage Coin Club

6. Two (2) each ANA Tapes: "Grading Mint-State U.S. Coins" with J. P. Martin. "Detecting Counterfeit and Altered U.S. Coins" with J. P. Martin.

7. Two (2) books: "Helpful Hints for Enjoying Coin Collecting" c. 1999 by Bill Fivaz. "Counterfeit Detection Reference Guide" c. 1997 by Bill Fivaz.

8. Same as Lot #7.

9. U.S. Civil War Fractional Currency: Federal Third Issue 50 cent note. Fair condition.

10. U.S. Civil War Fractional Currency: Federal Second Issue 5 cent note. Good condition.

11. Civil War: State of North Carolina Fractional Currency 5 cent note. January, 1863. Good condition.

Donated by Bill Hamilton (Member #108)

12. Five (5) each coin books: Whitman Morgan Silver Dollars No. 1 thru No. 4 books (1878-1921) and Whitman Peace Dollar book (1921-1935).

Donated by Larry Nakata (Life Member #3)

13. Set of twelve (12) $1 Gaming Tokens from all of the Atlantic City casinos: Bally's / Caesars / The Claridge / Harrah's / Hilton / Resorts International / Sands / Showboat / Taj Mahal / Tropicana / Trump Marina / Trump Plaza.

14. Set of three (3) $1 Gaming Tokens: O'Shea's (Las Vegas) / Primm Valley (Primm, NV) / Rio (Las Vegas-1989).

15. One (1) BU roil of 1999-D Delaware Quarters.

Donated by Roy Brown (Life Member #4)

16. Set of eight (8) Kennedy Silver Half Dollars in a deluxe case: 1964 / 1965 / 1966 / 1967 / 1968-D / 2 each 1969-D / 1976-S. All in BU condition.

17. One (1) each 1972 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal with First Day of Issue Postage Stamp Cover. BU condition.

18. One (1) each 1986 Proof Statue of Liberty Commemorative Silver Dollar.

19. One (1) each 1986 Proof Statue of Liberty Commemorative Silver Half Dollar.

20. 1909 VDB Penny (Circulated Fine condition) in Special Information Display Holder on the "1909 VDB Penny".

21. 1900-S Barber Half (Circulated G/AG condition) in Special Information Display Holder on "Barber Half Dollars".

22. 1973 Set of nine (9) U.S. Mint Medals Commemorating Battles of the American Revolution. In original holder labeled "America's First Medal- United States Mint".

Donated by Carl (Life Member #2)

23. Complete denomination set of fifteen (15) Turkish coins (BU condition) in special display holder.

24. Set of twelve (12) coins from Hong Kong and Macao: 1995 Hong Kong $1 / 2 each 1997 Hong Kong $1 / 1993 Hong Kong $2 / 1994 Hong Kong $2 / 2 each 1995 Hong Kong $2 / 3 each 1992 Macao 1 Pataca / 1998 Macao 1 Pataca / 1995 Macao 5 Pataca. XF or better condition.

Donated by Greg Samorajski (Member #287)

25. 1971-S Proof Ike Dollar in Original Holder. "Peg Leg" variety.

Donated by Roy Brown (Life Member #4)

26. 1896-S Morgan Dollar (Circulated Fine condition) in Special Information Display Holder on "The Morgan Dollar Collection".

27. One (1) each coin book: H.E. Harris "Washington Quarters- State Collection 2004-2008- Volume II".

Donated by Carl (Life Member #2)

28. Set of five (5) coins from Costa Rica: 1989 5 Colones, 1983 10 Colones, 1985 20 Colones, 1997 50 Colones, 1997 100 Colones.

Donated by Loren Lucason (Member #97)

29. 10X Hastings Triplet Eye Loop (Magnifier lens) - 21 mm size.

Donated by Mike Nourse (Member #94)

30. Set of eleven (11) Canadian cents: 1920/1921/1927/1928/1929/1930/1932/1933/1934/1936/1944. VG-AU condition.

31. One (1) roll of Canadian cents: 10 each 1920/10 each 1929/30 each 1932. Good or better condition.

Donated by Fred Weinberg & Co. (Member # 236)

32. VHS Tape: "Classic United States Gold Coins of the 20th Century" narrated by John Austin.

33. Medallion with key chain: "30th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Numismatic Society 1964-1994".

34. 1979 Costa Rica "Year of the Child" silver coin in BU condition,

35. 1996 $2 Canadian Bi-Metallic coin / BU condition.

36. 1991 Russian 3 Ruble Democracy coin / BU condition.

37. One (1) each China Mint "Year of the Rat" brass medal / BU condition.

38. 1993-P Washington Quarter/ Variety: cud on obverse / BU condition.

39. Roosevelt Dime/ Off center strike/ Date cannot be determined because of the striking error / BU condition.

40. 1999-P Lincoln cent / Indent striking error / BU condition.

41. 1999-P Roosevelt dime Broadstrike error / BU condition.

42. 1999-P Jefferson nickel Broadstrike error / BU condition.

43. 1999-P Lincoln cent Broadstrike error / BU condition.

Donated by Bill Fivaz (Life Member #7)

44. 1955-D Lincoln cent/doubled die obverse 1-0-III / BU condition.

45. 1940 William H. Harrison Medalet / Fine / hole drilled on top of medalet.

46. 1959-P Franklin half dollar/ doubled die reverse / AU-50.

47. Merchant's Token: Spielmarke / VF / No date / looks like a 19th century token.

48. 1831 5 Franc silver coin / France / Fine.

49. State of Georgia 1776-1976 200th Anniversary Silver Proof medallion.

50. 1935-P Buffalo nickel, AU condition.

51. One (1) each Religious Brass Medallion in Proof condition.

52. One (1) each Mother Teresa silver dollar Restrike.

53. 1926-P Peace dollar / doubled die reverse (leaves) / VAM 2/ XF.

Donated by Larry Nakata (Life Member #3)

54. $1 State Bank Note/Vermont/Bank of Windsor/ VG+ condition/Sept. 1838 / Haxby H# VT-280-G8.

Donated by Ponterio & Associates (Member # 238)

55. Book: "Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money - 16th Edition" c. 1997 by Chester L. Krause and Robert F. Lemke

56. Book: "Paper Money of the United States - 13th Edition" c. 1992 by Robert Friedberg.

Donated by Mike McKinnon (Member # 26)

57. Two books: "United States Type Coins - An Illustrated History of the Federal Coinage" c. 1986 by Norman Stack, "A Bask Guide to U.S. Commemorative Coins" c. 1992 by Michael J. Hodder and Q. David Bowers.

Donated by Frank Jasper (Member # 249)

58. 1998 1/10th oz. U.S. Gold Eagle / BU condition.

59. Two coins: 1999-P Pennsylvania Quarter and 1999-D Pennsylvania Quarter, both in BU condition.

60. 1972 "XI Olympic Winter Games" Proof Silver medallion Sapporo/ Bobsled Racing.

61. Year 2000 $ 1 American Silver Eagle / BU condition.

Donated by YN Justin Samorajski (Member # 288)

62. 1967 United States Special Mint Set.

Donated by YN Jonathan Samorajski (Member # 289)

63. 1972 "Blue" Ike (Eisenhower) Uncirculated Silver Dollar in original holder.

Donated by Steve Mead (Member # 65)

64. Two (2) 1956-D BU (uncirculated) rolls of Lincoln wheat cents.

65. One (1) mixed BU (uncirculated) roll of Lincoln wheat cents: 1 ea 1945-D/ 1 ea 1946-D / 1ea 1953-P/ 4 ea 1954-D/ 1 ea 1954-S / 2 ea 1955-P / 2ea 1955-D / 4 ea 1955-S / 4ea 1956P / 27 ea 1956-D / 2ea 1957-P / 1 ea 1958D.

Donated by The Tasmanian Numismatic Society/ Australia (Our Sister Club)

66. One (1) book: "The Pocketbook Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes- 7th Edition" c. 2000 by Greg McDonald.

67. 1999 Australia $1 Silver Kangaroo Commemorative Coin in Royal Australian Mint holder.

68. 1999 Uncirculated Australian Mint Set: Scent/10 cent/20 cent/ 50 cent/ $1 coin/ $2 coins in Royal Australian Mint holder.

69. Two (2) each Australian Commemorative Bronze Medallions: "The Royal Agriculture Society of Tasmania (1822-1997)". One (1) each Tasmanian Numismatic Society (Founded 1963) Commemorative Spoon.

Donated by Mark Nagy (Member # 226)

70. 1942-D Washington Quarter / BU condition.

71. 1887 Morgan Dollar VAM 12 (Alligator eye variety) / BU condition.

72. One (1) each 1973-S Kennedy Half Dollar / Proof condition. One (1) each 1963-D Franklin Half Dollar/ XF condition.

Donated by Bill D'Atri (Member # 27)

73. Set of 1943 Lincoln steel cents in special display holder from The Morgan Mint.

74. Partial set of 1941-1974 Lincoln cents in Whitman penny holder. Good starter set for potential YNs.

Donated by the Samorajski YNs - Justin, Jonathan, Brandon

75. Two (2) Whitman penny books: 1909-1940 / 1941-1974 with an assortment of AU/BU pennies for the books. Good starter set for potential YNs.

76. Partial set of 1946-1965 Roosevelt dimes in Whitman Deluxe holder. Good starter set for potential YNs.

77. One (1) each 1911 Barber Quarter in G/VG condition. One (1) each 1911-D Barber Half dollar in VG condition. One (1) each U.S. Stamp Album starter set.

Donated by Carl (Life Member #2)

78. One (1) each Eagle "Peace Dollar" Coin Album with Eagle coin holders.

Donated by Larry Nakata (Life Member #3)

79. One (1) each BU roll of 1972-D Kennedy Half Dollars.

80. One (1) each BU roll of 1977-D Kennedy Half Dollars.

Donated by Rill Hamilton (Member #108)

81. Set of eighteen (18) coins from Thailand in souvenir holder, 1 baht to 50 stang denomination coins. Coins dated from 1913 to 1977. Circulated grades.

82. Set of ten (10) Chinese cash coins in souvenir holder. Each coin representing the reign of each emperor dating from 1644 to 1911. Circulated grades.

83. 1996 U.S. Mint Set.

84. 1997 U.S. Mint Set.

85. 1971 U.S. Proof Set.

86. 1976 U.S. Proof Set.

87. 1989 U.S. Proof Set.

88. One (1) each BU roll of 1995-D Kennedy Half Dollars.

Donated by Loren Lucason (Member #97)

89. One (1) each 1966-S Proof Clad Washington Quarter. One (1) each 1968-S Proof Clad Washington Quarter.

90. One (1) each 1962 Proof Silver Washington Quarter. One (1) each 1963 Proof Silver Washington Quarter.

91. Ancient Greek Bronze coin. Pella, Macedonia (168-146 BC). Obv. Head of Apollo. Rev. Tripod. Very nice toning.


Thanks go to all of the people and organizations who donated numismatic materials for this year's YN Donation Numismatic Auction. Members or interested parties wishing to place a mail bid can do so by corresponding to our coin club's address: Anchorage Coin Club/P.O. Box 230169/Anchorage, AK 99523.







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