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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 12, Number 11

November 1999

November Membership Meeting
Wed., November 3, 1999 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



It was a good crowd at the October membership meeting and everyone came to see and talk coins. We gave the young numismatist Jonathon Samorajski a silver three coin BU bicentennial coin set for the door prize and just for being a member showing up to meetings Bill Hamilton was given a type set of the cent nickel and dime from the years when two types were minted ('09,'38,'and ,'16 respectively). Then we had a 10 coin bullet auction - someone was not there to bid fifty cents.

When everyone was done talking auction coins Richard Bilak got up and gave us a presentation that took us into the mysterious and exotic world of Islamic coins. These coins are dated with a different calendar, Richard explained, and

though most are covered with artistic calligraphy (writing) many have images of animals including elephants tigers and oxen. He showed us some of his prime examples and the books he used for reference. He told us about finding coins and making contacts on the web by searching under ancient and medieval coins. Richard noted how inexpensive these coins were - considering the history they contain. (Editors Note: See Richard's article this month on "Medieval Islamic Coinage").

It is a small chance that you will see any of these coins at the next coin show which will be at the Northway Mall on Saturday and Sunday November 20th and 21st. The young numismatists will have some interesting displays there and you can vote on the best one. We will be manning a club table and hope to see you there. If you want one of the reasonably priced $40 tables contact Don Thurber at 338-7488 in the evenings.

Sulayman 715-717 AD Silver Dirham Obverse

Sulayman 715-717 AD Silver Dirham Obverse

Our Christmas party this year will be on December 9th at the Lutheran Church. Dinner will start about 6 PM and there will be a coin auction afterwards. The first auction lots submitted are listed in this newsletter. Contact Larry Nakata at 563-1729 in the evenings or Loren Lucason (eves: 272-3700) to submit auction lots. This will be the last Christmas party / membership meeting / YN meeting of the millennium! You do not want to miss it - all the beautiful people will be there as well as wonderful food and an auction of very rare and collectable coins and sets of coins.

The winner of the raffle prize will be chosen at the Christmas party. The prize is a complete set of Walking Liberty half dollars in good or better condition. The set has well matched coins in a coin-safe album and the cost to the club was over $600 to assemble. According lo the Red Book there were 208,000 of the 1921-D halves minted compared to 484,000 of the 1909-S VDB cents! This set will be given to someone at the Christmas party December 9th.



Schedule of Events for the Month of November:

1. Monthly Membership Meeting: November 3rd (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members and general public welcome. A bullet auction of no more than 10 coin lots will occur. Members wishing to submit coins for the bullet auction can bring them to the meeting. There will be a presentation that evening by club member Mike Orr on the subject of "Medieval Hammered Coins - Sterlings, Pollards & Crockards.

2. YN (Young Numismatists) Meeting: November 12th (Friday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. YNs, club members, and general public welcomed. The evening's session will concentrate on identifying the ancient coins that were distributed to the YNs at last month's meeting ("Ancient Coins: Part I).

3. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: November 17th (Wednesday) al 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.

Minutes of the October 20th Board Meeting:

The Anchorage Coin Club board meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

First order of business was planning for the Dec. 9th Christmas Party/ Club Meeting / YN Meeting / Coin Auction:

There will be some 33 door prizes provided that night. John Larsen will be taking care of the wrapping and distribution of the door prizes.

Roy & Ann Brown will be contacting club members in the coming weeks on potluck items to be brought to the party. The club will provide items such as cups, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, soda pop, coffee, condiments (such as ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper), and some of the hors d'oeuvres (such as chips and dips).

Larry Nakata and Loren Lucason will organize the coin auction for that evening. Members wishing to submit items for the auction should contact either Larry or Loren. At the time of the board meeting, some 53 lots were submitted and will be posted in this month's newsletter.

The board selected the Anchorage Coin Club "Numismatist of the Year" and "YN of the Year". Announcement of the winners will be made at the Dec. 9th event.

Next order of business was a briefing by Larry Nakata on this year's YN Bucks Program. YNs will be given an opportunity to earn up to $200 that can be used to bid on coins at the Dec. 9th Christmas Coin Auction. Details of the YN Bucks Program are cited in this month's "YN Corner" article.

Al Walid I 705-715 AD Silver Dirham Reverse

Al Walid I 705-715 AD Silver Dirham Reverse

Following approval by the board on the YN Bucks Program, Larry Nakata brought up the issue of this year's significant increase in YN membership. Because of this increase, there are some 28 YNs in the Anchorage Coin Club. It has been noted by Larry that not all 28 YNs come to the meetings. The club provides two free books to every new YN ("The Guide Book to US Coins"-otherwise known as the Red Book,... and the ANA Grading Guide) at the time they join the club. Discussed at the board meeting were ideas on ways to encourage YNs to attend meetings. A key decision made by the Board was to give out the first book to new YNs after attending two meetings (either regular membership or YN meetings) and to give out the second book after attending another two meetings. In this manner the new YNs would show commitment in joining the Anchorage Coin Club. YN membership dues will continue to remain at $5/year. Not a bad deal for two free books...

As there was no further business to discuss, the board meeting concluded at 8:30 PM.


by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

Our Friday evening YN meeting on October 8th saw us moving into a bigger room. A lot of YNs and parents came to the event. The subject....."Ancient Coins".

Club member Richard Bilak brought in a 5 lb. bag of assorted ancient coins. Following a short presentation by Richard on how YNs can collect ancient coins, the 5 lb. bag of coins was divided up among the YNs. We spent the remainder of the evening cleaning the hoard of ancients of all the "din & encrustation" that built up on these coins over the last 1000-2000 years. With a lot of "elbow grease" the YNs were able to clean up some of these coins and identify them as Roman. Greek Imperial, Byzantine, Crusader, and Islamic coins. Not bad for an evening's work. Seems to me the parents had just as much fun as the YNs working on those ancient coins. Each YN went home with a bunch of coins (on the average 20-30 per YN). I asked the YNs to continue their efforts in cleaning up the ancients and bring the results of their efforts to our next YN meeting on November 12th. The Nov. 12th session will concentrate on identifying and dating these ancient coins. It should be a fun session for everyone.

Thanks go to the following people who graciously donated all of the ancient coins for the meeting:

Numismatist William D. Peters of Burbank, CA, and

Kevin Barry / Pt. Pleasant, NJ from Barry & Darling Ancient Coins.

By the way... each YN also went home with three nice ancient coins that I would like to have them identify and date using the reference books recommended by Richard Bilak. The Loussac Library has a number of these books well as our coin dealers in Anchorage. Bring these coins into the Nov. 12th meeting with your results.

At the October YN meeting, I also brought up the issue of our coin club's December 9th Xmas Party / Coin Club Meeting / Coin Auction. As in years past, we will have a YN Bucks Contest in which YNs can earn up to $200 in moneys that can be used for bidding on coins at our Christmas Coin Auction.

This year will see the $200 in YN Bucks divided into two categories:

A coin or numismatic display at the November 20 - 21 Coin Show/Northway Mall. There will be $100 divided among participating YNs. A display case will be provided to any YN (or group of YNs) with the requirement that the display cover a subject on numismatics (such as paper currency, US coins, foreign coins, ancients, tokens medallions, etc.)- Our club members who visit the Northway Mall Coin Show will judge the quality of the displays. The amount of YN Bucks earned by YNs will be based upon the quality of the display. We will divide the $100 among the YNs who participate in this category. The prize money will be announced and distributed at our Dec. 9th Xmas Party (and coin auction). YNs wishing to do a display should contact me at home (evening # 563-1729) or our club president, Loren Lucason (#272-3700). We will set you up with a display case.

The second category will be numismatic articles. The articles will be published in our club's newsletter, ACCent. Like the displays, the article can cover a subject on paper currency, US coins, foreign coins, ancients, tokens, medallions, or whatever "suits your fancy". Up to $100 will be divided among YNs who submit articles. The amount of YN Bucks earned will be decided by our club Board members based upon the quality of the article. This prize money will also be announced and distributed at our Dec. 9th Xmas Party. Please submit your articles by November 17th. Contact me or our club president, Loren Lucason on getting articles to us. If any YNs need assistance on their displays or articles, we will work on them at the November 12th YN meeting. Good luck on those ancient coins. We'll see you at our next YN meeting on November 12th....

        Larry Nakata.


CHIEF EDITOR'S NOTE: Last month's newsletter focused on the subject of "Ancient Coins". For this month, we are going to digress a bit into Medieval coinage: Member Richard Bilak has written the following article...which is a follow-up to the great presentation he gave at our club's October membership meeting on "Medieval Islamic Coinage". I enjoyed this article from Richard...

by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

When Larry asked me to write an article for the newsletter, I thought, "Hmmm what to write?" Larry wanted something in my area of specialization, Medieval Islamic Coinage. Soon I realized that I could not make up my mind and kept jumping back and forth about subjects. I decided to open my coin cabinet (red box) and let the coins talk to me...


First thing you are probably thinking is "Why Islamic coins?!" Almost everyone does Greek and Roman Ancients... in other words "the classics". I wanted to be different!!. I really enjoy studying the time period 652-1700 AD. I like the variety of all the different dynasties. There are coins from Egypt, Persia, India, Africa, and Central Asia.

But wait!!... there's more. A person can put together a meaningful collection without "going broke". There are endless varieties and affordable rarities in gold, silver, and copper. Such coins can be purchased for less than $100.

Why isn't everyone collecting Islamic coins? I think the answer to that lies in having to translate the Arabic writing (calligraphy) and dates on the coins. The second reason is condition. I'm talking about some coins only "a mother could love" (or Islamic collector). These are not Syracuse tetradrachms. After awhile the calligraphy becomes quite alluring. I will be the first to admit that these are not everyone's "cup of tea".

So are you still with me?! Good, so let's see what these coins had to say to me...

I went through the coin cabinet (red box) and all the coins were talking to me. This meant one thing... "Islamic type set." But then I thought..."NO!! I can't do that". That would make for a very complex presentation. I needed something easier. "Early Post Reform Coinage". Islamic coinage of the Umayyad Caliph features a good historical background. Best of all I have a complete run of silver dirhams from this dynasty...

Reading Umayyad Dirhams

Before we get into the historical part of this short (?) article, let me explain something. Dates are nearly always "anno hijra" rather than "anno domini" - AH rather than AD. The Hijra was the "flight" Mohammad made from Mecca on 16 July 622 AD. To change an "AD date" into an "AH date" you have to do more than add 622 to the date. One must take into account the Moslem year is a lunar year and having only 354 days... as compared with our solar year having 365 days. Thus 100 Moslem years equals 97 of our years.

And now for your numismatic pleasure, "Early Post Reform Coinage":

The Arab empire built up to a climax of extent and splendor in a little more than a hundred years after Mohammad's flight from Mecca in 622 AD. It was religious fervor which turned quarreling tribes and small towns of Arabia into the most powerful force in the world at that time. The first success was the capture of Mecca in 630 AD with the few followers Mohammad had collected at his base in Medina.

Mohammad died in 632 AD his work carried on by his successors. The Arabic word for successor is Khalifat, which translates into the word "Caliph". The caliphs inherited Mohammad's secular and religious leadership. To early Moslems the concept of secular and religious were the same thing. But there was a theocracy that the "real" ruler is Allah (god). The early coins of the Caliphs are anonymous because of this. We do find in later times the Caliph's name appearing on the coinage.... this becomes more prominent as the secular power of the Caliph declines.

The Umayyad Caliphs introduced a reform coinage in the year AH77 (AH79 for silver). All Umayyad gold and silver is anonymous. Both are often collected by reign, date, or mint. Because Umayyad dirhams are always carefully struck, the date is very discernable on the coins. The new dirham was struck at 14 mints to a new nominal weight of 2.97 grams....not always achieved in practice. The average weight of 60 dirhams in the catalog of the British Museum for AH79 - AH84 is listed as 2.71 grains. The new coins established the style of Islamic silver coinage for the next 5 centuries.

The design is made up of Arabic inscriptions surrounded by circles and annulets. On each side there is a three or four line legend with a single circular inscription. Outside are three line circles with 5 annulets surrounding them. The side normally taken as the obverse has, as its central legend, the declaration of faith called the "Kalima". Around this is the Mint/Date formula reading, "In the name of Allah, this dirham was struck in [mint name], in [year]". The reverse has a 4 line inscription taken from the 112th Surah of the Quran. The marginal legend is also known as the prophetic mission statement. There were almost 90 Umayyad silver mints.

The two most common mints were Damascus and Waist. These two mints had a monopoly on dirham production, due to the problems of maintaining control over the provincial mints and the need to ensure that captured loot reached the capital.

If you've read this far I bet you're wondering who the Caliphs are:

Abd al- Malik AH 65-86 / 685-705 AD. All coins dated AH 77-86 are attributed to this ruler.

Al- WalidI AH 86-96 /705-715AD. All coins dated AH 86-96 are attributed to this ruler.

Sulayman AH 97-99 / 715-717 AD. All coins dated from AH 97-99 are attributed to this ruler.

Umar AH 99- 101 / 717-720 AD. All coins dated from AH 99- 101 are attributed to this ruler.

Yazid II AH 101- 105/ 720- 724 AD. All coins dated from AH 102- 105 AD are attributed to this ruler.

Hisham AH 105-125/ 724-743 AD. All coins dated from AH 105- 125 are attributed to this ruler.

The year AH 126 saw a large turnover in Umayyad Caliphs with three rulers.  Al-Walid II AH 125-126 / 743 AD. Only the dirham of Waist 126 with 5 annulets in the margin can be attributed to this caliph.

Yazid III AH 126 / 743-744 AD. On the durham of Waist with 4 annulets in the margin can be definitely attributed to this caliph. This is the key to this series.

Ibrahim AH126- 127/ 744 AD. Only the Dirham of Waist 126 with 7 annulets can be confirmed to this reign. However anonymous coins of AH 127 are traditionally assigned this ruler.

Marwan II AH127-132 / 744-750 AD. All Umayyad coins dated AH 128-132 are conventionally assigned to this ruler.


by Mike Orr (Life Member #1)



Club member Mike Orr will be giving a presentation at our November 3rd club meeting on the subject of "Medieval Hammered Coins". As a lead-in for his presentation, Mike asked me to print this article:

Henry III Silver Penny Obverse

Henry III Silver Penny Obverse

Back in ye olden days of knights, chivalry, maidens in distress, dragon slayers, and crusaders there was still a need for money. The story of the beginning of a unified coinage for the middle ages begins with "William the Conqueror." In 1066 he took control of England and reinstated the Anglo Saxon single denomination coin system. It consisted of a penny (sterling) weighing 1.1 grams to 1.75 grams measuring between 18-24 mm. It had a relatively high silver content set by the king thus insuring its acceptance in England and on the continent. William furthered the penny's acceptance by fixing its weight at 22 1/2 grains (1.46 grams). The subject of this presentation is what the money of that time period looked like during the time of the crusades.

By the end of the 11th Century Pope Urban II had called for a crusade to rid the levant of the danger to the pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land. The levant was referred to as "The Land Over the Water" or what is now the West Coast of Turkey down to what is now Israel and Jerusalem. The coins of England and the continent made their way to the new crusader states as well. The subject of my talk will be that of a small collection. I've put together coins of this period. This is not meant to be a complete study of that time period, just a little snapshot of it. Most of the coins are very crudely made as Richard stated in his presentation this past month. They have faces only a mother could love. Most of them remind me of portraits of Homer Simpson. Its all part of the attraction I have for these hammered ugly ducklings. All of them are different in their own right even though the kings continued the same basic designs from year to year once the public accepted them...."If its not broke don't try to fix it" principle. They were clipped for their metal and cut when change was needed. It's a fascinating period to collect and fairly ignored by most numismatists.

Edward 1 1272-1307 AD Silver Penny Reverse

Edward 1 1272-1307 AD Silver Penny Reverse

CHIEF EDITOR'S FINAL COMMENT: With such a lead-in by Mike Orr, I'm looking forward to his presentation come November 3rd. Hope to see a lot of our members at this club meeting. Meantime, we will be returning next month to Part II of our articles on "Ancient Coins".

Icy Straits Salmon Co.

by Roy Brown (Member #8)

Located in Hoonah, Alaska- a Tlingit Indian Village on Chichagof Island in Icy Straits, about 40 miles southwest of Juneau, Alaska.

It was formerly called Hoonah Packing Co. from 1912-1924, then it was changed to Icy Straits Salmon Co., and operated from 1924-1954.

I only have the three tokens pictured here in stock at this time. There were four different tokens struck on brass:

"g/f .10 round. 19 mm size brass-lists for $10"

"g/f .25 round. 23 mm size- lists for $10"

"g/f .50 round. 29 mm size- lists for $10"

"g/f $1 round. 35 mm size- lists for $50".

Icy Straits Alaska Tokens



December 9th Christmas Auction Lots

Mail bids will be accepted for the December 9th Christmas Auction.

MB = Minimum Bid

Lot #

1. 1879-S Morgan Dollar Uncirculated.

2. 1886-S Morgan Dollar. Uncirculated.

3. 1922 Peace Dollar Uncirculated.

4. 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU.

5. 1928-S Standing Liberty Quarter EF.

6. 1873 "with arrows" Liberty Seated Dime F-15.

7. 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel Uncirculated.

8. 1848 Large Cent VF-30,

9. 1865 Two Cent EF-45.

10. Series 1907 $5 US Note VG.

11. 1858 Liberty Seated Half Dollar EF.

12. 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Uncirculated.

13. 1980 Russian 5 Ruble Olympic Commemorative Proof Silver Coin.

14. Book: "Ancient Greek and Roman Coins" by Zander Klawans c. 1995.

15. 1934 Doubled Die Washington Quarter VG. MB $25

16. 1931-S Lincoln Cent VF. MB $25

17. 1897 Barber Quarter VF. MB $20

18. 1865 Indian Cent F+. MB $7

19. 1891-S Morgan Dollar AU. MB $15

20. 1883 Morgan Dollar Uncirculated. MB $15

21. 1859-O Seated Liberty Dollar EF. MB $200.

22. 1986 Prestige Proof Set (8 coins-Statue of Liberty)

23. 1958 Proof Set.

24. 1960 Proof Set.

25. 1961 Proof Set.

26. 1973-S Proof Ike Dollar.

27. 1978-S Proof Ike Dollar.

28. 1923 Peace Dollar VG.

29. 1924 Peace Dollar G.

30. 1981-S Susan B. Anthony Dollar Proof.

31. 1958 Franklin Half Dollar Uncirculated.

32. Complete BU Set of Washington Quarters 1941-1991. Includes extra 1968-S Proof, 2 each 1969-S Proof, 1970-S Proof, 1971-S Proof, 1972-S Proof, 1973-S Proof, 1974-S Proof.

33. 1976 25 Guilder Netherlands Silver Proof.

34. 1936 Canada Voyager Silver Dollar Uncirculated.

35. 1802 8 reale coin with chopmarks VF+.

36. 1786 8 reale coin with chopmarks G+.

37. Complete Gem BU Mercury Dime Set 1934-1945-S (36 coins).

38. 1925 Peace Dollar NGC MS-63.

39. 1923 Peace Dollar NGC MS-63.

40. 1887 Morgan Dollar NGC MS-63.

41. 1953 A Star Note $5 Silver Certificate AU.

42. Book: "The Anchor Atlas of World History Volume I" by Kinder & Hilgemann c. 1974. Maps of the world from the Stone Age to the Eve of the French Revolution.

43. 1858 Flying Eagle Cent G.

44. 1863 Indian Cent G.

45. 1881 Indian Cent G.

46. 1907 Indian Cent VF.

47. 1853 Three Cent Silver G.

48. 1868 Shield Nickel AG.

49. 1883 N.C. Liberty Nickel F.

50. 1913-D T1 Buffalo Nickel VG.

51. 1992 Olympic Half Dollar Proof-69.

52. 1962 Dawson Gold Rush Festival Token.

53. 1985 Japan Mint Set.

Members wishing to submit coins or numismatic items for the Christmas Coin Auction should contact either Larry Nakata (eves: 563-1729) or Loren Lucason (eves: 272-3700).



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