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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 12, Number 5

May 1999

May Membership Meeting
Wed., May 5, 1999 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



We banged the gavel at 7:32 and started the meeting by giving away some coins. The door prize, a 1986 Statue of Liberty Commemorative Dollar, was given to Mark Nagy. The membership prize, a 1923 BU Peace Dollar, was given to Robert Hall.

The seminar (our first in 3 years) was summarized by Larry Nakata- it will be held at the Westeoast International Inn - September 10th to the 12th - lunches and refreshments will be provided. Bill Fivaz, the premier numismatic educator, will be conveying knowledge on coin grading and counterfeit detection- subjects important to collectors as well as those working in coin shops. Bill Fivaz is easy to learn from and gives seminars the feeling of a social event. The cost will be $245 and we still need a half dozen more member commitments. The outcome of this will determine our future seminars.

The Young Numismatist's Donation Auction will take up most of our May 5th meeting and part of our June meeting. We have over 115 lots including many books. A list is in this newsletter. Money from this auction will go towards the YN Program.

Strike Error - Double Struck SBA Dollar

Strike Error - Double Struck SBA Dollar

The summer picnic will be at Kinkaid Park - July 11th. We will be barbecuing and everyone is invited to bring a side dish. Events for the picnic are still in the planning stages- we are open to suggestions.

The coin show at the Northway Mall is over now but more are planned for the future. There will be a coin show at the Cottonwood Creek Mall in Wasilla on May 1st and 2nd.

Ben Guild has started selling coins at the "Hole in the Wall Coin Company" in Eagle River- drop by and say hello.

Bill Hamilton was to tell us what it is like to be a coin dealer, but was too sick to make the meeting (no doubt some ailment he caught from the general public). He did, however, send along some thoughts as well as some example coins. Long before the shop opens. Bill is checking the coin and metals market on his computer. Then it's in the shop identifying, grading, and pricing the eclectic variety of coins that came in the day before - as well as restocking the shelves. This is periodically interrupted by a range of customers. Everyone from the those who want to buy, know coins, and know what they want.... to those that want to sell, don't know coins, and don't know what they have. Then there is the odd character peddling a counterfeit or a "Elvis Double Eagle". They are sure that it must be worth at least $20 because it is an American Double Eagle- and even has two eagles on the reverse. Roy Brown had some counterfeit coin stories and Carl buys counterfeit gold coins for their gold value. Carl has a small display of counterfeit gold coins in his shop. We did not talk about the lure of coins and gold to robbers - we knew the stories.

It became apparent that being a coin dealer is work fraught with danger (mostly financial) and that knowing a good coin dealer is helpful in avoiding counterfeits and the odd overpriced Elvis Double Eagle.....



Schedule of Events for the Month of May:

1. Monthly Membership Meeting: May 5th (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. The featured event for the evening will be the "YN Numismatic Donation Auction". See list of donated items in this newsletter.

2. YN (Young Numismatists) Meeting: May 14th (Friday) 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church (corner of Cordova St. and 15th Avenue). YNs, club members, and general public welcomed. There will be a presentation on "Collecting Proof Coins for the YN".

3. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: May 19th (Wednesday) 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcome.

Minutes of the April 21st Board Meeting:

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

First order of business was upcoming coin shows. April 24th and 25th will see the Northway Mall Coin Show. May 1st and 2nd will see a coin show at the Cottonwood Creek Mall. The next series of shows will likely occur later in the year starting in the month of September. There was discussion among Board members about the feasibility of establishing regularly scheduled coin shows at various mails and even at hotels.

Next, Larry Nakata provided a briefing on the status of the YN Donation Auction. With coins provided by members Jim Hill & Mike Orr at the Board meeting, the auction is up to 115 lots. The auction will probably carryover into our June 2nd membership meeting. Meantime, the Board asks it's members to be generous.... donate lots.... and bid well at the auction.

Our club events for the Summer was also discussed. YN meetings are planned for May 14th ("Proof Coins That Can Be Collected by the YN") and June 11th ("Collecting U.S. Paper Currency for the YN"). No YN meetings are planned for the months of July and August.

The club's Summer Picnic is planned for Sunday afternoon July 11th at the Kincaid Park Outdoor Pavilion. President Loren Lucason will put together a volunteer committee to organize the events for the picnic.

Strike Error- Lincoln Cent Struck on a Roosevelt Dime Planchet

Strike Error- Lincoln Cent Struck on a Roosevelt Dime Planchet

September 10th will be the Anchorage Coin Club Seminar on "Grading and Counterfeit Detection". The Board approved an expenditure of $1000 from the YN Fund to allow YNs free attendance to this event. In the briefing provided by Larry Nakata (who is organizing the event), the $1000 expenditure makes the breakeven point for the seminar at 21 paying people (at $245/person). So far, some 19 people have "raised their hands" to attend this event. The Board is encouraging the Anchorage Coin Club membership to support this seminar by attending this event. We need your support.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.


by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

We had a pretty good turnout of YNs and parents at the April 9th YN meeting. In fact the meeting was filled to capacity that evening.

The topic covered at this meeting was "Collecting Error and Variety Coins for the YN / Part II". This session was a continuation of last month's topic on Error and Variety coins. In last month's session we covered the minting process and what causes doubled die, repunched mint mark (RPM), & over mint mark (OMM) coins.

This month's session reviewed the minting process and how errors and varieties are caused as a result of mistakes made during planchet (or coin blank) production. Also discussed was how errors and varieties occur because of a malfunction of the coinage press... which can produce incorrectly formed coins.

The YNs saw lots of examples of clipped planchets, doubled die varieties, defective planchet errors, broadstrike errors, and off center striking errors. Thanks go to member Ben Guild for providing us these error coins.

The key point that I want to emphasize to YNs is that these type coins are very collectable and can commonly be found in your every day loose change. Such coins can command a premium price.

We went over books that are available at the Loussac Library and from our local coin dealers on the subject of "Errors and Varieties". These books have lots of good information to help the YN.

The evening wrapped up with all the YNs and their parents "cherrypicking" through a U.S. Mint bag of 1989-D Lincoln cents.... some 5000 pennies in uncirculated condition. Thanks go to Roy Brown for providing us with that bag of pennies. The 1989-D U.S. Mint bag was specifically chosen since there was a good possibility of finding repunched mint mark (RPM) pennies. The "Lincoln Cent / Mint Mark Varieties Book" by Brian Allen and John Wexler lists 9 different RPM varieties for the 1989-D Lincoln cent worth anywhere from $5 to $10 each. In "cherrypicking" through some of the coins in that bag, I saw several RPMs.

The YNs had a great time "cherrypicking" through the pennies with the gloves we provided for the session. I noted the gloves were a bit large for their hands. However.... if washed and dried in the dryer, they should shrink down to proper size for the YN hands.

Needless to say... the YNs who came to the event went home with lots of rolls of uncirculated 1989-D Lincoln cents. I'm sure they are having a great time "cherrypicking" through all those rolls. I believe there are a number of repunched mint marks (RPMs) that they will find. Hold onto the 1989-D uncirculated Lincoln cent rolls. Those BU rolls should appreciate in value as the years go by.

If any YNs find a possible "error or variety" while cherrypicking your BU rolls, bring them to our next YN meeting on Friday, May 14th. We'll take a look at what you found.

By the way.... Isaac Croas was the winner of the YN door prize, a 1971 Denver Mint set. Thanks go to Roy Brown for providing the door prize.

Our May 14th YN meeting will be on "Collecting Proof Coins for the YN". It should be a very good session with a nice display of proof coins for our YNs to see.

I also want to remind all YNs that we will have our YN Donation Coin Auction planned for the May 5th membership meeting at the Central Lutheran Church. I would like to see a good turnout for this event. Proceeds from the auction go into funding the YN Program.

One final thing.... there will be a coin seminar hosted by the Anchorage Coin Club on September 10-12. YNs will be allowed to attend this seminar for free. The seminar will cover the subject of "Grading and Counterfeit Detection".

The event to be held at the Westcoast International Inn. The instructor, Bill Fivaz, is coming all the way from Georgia for this seminar. Lunches and refreshments will be provided for YNs who attend this event. Those YNs interested in attending ....please get with me.

See you at the May 5th Membership meeting (and Coin Auction).....

        Larry Nakata.

Planchet Error - Clipped Planchet

Planchet Error - Clipped Planchet



by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

In the last couple of YN meetings, we have been covering "Error and Variety" coins as the subject of discussion. The primary purpose was to show our YNs such coins are very collectable and can be found in everyday "loose change".

These coins can command pretty good prices. One need only look at the 1972 doubled die Lincoln cent which is listed in the Redbook as a $275 coin. There are even later date doubled die varieties of this cent: 1983 ($200), 1984 ($150), and 1995 ($35). These are modem date coins that could certainly be found in one's "loose change".

For the collector, error and variety coins can be a very affordable aspect of one's overall collection. While not an avid collector of "errors", I do have my share of such coins within my collection. does one approach collecting such coins?

First, I would recommend reading books on the subject. Among the recommended books are:

"The Cherrypicker's Guide" by Bill Fivaz and J. T. Stanton.

"The Official Price Guide to Mint Errors and Varieties" by Alan Hebert,

"The Error Encyclopedia" by Arnold Margolis,

"The RPM Book" by John Wexler and Tom Miller,

"How Error Coins Are Made in the U.S. Mints" by Arnold Margolis.

I like these books because they show how "errors & varieties" occur as a result of the minting process, the kinds of "errors and varieties" that are collectable, and pricing information.

What kind of "errors and varieties" should I collect? Such coins fall under three categories: Planchet (P), Die (D), and Strike (S) errors and varieties....otherwise known as the "PDS system". The choice of which category to collect is really one that is "in the eye of the beholder".

Striking Error - Off center Strike

Striking Error - Off center Strike

The "Die" category seems to be the most popular from what I can tell. Mistakes or changes made on the die during it's construction process results in such popular coins as the doubled die. overdate, repunched date, repunched mint mark, over mint mark, and clashed-die errors. Die-crack and die-break error/variety coins also fall under this category. I would recommend you read books on the subject so you have an understanding how such mistakes and changes occur on the die. By understanding the process, it makes it easier for your to identify these types of coins.

Planchet "errors and varieties" result from some mistake made during the construction process of the planchet, "the metal blank" on which the image of the coin is struck. Among the different planchet error/varieties are improper alloy mix, damaged or defective planchets, clipped planchets, laminated (split, broken) planchets, and even planchets in which the wrong metal was used to strike the coin. The most common coin to collect in this category seems to be the curved, or clipped, "planchet-error" coin.

This type error occurs when a coin blank is punched from out of an area of the metal strip that overlaps a hole where a previous blank was punched out. From what I've read, the bigger the curve.... the higher the price of the coin.

The "Strike" category refers to error/variety coins created during the striking process between the dies and the planchet. Within this category are such error/varieties as the double-strikes, off-center strikes, errors resulting from problems with the collar (which holds the planchet in place in the coining chamber during the striking process), rotated die strikes, and double-denomination errors (which involves the striking of a planchet by the dies of two different denominations).

Where can I find such coins? Looking through loose change is one way. You can also go to your local bank and get rolls of coins with the idea of searching, or "cherrypicking", through those rolls for "errors and varieties". A good way to find such coins is to "cherry-pick" those boxes of wheat cents and other circulated coins that every local coin dealer has at their shop. Your local coin dealer does not have the lime to "cherry-pick" every coin looking for "errors and varieties", Chances are good you'll find something. Who knows.... you might be that lucky person who "cherry-picked" that $100 coin in a coin shop's box of circulated coins that went for a quarter each. Every one of our local coin dealers here in Anchorage can tell you stories of such happenings....

        Larry Nakata.



YN Donation Numismatic Auction Lots

Donated By Don Thurber (Member #259)

1. 1998 1/10th oz. Gold American Eagle in BU condition.

Donated by Anchorage Coin Club

2. One (1) book "1999 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901 to date, 26th Edition" Krause Publications.

3. One (1) book "Abe Kosoff: Dean of Numismatics" c. 1985 by Q. David Bowers.

4. Same as Lot #3.

5. Three (3) books: "The Standard Catalogue of Encased Postage Stamps" c. 1989 by Michael J. Hodder and Q. David Bowers. "Commemorative Coins of the United States" by Anthony Swiatek.....autographed book. "A Basic Guide to United States Commemorative Coins" by Michael J. Hodder and Q. David Bowers.

6. Three (3) books: "One-Minute Coin Expert" c. 1991 by Scott A. Travers. "The Standard Catalogue of Encased Postage Stamps" c. 1989 by Michael J. Hodder and Q. David Bowers. "A Basic Guide to United States Commemorative Coins" c. 1992 by Michael J. Hodder and Q. David Bowers.

7. Two (2) books: "The Compleat Collector" c. 1985 by Q. David Bowers. "The Coin Dealer Newsletter- A Study in Rare Coin Price Performance 1963-1988" c. 1989. Edited by Q. David Bowers.

8. Same as Lot #7.

9. Same as Lot #7.

10. Three (3) books: "Coinage Laws of the United States 1792-1894" c. 1990 by Bowers and Merena with a forward by David L. Ganz. "The Strange Career of Dr. Wilkins- A Numismatic Inquiry" c. 1987 by Q. David Bowers. "Coins and Collectors" c. 1988 by Q. David Bowers.

11. Same as Lot #10.

12. Eight (8) each unsigned Anchorage Coin Club "Official YN Bucks". These notes were used in the club's 1998 YN Bucks Contest. Of 25 notes made, these are the only remaining unsigned notes in CU condition.

13. Eleven (11) each signed Anchorage Coin Club "Official YN Bucks". These notes were redeemed by our YNs who earned credits that were used to bid on lots at our club's 1998 Winter Coin Auction. Included with this lot is one of the YN Buck designs submitted by a YN.

Donated by Hal Wilson (Member #39)

14. Set of twelve (12) 1992 Canadian Commemorative quarters representing 12 provinces. In BU condition. Also included with this lot is a 1992 Canadian $1 coin in BU condition.

Donated by Larry Nakata (Life Member #3)

15. One (1) each 1996 1 oz. Silver American Eagle in Proof condition.

16. 1939-S Lincoln cent, repunched mint mark RPM #2, in BU condition.

17. $1 Gaming Token from the Bellagio/ Las Vegas. First Year of Issue /1998.

Donated by John Wilson (Member #243)

18. 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent in XF condition.

19. Seven (7) each Liberty V Nickels: 1898 / 1899 / 1900 / 2 ea 1904 / 2 ea 1907. Good condition.

Donated by Tasmanian Numismatic Society (Our Sister Club in Australia)

20. Five (5) each Australian Half Pennies: 1911 London /1913 London / 1914 /2 ea 1915 London /1919 Sidney /1954 Perth. Good or better.

21. Five (5) each Australian Large Cents: 2 ea 1914 London / 1931 Melbourne / 1945 Perth / 1952. Good or better.

22. Two (2) each Australian Small Cents: 1970 VG /1989 AU.

23. 1989 Australia 10 cent piece in Fine condition.

24. Four (4) each Australian $1 coins: 1986 - International Year of Peace XF / 1988 VG / 1988 F / 1988 VG.

25. Three (3) each Australian silver 3 Pence coins: 1920 VG / 1943 F / 1948 G.

26. Three (3) each Australian silver 6 Pence coins: 1928 Melbourne VG / 1945 Melbourne VG / 1962 Melbourne VG.

27. 1952 Australian silver Shilling / Melbourne in VG.

28. 1966 Australian silver 50 cent coin in BU condition.

29. Three (3) each Australian Commemorative 50 cent coins: 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee / 1982 Commonwealth Games / 1994 Year of the Family. Fine or better.

30. Same as Lot #29.

31. Two (2) each Australian Commemorative 50 cent coins: 1982 Commonwealth Games Fine / 1994 Year of the Family Fine.

32. Two (2) each Australian Commemorative 50 cent coins: 1982 Commonwealth Games AU / 1994 Year of the Family VG/F.

33. Four (4) each Australian 1982 Commonwealth Games Commemorative 50 cent coins VG-XF.

34. Four (4) each New Zealand coins: 1995 5 cent BU / 1983 20 cent VG / 1990 $1 VF / 1991 $1 XF.

35. Four (4) each Great Britain coins: 2 ea 1971 New Penny VF / 1945 Large Penny VG / 1970 10 New Pence VG.

36. Four (4) each Indonesia 50 rupiah coins: 1971 VG / 3 ea 1998 BU.

37. Six (6) each various foreign coins: 1989 Belgium franc AU / 1960 Canada 1 cent F / 1990 Fiji 10 cent VF / 1978 Portugal 50 centavos F / 1981 Singapore 20 cent BU / 1987-91 Thailand 1 satang VG.

38. One (1) book "The Pocketbook Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes/ 6th Edition" c. 1998 by Greg McDonald... autographed book.

Donated by John Wilson (Member #243)

39. $5 Prepaid Calling Card / National & World Paper Money Convention / St. Louis / October 24-27, 1996.

Donated by Carl (Life Member #2)

40. Three (3) each deluxe Dansco Coin Albums: Franklin Half Dollars / Morgan Dollars 1891-1921 / Peace Dollars.

41. Four (4) each coin books: Whitman Half Cent 1793-1857 / Whitman U.S. Silver Dollars / Whitman Miscellaneous Dollars / H.E. Harris Lincoln Cent 1944- .

Donated by Bill Hamilton (Member #108)

42. Five (5) each Whitman Lincoln Cent (1909- 1940) coin books.

Donated by Hal Wilson (Member #39)

43. Library of Coins Franklin Half Dollar coin album.

Donated by Larry Nakata (Life Member #3)

44. 1963-D BU Roll of Jefferson Nickels / Unsearched Roll.

45. Same as Lot #44.

46. Same as Lot #44.

47. Same as Lot #44.

48. Same as Lot #44.

49. Same as Lot #44.

50. Same as Lot #44.

51. Same as Lot #44.

Donated by Carl (Life Member #2)

52. Assorted Plastic coin and currency holders.

53. Assorted Coin Display Boxes/ Various denominations.

Donated by Mike Orr (Member #91)

54. 1998 "Phantom S" U.S. Mint Set.

Donated by Loren Lucason (Member #97)

55. Three (3) each Military Payment Certificates: U.S. Series 461 10 cent / British Armed Forces 6 Series 10 new pence / Allied Military Currency 5 Lire - Italy - Series 1943.

56. 1970 Washington Quarter. Doubled die reverse in BU condition.

57. U.S. Nickel Type Set in Capitol Holder: 1869 Shield nickel, 1900 Liberty V nickel, 1937 Buffalo nickel, 1942-P Jefferson nickel. Good to very fine condition.

58. Ancient copper coin: Roman-Valens (364-378 AD).

59. Ancient copper coin: Byzantine- Justin II (565-578 AD)- 5 nummia.

Donated by Carl (Life Member #2)

60. Four (4) each Whitman coin books: Set of three (3) books- Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-1897/ one book - Peace Dollars 1921-1935.

Donated by Roy Brown (Life Member #4)

61. 1965-1972 SMS and Proof set coins in Capital plastic holder.

Donated by Bill Fivaz (Life Member #7)

62. 1999-P Lincoln Cent BU Centered broadstrike error.

63. 1996-P Jefferson 5c BU Centered broadstrike error.

64. 1998-P Roosevelt 10c BU Broadstrike error with heavy obverse and reverse clashed die marks.

65. 1970-D Washington 25c  AU  Struck on 10c stock.

66. 1947- S/S Lincoln Cent  BU RPM #2.

67. 1947-S/S Lincoln Cent BU RPM #3.

68. 1953- S/S Lincoln Cent BU RPM #2.

69. 1961-D/Horizontal D Lincoln Cent BU RPM #1.

70. 1942- P/P Jefferson 5c MS-65 with reverse die break RPM #3.

71. 1944-D/D Jefferson 5c MS-65 RPM #3.

72. 1936-P Buffalo 5c in AU-58 condition.

73. 1937-P Buffalo 5c in AU-58 condition.

74. 1946 Roosevelt 10c in BU condition.

75. 1947-D Roosevelt 10c in BU condition.

76. 1955-S Roosevelt 10c in BU condition.

77. 1955-D Roosevelt 10c in BU condition.

78. Royal Arsenal Cooperative Society Ltd 5 pound doubled die.

79. Hobo nickel / "Heebee nickel" variety. Date unknown. Originally "D" type Buffalo nickel.

80. 1916 Liberty Head 10c / Flattened down "punched out" Liberty image on 10c.

81. Genuine 1943 Copper cent/Authenticated by Bill Fivaz and Anchorage Coin Club Board.

Donated by Robin Sisler (Member #117)

82. Two (2) Error / Variety coins: 1950 S/D Washington 25c VG Breen  #4351 OMM #1 1949 S/S Franklin Half Dollar VG.

83. Three (3) Error / Variety coins: 1864-L Indian Cent Good, repunched date, Snow 4 variety, 1867 Indian Cent VG, repunched date 67/67, Snow 1 variety, FS# 1-008 1903 Indian Cent AU, "3 North" variety.

Donated by Bill Hamilton (Member #108)

84. Four (4) Proof Lincoln Cents: 1969-S, 1970-S, 1971-S, 1974-S.

85. Set of (20) Lincoln Cents: Various dates 1943-S to 1973. Each cent in an individual plastic holder.

86. U.S. Congress Medallion 1971 U.S. Capitol Historical Society.

87. 1965 Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Inaugural Medal.

88. 1965 Henry H. Fowler / Secretary of Treasury Medallion.

89. Set of three (3) American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medals: 1972, 1974, 1976.

90. Capital Type Plastic Holder: U.S. Nickel Type Set.

91. Set of four (4) Whitman folders; Lincoln Cent 1909-1940, Indian Head Cent, Roosevelt Dime, One-A-Year Dime Collection folder.

92. Set of three (3) Whitman folders: Lincoln Cent 1909-40, Buffalo Nickel, 20th Century Type U.S. Coins. One (1) each Treat Hobby Coin folder, 1 Cent to 1 Dollar.

93. Set of three (3) Whitman folders: Lincoln Cent 1909-40 / Buffalo Nickel / Franklin Half Dollar. One (1) each Treat Hobby Coin folder, Kennedy Half Dollar.

94. Set of three (3) Whitman folders: Lincoln Cent 1909-40 / Indian Head Cent / Buffalo Nickel.

95. Set of four (4) Whitman folders: Lincoln Cent 1909-40 / Indian Head Cent/ Buffalo Nickel / Roosevelt Dime.

96. Set of four (4) Whitman folders: Indian Head Cent / Kennedy Half Dollar / U.S. Silver Dollars / 20th Century U.S. Type Coins.

97. Set of four (4) Whitman folders: Washington Quarters 1932-45 / Washington Quarters 1946-59 / Washington Quarters 1960- / Washington Quarters 1965- Present.

98. Set of three (3) Coinmaster Albums: Canadian Large Cents 1858-1920 / Canadian Halves 1870- / Franklin Half Dollars. One (1) each Silver Dollar Display Folder, U.S. Silver Dollar Society.

99. One (1) each Dansco Deluxe Album; U.S. Dimes 1892-Present.

100.One (1 )book "1991 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801-1991, 18th Edition", Krause Publications.

Donated by John Larson (Member #18)

101. Set of seventeen (17) Auction Catalogs and Magazines focused on International Paper Currency and Banknotes: R. M. Smythe / International Bank Note Society Journals / MRI's Bankers Guide to Foreign Currency.

Donated by Robert Hall (Member #1)

102. Book: "Confessions of a Numismatic Fanatic: How to Get the Most Out of Coin Collecting" c. 1992 by Prank. S. Robinson.

Donated by Bill Hamilton (Member #108)

103. Partial set of circulated Lincoln cents in Whitman folder (1941-1974).

Donated by Anthony Swiatek (Member # 242)

104. One (1) each ANA Centennial Coin "1991 Isle of Man Crown", signed by ANA President Swiatek. One (1) each "1976 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal" commemorating the Declaration of Independence.

105. Same as Lot # 104.

106. Thirty two (32) assorted circulated Lincoln cents consisting of: One (1) ea 1907 Indian Cent / Two (2) ea 1928 Lincoln cents / Four (4) ea 1943 Lincoln cents / Four (4) ea 1960 large date Lincoln cents / Two (2) ea 1960 sm. date Lincoln cents/ One (1) ea 1960-D large Date Lincoln cent / Eighteen (18) ea 1960-D sm. date Lincoln cents.

Donated by Jim Hill (Member # 121)

107. Two (2) each Lincoln cents: 1955/5-D Poor Man's doubled die cent / 1971-S Proof cent.

108. 1995-D Kennedy Half Dollar MS-64.

Donated by Mike Orr (Member # 91)

109. 1966 Australian Silver 50 cent in BU condition.

110. 1937-F Germany Silver 2 Reichmark in XF condition.

111. 1953 Panama Silver 1/2 Balboa in BU condition.

112. 1934 New Zealand Silver Florin in VF condition.

113. 1964 Canada Silver Proof-like 50 cent.

114. 1964 Canada Silver Proof-like Dollar.

115. 1966 Canada Silver Proof-like Dollar.

Thanks go to all of the people and organizations who donated numismatic materials for this year's YN Donation Numismatic Auction. Members or interested parties wishing to place a mail bid can do so by corresponding to our coin club's address: Anchorage Coin Club/ P.O. Box 230169/ Anchorage, AK 99523.



The Anchorage Coin Club

Meetings:       Membership meeting - First Wednesday of the month, 7:30 PM
                        E-Board meeting - Third Wednesday of the month, 7:00 PM
                        Meetings held at the Central Lutheran Church, at the corner of 15th and Cordova


Club Officers

President-                    Loren Lucason    Eves: 272-3700
V. President-                John Larson       Eves: 276-3292
Treasurer-                      Robert Hall        Eves: 561-8343
Secretary-                   Larry Nakata        Days: 269-5603
                                                                    Eves: 563-1729

Editors -                     Loren Lucason
                                    Larry Nakata
                                    Robin Sisler
                                    Mike Nourse
                                    Jim Susky
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Board of Directors

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Don Thurber-                  Eves: 338-7488

Mike Orr-                         Eves: 522-3679


To save costs, members not responding to renewal notices within 3 months will be considered inactive.

The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

Correspondence Address: Anchorage Coin Club, P.O. Box 230169, Anchorage, Alaska 99523