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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 11, Number 6

June 1998

June Membership Meeting
Wed., June 3, 1998 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



The May meeting began with eating pizza and viewing lots for the YN donation numismatic auction. The door prize, a 1968 mint set, was won by Jim Hill and the membership prize, a Whitman album full of Lincoln cents was won by YN Sarah Bilak. A bullet auction was held but nobody brought money for the 1793 half cent nor the 1793 large cent.

The YN donation numismatic auction. Part I, raised $681.50 to support the young numismatist's education program. The biggest spender was young numismatist Sarah Bilak who bought Lot #1, a 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent, for $245. Some of the 68 lots went for as little as 1 and 2 dollars. Part II of the YN auction will be the main part of the June meeting and will consist of coin supplies, several books, as well as a variety of coins from an ancient Roman bronze to a 1994 Silver Proof Donald Duck medal.

At the meeting it was pointed out that time is running out for ordering your 10 year coin set and that we are reaching the point of drawing for the 1899 $5 silver certificate in fine condition featuring Chief One Papa.

We had to find a location other than Mike Robuck's backyard to have the July picnic. Mike's youngest child is due before then. Although we will have another potential member, the child will not be old enough to party. Larry Nakata has reserved Kinkaid Park for Sunday, July 5th, for our picnic. Join us for the fun and food on that Sunday afternoon.

See you at the June meeting - bring money.



Schedule of Events for the Month of June:

1. Monthly Membership Meeting: June 3rd (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. There will be a bullet coin auction of no more than 10 coin lots. Members wishing to submit coins for the bullet auction can bring them to the meeting. Following the Bullet Auction, Part II of the YN Numismatic Donation Auction will be held. See list of donated items in this newsletter.

2. YN (Young Numismatists) Meeting; June 12th (Friday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church (corner of Cordova St. and 15th Avenue), YNs, club members, and general public welcomed. There will be a presentation on "The Coins and Currency of New Zealand" by member Mike Orr.

3. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: June 17th (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.

Tribute Penny

Tribute Penny

Minutes of the May 20th Board Meeting:

The board meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. Board members covered the Summer events planned for our coin club.

The June 3rd membership meeting will wrap up the YN Numismatic Auction. Lots 69 through 131 will be auctioned off.

The YNs will have their YN meeting on Friday, June 12th. No YN meetings are planned for the months of July and August so that our YNs can enjoy the summer. YN meetings will again resume on September 11th.

The Anchorage Coin Club Summer Picnic is scheduled for Sunday, July 5th at Kinkaid Park (12 noon - 6 PM). The original plan to have the picnic at Mike Robuck's place fell through. A decision was made by the Board to have our July membership meeting and July 5th Summer Picnic occur at the same time. Mike Orr, Bruce Gamble, and John Larsen have volunteered to organize the picnic events (especially for our YNs). Like last year's picnic, this will be a potluck picnic with the club supplying the hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, soda pop, chips, dips, and basic picnic items. Items needed for the potluck picnic to be salads, desserts, and snacks. Ann Brown will be making calls to our membership on attendance at the Summer picnic and potluck items needed.

It is anticipated that August will see a number of our members going to the ANA convention in Portland. Following the convention, a number of ANA members are planning a boat cruise to Alaska with a stop over in Anchorage. Plans are underway to have the Anchorage Coin Club host a party at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art for these ANA members when they arrive here. Accordingly, the Board has decided to have our club's August meeting held concurrent with the planned party. More details will follow on the planned date of this August party.

Following discussion on Summer events planned for the Anchorage Coin Club, no further business was brought up.

The Board meeting subsequently concluded at 8:15 PM.


by Larry Nakata (Member #41)

For those YNs (i.e. you Young Numismatists) who attended the May 8th YN meeting, each of you went home with a great 1893 Columbian Exposition Half Dollar. The subject covered that evening was "US Commemorative Coins".

We covered the definition of a US Commemorative coin...namely a coin minted by the US Mint with proceeds from the sales going to some non-profit cause or group. Such coins can only be minted by approval of our U.S. Congress.

Did you know that the US Commemorative coin program started in 1892 with the introduction of the Columbian Exposition Half dollar. The success of this coin resulted in more US Commemorative issues occurring up until 1954. The various issues minted from 1892-1954 marked the first period of the US Commemorative coin program.

Did you know that we are now in the second period of US Commemorative coins that started again in 1982 with the George Washington half dollar. It continues through today.

Ever wonder why the first period of the US Commemorative coin program came to an end?! Just look at the events during the present second period to see that "history may be repeating itself.

Considering the low mintages of the various US Commemoratives, these coins are very collectable and reasonably priced for the YN.

Such were the topics discussed at the May 8th YN meeting.

Our coin club's YN meetings are intended to show the YN all the different types of coins and currencies that can be collected. These meetings also provide good information to help them build up their coin collections. Of course there are those free coins we always give out after each meeting. Good stuff to...

Friday, June 12th will be our next YN meeting. Member Mike Orr will be giving a session on "The Coins and Currency of New Zealand". There is a very interesting history behind New Zealand's coinage. So be sure to attend this particular session. Mike Orr always gives a great presentation.

After our June 12th YN meeting, we'll go into Summer break and resume YN meetings again on September 11th. We want you YNs to enjoy the summer.

One final item. There are still a lot of neat coins and numismatic items that will be auctioned off at our club's June 3rd membership meeting. One of our YNs, Sarah Bilak, got the 1909-S VDB penny for a really good bid at the May YN Numismatic Auction. We were only able to auction off half of the lots, so there are still good opportunities for you YNs to bid on nice coins at the June 3rd auction.....

Roman Denarius Vittelius AD 69

Roman Denarius Vittelius AD 69



The 1998 ANA 107th Anniversary Convention
Portland, Oregon August 5 - 9

I want to remind all of our Anchorage Coin Club members of the ANA Convention that will occur in Portland, Oregon August 5th - 9th. The convention will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

I have received a convention package from the ANA. In reviewing the convention package, it appears to be a form that you fill out and mail to the Portland, Oregon Visitors Association which reserves your hotel reservations at one of 5 hotels in and around the convention center. Daily room rates run anywhere from $76-5109 for a single or $87-$124 for a double depending upon the hotel chosen.

There does not appear to be any registration fee charged by the ANA for attendance at the convention. There are a number of" numismatic seminars that will be held at the convention center, and of course...there will be all of those coin tables on the convention floor for us coin collectors to enjoy and experience. It will be my first time at an ANA convention...and I am told that it is something to behold.

The Anchorage Coin Club will have a club table on the convention floor. A number of us club members will be going to the convention and will be manning the club table. If there are any of you going to the convention, please notify me or one of the Board members. We can use more help in manning the club table. We will be distributing club related material and information.

With plane fare being relatively inexpensive to Portland, it would be desirable to have a good turnout by our club members to this event. Several tours have been arranged by the ANA Convention Department during this event.

If any members are interested in getting a convention package. I can send you a copy of my package or contact the ANA, 818 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3279; telephone number (719)632-2646; fax (719)634-4085... for more information.

The deadline for mailing out this package is July 1st. Hope to see a good turnout by our membership.....

        Larry Nakata.



Coins of the 12 Caesars
by Scott Hornal (Member #52)

The following is a list of coins commonly referred to as the 12 Caesars, a very popular type set of ancient Roman coins that many ancient collectors try to put together. It is probably one of the firs! serious and historical sets that a collector may choose lo pursue.

Nothing really binds these Emperors together other than the writings of a 2nd century biographer named Suetonius who wrote about these famous rulers and popularized the collecting of their coins as a set since Renaissance times. Nevertheless, this set remains as a great way to collect significant Roman coins.

The 12 are: Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus, Tiberius Caesar, Gaius Caesar (Caligula), Claudius, Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian.

Roman Gold Aureus Nero AD 54-68

Roman Gold Aureus Nero AD 54-68

This coin set can only be completed in gold or silver, as Otho did not produce any base coins (bronze) from the Rome mint. Many collectors use one of Otho's colonial coins to complete a copper set of the 12. However, nothing prevents anyone from "mixing and matching", to suit their own collecting tastes. This set in silver is reachable, but can run expensive in the case of several coins. None are really rare, just very popular, such as the denarius of Tiberius, called the "Tribute Penny" of the Bible.

Looking through several of my catalogs I will try to give you an approximation of the costs of these silver denarii coins in about VF condition. Please realize that no pricing guides exist for ancient coins, so my estimates are just that, but you should be able to approach a dealer with these quotes in mind and be fairly close. Also, keep in mind that different reverse types or special issues do affect price, so I will try to clarify where possible:

Julius Caesar (elephant trampling snake variety) $450-600

Augustus $195-250

Tiberius $295-400

Caligula $600-1000+ (this is a tough one)

Claudius $350-500 (maybe more)

Nero $300-500

Galba $500-800

Otho $500+

Vittellius $600-800

Vespasian $ 150-300

Titus $200-350

Domitian $175-300

Please remember that these prices are approximate and that dealers have the freedom to price their coins at a price they consider fair. However, all of the above coins have appeared recently in print in VF condition for the above specified amounts. With careful shopping you may be able to even beat them. 1 chose VF condition because it is a nice grade leaving lots of detail in the coin. Consider FINE or less if the coin is attractive to you. Also, by looking for nice bronze examples you may be able to do MUCH better, so keep your collecting options open and enjoy the hunt....Scott Hornal / e-mail at:

Roman Denarius Vespasian AD 69 - 79 Judea Capia

Roman Denarius Vespasian AD 69 - 79 "Judea Capia"



Influential Women on Roman Coins
by Scott Hornal (Member #52)

Many reasons exist to explain why a leader or person of influence rises to the heights that they achieve during a lifetime. Many times it is personal ambition or a drive for power that is as real a need as eating and drinking. In this article I will try to cast some light on another reason some men achieve greatness; through the women in their lives who exuded great or imagined influence. I am of course talking about some Roman Emperor's wives and mothers who were in reality the driving force in creating that fortune or in many cases miss-fortune.

The Roman world was filled with treachery throughout the hierarchy of government. The actions of some of the characters in this article actually started out to be quite benevolent but later degenerated into feats and actions that were tolerated only briefly before an outraged militia or public initiated a more expedient solution.

This is one aspect of collecting ancient Roman coins that I truly enjoy. The stories that surround some of [he coins 1 have purchased have given me so much enjoyment that ! would like to pass some of them on to you in the hopes that you may want to investigate further on your own. I am not a history buff, so I won't bother to claim 100% accuracy in this small article, but the basic facts should be enough to introduce you to some of the exploits of these characters.

I think that the words "nag", "battle-ax", "step-monster", etc., could have originated during the Roman era as you will see here with these accounts......

Messalina and Agrippina Jr. The first wife of Claudius, one of a few popular Emperors who was actually liked, Messalina was known primarily for her ruthlessness and her fondness for "sleeping around", in addition lo being the mother of Brittannicus, a future Emperor. It is ironic that a woman as vicious and carefree as Messalina was also the head Vestal Virgin. She schemed and plotted against many in the aristocracy and royal family and was later put to death after being caught in open adultery. After a time, Claudius married his fourth wife, Agrippina Jr. who turned out to be the instrument of his end. Agrippina was the mother of Nero from a previous marriage. Wanting to see her son as Emperor, Agrippina killed Claudius with a bowl of poisoned mushrooms, paving the way for Nero to take over. Oh yeah, only after Nero disposed of Claudius' real son, Brittannicus. This "act of love" that Agrippina bestowed upon her son Nero lasted for a while until she fell out of favor with her son and he had her put to death. Agrippina's coins are no problem to obtain, I have a nice silver denarii in my collection in VF condition and they are fairly cheap to buy (less than 100.00) usually. However Messalina I'm not too sure about. I believe her coins are rare and therefore expensive, but do some investigating if your interested.

Plotina was the wife of Trajan and married him before he became Emperor. She did not appear to have influenced him that much during their marriage, which was long, but after Trajan's deathbed adoption of the young Hadrian, she took a great interest in grooming him for adulthood and the Emperors seat. Without her help and guidance Hadrian, one of Rome's greatest Emperors, may not have found himself in such a position. As with most of these coins, Plotina's coins are not especially tough to find and are also affordable.

Roman Denarius Julia Domna

Roman Denarius Julia Domna

Julia Domna is probably the most well known of the "wives" that appear on Roman coins. And for good reason, because she was as shrewd and intelligent a woman as might be found. This was also fortunate for her husband, the Emperor Septimius Severus who often relied on her judgment and advice in political and military matters. Many times she accompanied her husband during his campaigns abroad. After the death of Severus and deaths of her two sons Geta and Caracalla, Julia was banished back to Rome by Macrinus, the current Emperor, to keep her from causing trouble. Seeing that her position was hopeless after her son Caracalla was killed, ending any hopes at the throne, she starved herself to death.

Sister of Julia Domma

Sister of Julia Domma

Julia's coins are very common. Just looking at any coin catalog I have lists at least one or more usually in VF or better condition, showing a surprising amount of detail down to the wavy hairstyle she wore. Shop around for pricing, as you will have, no problem, finding one of these at a reasonable price,

I could go on with others, but the length of this article does not allow me. So, I will leave you with a little homework. Following are several other wives who would be fascinating to check out at the local library. They also had a vast coin issue made and so are easy to obtain. Check out Julia Soaemias, Julia Maesa and Julia Mamaea. I think you might enjoy reading about these and others in this article I talked about in greater detail if the history of coins are something that you find appealing.

Let me know of your experiences and I hope that ancient coins are brought a little closer to you by seeing something more than a coin, but a story to be told. Best of luck in your adventures with collecting, you never stop learning....

        Scott Hornal / email at:



YN Donation Numismatic Auction Lots

Donated by Chuck Brashears (Member #105)

69. One (1) each Capital Plastic Holder- Jefferson Nickels (1938-65)/ One (1) each Whitman Plastic Holder- Indian Head Cents.

70. Ten (10) each Old Style Capital Plastic Holders: 20th Century type coins/ Lincoln Cents / Buffalo Nickels / Jefferson Nickels / Mercury Dimes / Roosevelt Dimes/ Washington Quarters / Franklin Half Dollars.

71. Three (3) boxes Airtite holders- Various denominations.

72. Two (2) boxes Miscellaneous Capital holders/ One (1) bag of Cointain holders for medals.

73. Two (2) boxes Miscellaneous Coin Tubes/One (1) box of 2x2 Flips.

74. Ten (10) each 2x2 Coin Wallets/Coin Stock Books.

75. One (1) box Miscellaneous Canadian Coin Display holders.

76. Nine (9) each 2x2 Bourse Display Trays.

77. One (1) box assorted Whitman and Dansco albums. Includes one (1) each Lincoln Cent Old Style Premium Card Penny Board and one (1) each Buffalo Nickel Old Style Premium Card Nickel Board.

78. One (1) large box filled with various size 2x2 boxes.

Donated by Frank Jasper (Member# 249)

79. 1813 Large Cent VG.

80. 1963 Franklin Half Dollar. Proof.

81. 1885 Morgan Dollar. AU58.

82. 1923 Peace Dollar. AU.

Donated by Carl (Life Member #2)

83. Ancient Roman Bronze Coin- Constans 348 AD

84. 1956 Washington Quarter Proof.

85. 1957 Franklin Half Dollar. PCGS-64.

86. $1 Gaming Token- Silver Legacy Casino/ Reno-Nevada.

87. 1977 Mint Set / Royal Canadian Mint.

88. One (1) each Chinese Cash Coin- date unknown since I cannot read Chinese characters.

89. 1969 Fiji Commemorative Dollar in Plastic holder.

90. 1982 50 Pence/ Falkland Islands/ Commemorative Coin celebrating Great Britain's victory.

91. Gold Plated 1983P Kennedy Half Dollar. Counterstamped 1960-1985. Probably used to commemorate some sort of event.

92. One (1) each Coin/Stamp Commemorative Set in Capital Holder / JFK Memorial. Consists of a pair of gold plated 1964 Kennedy Halves with Commemorative Postal Stamp.

Donated by Anthony Swiatek (Member # 242) and Mike Orr (Member #91)

93. One (1) each ANA Centennial Coin "1991 Isle of Man Crown", Set 3 of 5, signed by ANA President Swiatek, One (1) each I960 5 mark note/Germany in XF condition.

94. One (1) each ANA Centennial Coin "1991 Isle of Man Crown", Set 5 of 5, signed by ANA President Swiatek, One (1) each 1992 10 ECU Specimen note CU, One (I) each 1960 Jamaica $2 note Fine.

95. One (1) each ANA Centennial Coin "1991 Isle of Man Crown", Set I of 5, signed by ANA President Swiatek, One (1) each 1986 Canadian $2 note Fine.

96. One (1) each ANA Centennial Coin "1991 Isle of Man Crown", Set 4 of 5, signed by ANA President Swiatek, One (1) each 1938 Australian I Pound note VG, torn corner.

97. One (1) each ANA Centennial Coin "1991 Isle of Man Crown", Set 2 of 5, signed by ANA President Swiatek, Two (2) each Canadian $1 notes, 1954& 1973, VG.

Donated by Mike Orr (Member # 91)

98. Three (3) each 1936 Duke & Duchess of Windsor commemorative coins: India, S. Africa, and Bermuda, BU.

99. One (1) each over-struck Lincoln cent, BU condition. Date not shown.

100. One (1) each 1983-P Kennedy Half with die break at nose, XF.

Donated by Ponterio & Associates (Member # 238)

101.One (1) each "1997 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901 to date, 24th Edition" Krause Publications.

Donated by Fred Weinberg & Co. (Member # 236)

102. One (1) each VHS tape: "Classic US Gold Coins of the 20th Century" by David Lisot.

103. Same as Lot # 102.

104.Two (2) each defaced cent dies from the Denver Mint. Each die numbered.

105. One (I) each 1992 gold plated Columbus medal in Prooflike condition. Medal: I oz. silver.

106. One (1) each 1994 Donald Duck Silver Proof medal.

107. One (1) each 1997 10 Yuan Silver Panda, Prooflike.

108. Three (3) each 1991 Russian 3 Ruble "Democracy" coins, Prooflike.

109. Three (3) each 1996, 1997 Broadstruck Lincoln cents, BU.

110. One (1) each 1995 Washington quarter, Large Broadstruck, BU.

111.Two (2) each Mint error 1957 Spanish 5 pesetas coins, XF condition. Coin #1 broadstruck. Coin #2 clipped planchet. First year of issue (copper-nickel),

Donated by Bowers and Merena (Member #2411

112. One(1) each book "American Coin Treasures and Hoards" c. 1998 by Q, David Bowers.

Donated by Jonathan K. Kern Co. (Member # 237)

113. Three (3) books: "The United States Trade Dollar" c. 1965 by John M. Willem.

"Early Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836" c. 1990 by Al C. Overton.

"The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars" c. 1993 by Randy Wiley & Bill Bugert (autographed book).

114. Three (3) books: "Guide to Ancient Jewish Coins" c. 1976 by David Hendin.

"Turkoman Figural Bronze Coins & Their Iconography Vol. 1 - The Artuqids" c. 1992 by William F. Spengler & Wayne G. Sayles.

"The Coinage of the Tuluni Dynasty" by Edward Thomas Rogers.

115. Three (3) books: "The Cherrypickers' Guide- 2nd Edition" c. 1991 by Bill Fivaz& J. T. Stanton.

"Variety Identification Manual for U.S. Half Dimes 1794-1837" c. 1984 by Jules Reiver.

"Collectible American Coins" c. 1991 by Ken Bressett.

116. Five (5) books: "Coins of England and the United Kingdom" c. 1981 by P.J. Seaby.

"Basic Knowledge for the Coin Collector and Investor" c. 1981 by the Staff of Coin World.

"Warman's Coins & Currency" c. 1995 by Allen Berman & Alex Malloy.

"Confessions of a Numismatic Fanatic: How to Get the Most Out of Coin Collecting" c. 1992 by Frank S. Robinson.

"Collectible American Coins" c. 1991 by Ken Bressett.

117. Four (4) books: "The Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia" c. 1936. Compiled and published by B. Max Mehl.

"Coin World Almanac" c. 1990. Compiled by the Staff of Coin World.

"Third Edition- Unusual World Coins" c. 1992 by Colin R. Bruce II.

"Collectible American Coins" c. 1991 by Ken Bressett.

118. One (1) each Capital Holder- "United States Type Coins".

119. One (1) each Capital Holder- "U.S. Buffalo Nickels 1913-1938".

120. 0ne (1) each Capital Holder- "1862 United Slates Proof Set".

121.Two (2) each Capital Holders-

"United Slates Coinage Designs- New Issues- Copper & Silver 1800-1830".

"United States Coinage Designs- New Issues- Copper & Silver 1831-1850".

122.Four (4) each Capital Holders-

"Morgan Dollars 1878-1883".

"Morgan Dollars 1884-1890".

"Morgan Dollars 1891-1898".

"Morgan Dollars 1898-1921".

Donated by Del Romines / J&D Coins (Member # 235)

123. One (1) book: "The Hobo Nickel" c. 1996 by Joyce Ann Romines.

124. One (1) each 1963 Mint Set. The Philadelphia quarter in the mint set is a doubled die quarter #1-0-111.

125.One (1) each 1899 Canadian Large Cent with the last "9" in the date being a repunched "9". XF/AU with accompanied photograph.

Donated by Brad Webb (Member # 198)

126.0ne (1) box of 10 cent Airtite 2x2 Holders.

127.One (1) box of 50 cent and $1 Airtite 2x2 Holders.

Donated by Doug Norman (Member # 256)

128. One (1) Whitman Coin Folder- Franklin Half Dollars. Partially filled with II Franklin Half Dollars. VG or better grades.

129. One set of Blue Ike Uncirculated Silver Dollars: 1971-1974 in original holders.

130. Two (2) each Washington Quarters: 1942-P in Good / 1942-S in VG.

131. Four (4) each Half Dollars: 1939-D Walker Half VF, 1942-D Walker Half F with rim damage, 2 each 1964-D Kennedy Silver Half Dollars XF.

Thanks go to all of the people and organizations who donated numismatic materials for this year's YN Donation Numismatic Auction.

Special thanks go (o Bill Hamilton (Member # 108) and The Dime Store (Member # 240) for their donations of "Coin Collector Starter Kits" which will be used to help our club's YN Program.





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