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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 9, Number 12

August 1996

August Membership Meeting
Wed., August 7, 1996 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



Of important note is our club's upcoming Christmas Potluck Party Dinner Meeting at the Central Lutheran Church on the evening of Thursday, December 12th. Our club's vice-president, Ann Brown, is presently making phone calls to all of you members on attendance at this annual event. To save Ann some time in having to make all of these calls, your editors ask that you give Ann a call (Ph# 563-6708) on the potluck items you wish to bring for the event. One of your editors, Larry Nakata, has volunteered his traditional ham that he provides every year. Other items needed would be main dishes (Editor's Note: Gee... wouldn't it nice to have someone provide a turkey), salads, desserts, vegetable dishes, and other tasty snack dishes. The club will provide the soda pop, coffee, chips, dips, dishes, utensils, and condiments. We need to know how many people will attend in order to determine what the club must provide for the event.

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar

As in years past, the Christmas Potluck Party combines our club's regular membership meeting and YN meeting as one event. Members can show up starting 6 PM at the church with dinner to be served at 6:30 PM. The party will be hosted in the downstairs section of the church. The featured event for the evening will be a contest in which our YNs (i.e., Young Numismatists) will be tested on their knowledge of coin collecting. Our YNs will be given an opportunity to get some final "YN Bucks", which will be awarded as prizes that can be used for bidding on coins at our club's upcoming January 8th Coin Club Auction/ Membership Meeting.

The YN Bucks Program has proven to be very successful to date. Some $100 in YN Bucks have already been earned by our YNs, More dollars will be earned between now and the January coin auction. (Editor's Note: Word of caution to all of our adult club members......"better expect some competition from our YNs on bids for coins").

Our members are already submitting lots for the upcoming January Coin Auction.

Lots submitted thusfar are:

Lot #1 $1 State Bank Note/ Virginia Treasury Note / October 21, 1862 / Haxby C#18 / VF / Estimated Value $18.

Lot #2 $1 Legal Tender Note / Series 1917 / Speelman-White / F / Estimated Value $35.

Lot #3 $1 U.S. Silver Certificate / Series 1923 / Speelman-While / VG / Estimated Value $15.

Lot #4 $1 State Bank Note/ Boston-New England Bank / March 1, 1841 / Haxby H# MA-315-G28 / G / Estimated Value $18.

Lot #5 $10 Liberty Coronet Gold / PCGS VF-35 / 1857 / Estimated Value $520.

Lot #6 10 Shilling Note / Great Britain / Printed between 1949-1955 / Bank of England / Unc / Minimum Bid $15.

Lot #7 England / Rose Farthing / Struck during the reign of Charles I (1625-1649) / F / Minimum Bid $10.

Lot #8 Great Britain / Florin / 1903 / VF/ Minimum Bid $28.

Lot #9 Great Britain Half Crown / 1902 / VF / Minimum Bid $14.

Lot #10 Great Britain Half Crown /1887 / XF / Minimum Bid $10.

Lot #11 1945-S Liberty Walking Half Dollar / NGC-63 Minimum Bid $26.

Lot #12 Alaskan Silver Proof Medallion/ Inuit- E. Hopson 25 Year Commemorative/ 1984 / Minimum Bid $15.

Lot #13 Alaskan Bronze Medallion/ Official 1959 State Medallion / Minimum Bid $15.

Lot #14 Alaskan Statehood 25th Year 1 oz. Silver Bar/ Made by Oxford / 1984/ Minimum Bid $15.

Lot #15 Alaskan Token / 5c Trade Token made sometime between 1914-1948 / A. & P. S. C. Co.-Glacier Cannery / Location: Excursion Inlet / Minimum Bid $10.

All of these lots will be posted on the club's Internet Home Page to allow numismatic browsers the ability to bid. Internet bids will be called from the book at the January 8th Coin Auction. Any members wishing to submit lots for posting on the club's internet Home Page should contact Larry Nakata (daytime: 269-5603 or eves: 563-1729).

Finally, your editors would like to remind all members of our upcoming shows at the Post Office Mall (333 W. 4th Avenue) on November 23rd & 24th / 10 am to 6 pm and on December 14th & 15th / 10 am to 6 pm. Coins and collectables will be featured at the shows. Both shows should be good events for Christmas shopping and ideas.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day.



Schedule of Events of the Month of December

1. Anchorage Coin Club Christmas Party / Membership Meeting / YN Meeting: December 12th (Thursday) at 6;00 PM at the downstairs areas of the Central Lutheran Church. Club members and general public welcomed. It is our club's annual Christmas Potluck Christmas Party. Dinner to be served at 6:30 PM.

2. Anchorage Coin Club Board Meeting: December 18th (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM at the Central Lutheran Church. Club members welcomed.

3. Club Show at the Post Office Mall: November 23rd (Saturday) and November 24th (Sunday). December 14th (Saturday) and December 15th (Sunday). Members and general public welcomed. Coins, cards, collectibles, and displays.

November 6th Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by vice president, Ann Brown.

Announcements made:

• The club's Christmas Potluck Party will be held on Thursday/ December 12th. Members can show up at 6 PM with dinner served at 6:30 PM. There is a need for various potluck dishes. The event of the evening will be a contest among the YNs to test their knowledge of numismatics. YNs in attendance will have an opportunity to earn YN Bucks for the January coin auction.

• YN meeting to be held Friday, November 8th. Larry Nakata announced the YN meeting agenda will have a presentation on the making of paper currency. YNs will be bringing in their designs for the "YN Buck". The winning design to win $10 YN Bucks. YNs who submit a design will earn $1 YN Buck. The YNs to decide the winning design. Also, lots of free numismatic stuff will be given away at this meeting.

• January Meeting and Coin Auction. Since the first Wednesday of January falls on New Year's Day, the club's January meeting will be held on Wednesday (January 8th). The January 8th meeting will feature the club's Winter Coin Auction event. Members can submit coin lots for this auction. Larry Nakata announced that any members wishing to submit lots contact him so that it can be posted on the club's Internet WEB pages. WEB page browsers will be given an opportunity to submit bids over the Internet. Bids to be called from the "book" at the January event.

The door prize (a 1996 Uncirculated Mint Set) was won by YN Nathaniel Grabman.

The membership prize (a pocketbook: "The Morgan Dollar Series: The Top 100 VAM Varieties" printed by RCI Investments) was won by YN Nathan Hansen.

Old Business: Member Loren Lucason gave a briefing on the results of the October Dimond Mall Show.

New Business:

• Loren Lucason gave a briefing on the status of the upcoming November and December shows at the Post Office Mall. Extensive discussions ensued about how best to advertise the event. Member Bill Hamilton stated the events are posted on Cable TV channel 44. There will also be newspaper and radio advertisements planned for these shows.

• Insurance. Member Robert Hall brought up the issue of insurance for the club. Apparently, a local company has been identified that can provide comparable coverage at 60% of the present rate being paid by the club. Robert Hall is investigating and will get back to the board at the November board meeting.

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8 PM. Meeting then went into the evening's agenda: "Show and Tell".



Hello folks!! How's the Anchorage Coin Club today?

To tell you the truth, I was a bit under the weather for the November meeting. It was all I could do to make it to work. I'm sorry to say that I had to miss the meeting. I heard it was a fun one.

November's meeting went as planned. A "Show and Tell" was the order of the day. Unfortunately only one of the eight members that showed up brought stuff to show and tell. Yet as I heard, the meeting was still fun, all forty five minutes of it.........

Hello folks!! How's the Anchorage Coin Club today?

November's YN meeting went as planned. A YN dollar art contest was the order of the day. Fortunately, 28 people attended this meeting........

I have tried to beg people to attend our monthly meetings. I have tried to line up interesting presentations, etc. for all who attend our meetings. But yet our average meeting attendance seems to be hovering around 12 or so. What do you want to see?! What do you want to do?! Do you want to see auctions?! Please let me know.

I remember when meetings used to house 20 or 30 members for a fun hour and a half. Lei's bring these back. All we need to do is to get involved! I will try to initiate another plan to get the Club rolling again.... It has something to do with the Summer 1998 Portland ANA Convention. Believe me.... you will love this one! BUT you all will have to attend the December 12th meeting to hear about it All who do not attend will hear what they missed at the next newsletter. So make sure you do your best to attend the December Potluck Christmas Party / Meeting. Don't miss it!

In ending I would like to offer members a survey. Please answer these few simple questions, for these will help decide the fate of or future Anchorage Coin Club meetings. Please answer them and send your answers to the Anchorage Coin

Club.....or give them to me at the

Christmas Party meeting.

• Are you bored with the Anchorage Coin Club?

• Are you bored with the politics at the meetings?

• Are you overall bored with whatever the ACC's meetings are about?

• What/When was your last favorite ACC meeting?

• Which would like better: Presentations or Auctions?

• What would you like to see at an ACC meeting?

• What is your NUMBER ONE problem with the ACC, and or, it's meetings?

This is nearing the best I can do folks, so please answer the questions and send them into me.

Please help.

Please get involved......


by Mike Greer

Two of our YNs have submitted articles for this month's "YN Corner". In keeping with our club's YN Bucks Program, these YNs have earned according YN Bucks for their articles. Hope to see more of these types articles from the rest of you YNs:



by YN Sarah Bilak (Member #177)

The first Indian Head / Buffalo Nickels for circulation were struck February 17th and the coins were released March 4th, 1913. The first coins were minted at the Philadelphia Mini.

The designer of the Buffalo Nickel was James Earl Fraser. Mr. Fraser was born in Winona, Minnesota in 1876 and died in 1953 (he lived to be 77 years old).

The reason the Buffalo Nickel was made was, because in 1890 a law was passed saying you could not make any coins until they had been in circulation for at least 25 years. The only coins that the Treasury

Department could redesign were the silver dollars and the five cent piece. No one had made any silver dollars since 1904, and it did not seem likely they would.

The Buffalo Nickels replaced the familiar Liberty Head Nickel of 1883 designed by Charles Barber, Chief Engraver.

There were also three native Americans that modeled for the Buffalo Nickel. They were Iron Tail an Oglala, Sioux Two Moons a Cheyenne, and the last one which Mr. Fraser did not remember.

The buffalo that posed for Mr. Fraser was Black Diamond. Now only the head of Black Diamond still exists.

The Buffalo Nickel is the most familiar, out of production US coin, both for coin collectors and the general public.

The Buffalo Nickels were also called Hobo Nickels. Hobo Nickels came about because hobos would carve faces on the coins. Faces like clowns, other hobos, women, and men.

After 25 years in 1938, the Buffalo Nickel was discarded for the Jefferson Nickel. By this time, some 1,212,916,248 Buffalo Nickels were minted. The Jefferson Nickel featured Jefferson and him home, Monticello.

The old Buffalo Nickels remained in circulation in decreasing numbers through the mid-1960s.


by YN Kento Azegami (Member #229)

The note is very interesting because it is one of the first of it's kind, and that is why I have chosen to write an article about it instead of a coin.

First off, it is made of a polymer substrate, not paper with fibers. You will be able to tell it from other AUS $10 notes by the prefix AA to distinguish it from other mints of this note, and the date '26 January - 1988'.

Second, it uses an optically variable device (OVD) instead of a watermark. The OVD is of Captain Cook. You can see it from both sides, and when you move it around you can see a rainbow like effect like on a CD.

Once side has to do with the Aboriginal Australians. It has a Morning Star Pole, drawn beautifully by an Aboriginal artist named Yumbulul. It also shows a picture of an Aboriginal youth. The other side of the note shows the British discovery of Australia. It has the ship "Supply" in Botany Bay.

I have to commend Mr. Harry Williamson, the designer of this note and the Australian $100 bill. It was only printed and issued in 1988. (Editor's Note: This article was e-mailed by Kento to our club's Internet address).

Congratulations to YN Nathaniel Grabman for his winning design on the YN Buck. His winning design will be used as the YN Buck certificate for the upcoming January 8th Coin Auction.




Through the Internet, correspondence has been going on between our club and the Tasmanian Numismatic Society in Australia. An exchange of newsletters has been going on between our clubs in recent months. We received the following e-mail message that may be of interest to our members, especially our adult members:

From: Graeme Petterwood <>
To: Anchorage Coin Club <>

Saturday, 11/2/96: I hope that you received the little parcel that I sent by airmail recently. It is our intention, if this is acceptable to your club, to forward a few Australian coins which are quite interesting, with explanations of their designs, etc; as a gesture of world wide involvement in numismatics.

If this is OK, let me know and they will be sent ASAP to the club's P.O. Box, and can be used, perhaps, as an "Encouragement" Award.

Personally, my family and I find that your newsletters are very informative and show a club that is thriving with your YN involvement ensuring a continuing strength for local numismatics.

As I have mentioned on another occasion, our club "The Tasmanian Numismatic Society" is over 32 years old and whilst it is still going strong, we are acutely aware that we are lacking depth because we do not have many younger members.

It is my intention to actively canvas other members of our executive committee, to form our own YN's modeled after the Anchorage Coin Club and in due course we may be able to arrange Internet meetings of some sort at this level.


        Graeme Peterwood.

While browsing the ANA WEB pages, your editors came across these two announcements:

American Numismatic Association:
October 31,1996. Internet:
ANA's 1997 National Coin Week Theme: "The Changing Face of Money"

The ANA will lead collectors across the US in celebrating the 74th annual National Coin Week, April 20-26, 1997, with the theme, "The Changing Face of Money".

Utilizing as a springboard for presentations and exhibits the new designs appearing on our nation's paper money and the serious consideration given to a bill calling for new designs for 25 cent coins, the ANA plans to work with it's members and other collectors in promoting the numismatic hobby during National Coin Week. The ANA will help it's members plan activities to include:

• Producing a local treasure hunt by putting low-value but rarely seen coins into circulation.

• Setting up a coin booth with a treasure chest at a local shopping mall; arranging classroom activities.

• Developing exhibits for malls, banks, and libraries.

• Preparing talks, including the use of ANA slide and video programs for school, civic, and an groups.

• Conducting surveys on the public's knowledge of and suggested changes for the nation's money.

The ANA is again offering full scholarships lo any future Summer Conference in Colorado Springs to the coin club and the collector who submit a report of the best and most innovative method of how they promoted National Coin Week. Michael Fey won the scholarship for 1996, working with his son's school to put collectible coins into the school lunch change and with the school teachers to help the students identify and learn about their finds.

Entries must be received by the ANA on or before May 31, 1997. Contact the ANA, Education Dept., 818 North Cascade Avenue, CO 80903-3279. Telephone # (719)632-2646. FAX# (719)634-4085. (Editors Note: Here is some food for thought on a club project for our upcoming year).

Another e-mail message came to our club from the PNNA (Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association) of which the Anchorage Coin Club is a member. This particular message may of interest to all of our club members who participated in this year's National Coin Week Club Project:

From: PNNA <> To: Anchorage Coin Club <>

Saturday 11/16/96: Dear Anchorage members, Congratulations. The ACC has won first prize in the PNNA's 1996 National Coin Week competition. I will be mailing you your $100 check shortly. Joseph E. Boling/ PNNA Secretary-Treasurer.

Finally, your editor's came across this interesting "Moneytalks" article in the ANA's WEB Pages:


Transcript No. 1079, November 21, 1996
Gene Hessler

Samuel P. Chase lacked the qualifications to be U.S. Treasury Secretary-but that didn't stop President Lincoln from appointing him to the post. And to the surprise of nearly everyone—Chase did an admirable job, organizing our nation's money system during the Civil War.

One of Chase's first jobs was to replace the demand notes issued in 1861. They were more commonly called "Green backs" -because their reverse sides were printed in green ink-and they included notes of $5, $10 and $20. They were replaced with white U.S. notes from $1 to $10,000.

The new U.S. notes were designed to retain the basic design from the $5, $10 and $20 "Greenbacks." The $10 note featured the portrait of President Lincoln. The only question was who would be featured on the more common $1 and heavily-used $2 notes.

Secretary Chase had his eye on the Presidency, and Lincoln knew it. But Lincoln showed little or no objection when Chase managed to have his portrait selected for the $2 note. Just before the printing plates were prepared, Chase had his portrait moved to the $1 note-the smallest denomination, and the one which would be seen by just about everyone. Before the 1864 election. Chase would be recognized throughout the country.

In 1864, Lincoln appointed Chase to the Supreme Court—where he forgot about his Presidential ambitions. But the controversy over whether paper money was legal followed Chase to the Court. In 1871, in a five-to-four decision, Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase was one of the four dissenters who voted against the legality of these notes-including the one which carried his portrait!




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Club Officers

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To save costs, members not responding to renewal notices within 3 months will be considered inactive.

The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

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