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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 8, Number 9

September 1995

September Membership Meeting
Wed., September 6, 1995 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting


Membership News


Well, Mother Nature was up to her old tricks again this year. As standard, it rained quite profusely on the day of our annual picnic, leading to a fairly sparse turnout.

For those who did turn out, there was plenty of food to eat, and an abundance of coins to look at. There ended up being about fifteen to twenty people at one time or another to come to [he picnic.

Some discussion was held concerning the possibility of moving the picnic up to the beginning of summer when the weather is typically drier.


Look out, here comes Loren! Longtime club member Loren Lucason will be giving a presentation on Ancient coinage at the September membership meeting.

Ancients have been one of Loren's specialties for many years now and he has accumulated an impressive collection. As a side note, Loren has recently been perfecting his skills in the area of photographing coins. It is likely that all who attend will get to see examples of his work in this area. Also, it is likely that he will bring his photography set up to some of the upcoming coin shows as his display captured a lot of attention at our last Sears show this spring.


Seminar time is approaching!! We still have several spots to fill if we are going to be able to bring the YNs for free. Announcements are being published in several numismatic periodicals in hopes of filling some slots with people from out of state.

Larry also would appreciate it if those who are attending would settle their bills so that there is enough money to cover the expenses for the seminar.


There are four vacancies open in the club right now. They are: Secretary, Treasurer, newsletter editor, and YN program assistant. People are being lined up to fill these positions, but anybody who is interested is urged to contact president Mike Orr and let him know. New members (as well as old members) are encouraged to participate!


Effective January 1, 1996, we will once again enforce the original distinction between regular and associate memberships. Anybody who resides within the Municipality of Anchorage will be required to become regular members. The associate membership will only be available to members outside of Anchorage.

A new classification has also been added to the membership options. A special $10 per year membership will be available to senior citizens and disabled citizens. Of course, the $5 per year charge for YN membership will not change.


People are preparing for the October show at the Northway mall. The show season is beginning again!

The only other show that is currently in the works is a show in conjunction with the Anchorage Gun Club. The show will be held in the Egan center and will probably have about 45 tables. Tentative dates are either the weekend of March 1st or March 15th.

It is too early to give sign up information, so stay tuned!

The current raffle prize is a very valuable slip of paper. More specifically, it is an 1899 $1 silver certificate in crisp uncirculated condition. Tickets are available at all club functions and shows and cost $5 each. Good luck!


The following prizes were awarded at the August membership meeting:

Membership prize: 1975 Calgary commemorative proof dollar won by Robin Sisler.

Door prize: 1963-D/D Lincoln cent won by Joel Yarmon.

Looks tike the YNs cleaned up!

The would be winner of the kitty prize was not present so it carries over to next month.


The following items were discussed at the August Board meeting:

Tentative agreement with Anchorage Gun Club. Seepage 1.

Dues change. See page 1.

It was noted that membership number 200 has been reached. Not bad for a club under 10 years old.

Vice President Mike Greer announced that about $200 remain from the YN auction. His suggestion for the use of the funds are to purchase a bag of 1995 cents to be searched at a future YN meeting for 1995 double dies. This idea will be discussed at the September membership meeting.

Missing paperwork. Several members are missing some paperwork from their files as listed below:

#4 L. C.
#55 C.L.
#96 W. B.
#98 K.D.
#108 B. H.
#110 B.F.
#117 R.S.
#119 P.M.
#121 J. H.
#164 C. B.
#166 M. L.

Contact Mike Orr to update your files.

It was approved that a home coin grading course would be ordered from the ANA for use by our YNs.

As announced at the meetings, YN Nathaniel Grabman's father recently passed away. Those who wish to make a contribution in his name may send their donation to:

Grabman TB Fund
c/o American Lung Association
1057 West Fireweed Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99503

Mr. Grabman was a TB control officer. All contributions will be used exclusively for control of tuberculosis in Alaska.



President's Message #6 - August 1995
by Mike Orr

We have a lot of news to report this month. First of all, a special thanks to Robin Sisler for his presentation and YN newsletter in August. From his talk, it was obvious that he had a great time in Colorado Springs. He made many new friends, including Robert Hoge, who is our seminar host this year. Robert said that he wants to go fishing while in Alaska, so lets not disappoint him. The seminar draws ever closer at this writing, and I encourage all of you to participate, especially our new members. These seminars are a lot of fun and a rare chance to learn from experts in the field. As an added incentive, remember that if we fill the required seats at the seminar, we can bring the YNs in free like we did last year. Come out and join us as we learn about ancient coinage!!

Our last meeting was well attended and brought us three new members. Welcome to Doug Phillips. Mike Gentry, and Brad Webb. We look forward to your participation in the club as we reach the milestone of 200 members in the club! Not so well attended was our annual (soggy) picnic. It seems that no matter when we plan it. we get rained on. We may have to rethink this for next year.

And speaking of changing things, I hate to beat a subject to death but we NEED some more participation in this club. As I reported earlier, we are loosing Mike Nourse as newsletter editor. I have a possible candidate for this position and hopefully will have somebody on line before Mike gets too busy with his new job. At the last meeting, I also announced that we have lost our treasurer. Thanks to Kurtis for taking on this job while he could. The bottom line is this has left me in the position of catching up with secretarial and treasury duties on top of my job as president. Neither job is very difficult, but they do need to be kept up. Perhaps one of our newer members could step up to fill one of the vacancies? If I don't get some volunteers soon you can count on me speaking to you.

As part of the secretarial duties, I recently sent out postcards informing you where you stand on dues. If I made any mistakes please let me know. Members not current on dues will no longer receive the newsletter and will be placed on inactive status. Also if you still need a membership card, let me know.

Two last things I want to mention. We will be having another YN auction in the spring, and I would encourage all our YNs to attend. This could be your chance to be selected as our club delegate and maybe get sent on another great trip like Robin! Last but not least. I hope everyone will come out for our September meeting. Loren Lucason is giving a talk on ancient coinage. Robert Hoag will be in town and will probably attend the meeting. So here we have Loren explain ancients with an expert on hand. How about that for a little pressure? We asked him to wear a toga, sandals, and a laurel wreath, but he refused because we could not provide a sword to complete the ensemble. Loren, just set Robert up front with you with the club gavel and he can tap it if he wants to interject anything. The meeting should be lively and I expect a good turnout, I will see you in September. Until then, good luck and good hunting.

-Mike Orr


The YN Corner
by Larry Nakata

I've started co notice the flocks of Canadian geese and ducks starting to move around this city in formation. This usually is a sure bet that they will be heading south for the winter shortly. Being that this may be the prelude to the closure of summer, it's that time of the year when "The YN corner" article starts up again. Our club activity significantly picks up in September. Summer comes to a close and our YNs are back in school.

Of interest to our YNs (i.e., Young Numismatists) should be the upcoming regular club membership meeting on September 6th. You might want to attend that event. It will feature a presentation by one of our club members, Loren Lucason, on "Ancient Coins". From what I can see, it should be a very good presentation that will interest all of you YNs.

Right now......we are trying to fill out the final seals on the club's coin seminar to be held at the Golden Lion Hotel on September 8th through September 10th. The subject of (hat seminar will be "Ancient Coinage" with Robert Hoge as our instructor. All going well, we are hopeful that the YNs can attend this coin seminar over that weekend. We need the support of our regular coin club members to fill out the final seats in order to make this happen.

This summer saw our YNs put together their newsletter, "The Young Numismatist", which was published as an addition to the club's newsletter last month. One of our YNs, Robin Sisler. should be recognized as being the driving force in making this newsletter possible. Robin was the winner of our club's scholarship to Colorado Springs this summer for the ANA Summer Conference. His article regarding his experiences at that conference is certainly informative and entertaining.

Thanks also goes out to one of our club members, Bill McGinnis, who was one of the adults helping out with the YN program. Bill McGinnis recently was transferred to his new Tour of duty near Washington DC at the end of July. Bill's son Billy was a member of the YN club. They will be missed. The YN club needs to find another adult member to help out with the program. At this time, Mike Orr (our present Anchorage Coin Club president) and myself are the two adults helping out with the program. Volunteers are welcomed.

We have lots of programs in store for the YN program in the coming months and we will be placing an emphasis in increasing the number of YNs in the Anchorage Coin Club as a priority. It's a very good program that teaches our youngsters the an of Numismatics.

The next official YN meeting will be held on the second Friday of October (October 13th) at the Central Lutheran Church at 7 PM. The next "YN Corner" article next month will outline the agenda for that meeting.

Meantime, we ask for our Anchorage Coin Club members support in attending the upcoming coin seminar..........

-Lam Nakata

On The Subject Of Seminars

Many of you who are reading this attended last year's seminar on United States commemoratives presented by Anthony Swiatek. An article recently appeared in Numismatic News telling some of his background.

Mr. Swiatek started collecting coins in 1952 at the age of 11 years. Limited finances restricted his purchases for many years after that, but he stuck with it. He held numerous jobs before becoming a full time com dealer, including teaching high school (the students called him "Cool Breeze", a fact I wish I knew when the seminar was held!).

Anthony Swiatek did become a full time dealer in the early 1980s in conjunction with his wife, Gloria, who manages the jewelry department of their business.

He has become the undisputed expert on United States commemoratives, and has had several books published on the subject. He continues to teach seminars on this subject and coin grading for the ANA as well as running his shop and traveling to many coin shows.


The 1920's: Ten Years In History

Editor's note: this is the thirteenth installment in a series of articles started in August 1994.

Start with a few statistics from 1910: Imports: $5,278,481.000 Exports: $8,228,016.000 Population: 105,700,000.

The 1920's were a decade of huge technological advances, many of which are used daily today, which helped give the decade the title of "The Roaring Twenties".

Entertainment was the name of the game. Baseball was hugely popular as the most famous player of that time. Babe Ruth became the home run king. Silent movies became the fourth largest industry in the country by the middle of the decade. Most movies were held in extremely fancy cinemas which often had a full symphony orchestra to provide a musical score. Movies gained their own sound in 1927 with The Jazz Singer which was a huge hit. Also, the first radio station came on the air in 1920 in Pittsburgh. By the end of the decade, there were thousands of radio stations across the country.

Automobiles were being mass produced for the first time with the Ford factory cranking out 9000 cars a day. The cars were becoming faster and cheaper much to the delight of the teenagers of the day. Air travel was becoming the way to go for the upper crust of society as passenger planes started to be built. Charles Lindbergh became the biggest celebrity of the decade by flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean alone in his plane The Spirit Of St. Louis.

On the subject of law. this was the decade of prohibition which made it illegal to sell booze. Many people became very rich by distilling their own alcohol and selling it in the black market.

Two major trails (either of which has far more claim to the title "trial of the century" than the OJ trial ) were held in this decade. In 1925, John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution in his school in Tennessee. The debate over this still continues today even though evolution is no longer a theory. The other important trial of the decade was held in 1924 when Nicola Sacco and Bartolommeo Vanzetti were found guilty of murder against their plea of innocence. They were put to death in 1927. It was later found that they really were innocent which led to a ban on the death penalty for several decades.

The roaring twenties came to a grinding halt in late October of 1929 when the stock market took a major dive. A lot of people lost a lot of money which caused a cascade type effect. The rich lost a lot of money so they spent less which caused a cutback in factory output, leading to massive layoffs. The people who were not laid off also cut way back on their spending because they feared for their own jobs, which led to more cutbacks. High unemployment and low spending made for a bleak outlook for the future. It would take Franklin Roosevelt's new deal to put an end to the depression.

Numismatically, the 1920's is known for being the hardest decade of the century to complete in our collections. Most series have numerous key and semi key dates that cost hundreds of dollars in circulated condition, particularly the Buffalo nickels, Standing Liberty quarters, and Walking Liberty halves. This was also the last full decade of gold coin production.


The Anchorage Coin Club

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Club Officers

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To save costs, members not responding to renewal notices within 3 months will be considered inactive.

The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

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