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The Award Winning

Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club    

Volume 8, Number 3

March 1995

March Membership Meeting
Wed., March 1, 1995 Central Lutheran Church

7:00 Open
7:30 PM Meeting



There have been a few changes in the appearance of our newsletter this month, the first changes in about four years. The information that used to appear on the front cover has been moved to the bottom of page two to make room for more news on the front cover.

If anybody can think of any other improvements that can be made to the layout of the newsletter, please let your editor know about them. Examples of other newsletters are also helpful.

As always, feel free to submit articles for publication. As long as the article is suitable for the ACCent, I will print it.



Yes, it is election time again already. The four club officer positions, which have terms of one year, are all up for election or re-election.

The board members serve two year terms, so only one of those positions is open. Roy Brown was elected last year, so he still has one year left in his term. Mike McKinnon, who is not running for re-election, automatically fills the board member position reserved for the immediate past president. In the third position, Robert Hall is running for re-election.

The members that showed up at January and February's E-Board meetings have come up with a group of people that are planning to run for office at the March meeting:

President - Mike Orr

Vice President - Mike Greer

Treasurer - Kurtis Hawk

Secretary - Mike Nourse

Board - Robert Hall

Board - Larry Nakata

Remember that anybody may run for office. If anybody wishes to be nominated for one of the open offices, make sure that you make your wishes known so that you may be nominated.

Be at the meeting on time, as the election will be one of the first orders of business. Since Mike McKinnon is not running for re-election, passing of the gavel will occur immediately after the election.


The YN auction, the project headed by YN Mike Greer, will go down as a complete success.

Due to the generosity of the persons and companies that donated material, and the spirited bidding by Anchorage Coin Club members, we have adequate funds to send one YN to the summer seminar in Colorado Springs, Colorado this summer.

Bids totaled approximately $900, and that amount is still growing. There are several more items, to be listed in next month's newsletter, that will be auctioned off at the April meeting.

For more details about the auction, and how we will determine which of our YNs will get the scholarship, see the YN Corner by Larry Nakata inside.



Larry Nakata has secured two videos to be shown at our March membership meeting. Larry reviewed both tapes and found them to be excellent. The shows are:

Ancient Coins And Modern Fakes

Of Art And Minting by the Franklin Mint

The video on ancients is meant as a primer for our upcoming seminar (see inside). The video on minting was produced by one of the largest private mints in the world, and is very professionally produced.


OK, Folks, here is the final show schedule for this spring. Before we get into the nitty gritty, I would like to invite everybody to the first meeting of the show committee. This meeting will be held on Wednesday March 15th at 6:00 (one hour before the regular E-Board Meeting) at the Central Lutheran Church.

Show Committee meeting:

Wednesday, March 15th

at 6:00 PM. Held at the

Central Lutheran Church 

Anybody who has any input into any issue pertaining to the shows is encouraged to attend this meeting. Topics to be discussed include the frequency of shows to be held and the location of those shows. It is likely that a plan for next year's show schedule (fall 95 to spring 96) will be mapped out, so if you have any input, this is your chance.

With no further delay, here is the schedule for the remaining three shows this spring:

Northway March 10-12

Dimond Mall April 8-9

Sears Mall May 19-21

Remember, this is it for the spring. The fall schedule will start to be put together soon after the show committee meeting, assuming we can get the mall management to think that far ahead!


January 13, 1995

"Georgia Numismatic Association Ready To Host ANA Early Spring Convention"

The Georgia Numismatic Association, established in May 1964, will be hosting the ANA spring show in Atlanta on March 2-4.

This will be the third time that the GNA has hosted an ANA convention. Several members of the Anchorage Coin Club are planning to attend this show, so you may be hearing a lot about it!

January 13, 1995

"Two New Classes To Be Offered This Year At 27th Annual ANA Summer Conference"

The two new classes are:

1) Lincoln Cents, Buffalo Nickels, and Mercury Dimes, taught by noted author David Lange.

2) Coins of the Holy Land: Ancient to Modern Times, taught by Ancient coin dealer Bill Rosenblum.

These are only two of the seminars that will be open to the YN who wins our scholarship this year.


Thought you could escape it here? Nice try! An assortment of loose change was found in the driveway of Nicole Simpson following her murder. What was not reported was the dates and mintmarks of these coins.....I wonder why not?

1995 Coin Club Seminar:

"Ancient Coinage" by Robert Hoge



Date: February 13, 1995

From: Larry Nakata

                Home: 563-1729

                Work: 269-5603

To: All Anchorage Coin Club Members

Subject: 1995 Coin Seminar September 8-10

This year's seminar is scheduled to be held on September 8th (Friday) through September 10 th (Sunday). It is an ANA Certified seminar. This year's instructor, Robert Hoge, will be teaching three subjects:

1) Ancient Coinage (Greek/Roman/ Byzantine/Medieval)

2) Grading of Ancient Coins

3) Counterfeit Detection of Ancient Coins

The last seminar was held this past year. For those of you who attended that seminar taught by Anthony Swiatek, it proved to be very enjoyable and educational. "American Commem-oratives" was the major topic in Anthony Swiatek's seminar.

This year's seminar will be full day seminars held at the Golden Lion Hotel, located at 1000 East 36th Avenue.

Danish and coffee will be provided each morning prior to the start of the seminar. Lunch will be provided each day. The lunches on Friday and Saturday will feature a croissant lunch with meats and cheeses. The lunch on Sunday will feature the Golden Lion's Sunday buffet brunch. Sodas will be provided in the afternoon.

Materials, such as books and literature for each of the courses, will be provided by the ANA. Certificates will be presented on Sunday at the conclusion of the seminar.

The cost of the seminar will be the same as in previous years:

                $225 for Anchorage Coin Club members.

                $250 for non-members which includes a one year membership in the Anchorage Coin Club.

Comparable ANA seminars in the lower 48 usually run about $400. By arranging these seminars ourselves, we have been able to pass on the cost savings to the members.

We are limiting the attendance to a maximum of 30 people. For those of you who want to secure a seat, there is a $50 deposit which can be paid at the club meeting (or send it in by mail). The remainder of the monies can be paid over a period of months prior to the seminar in September.

The Anchorage Coin Club organizes these seminars to provide continuing education on numismatics with eminent instructors coming from the American Numismatic Association (ANA).


President's Outgoing Message
by Mike McKinnon

This month marks the end of my tenure as President. When elected I had two goals that I hoped to achieve during the past year. One was to increase the number of shows the club presented, and the other to try to encourage more members to participate in the ongoing work and activities of the club.  

I believe increasing the number of shows this past year, and the presentations given to several schools by Ben Guild, and Debbie and George of Debbie's Old Coins, served toward fulfilling our club objectives of education and promotion of numismatics. I would like to thank both Ben and Debbie for their efforts.

My second target of increasing the number of members in the work of the club failed. it appears that the same 10% of the members are still doing 100% of the work, but with growth of the membership this past year, I hope this will change and new ideas and faces will come forward.

This past year the club became incorporated as a non-profit corporation (pending IRS approval), and the club currently has a sound financial base.

During my presidency, I benefited from continued support given to the club by Larry Nakata through his time and monetary donations to club activities -- the YN club, seminars, the Christmas potluck, and for staffing the club table at all the shows. He is a very valued member. I extend our appreciation to Larry, and need also to give a special thank you to Paul Wheeler for all the time and work he completed as club treasurer to ready our books for compliance for incorporation.

Serving as president this past year has been an interesting challenge, and a reminder that being a member of the Coin Club is a lot of fun.

                                - Mike McKinnon

The YN Corner
by Larry Nakata  

        Thanks to the generosity of our club members at our February club meeting, the YN scholarship auction generated approximately $900. Our thanks go to the Anchorage Coin Club membership for their support of the YN program. You all made possible an opportunity for one young numismatist to go to the Colorado Springs ANA Numismatic Seminar this summer under this scholarship.

Special thanks also go out to everyone who donated numismatic materials and coins towards the auction. Some excellent material was auctioned off at that February club meeting.

So now we have the tough task of deciding which deserving YN will go to Colorado Springs. Any YN in the Anchorage Coin Club between the ages of 13 and 17 can qualify for the scholarship.

The scholarship will provide for round trip plane fare, room & board, meals, and tuition for the ANA Numismatic Seminar this summer. It is a one week seminar that will be held at the university campus in Colorado Springs.

One mandatory requirement is that those interested YNs must file for an ANA scholarship to this year's Colorado Springs seminar. The adult members overseeing the YN Program (Mike Orr, Bill McGinnis, and Larry Nakata) have application forms. Application forms can also be gotten through any of the Anchorage Coin Club board members. Our phone numbers are listed on the club's newsletter.

Forms must be submitted to the ANA by march 15th. The key items required in the scholarship application are an essay written by the YN, a recommendation from that YN's school principal, and a recommendation from one of the board members of the Anchorage Coin Club.

A decision on the winner will be made no later than the May 17th E-Board meeting of the Anchorage Coin Club.

The next YN meeting will be held at 7 PM on Friday, March 10th at the Central Lutheran Church (our regular meeting place). The weekend of March 10-12 will also see the Northway Mall Coin Show. We will be making an excursion to the Northway Mall Coin Show that Friday night for a contest. Each YN will be given a $10 bill with instructions to negotiate the best coin deals possible in a 45 minute period. YNs will be allowed to keep any coins purchased with that $10 bill.

Accordingly, we ask that the YNs be at the meeting promptly by 7 PM since we must travel to the Northway Mall from the church.

The winner will be announced in the Anchorage Coin Club's April newsletter. It should be fun for all the YNs.

We'll see you YNs at the March 10th meeting........

                                - Larry Nakata


Space does not permit the listing of each of the coins entered in the investment contest this month but here are the standings as the contest winds down:

Robert Hall:

Portfolio Value = $1001.00

Larry Nakata:

Portfolio Value = $845.00

Mike McKinnon:

Portfolio Value = $975.00

Mike Nourse:

Portfolio Value = $953.50

Final Results in April newsletter!

The 1860's: Ten Years In History

Editor's note: this is the seventh installment in a series of articles started in August 1994.

There was quite a bit more action during the 1860's than in the previous decade. There were four candidates running for president in the election of 1860: one Republican (Abraham Lincoln), two Democrats, and one candidate from the Constitutional Union party. Due mostly to the division of loyalty in the Democratic party, Lincoln won by a substantial margin.

With Lincoln's election, South Carolina quickly seceded, with several other southern states following the lead shortly thereafter. In February 1861, the states formed the Confederate States of America.

Lincoln did not want a war, but he did not agree with the secession. Since he still considered the southern states to be part of the US, a regular shipment of supplies was dispatched to several army posts in the south. When the supply ships arrived at Fort Sumpter, they found it to be under attack in the first battle of the Civil War.

At the start of the war, the primary advantage of the south was that they were defending their own territory, meaning that they would not have the problem of supplying and transporting troops. The big advantages of the north were a well developed transportation system, including the railroads, as well as a navy. Another advantage of the north was a population of 20 million people compared to 9 million southerners, 3 million of which were slaves which would obviously never be armed.

Lincoln's plan was to end the whole affair as quickly as possible. This would be done by conquering the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia, which was only 110 miles away from Washington DC. The defeat of the southern army was considered to be such a certain thing that residents of the surrounding area packed picnic baskets and went to watch the battle! However, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson kept the Union troops away at the battle of Bull Run.

The Civil War continued on with many battles, with only slow progress through 1861 and 1862. On January 1, 1863, Lincoln upped the stakes by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves of the south. It was about this time that blacks started to see combat action as part of the northern army.

The first major defeat for the confederacy came in an unplanned battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. From this point on, the war went better for northern forces.

The Civil War finally ended with General Robert E. Lee surrendering to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. On final count, over 600,000 people had been killed.

Just five days after the surrender of the south, President Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theater by John Booth, making Andrew Johnson the new President.

Rebuilding the country took the remainder of the 1860's. In 1866 the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution was passed, making blacks citizens of the United States. Seven southern states were readmitted to the Union in 1868, and the remaining four were readmitted in 1870.

Coinage of this era is very popular with collectors due to the events of the time. Mintages were adequate to give anybody the opportunity to own several coins from the 1860's.

Coming in April: The 1870's


The Anchorage Coin Club

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Club Officers

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Junior Membership                  $5/year


To save cost, members not responding to renewal notices within three months will be considered inactive.

The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

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