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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 7, Number 6

June 1994

June Membership Meeting
Wed., June 1, 1994 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting


May Meeting Notes

Twenty five people attended the May ACC meeting including a new member, Jane Noblett. Jane was fortunate enough to win the door prize which was a 1965 Canadian Mint Set.

President Mike McKinnon was the recipient of the Membership prize, a 1938D Winged Liberty Head Dime Graded MS-63 FSB by none other than your favorite slab-maker PCGS.

The raffle prize, which didn't attract a sufficient number of ticket buyers and therefore was not awarded, is a 12-star Half Cent dated 1828, imprisoned in an ANACS coffin and graded XF40. Sorry, I haven't seen it, and so can't offer a net grade in the EAC tradition. Maybe the lucky winner will free it from its tomb and give it a nice cotton bag for a home.

The Membership Interest Prize (which is becoming known as the "kitty") was not awarded since the number drawn, 51, corresponds to Greg Durocher who was absent.


Seminar Organizer Larry Nakata report that twelve folks have committed to attend our Seminar in the fall. The Room reservation has been fixed with a deposit, so there's no turning back. Step up, do yourself a favor, and support the club by purchasing a seat.

New collectors, or those who have not had a great deal of experience with grading or commemoratives (which includes the great majority of us, I'm sure) will find the seminar to be invaluable, and as inexpensive as any other three-day affair you're likely to attend. Many of you who need this seminar the most will fail to attend. I suspect that, as usual, those who need it the least, but who also know the benefit of education in numismatics, will be the ones to support the seminar.

Sincere self interest and a smidgen of greed are the best reasons for putting up $225 for this opportunity-in-education. Meals and books are included, so the true monetary cost of the learning experience is closer to $150,


Young Volunteers volunteered to promote the club and coin collecting in general behind a Young Numismatist's table at the last Sears Mall Show. Jane Noblett, our newest member jumped right in at the May meeting and volunteered some of her time for the effort. Way to go, Jane.


Mike McKinnon announced that wooden nickels which advertise the club were ordered and were passed out at the Sears Mall show. It is hoped that some of these wooden medallions will attract some new members or encourage some to begin collecting.


Mike Greer which to my eyes is destined to be a "lifer"1 has been selected again to attend this annual event at the hometown of the ANA, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mike is unusual in that he's a repeat winner. We understand this means he will be "off probation" by the time the seminar rolls around. It seems Mike was grounded by his Mom when he failed to bring in grades3 that were up to his usual standard3. Mike McKinnon talked with Young Greer and said: "I heard you were grounded." The reply:

"How did you hear about that?" "Your brother told me." "That's what I hate about having my brother in the club."


Robert Hall proposed that we run a bid board in lieu of our bi-monthly auction. The idea was well received by the attenders and it was resolved that a plan would he formulated at subsequent E-Board meetings. Stay Tuned for move


An auction, to be sponsored by Jerry Cleworth who is proprietor of THE coin shop in Fairbanks, is planned to be conducted concurrently with our coin seminar. ACC is to have some sort of involvement, the particulars of which will be determined soon.

Jerry has a fine coin and collectibles shop which is called something similar to "Alaska Rare Coin Exchange" , and is known for his regular (semi-annual?! auctions. Many ACC members are on Jerry's mailing list and participate in his auctions either by mail or in person. I have always been impressed with the catalog he sends out and will therefore be very interested if he makes the trip to Anchorage this fall. Maybe we can get him to kick in for a seminar seat?

1 Meaning he will be a Numismatist until he draws his last breath.

2 And we're not talking about Coins here

3 Good for you, Mom


Committee to Set New Coin Show Policy

Coin show growing pains continue with dissatisfaction being expressed by various Club Members. A committee was formed to review the present policy and to discuss the problems which have cropped up lately. Interested parties (including participating Card Dealers) are invited to join the committee.


McKinnon's Corner

Mike McKinnon continues with the Presidential Tradition of addressing the membership with the following missive:

As summer approaches, club members get distracted with seasonal activities, and attendance for our summer meetings becomes minimal. However, auctions and educational programs continue through the summer and we need continued member participation.

Success seems to have been the result of the Sears Mall Show, even with the no-shows. There was a great deal of disparity for the dealers, some experiencing very little business, while others found business great. Traffic was considerably less than at the last Sears Mall Show. This may be due to the good weather.

I personally want to extend my thanks to all for helping set-up and break-down at the show. A lot of work and time is required to produce a show and all help is greatly appreciated.

Jim Susky has announced that the July, '94 newsletter will be his last as editor. Jim deserves appreciation and thanks for taking our small 1-2 page newsletter arid turning it into a 4-6 page newsletter that won an ANA Best Club Newsletter Award.

I would like to take this space to thank Jim for his hard work and accomplishments.

As has been mentioned, a committee is being appointed to study the number of shows the club puts on per year, and the possibility of limiting the number of tables. This committee would be a positive way for card dealers to participate in show activity decisions. Please call me if you are interested in serving on this committee.

The new club by-laws should be ready for comment and/or vote at the June meeting. All members should plan to attend the June meeting.



Our thanks go out to Jane Noblett for volunteering her services in watching over the YNs at the Sears Mall Coin Show this past weekend.

Three of our YNs, Mike Greer, Robin Sisler, and Billy McGinnis, attended the Sears Mall Coin Show. For those of you who visited the show, a number of coins were for sale by these YNs. Among them were proof Franklin half dollars submitted by Mike Greer. It's a good sign of the level of sophistication our YNs have in their collections.

Our YN membership also increased by one more member at this coin show.

As stated in last month's article, one of our goals is to increase the size of our YN membership this year. A lot of our com club members have children who qualify as prospective YNs. We want to encourage our club members to get their children's interest in coin collecting Numismatics (i.e. coin collecting) should not be an older generation hobby......

If you look in this month's coin auction list, please note that Lot #57 will be available for bid by our YNs only. It's a great assortment of some 25 each US type coins that would make a great starter set or addition to any YN's collection. The coin club member who submitted this lot for auction, Ben Guild, requested that [his lot be made available to our YNs Our next YN meeting will be held at 7:00 pm, June 10th (Friday) at our typical meeting place....the Central Lutheran Church located on Cordova St. and 15th. I am endeavoring to get an educational VHS tape from the American Numismatics Association I ANA! on a presentation subject for this meeting.

See you YNs at the meeting.


ANA Brainstorms Planned

ANA is soliciting opinions with regard to its recent revenue producing innovations. The following is excerpted from a recent ANA news release:

The ANA will hold a series of roundtable discussions to review some of the revenue producing activities in which the association engages. ANA members, collectors, and trade publications have called into question the Association's coin sales programs and the proposed World Mint Council. Subsequently, ANA President David L. Ganz called for the seven roundtable meetings that will be open to everyone interested in numismatics... "We are at a financial crossroads for our organization," Ganz said, "Significant new sources of revenue are essential if we are to maintain member services and grow."

The remaining roundtables will be held as follows:

2PM, June 10 at the New York Spring Numismatic Convention at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in NYC.

9 AM, June 25 at the Atlantic Rarities Expo at the convention center in Baltimore, Maryland.

7 AM, July 11 at the ANA Summer Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



Anchorage Coin Club
Auction Lots for June 1 Club Meeting

The following lots of coins will be auctioned oft at the Anchorage Coin Club's June 1st club meeting (starts at 7:00 pm) which will be held at the Central Lutheran Church at 1420 Cordova St. (comer of Cordova and 15th Avenue). People interested in Bidding on these lots may fill out the attached mail bid sheet if they cannot make the meeting.

Lot #

1 One (1) circulated roll of 1964-P Washington Quarters (silver).

2 One (1) circulated roll of 1964-P Washington Quarters (silver).

3 One (1) circulated roll of 1964-D Washington Quarters (silver).

4 One (1) circulated roll of 1964-D Washington Quarters (silver).

5 One (1) circulated roll of 1964-D Washington Quarters (silver)

6 One (1) each 1925-P Peace Dollar PCGS MS62

7 One (1) each 1943-P Walker Half PCGS MS64

6 One (1) each 1966 25 Pesos Mexico AU condition

9 One (1) each 1874 25 Ore Denmark VF condition.

10 One (1) each 1905 1 cent Canada AU Minimum bid: $20

11 One (1) each I886 1 cent Canada XF

12 One (1) each 1882-H 1 cent Canada XF

13 One (1) each 1859 1 cent Canada AU Minimum Bid: $15.

14 One (1) each 1912 1 cent Canada AU.

15 One (1) each 1964 1000 yen coin Japan MS62. Minimum bid $25.

16 One (1) each 1867 One Penny / Great Britain VF.

17 One (1) each 1896 PGV Peseta Spain XF

13 One (1) each 1891-H 1 cent British North Borneo BU.

19 One (1) each 1920 1 cent Canada XF

20 One (1) each 1900 twenty cent Newfoundland / scratch on reverse side VF

21 One (1) each 1947 one rupee / India XF

22 One (1) each 1953 25 centavos / Cuba AU

23 One (1) each 1935 5 Escudos / Mozambique XF

24 One (1) each 19518 5 francs / Switzerland AU

25 One (1) each 1942 25 cents Netherlands / Occupation coin XF

26 One (1) each 1804-A 4 Groschen / Prussia G

27 Forty (40) each Kennedy half dollars (silver half dollars) / various dates from 1964-1969 in Whitman Holder Circulated condition. Minimum Bid $22

28 1837 Hard times token L-48 Variety VF Minimum Bid: $50

29 1973 Lincoln/Kennedy Penny with certificate BU condition.

30 One (1) each 1835 Bust Half dollar ANACS Slab XF40 Minimum Bid: $45.

31 One (1) each 1831 Bust Half dollar ANACS Slab XF45. Minimum Bid: $100

32 One (1) each 1946 Booker T Washington 50 cent commemorative ANACS slab MS64 Minimum bid $45.

33 One (1) each Civil War Centennial Commission Commemorative Medallion (1961-1965) BU Minimum Bid $20

34 Eight (8) each Revolutionary War Pewter Medallions / circulated condition. Minimum Bid $15.

35 One (1) each 1964-P Kennedy Half MS62 Minimum Bid: $2.50

36 Two (2) each 1837 Bank of Lower Canada one penny tokens VG Minimum Bid: $9.

37 One (1) each Liberty Mint 1 oz. Silver Round 8U. Minimum 8id: 15

38 One (1) each 1989 Official Alaskan Commemorative Medallion 1 oz. Silver Round BU Minimum Bid $5

39 Two (2) each 1966 Texas Medallions BU Minimum bid: $6

40 One (1) each 1849- 1949 California Gold Rush medallion BU. Minimum Bid: $3.

41 Ten (10) each various circulated Canadian coins consisting of one (1) 1860 Newfoundland twenty cent piece, nine (9) each Canada 25 cent pieces (various dates 1968-1981). Minimum Bid: $4

42 Five (5) each various Great Britain coins consisting of 1962 one shilling, 1970 l0 pence, 1965 6 pence, two (2) each 1971 two pence. Circulated. Minimum Bid: $1.50.

43 One (1) each 1933-1983 Dahlonega Mint Commemorative BU. Minimum Bid: $2.

44 One (1) each 1861-1961 Confederate States of America Half Dollar token BU Minimum Bid: $2.

45 One (1) each 1967 Alaska Yukon Medallion BU Minimum Bid: $3

46 Two (2) each Presidential Commemorative Medallions / Reagan / Bush / BU condition. Minimum Bid: $4

47 Four (4) each 1976 Washington Quarters/ Circ.

48 One (1) each Great Britain Prince of Wales Model Sovereign. Victoria Regina/  No Date VG. Minimum Bid: $5

49 Two (2) coins consisting of one (1) each gold plated 1906 Edward V shilling and one (1) each gold plated 1883 NC US V Nickel (Racketeer Nickel) Circ. condition Minimum Bid: $10

50 Three (3) each commemorative medals Paul Revere / Ben Franklin / Patrick Henry BU cond. Minimum Bid: $6

51 Six (6) each commemorative medals: Franklin Roosevelt / Churchill / Truman / Eisenhower / Patton / Kennedy BU cond. Minimum Bid $12.

52 Two (2) each commemorative medals- Teddy Roosevelt / Mt. Rushmore BU condition. Minimum Bid $4

53 Four(4) each commemorative medals Liberty Bell / US Constitution / American Flag / Statue of Liberty BU cond. Minimum Bid: $8.

54 Two (2) each Lincoln Medallions BU condition. Minimum Bid: $4

55 Three (3) each commemorative medals Edmund Halley / Samuel Clemens / Christopher Columbus BU condition. Minimum Bid $6

56 One (1) each commemorative medal Iwo Jima BU cond. Minimum Bid $4

57  Twenty five (25) each various circulated US Type coins G - VF condition consisting of : one (1) each Flying Eagle cent, two (2) Indian cents, one (1) two cent piece, one (1) three cent silver, one (1) three cent nickel, one (1) half dime, one (1) shield nickel, two (2) V nickels, one (1) Buffalo nickel, one (1) capped bust dime, one (1) Liberty seated dime, two (2) Liberty seated dime love tokens, one (1) Barber dime, two (2) Mercury dimes, three (3) liberty seated quarters, one (1) Standing Liberty quarter, one (1) Washington quarter, one (1) Capped bust half dollar, and one (1) liberty seated half dollar. This lot will only be available for bid by YNs only. Minimum bid $52.50

58  One (1) each 1834 half cent XF condition.

59  One (1) each 1800 Half Cent VG condition with scratches on the reverse.

60  One (1) each 1873 three cent nickel BU condition. Closed three variety.

61  One (1) each 1895 Barber quarter AU condition.

62  One (1) each 1884-CC Morgan silver dollar BU condition.

63  One (1) each 1970-S Proof set, small date variety.


The Anchorage Coin Club

Club Officers

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To save costs, members not responding to renewal notices within 3 months will be considered inactive.

The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

Correspondence Address: Anchorage Coin Club, P.O. Box 230169, Anchorage, Alaska 99523