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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 7, Number 4

April 1994

April Membership Meeting
Wed., April 6, 1994 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting


Three Cheers for Our New Officers

The gavel has been passed. Larry Nakata has passed it to new Prez Mike McKinnon who in turn passed his Vice Prez duties to Mike Orr. Paul Wheeler held still to be installed for one more year in his present role as our intrepid Secretary/Treasurer. And Roy Brown was elected as the latest member of our Board of Directors. At the meeting everybody applauded these fine gentlemen who have agreed to serve (or continue to serve> our club.

Seventeen attended the meeting where the reins of power {shackles of service?) were handed over to the new worthies. Larry Nakata started the proceedings by announcing the nominees. Former President Bill D'Atri was seen to be ducking as Larry called for other nominees. Bill needn't have worried as no other nominations were forthcoming. The formalities were dispensed with and the meeting moved on to other business


Directly after the election the topic of the "Mail Bid Only" auction was opened for discussion. What commenced was a lot of storm and gale (well, a stiff wind anyway), mostly between Bill D'Atri who wrote a dissenting opinion last month and Paul Wheeler who stated that he "agreed with the conclusion but not with the logic" of the article. Naturally Bill objected to this, so the two spent a lot of energy disagreeing over the reason why the club should not be involved with such an auction.1 Several others offered the following observations:

V.P. Mike Orr: The mail bid auction will cost an estimated $1,000 up front. Suggested that consigners should put up the money to hold it thereby insulating the Club from loss.

Skip Pelletier (who collects nice copper): An mail bid auction should have about 500 pieces of "nice type material". Recommended a $5/coin submission fee plus a 5% buyer's fee.

Paul Wheeler: Mainly concerned about liability.

Later in this issue: A policy statement, contributed by Mike McKinnon, regarding this auction.


Bill D'Atri announced he is stepping down as director of the Young Numismatist's meeting. He recommended that Bill McGinnis be approached to run future meetings. Larry Nakata also stepped up and said he would help with the YN duties.


I personally enjoyed an unexpected treat in meeting fellow ACC and EAC member Skip Pelletier2. Skip lives in the Valley and rarely makes it to our meetings. Skip showed me some Early American Copper the likes of which 1 hardly imagined existed. Every one of the half dozen or so pieces he showed me (circulated or otherwise) was downright gorgeous. All had nice color and were definitely "no problem" pieces. Makes me want unload all the junk (relatively speaking) I've accumulated to date. He showed me a late large cent in "MS63" condition (by EAC grading standards). I examined the piece which was a beautifully lustrous brown coin.

I said, "Why only '63, I don't see many contact marks? Skip replied that it had NO contact marks but explained that because it had no original red color it could grade no better than MS63 (again, by EAC standards). All of his coins were stored in paper two-by-twos lined with soft cotton. I asked why he didn't store them in Mylar. "Retains water", said Skip. I also noted that he would brush his coins before putting them back in the holders. Thus ended my short lesson in the care and feeding of old copper.


1 For the record, I am opposed to our club engaging in a mail bid auction and therefore also agree with Messrs D'Atri and Wheeler. I hold this opinion for lots of different reasons. Logic be damned.

2 Hope I spelled it right. Skip!

Eagle River Show Slated for April 16th and 17th

Mike Nourse reports that the Eagle River Mall will be the venue for our next show. Odds are this will be the last show before the summer when Show activity traditionally slows down around these parts. Then again, this has hardly been a "traditional" year when it comes to shows. Mike reports that the show is fully booked. Gone are the days when one could sign up at the last minute for our shows. It is strongly recommended that anyone with aspirations of exhibiting at future shows get in touch with Mike Nourse (344-9856), Robert Hall (265-8782), and Mike McKinnon (786-7490).


McKinnon's Corner

Mike McKinnon got busy this month and offered the following for the newsletter. I can't say enough about how I appreciate submittals like these. Following is an auspicious start for Prez McKinnon's tenure as president. I have a feeling Mike is going to take very well to his new office.


I owe a special thank you to Larry Nakata for the time, energy, and money contributions he has given to the club, and for his continuing participation.

This past year Larry, and especially Bill D'Atri, have been very active with the Y.N. Club.

During Larry's term as president, one of his main efforts was directed toward aggressively improving the quality and size of the Y.N. Club, and we hope he will continue his enthusiasm for the Y.N. Club.

The first meeting under my Presidency was quite lively. Diverse opinions and discussions are part of what make a viable club, however I will try to keep future meetings a little more focused.

In the coming year one of my goals is to have everyone participate more fully in the routine functions of the club, and in the special events. The picnics, potlucks, auctions, talks, and shows are enjoyed by everyone. Their success depends on the work that is put into organizing these affairs. New ideas, or suggestions are always needed, and support and effort by new participants is welcome. Don't be shy about volunteering to help out -everyone can contribute even a few minutes, or take charge of one small duty, and everyone's involvement goes toward an enjoyable affair for all of us.


This event depends entirely on a set number of members participating; any profits to the club will go toward educational program goals. To be able to hold the auction, at least 20 people will have to participate by consigning lots, and by paying $50.00 each to cover auction costs. The $50.00 fee would be deducted from the seller's fees after the auction. If interested please contact Mike Orr at 258-9100, or Ben Guild at 688-3082.


We have grown as a club and our shows have become more popular. However, to continue this positive public image, and to maintain consistently high quality shows, it has been suggested that some show guidelines be established that will be of benefit to all of us, and ensure our welcome at the city's shopping malls. Listed are some very basic standards.

Please look these over and plan to discuss changes or additions you may have at our April meeting.

Vendors will not break down their tables and displays before the posted Mall hours without prior approval. This is unfair to the Mall and others who adhere to the established hours.

Vendors will break down their own tables and clean up their immediate area of personal trash that may have accumulated. This is simply good manners.

Vendors experiencing problems with other vendors, or unauthorized dealers, should contact the show's organizer.

Vendors experiencing shoplifters or other problems should be brought to the attention of the show organizer, club officers or Mall security.

Vendors will not use private advertising banners or placards that do not meet prior club approved guidelines. Signs will be discreet and will not obstruct views of other tables.

Vendors will not sell at another person's table. This is rude and inappropriate behavior.

Vendors will not interfere with another's potential customer, nor interrupt a conversation between a dealer and a customer.

Vendors will not solicit sales at other consignors tables, or use such tables for personal set-up or sales.

Vendors will be responsible for the behavior of those accompanying them, including children. Children must be under Vendor's supervision at all times, and disruptive children will be asked to leave. If Mall security has a complaint regarding lack of vendor supervision of children, that vendor will be asked to leave the show.

If at all possible, problems arising at shows should try to be solved by the club before alerting Mall security.

Anyone not able to adhere to these rules will be asked to leave the show, and may be prohibited from participating in any other club shows and sales.



Who : Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association

What : 1994 Convention - Coin, Stamp, and Card show

When : April 8-10, 1994

Where: Seattle Center Flag Pavilion
    305 Harrison Street
    Seattle, Washington

Number of Tables: 100 plus -- coins, stamps, and cards and, collectibles


There will be numismatic theater presentations, meetings, exhibits great learning experiences.

Dealers will be available for buying, selling, and trading.

Call or Fax for additional information:

Bourse Chairman, Shannon Jones - (206)297-4619

PNNA FAX  - (206)839-5185

General Chairman, Eric Holcomb - (206) 850-2996

Mrs. Marge Farnam - (206) 824-8100


Pandora's Box Opens with Show Expansion

It's hardly fair and certainly not accurate to generalize about a group based upon the acts of a few extreme individuals. So it's not fair and certainly not accurate to damn Card Dealers because a few malcontents display their lack of manners and common decency (and probably poor upbringing) at our Club-Sponsored Shows.

I have gathered these anecdotes second and sometimes third hand. The various witness seem to agree on the basic features of each story3 so I'm confident that those who recounted these stories are neither fabricating nor exaggerating.4,5


It seems one fellow was seen to be wheeling (literally) around the Northway Mall Show with a shopping cart! This particular shopping cart was said to have contained boxes of sports cards.

Now I've heard of various demons and other such unworthies which were alleged to have sprung with malevolent gusto from one Pandora's Box back during the misty ages of Greek prehistory. In fact I've imagined many another malady springing forth from such metaphorical evil boxes as life is wont to thrust before us. But I've gotta say that Shopping Cart Dealers is a new one on me!

I've heard of (and seen photos of) Bag Ladies with their worldly possessions in a shopping cart on the street corner. Such poor unfortunates have roused more than a modicum of pathos from my usually stone-ridden heart. On the other hand Mr. Shopping Cart Dealer arouses an entirely different sort of feeling.

According to our new president, Mike McKinnon, who also organized the Northway show, the malcontent asserted that the show was "A Trade Show, Right?" and that he was only trading with exhibitors. Fair Enough - except that later one exhibitor complained that said Shopping Cart Dealer was also "trading" with the rest of the customers. Mike then contacted the Security Guard who informed Mr. Shopping Cart that he was trespassing and would have to leave. Good for you, Mike! Too bad that this fellow couldn't regulate himself. End of story - although this same fellow showed up later sans shopping cart. Anyone care to guess6 what he had stuffed in his coat?


The Dimond Mall Show uncovered a another phenomenon heretofore unknown to sedentary ACC coin show members, namely "Migratory Sports Card Dealers" It seems a group of the Card Folks who were set up in front of Lament's desired a change of scenery so they moved to another part of the Mall. Later that weekend they were found in front of Lament's again. From this one can reasonably infer that they moved twice - at least!

On a less quizzical note, it seems one exhibitor begged off when Mike Nourse solicited the table fee on Saturday saying he would pay it on Sunday. Sunday rolled along and this fellow was nowhere to be seen. At last report, the table fee was "in the mail".

All-in-all, though, the Dimond Mall show should probably be counted as a success with 71 tables. The approximate ratio of Card to Coin table was about 55/45.


On a related note, Hal Wilson showed his generosity by donating an "Alonzo Mourning" Sports Card for an upcoming raffle. The card is reportedly worth between $50 and $100. Why, I wonder? I seem to recall Alonzo as being a dominant former member of the Georgetown Hoyas college basketball team, but he seems not to have made the same sort of splash in the professional ranks as Messrs O'Neal (aka "the Shaq"), Webber, and Hardaway. I understand that the Card Folks will be interested in this raffle. I also hear that several card collectors kicked in on our raffle for the Liberty Nickel (see elsewhere this month for details). In any case, Hal deserves hearty thanks for his generous contribution.


3 I think this Is known as "confirmation" in the journalism biz.

4 These witnesses also cautioned that I not be "too hard" on the card folks. Well, I've never been cautious in these pages. Besides, the large majority of all exhibitors (to whom such behavior never occurred) ought not be offended by tattling on the extreme elements in our groups, In other words: "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch" and "I'm Havin' Some Fun With This One." Hope you do to.

5 There is the risk, however, that some may not read the footnotes. So it goes.

6 I'll give you three.


Larry Nakata offers his last official letter as President

Mike McKinnon, our club's new President, asked me to write this final letter to all of you.

At this point in time, the baton has been passed. No revolution, no anarchy....just a smooth transition between presidents. Mike has a lot of good ideas as our club goes into it's sixth year of existence. Besides McKinnon... Mike Orr and Paul Wheeler will be the other club officers seeing us through our sixth year. I expect to see a lot of fresh ideas and changes. It's a mark of a good, dynamic club.

As For me, I relish the thought of just being Larry Nakata, club member. Rest assured I will still remain active in many of the club's activities. Your ex-presidents generally end up in such roles.

Among other things, I am part of a committee that is reviewing Our club bylaws in preparation for our club's incorporation this year. Bill McGinnis, Mike Orr, and myself will also be working together on the YN program this year. And....I am putting together the September coin seminar that will be held at the Golden Lion Hotel (see the article on the details of the seminar).

I want to thank everyone for their support this past year. I had the good fortune of being club president during the fifth year, which marked our club's commemorative medal program. That fifth year also saw good growth in our club membership and a significant push towards educating the general public about numismatics through our various coin shows.

Our fifth year saw growing pains and the realities of coming to grips with operating budgets and the need for club incorporation. Our sixth year will be equally challenging for our new club officers with different sets of problems.

Things never remain static. Change is one thing you can expect. Our ability to evolve and adjust to those changes is a mark of a good club.



No sooner said than done! The tireless Larry Nakata offers the following on the Seminar the club will sponsor this fall, preparations for which are being made as you read:

This year's coin seminar is scheduled to be held on September 16th (Friday) through September 18th (Sunday). It is an ANA (American Numismatics Association) certified seminar. This year's instructor, Anthony Swiatek, will be teaching two subjects: Co in Grading and. American Commemorative Coinage

The last seminar was held two years ago. For those of you who attended that seminar taught by Ken Bressett, I think we can all agree that it was enjoyable and educational. Colonial Coinage was the major topic of Ken's seminar.

This year's seminar will be full day sessions held at the Golden Lion Hotel, located at 1000 East 36th Avenue.

Danish and coffee will be provided each morning prior to the start of the seminar. Lunch will be provided each day. The lunches on Friday and Saturday will feature a croissant lunch with meats and cheeses. The lunch on Sunday will feature the Golden Lion's Sunday buffet brunch. Sodas will be provided in the afternoon.

The cost of the seminar will be the same as in previous years:

$225 for Anchorage Coin Club members.

$250 for non-members, which includes a one year membership in the Anchorage Coin Club.

Comparable ANA seminars in the lower 48 usually run about $400. By arranging these seminars ourselves, we have been able to pass the cost savings to the club members.

We are limiting the attendance to a maximum of 30 people. For those of you who want to secure a seat, there is a $50 deposit which can be paid at the club meeting (or send it in by mail to the club's post office box). The remainder of the monies can be paid over a period of months prior to the seminar in September.

People interested in attending the seminar should contact Larry Nakata (home phone 563-1729 or daytime # 269-5603).

The Anchorage Coin Club organizes these seminars to provide continuing education on coin collecting with eminent instructors coming from the American Numismatic Association (ANA).


The Anchorage Coin Club

Club Officers

Board of Directors



To save costs, members not responding to renewal notices within 3 months will be considered inactive.

The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

Correspondence Address: Anchorage Coin Club, P.O. Box 230169, Anchorage, Alaska 99523