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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 6, Number 12

December 1993

December Potluck
Thur., December 9, 1993 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting


Distinguished Member Passes Away

Member #3 Rod Meade, one of the -original members of the Anchorage Coin Club, died suddenly last month. News of his untimely death passed quickly the Sunday following last month's meeting and was confirmed in the Daily News the following Wednesday. A perusal of his obituary revealed a long and distinguished military career as well as numerous memberships in various community service organizations. Most of us knew of his proprietorship of Anchorage Coins and Cards on the east side and of his generous contributions to various ACC potlucks and picnics (not to mention his generous contribution to the good humor of our meetings and coin shows), but how many of us knew of his military decorations and public service? It makes one wonder about our members' talents and experiences that are unknown and unrecognized.

Well, I don't know much else about Rod's other lives, or what he did before I joined the club, but he greatly enriched my enjoyment of our meetings and especially the shows when I set up my display next to his. 1 liked setting up next to him because he kept me in stitches.

No one appreciated the feminine half of the Mall Parade more than Rod. He had a keen admiration (and this admiration was keenly expressed) for every fine example of the better half of humanity who happened to stroll within range of the Meade Radar. Yet he was obviously a devoted family man. This was evident even as he recounted his experience of married life to me in his characteristically ironic manner (does anyone know any hallowed institution that escaped the skewer of his perceptive and illuminating repartee?).

I remember one time when he brought one of his daughters to the E-Board. His gentle attention to her questions reflected pride and devotion as a father.

Regular readers know Rod was usually good for at least a couple of quotable quips and made for a good target for my own (relatively) unbridled pen. He seemed to like being lampooned now and again, probably 'cause he liked the attention (don't most of us?).

He could take it as well as dish it out. At one show, when it was slow, I noticed he had a nice (so he thought!) selection of Carson City silver dollars. At first glance these looked suspiciously like a group I had looked recently examined and from which had I had previously cherrypicked a half dozen or so. I asked to look closer at them so he handed me the bunch. Sure enough, these were the ones. Rod asked if I wanted any of them. I handed them back and said: "No thanks, Rod, these are the ones I PASSED on," and was rewarded with a good-natured scowl. I suspect Rod had as little trouble selling his as I had selling mine. Never could hold on to those CC's.

Old-timers may also remember an article published in the club newsletter during my bachelor days about an afternoon I spent at Rod's shop. I was thoroughly entertained by the way he dealt with his customers young and old, familiar and strange. Nowadays, I'm a bachelor no more and when my marriage was announced at a recent meeting Rod said to me, "We're even."

Hell, Rod. I'm going to miss you telling me in your own convoluted way how much you really liked being married and what I can expect in my own marriage. Rest In Peace.

Those who made it to the Northway Mall show know Hal Wilson was collecting donations for Rod's children. Those wishing to donate to the fund or express condolences to his family may do so care of:

Hal Wilson
1350 Tierra Grande
Wasilla, Alaska 99687

I will also gladly publish anything our members care to say to say about Rod in future issues. Just contact me at 243-1481.


Christmas Bash Promises To Be a Good One

If by some chance you haven't been contacted personally about the Potluck from Mike (Orr) , Mike ("Lone Wolf McKinnon), or Yours Truly, then let this be your invitation.

The time: 6:30.

Don't Be Shy, Just Show Up, and partake of what will almost certainly be the finest fest you've had since Thanksgiving. The time: 6:30. The day: Thursday, December 9. The place: Central Lutheran Church on the corner of 15th and Cordova, downstairs.

The day: Thursday, December 9.

We have on tap the following:

1) The feast

2) A business meeting

3) A YN meeting

4) The Raffle (for a $10 Eagle)

5) A 105 lot coin auction

Hope you all can make it!

The place: Central Lutheran Church on the corner of 15th and Cordova, downstairs.


Cottonwood Creek Show Planned

Robert Hall is organizing a coin show to be held at the Cottonwood Creek Mall in Wasilla. Dates to be Friday, Jan. 14 through Sunday, Jan. 16, 1994. Potential exhibitors should contact Robert Hall evenings at 561-8343.


Special Mail Bid Only Auction Slated for 1994

During the October meeting it was decided the club should grapple with yet one more auction in 1994 which will be mail bid only. Ben Guild and Mike Orr volunteered to serve on a committee to organize this auction and determine its rules. They shouldn't be depended on to do it all so VOLUNTEER to help. If they happen to call then, by god, have the good grace to help 'em out even if just a little. Offer to hold a meeting at your house: someone else will bring beer, I'm sure. And you can show off your coins too, just as a sidelight. It don't have to be all work, although bachelors may have to clear the table before the meeting (I know, I was one only too recently). End of pitch.


A Letter From the "Prez"

One of our club's founding fathers and executive board director, Rod Meade, passed away a few weeks ago. Rod was the owner of one of our main coin shops in town, Anchorage Coins and Cards. His support and contributions to our club over the years have been tremendous. I can still remember in August when Rod helped me set up our coin club's summer picnic. I will miss him.............

The key event for the month of November was our coin show at the Northway Mall. It was a three day event (Nov 12-14) that was well attended by our coin club members and the general public. As usual, I had a great time manning the coin club tables passing out club literature and displaying some of my coin collection for all to see.

One of the highlights of the coin show was a contest held for our YNs (i.e.. Young Numismatists). Each YN attending the August 12th meeting was given a $10 bill and one hour to negotiate the best possible coin deals from the various club members manning the tables. Each YN was also given a special worksheet for entering the coins purchased with that $10 bill.

At our E-Board's November meeting these worksheets were evaluated. The winning YN will be awarded a nice trophy at our December 9th (Thursday) Christmas Potluck Party/Meeting. By the way.... for those of you wondering....the YNs got to keep the coins purchased.

The E-Board also saw the remaining coin lots filled out for our December Christmas auction. This month's coin club newsletter has a complete listing of all 105 lots.

There are still a few $5 raffle tickets left for our Christmas Party raffle prize. The prize is a 1907 $10 Indian Gold piece ("No Periods Variety"). This coin is an ANACS slab graded MS60. Only 100 raffle tickets were made for this coin. Check out the price of the coin in any coin magazine. You'll find it's quite a raffle prize.

By now, all of you should have been contacted by Mike McKinnon, Jim Susky, or Mike Orr on the club's Christmas Politick Party/Meeting for December 9th (Thursday) at 6:30 pm. As stated in last month's newsletter, our coin club meeting and YN meeting will be held on that date concurrent with our party.

I hope to see all of you there. Bring your family and any prospective people interested in joining our coin club. If you haven't received a call, give one of the club officers listed on the newsletter a call so we can confirm the number of people attending the event.

See you on December 9th.


Numismatic News Deal Available

Paul Wheeler has received a subscription offer from Numismatic News which has been extended to ACC members. $15 buys your choice of one year of the following:

1) Numismatic News (52 issues)

2) World Coin News (26 issues)

3) Coins Magazine (12 issues)

4) Coin Prices Magazine (6 issues) $23.95 buys one year of "NN" plus a bonus: the twelve piece Canadian Quarter set in which a different design was minted for each Province. Hmmm, I'm glad I delayed renewing my subscription. I wonder if I can get Orr to buy back the one he sold me?

Does anyone know if this is a circulating set, If not, it ought to be. Why doesn't the U.S. Mint to stuff like this? It would certainly go over a lot bigger than the overpriced stuff they're peddling now - especially with the kids. Just think, one quarter for every state! Even only five per year with a ten-year cycle would be all right by me.

Better yet, do it on the half, there's more room for designs. Thirty years of Kennedy (not to mention nearly fifty years of FDR!) is quite enough, thank you.

The possibilities for design contests and the attendant publicity for numismatics (not to mention the aesthetic possibilities) are huge.

Maybe Scott would submit his ACC commemorative design to represent Alaska. I might even be convinced to collect clad coinage if there were FIFTY quarters (or halves, or dollars) to collect. As long as we're dreaming, why not mint fifty different quarter or half, single or double EAGLES made of SILVER (!!).

Time to wake up, our legislators are too busy spending money we don't have to consider anything as imaginative or fun as this.


YN Contest Results

Good ol' Larry Nakata came up with a good one for the YN meeting last month. He gave 10 bucks to each of four YN's who proceeded to assault the coin tables at the Northway show to see what ten dollars would buy on a Friday Night. Below are the results:

YN #1:

A seven-coin semi-type-set:

1905 Barber Dime in Good Condition

1915-D Lincoln Cent in Fine

1936-D Buffalo Nickel in Fine

1943-D Walking Liberty Half in Fine

1945 Winged Liberty Head Dime in VF

1959 Proof Jefferson Nickel

1979-S SBA Dollar

1940-S in MS64

YN #2:

1942P Mercury Dime in Choice BU condition

YN #3:

Two Winged Liberty Head Dimes:

1937D in AU50

1937S in AU55+

YN #4:

Five Lincoln Cents:

1937D in MS64

1937S in MS63

1940 in MS63

1940D in MS64

An award will be given to the YN thought to have done the best with the ten dollars. Great Idea, Larry!


ACC Members Recognized

Ben Guild reports that he and Robert Hall have both been recently "decorated" by Alaska Gun Collectors.

Robert Hall has been elected to the board of directors of AGC for a three-year term. Ben reported. "It's about time someone from ACC had a say in the policy making (of AGC). Its a known fact that guns and money go well together."

Ben himself won First Prize for the "Non-Gun Show Table" at a recent show. The exhibit consisted of Union and Confederate Money (1860-1865) and had Union coins of all denominations from half-cent through the 1859 Silver Dollar set upon an American flag. Confederate coinage, represented by restrikes, included the 1861 and 1862 cent, the 1861 half dollar, and examples of the $5 and $20 gold pieces. These coins were shown obverse and reverse and were complemented by the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America. The entire assemblage was place upon two CSA flags; the Stars and Bars and the Bonnie Blue Flag of J E B Stuart's Cavalry.

The exhibit also included about 40 Civil War tokens and Civil War Store Cards along with a dozen Hard Times Tokens of the period, Ben reports, "the collection was well accepted by the viewing public, and the Gun Show committee; which awarded him with a check for $100."1

I understand Ben displayed this exhibit at the last Sears Mall Show, If so, I'm not real surprised that he won an award for it. Congrats to both Ben and Robert.


1 Which should be good for at least a few raffle tickets at the Potluck !


Nuthin' To Do With Numismatics
(a.k.a. "Levi's Lode")

The third in a series of superior "filler" material presented here for your enjoyment.


In the April, 1976, edition of Alaska, Magazine, page 66, there is a photo illustrating the dangers of being a stupid skipper. When the captain docked his boat in Homer at high tide, he made the mistake of securing the boat to a piling, not the floating dock. As the tide went out all 18 feet of it the boat ended up hanging from the piling. When the tide came back in, water rushed over the gunnels and filled the back of the boat while it was still hanging vertically.


In 1941, an Alaskan was accidentally killed when he was mistaken for a moose. A manslaughter charge was not pressed, but the accused did get jailed for 90 days. He was charged with hunting during closed season.

"LATELY I'VE BEGUN TO WONDER" In the early days of Anchorage, the CAA -- now known as the FAA -- used to have its offices in the Federal Building now known as the Old Federal Building. Whenever a pilot had an accident he had to go to the CAA headquarters and fill out piles of paperwork.

After filling out page after page of details of the aeronautical mishap, the final question was usually answered with a single word. The question was "General ability as a pilot?" and the usual answer was "Excellent."

Once Merle Sasseen, a bush pilot with a sense of humor, was in the CAA's office for third time in only a few weeks. He had survived the mishaps on the old Anchorage airfield - now known as the Park Strip -- and was dutifully filling out the CAA paperwork page by page by page. When he came to the last question, he wrote "I used to think I was pretty good, but lately I've begun to wonder." [From ANCHORAGE: THE WAY IT WAS.]


When Judge Moody was in private practice in the 1940s, he was appointed by Judge Dimond to a criminal case. The suspect he was to defend had been found hiding under a car with a sizable amount of cash on his person. Since this man fit the description of a bandit who had just robbed the newly-opened Traveler's Inn and the money on his person was identified as having come from the Traveler's Inn, the prosecution believed that they had an airtight case.

The suspect, however, swore to Moody that he had not done the job. He had been under the car because he had had trouble with the police before and hid when he saw them approaching. As for the money, "some other guy must have left the money behind."

"What do you think of my story?" the suspect asked Moody.

"I don't think it's worth a damn," replied Moody, "I think they'll convict you."

"Maybe you can come back tomorrow and I'll tell you another one," replied the suspect.



Christmas Potluck Auction Lots

The following lots of coins will be auctioned off at the Anchorage Coin Club's December 9th Christmas Party (starts at 6:30 pm) which will be held at the Central Lutheran Church at 1420 Cordova Street (corner of Cordova and 15th Avenue).

Lot #

1    One group or 9 coins / Lincoln cents / Various circulated dates 1910 thru 1933.

2    One (1) 1963 Uncirculated Washington quarter/Double die obverse/ MS63

3    One(1) 1941 About Uncirculated Washington quarter/Triple die reverse / AU

4    One (1) 1939 About uncirculated Walking Liberty half dollar / double die obverse/ AU.

5    One (1) 1835 dime Extra fine condition.

6    One (1) 1868 shield nickel/line condition.

7    One (1) 1868 shield nickel/fine condition- corroded / repunched date.

8    One (1) 1963 Canadian Commemorative Dollar/ Edmonton / Proof condition

9    One (1) 1973 Canadian Commemorative Dollar/ RCMP/ Proof condition / spotted toning.

10    One (1) 1974 Canadian Commemorative Dollar / Winnipeg / Proof condition

11    One (1) 1972 Canadian Silver Dollar/ Excellent toning / Proof condition.

12    One (1) 1 935 Canadian Commemorative Dollar / National Parks / Proof Condition.

13    One (1) 1987 Canadian Loon Dollar / First veer issue / Proof condition

14    One (1) 1958 Canadian silver dollar / British Columbia / Uncirculated condition / MS63

15    One (1) 1877 Trade Dollar / Fine condition.

16    One (1) 1917 Variety 1 Liberty Standing quarter / Fine condition

17    One (1) 1888 Liberty seated dime / fine condition

18    One (1) 1869 Two cent piece / very fine condition.

19    One (1) 1858 Flying eagle cent / small letter variety / Good condition

20    One (1) 1903 Barber Dime / Very fine condition.

21    One (1) 1906 V nickel/ fine condition

22    One (1) 1911 V nickel / About uncirculated condition

23    Five (5) various commemorative coins commemorating centennial events for California, Minnesota, Washington, Nebraska, and New Mexico / uncirculated condition

24    Five (5) Proof condition Washington Quarters I960 - 1964.

25    One (1) 1982 Washington Commemorative Silver Half Dollar / proof condition

26    One (1) 1879-S Morgan Collar / XF condition

27    One (1) 1880-O Morgan Dollar /VF condition - polished

28    One (1) 1882 Morgan Dollar/VG condition.

29    One (1) 1883 Morgan Dollar / fine condition

30    One (1) 1884-O Morgan Dollar / very fine condition.

31    One (1) 1889 Morgan Dollar/XF condition / toned.

32    One (1) 1889-O Morgan Dollar / VG condition.

33    One (1) 1890-O Morgan Dollar / Good condition

34    One (1) 1858 Flying eagle cent / small letter variety / good condition

35    One (1) 1879-S Morgan Dollar / good condition

36    One (1) 1913 liberty head dime / About uncirculated condition

37    One (1) 1924 Peace Dollar/ Extra fine condition.

38    One (1) 1824 Large Cent / good condition

39    One (1) 1964 Kennedy Half (silver half) / BU condition

Coins Submitted in November E-Board Meeting November 17, 1993

Lot #

40 One (1) 1988 Silver Eagle Dollar / BU Condition

41 One (1) each 1874 Indian Head Cent / AG condition

42 One (1) each 1890 Indian Head Cent / VG condition

43 One (1) each 1891 Indian Head Cent / Good condition

44 One (1) each 1895 Indian Heed Cent / VG condition

45 One (1) each 1695 Indian Mead Cent / Fine condition

46 One (1) each 1901 Indian Head Cent / Fine condition

47 One (1) each 1902 Indian Head Cent / Fine condition.

46 One (1) each 1905 Indian Head Cent / XF condition

49 One (1) each 1906 Indian Head Cent / XF condition

50 One (1) each 1911-D Lincoln Cent / VF condition

51. One (1) each 1912-D Lincoln Cent / VG condition

52. One (1) each 1924-S Buffalo Nickel / VG condition.

53. One (1) each 1927-D Buffalo Nickel / Fine condition

54. One (1) each 1916-D Standing Liberty Half dollar / AG condition.

55. One (1) each 1917 Standing Liberty Half dollar / Fine condition

56. One (1) each 1917-D Standing Liberty Half dollar / Good condition

57. One (1) each 1917-S Standing Liberty Half dollar / Good condition.

58. One (1) each 1919-S Standing Liberty Half dollar / AG condition.

59. One (1) each 1923-S Standing Liberty Half dollar / Good condition

60. One (1) each 1941-D Standing Liberty Half dollar / XF condition.

61. One (1) each 1942 Standing Liberty Half dollar / XF condition

62. One (1) each 1857 $10 Liberty Gold / PCGS Slab / VF35.

63. One (1) full complete set of Peace Dollars in Whitman Deluxe album /1921- 1935 / various circulated grades VG-AU condition

64. One(1) each 1938-D Buffalo Nickel / PCGS Slab / MS65.

65. One (1) each 1941-D Mercury Dime/NGC Slab / MS65FB

66 One (1) each 1964 Alaska 25th Year Bronze medal Commemorative/ BU condition

67. One (1) each 1878 $3 Gold Piece / Fine condition

68. One (1) each 19140 Barber Dime / XF condition.

69. One (1) each 1938-S Mercury Dime / AU condition.

70 One (1) each 1925 Lexington Commemorative / AU condition.

71. One (1) each 1865 Two Cent Piece / MS60 condition.

72. One (1) leach I958 Franklin Half Dollar / MS-63 condition.

73 One (1) each 1900 Barber Dime / XF condition.

73. One (1) each 1854 Liberty Seated Half Dime / XF condition.

75. One (1) each 1869 Shield Nickel / AU condition

76. One (1) each 1883 No Cents Liberty V Nickel / Fine condition

77 One (1) each 1889 Liberty V Nickel / XF condition  - corroded.

78 One (1) each 1910 Liberty V nickel / AU condition.

79 One (1) each 1976 Captain Cook Bronze medal / BU condition.

80. One (1) each 19560 Washington Quarter / MS63 condition.

81. One (1) each 1945-S Standing Liberty Half Dollar / XF condition

82. One (1) each 1954 Franklin Half Dollar / BU condition

83. One (1) each 1958-D Franklin Half Dollar / BU condition

84 One (1) each 1919 Canadian Cent / AU condition

85 One (1) each 1971 British Columbia Canadian Dollar / Prooflike condition

86. Five (5) each Great Britain shillings / various dates between 1826 and 1899 / circulated condition.

87. Five (5) each Canadian five cent nieces / various dotes between 1897-1911 / circulated condition.

88. One (1) set 1967 Canadian coinage / Prooflike condition

89. One (1) each 1858 Canadian Cent / Fine condition.

90. Four (4) each Australian George VI florins / various dates between 1941-1947 / circulated condition.

91. Three (3) each Australian George V coins consisting of 1916-M sixpence, 1916-M shilling, and 1917 florin / circulated condition

92. Six (6) each Canadian ten cent pieces / various dates between 1892-1947 / circulated condition

93 Two (2) each George V Canadian Quarters consisting of 1920 and 1930 dales / circulated condition

94 One (1) leach 1804 half cent / VG condition

95. One (1) each 1802 large cent / VF condition with 'dings'.

96. One(1) each 1803 large cent / VG condition -'pitted".

97. One (1) each 1805 large cent / AG condition

98 One (1) each 1812 large cent / VF condition- 'corroded'.

99. One (1) each 1814 large cent / Fine condition-'porous'

100. One (1) each 1823 over 2 / large cent / VG condition.

101 One (1) each 1844 over 81/large cent/ VF condition.

102. One (1) each 1866 Two Cent Piece/ XF condition

103 One (1) each 1875-S Twenty Cent Piece / Fine condition / 'Hand Reeded'

104. One (1) each 1853 Liberty Seated Quarter-arrows and Rays VF condition- cleaned

105 Fifty (50) each Great Britain half pennies / various dates / circulated condition


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