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ACCent: The Monthly Newsletter of the Anchorage Coin Club

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Volume 6, Number 6

June 1993

June Membership Meeting
Wed., June 2, 1993 Central Lutheran Church

7:30 PM Meeting



Your Editor had a choice between the finest meal he's enjoyed in a coon's age and showing up to our first Mail Bid Auction. Attenders know which one won hands down so this report is brought to you courtesy of Messers Nakata, D'Atri, Hall and Wheeler (sounds vaguely like a Law Firm, don't it?) Kudos are in order by virtue of the fact that these men made it happen at the first ever Anchorage Coin Club Mail Bid Auction. Larry is the engineer of this ambitious program, Bill called bids from the book, Robert conducted the Auction, and Paul kept the records. I have had the privilege of participating on the Auction Team and know that it takes attention and dedication to conduct an auction. Potential Mail Bidders will be interested to find Prices Realized later in this newsletter.


Ol' Lone Wolf has come through on the first of many (we hope) presentations to be given under his guidance. This doesn't mean we all sit around and let Mike do the work. It means when he comes around asking for a little participation on the Program Committee you, as a loyal ACC member, will respond enthusiastically and work toward giving entertaining and illuminating presentations every other month. I hear that Mike will present a video program loaned to us from ANA.

An American Princess Achieves Icon Status

When I visited the Post Office last month to buy stamps for the Newsletter, I was struck by the wonderous visage of America's own movie-star-turned-princess shown above. It is absolutely the most beautiful stamp in my recollection -enough to turn me into a stamp collector. Well, almost. Certainly it's worth 29e to give it the front page billing it deserves. Liberty never looked this good, even in gold. In fact 29C is a downright bargain compared to U.S. Mint offerings. Stamp collectors got it good.

It's no wonder Prince Rainier slipped the crystal slipper on her foot when he got the chance. I'll bet he's been getting more mail lately, probably with multiple Graces affixed to the envelope. I'll say this: I've never licked the backside of a nicer stampfbeat you to it, Rod!)


I was purusing the Business section of the remaining newspaper in town checking out the gold prices when I spied the new listings reproduced below:

Rare U.S. Coins (Mint State 65)

                                                    Bid              Asked
Morgan Silver Dollar              $99.00        $115.00
Peace Silver Dollar                $140.00      $183.00
Walking Liberty Half Dollar    $83.00        $99.00
$20 Liberty Gold Type III        $4410.00    $4500.00
$20 Saint Gaudens, motto    $1315.00    $1450.00
        Source: Certified Coin Exchange


A Letter From The Prez

With the arrival of our Summer season, we've been getting this great weather. I've already gone clam digging down in Ninilchik and look forward to some great halibut and salmon fishing this year.

Typically, the Summer season is a time when our attendance at the monthly club meetings and E-board meetings goes down a bit. Rest assured we do have programs in place for the summer for those attending these meetings.

In the July club meeting (July 7th), we can expect our next mail bid auction. Our E-board meeting on May 19th resulted in submissions that accounted for all 100 lots for the July auction. This month's newsletter shows the July coins that will be auctioned. As you will note, there are quite a few good submittals that might be of interest to all those reading this newsletter.

Also printed in this newsletter are the prices realized for the 100 lots that were auctioned in our May club meeting.

For those of you going fishing and camping this Summer, keep in mind that you can make mail bids for the July auction.

With Mike McKinnon in charge of our training programs for the club meetings, we can expect our next program at our June club meeting (June 2nd). I will have the July auction lots displayed for those attending the June club meeting.

Our club got a number of letters from Ken Bressett, Bill Fivaz, and JP Martin who received our 5th year club medals. These gentlemen have come here in years past as teachers for our ANA seminars on coin grading. A courtesy set was also sent to the ANA Museum in Colorado Springs. We received great accolades for the medals that we designed to commemorate our 5th year as a club.

On other fronts, our club received a letter from our sister organization (PNNA) in the Pacific Northwest. The Anchorage Coin Club is a member of the PNNA. Their letter, dated May 12th to all coin clubs in the PNNA region, is asking for support to reverse the ANA decision that resulted in the 1998 ANA Convention withdrawal from Portland,

After careful review at our E-board meeting on May 19th, a decision was made to support the PNNA position. There will be a petition made available at our June 2nd club meeting for those club members attending. Our club will also send official letters in support of the PNNA position to the ANA. The May 12th PNNA letter will be available for those club members attending the June club meeting.

Finally, we are looking into a summer picnic sometime in August. We will likely be formulating the details in the next month. We'll keep you posted on the picnic events.

Hope your Summer goes well.



E-Board Notes

Highlights from last month's E-Board meeting follow:


Members Paoletti and Gambell rolled up their sieves last month and wielded their photographic expertise to photograph our commems. The best of these photos will be submitted along with appropriate copy to Coin World, Numismatic News, and The Numismatist to be published as an "Educational News Release" (read: "freebie"). Soon their readers will be educated as to the availability of our medals.


In order to advertize our new, improved, and expanded auction format a number of things are being done to get more Newsletters into potential bidder's hands. Members should inform such bidders that the Newsletter is available at Roy's Coins, Anchorage Coin and Cards, Carl's Jewelers, and other local coin shops. Thanks to Mike McKinnon for taking on local distribution duties.

Paul Wheeler will make newsletters available to other Alaska and Seattle coin shops. He will also send a copy to PNNA the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association.

Anchorage Coin Club
to be held
July 7, 1993


Disclosures and disclaimers:

Grades are determined the same way as always for Anchorage Coin Club auctions: the coins are passed around at E-Board, the attenders grade them, and when alt have been examined the cataloger calls out each coin and the attenders call out their opinion of the grade. Grades are an average of the opinions called.

Bidders are reminded that errors do occur and that you own any coin you buy "seen" as is.

Lots purchased through the mail may be returned within seven days of receipt.

Comments on condition and appearance are solely those of the Cataloger. This month's Cataloger is Larry Nakata who has provided descriptions of major varieties as listed in Coin Prices magazine. Consignors may submit descriptions along with coins which will be published if the Grading Committee agrees the coin merits the description and that it is accurate. Decisions regarding questions and disputes will be made by a three-member Auction Committee whose decisions will be FINAL.

Lot Date Denomination Grade
1 1877 Indian Cent VF
2 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent ANACS XF-45 (old photo certificate)
3 1914-D Lincoln Cent VF
4 1882-CC Morgan Dollar MS-61
5 1857 Half Cent XF
6 1806 Half Cent, Small 6, Stemless XF
7 1899 Indian Cent PCGS MS-64 RB
8 1906 Indian Cent PCGS MS-64 RB
9 1909 Indian Cent PCGS MS-64 RB
10 1862 Seated Dime PCGS MS-62
11 Various (50 Pcs.) Half Pence (England) G to VF
12 1955 Proof Set NGC Proof-68
13 1943 Walking Liberty Half MS-63
14 1907 Barber Dime VG
15 1892 Barber Quarter F
16 1913 Barber Dime XF
17 1891-O Barber Dime F
18 1847-O Barber Quarter VG
19 1847 Large Cent G
20 1858 Flying Eagle Cent, Large Letters VG
21 1835 Half Cent F
22 1869 Two Cent VF
23 1865 Two Cent VF
24 1864 Two Cent Large Motto VG
25 1867 Shield Nickel, no Rays VF
26 1864 Half Dime F Bent
27 1867 Three Cent nickel F
28 1843 Large Cent F
29 1896 Indian Cent PCGS MS-63
30 1899 Indian Cent PCGS MS-64 RB
31 1909 Indian Cent PCGS MS-64 RB
32 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel ANACS MS-62
33 1936 Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-65
34 1937 Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-65
35 1937-D Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-65
36 1937-S Buffalo Nickel ANACS MS-64
37 1938-D Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-65
38 1943 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-64
39 1943 Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-64
40 1945 Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-62
41 1945-S Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-64
42 1958 Franklin Half NGC Proof-65
43 1960 Franklin Half PCGS PF-65
44 1961 Franklin Half PCGS PF-66
45 1962 Franklin Half PCGS PF-66
46 1963 Franklin Half PCGS PF-66
47 1941 Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-63
48 1921-S Morgan Dollar NGC MS-63
49 1891 Barber Dime NGC MS-62
50 1913 Barber Dime NGC MS-63
51 1907 Liberty $10 Gold PCGS MS-62
52 1922 Peace Dollar PCGS MS-64
53 1923 Peace Dollar PCGS MS-64
54 1924 Peace Dollar PCGS MS-64
55 1925 Peace Dollar PCGS MS-64
56 1889 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64
57 1890-S Morgan Dollar ANACS MS-63
58 1896 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
59 1897 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
60 1897-S Morgan Dollar NGC MS-63
61 1898-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-62
62 1899-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
63 1900 Morgan Dollar ANACS MS-63
64 1900-O Morgan Dollar ANACS MS-63
65 1900-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-62
66 1901-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
67 1902 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
68 1902-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
69 1903 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64
70 1904-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
71 1921-D Morgan Dollar NGC MS-63
72 1878-CC Morgan Dollar ANACS MS-61
73 1878-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-62
74 1879-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-62
75 1880-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
76 1881 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
77 1881-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-62
78 1882-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
79 1882-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
80 1882-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS-62
81 1883 Morgan Dollar NGC MS-62
82 1883-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
83 1883-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
84 1884 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
85 1884-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
86 1884-CC Morgan Dollar ANACS MS-64
87 1885 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64
88 1885-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
89 1885-CC Morgan Dollar ANACS MS-62
90 1886 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
91 1889 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
92 1888 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63
93 1888-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-62
94 1943-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS-64
95 1944 Mercury Dime PCGS MS-64
96 1944-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS-65
97 1944-S Mercury Dime PCGS MS-64 FB
98 1945 Mercury Dime ANACS MS-64
99 1945 Mercury Dime NGC MS-66
100 1945-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS-65



for the
Anchorage Coin Club
which was held
May 5, 1993


Lot No.1
Assorted Lincoln Cents (Circ-Proof)

Dates as follows: '34-D, '35-D, '43-D, '44-D, '46-D, '51-D, '52-D, '57-D. 75-S. Price realized: $3.00

Lot No. 2
WWTS Starter Set

Complete with holes, including: 1910 &1911 Barber Dime, 1944 &'4S Dimes, and 1964 Kennedy Half (all holed); Bust, Seated, and Barber Dimes (all Poor with no date); 1905 Barber Dime: and Jefferson Nickels ('50, '54-D, '55-D, and a delaminated '45-P). Price realized: $3.00

Lot No. 3
Assorted Tokens

(9) Sales Tax Tokens, (2) Indian Cents (24) Game Tokens, (3) Wood Nickels, (1) Wood Dollar. Wooden tokens are imprinted, not engraved or carved. Price realized: $1.00

Assorted Circulated Coins

1900 Half (WWTS candidate); 1899, 1906-S, and '09-S Halves; 1930-S Quarter; 1943 Half; 1893 Columbian Half. Price realized: $7.00

Lot Date Denomination Grade

Realized ($$)

5 1806 Large Cent F Porous 55.00
6 1826 Half Cent VF, Holed 5.05
7 1888, 1889, 1890 Indian Head Cents G 2.50
8 1890-CC Morgan Dollar F 16.00
9 1877-S Trade Dollar XF, Chop Marks 45.00
10 1860-S Seated Liberty Quarter VG 100.00
11 1868 Shield Nickel F 7.00
12 1869 Shield Nickel VF 7.00
13 1910-S, 1911-S Lincoln Cents VG, VF 15.00
14 1913-S Barber Half F 14.00
15 1937 Lincoln Cent NGC MS-67 39.00
16 1940 Lincoln Cent NGC MS-67 39.00
17 1906 Liberty Nickel ANACS MS-61 60.00
18 1911 Liberty Nickel ANACS MS-61 60.00
19 1917 Mercury Dime Hallmark MS-63 33.00
20 1936-S Washington Quarter NGC MS-64 58.00
21 1902 Barber Quarter EF 50.00
22 1917-S Standing Liberty Quarter, Variety 1 EF 85.00
23 1948-D Franklin Half PCGS MS-64 25.00
24 1861 Quarter Eagle PCGS AU-58 160.00
25 1938-S Lincoln Cent S/S/S RPM #2 ANACS MS-65 Red 30.10
26 1931-S Lincoln Cent BU, Cleaned and retoned 42.00
27 1936-D Buffalo Nickel BU 11.00
28 1838 Bust Half, Reeded Edge EF 65.00


1959 Alaska Statehood Medal (BU, Silver)

Obverse shows Seward flanked by two Grizzlies, Reverse has an Alaska Flag over mountains and clouds. Price Realized $21.00

30 1958-D Lincoln Cents, 21 Pieces BU

Realized ($$)

31 1972-S, 1979-S, 1982-S Lincoln Cents Proof 3.00
32 1972, '73-D, '73, '76, '76-D, '82-D Franklin Halves BU 4.00
33 1955 Lincoln Cent Poor Man's Doubled Die VF No Bid
34 1982-S Roosevelt Dime Proof No Bid
35 1954-D Washington Quarter G No Bid
36 1976 Washington Quarter MS-63 (40% Silver) No Bid
37 1977-S Washington Quarter Proof 1.05
38 1979-S Kennedy Half Proof 2.00
39   US Pattern Book (Judd, 5th edition)   14.00
40 1991 Fur Rendezvous Medal (silver) Proof 8.00
41 1988 USSR 5 Ruble Proof 7.00
42 1990 USSR 5 Ruble Proof 8.00
43 1865 Two Cents XF 22.00
44 1838 Large Cent F 16.00
45 1900 Morgan Dollar AU 7.00
46 1886 Morgan Dollar BU 8.00
47 1898-O Morgan Dollar MS-63 10.00
48 1884-O Morgan Dollar MS-62 16.10
49 1875-CC Seated Liberty Dime VF 7.15
50 1807 Draped Bust Half NGC VF-20 82.00
51   Palmer Dollar BU 1.01
52   Seward Statehood Medal, 3" Bronze High Relief 1.06
53 1963 Proof Set Proof-63 5.00
54 1986 Silver Eagle Proof 6.00
55 1901-1908 Indian Cents, 8 Pieces G to VG 1.00
56 1986 Statue Of Liberty Dollar Proof 5.00
57 1978 Canada Dollar Prooflike 4.00
58 1988 Silver Eagle Proof 20.00
59   Palmer Dollar BU 1.00
60 1970 U. K. Proof Set Proof 5.00
61 1939 Canada Dollar AU 10.00
62 1949 Canada Dollar AU 6.00
63 1950 Canada Dollar XF 5.00
64 1966 Canada Dollar BU 5.00
65 1947 Canada Half XF 7.00
66 1900 Canada Nickel F 1.00
67 1946-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar XF 3.00
68 1951-D Franklin Half BU 10.00
69 1954 Franklin Half MS-62 6.00
70 1958 Franklin Half Proof 11.00
71 1940-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU 6.00
72 1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU 7.00
73 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU 6.00
74 1943-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU 6.00
75 1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU 3.00
76 1945-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU 7.00
77 1884-O Morgan Dollar MS-63 20.00
78 1898-O Morgan Dollar MS-63 14.00
79 1900 Morgan Dollar AU 8.00
80 1901-O Morgan Dollar BU 9.00
81   Australia 1943 Shilling, 1950 3 Pence,
1960 3 Pence
Circ 2.00
82 1950 Belgium 20 Franc XF 3.00
83 1869 France 2 Franc VF 9.00
84 1958 Germany 5 Marks VF 4.00
85 1874 Germany 1 Mark XF 7.00
86 1872 Germany 1 Mark VF 11.00
87 1889 Great Britain Crown VF 12.00
88 1876 Mexico 8 Reales VF 11.00
89 1923 Mexico 1 Peso VF 2.00
90 1959-1963 Mexico 1 Peso (5 Pieces) Circ 4.00
91 1989 1/4 ounce Gold Eagle Proof 85.00
92 1965 Washington Quarter Proof 1.00
93 1952 Roosevelt Dime F 0.30
94 1972-D Ike Dollar AU 1.00
95 ca. 1990 Anchorage Mint Planchet Unstruck 2.00
96 1974 10 Centavos Doubled Die AU 1.50
97 1803 Large Cent G 24.00
98 1824 Large Cent G 7.00
99 1839 Large Cent Silly Head F 14.00
100 1932 Washington Quarter MS-61 15.00


1 "World's Worst Type Set"


The Anchorage Coin Club

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To save costs, members not responding to renewal notices within 3 months will be considered inactive.

The Anchorage Coin Club is a non-profit organization formed to provide information, education, and a meeting place for individuals having an interest in numismatics.

Correspondence Address: Anchorage Coin Club, P.O. Box 230169, Anchorage, Alaska 99523